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#Top5 Pesky Monkeys | JukinVideo Top Five

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They seem to be cute and cuddly, but monkeys will really steal your stuff, and try to take off your clothes! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeJukinVideo SUBMIT your video: http://bit.ly/JukinSUBMIT LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo TO LICENSE THESE CLIPS, GO TO: Monkey Steals Bag | http://bit.ly/17Z6Rwf Monkey Pulls Down Pants | http://bit.ly/18sMac4 Monkey Steals Food | http://bit.ly/1eo3JRK Monkey Looks Down Shirt | http://bit.ly/1fW4odu Monkey Steals Eggs | http://bit.ly/18Ww3SF TO LICENSE ANY OF THESE CLIPS, EMAIL: licensing (at) jukinmedia.com
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Text Comments (158)
Момчил Гигов (2 months ago)
merry christmas
hagiospneuma23 (8 months ago)
Alexey K0610 (9 months ago)
igfili (10 months ago)
Oh no oh no... I am so stupido... clip nr1
Toun Bottra (1 year ago)
cute girl
Ellifeee TV (2 years ago)
Mega Raichu (2 years ago)
1:25 Just a bra? Damn, I thought I was going to see bare boobs. Why was she so protective of her top if she had on a bra underneath, though? It's really no different from what you'd see at the beach. In which is also why I was disappointed. Want tits in a bra? Go to the beach. Want bare tits? Get super lucky with a girl you'd originally have no chance with.
Ronny The Painter (2 years ago)
Let him go, he stole your eggs, not your testicles ;)
순순이 (3 years ago)
Muhamad Iqbal (2 years ago)
Taufique Shaikh (3 years ago)
Awsyditigisoydoydzysi Ayachehjtstistsuut (3 years ago)
Ken L (3 years ago)
Desiree Hanstein (3 years ago)
Cherie 😂😂😂
Mohamed Haddadi (3 years ago)
no droug en sport; colliegios;calle..................el coco_sano siempre escribir_paz _production_ y el ruido_coco;escribir_guerra_consomatio.2
Patti Johanson (3 years ago)
that is stupid eought
Kamran Ahmedov (3 years ago)
Great boobs by the way
Screaming Tima (3 years ago)
Awww. Why you make the cute vervet drop an egg? Lol. He was just hungry.
Farhat Twaseen (3 years ago)
lol he removed his underwear
edisonsun21c (3 years ago)
should've taken that girl's shirt and bra clean off
Granny Smith (1 year ago)
Stop being horny
FOFO_ishaq Ishaq (3 years ago)
Kicung Hartono (3 years ago)
what is title of this nice music ?
A Hitler (3 years ago)
Can opener boob
Sp1ritSn0w (3 years ago)
Bakul Alam (3 years ago)
banla songin
Bakul Alam (3 years ago)
banla songin
Ralph Wiggum (3 years ago)
1:50 lol he sounds like Badger from Breaking Bad. 1:56 LMAO that run.
Abdullahi Mamman (4 years ago)
wow nice videos
Shabana Kauser (4 years ago)
As it would probably pretty hungry to steal
adminpowers121 (4 years ago)
Were's the part were the guy gave that monkey a AK-47 and the monkey started shooting it.
Zharkan16 (4 years ago)
OH shit! He stole my eggs! xD
John Smith (4 years ago)
Typo, are you attracted to a mailbox?
John Smith (4 years ago)
This is just a short funny video. The monkey did that for a few seconds and thats it. They are not going out. Are you attrqcted to a mailbox?
Victor C. (4 years ago)
It's amazing how fast they can run while holding things in their hands, as if they were bipedal
Helumi (4 years ago)
0:32 "I'm outta here."
S1rWakka (4 years ago)
How could the monkey climb the trees with eggs in both hands?
Tajomuddin tajom (4 years ago)
Helumi (4 years ago)
@S1rWakka He dropped one.
BanjoO_O (4 years ago)
At the last one: A tiger comes and eats him
BanjoO_O (3 years ago)
+Alexandra why would you anwser a 1 year old comment?
GabeDalmatian (4 years ago)
Those people are so stupid running away from those things,just one hard kick on their scull will put these little bastards in place!!!!
Lester Sanchez (5 years ago)
Number 2 had two targets and went for it.
Gargoyle Princess (5 years ago)
Dude.. Last clip Your ass is going to get eaten Because you chased some egg thief in the middle of the savanna..😅 Hope you don't get winded to easily..
A A (5 years ago)
1:29 on is the best
Kai Cheung (5 years ago)
The Egg Thief
fockerton (5 years ago)
maria alvarez (5 years ago)
They stole my iPad Air while I was playing sub way surfers
Scorpions1972to2010 (5 years ago)
cmilla111 (5 years ago)
The first one was hilarious. He looked at everyone in the group, sized them up, and then found the most vulnerable goods to be stolen.
fisherfarios (5 years ago)
Oh shit...He stole my eggs! Get back it ! Get back it! XD
JH (5 years ago)
1:57 has me in tears LMAO. The way the monkey runs, looking at the camera man, drops the egg. ಥ_ಥ
Noah Hines (5 years ago)
I've worked with alot of animals and i must say NEVER TRUST A MONKEY!!
lokustic (5 years ago)
lol @ first vid.. there goes her passport.
Parq (5 years ago)
HOW THE HELL is the camera so steady/still in number 1...
Zach Parisee (5 years ago)
Doesn't the guy in video 1 sound like Badger from Breaking Bad?
Zach Parisee (5 years ago)
If only us humans lived the way monkeys do..... I would be pulling down womens shirts all day.
twexker x (5 years ago)
the last obe was the best hahaha i still laughing
Cengiz Simsek (5 years ago)
Uhh who is she at the number 2??? Like her. Looks gorgeous. Can i have her number????
Stranger (5 years ago)
I wanted so bad for the monkey in the last one to nail the dude with an egg. woulda been great.
Bakfifflaren (5 years ago)
1:28 what language are they talking?
Rylee Olivia (5 years ago)
*jukinvideo lol fail xD
Rylee Olivia (5 years ago)
I just seen like a 80 year old mans ass im not to happy right now see my grandpa who is dead like that I'm gonna have nightmares.now we don't need to see this fail army no pls I'm scared D:
Ca$h (5 years ago)
Necunoscut (5 years ago)
Last one ran after the moneky for 1 egg!??
Necunoscut (5 years ago)
Idiots mention in the title what the moneky stolen?
Damien Machado (5 years ago)
Welcome to REAL WORLD where people live side by side with NATURE. 
I'm a chicken (5 years ago)
Nr 4 loool :))))
Trae Stutzman (5 years ago)
Good Vid!
Patrick3183 (5 years ago)
omg the old guy takes forever to put his shorts back up
jorge duarte (5 years ago)
1:48 funniest thing ever
robcorne (5 years ago)
toon nekeer tetje lol
idk what (5 years ago)
the last one has a helll of a camera, hes running and the optical stabilization is perfect
Yeahh Boyee (5 years ago)
1:28 still a better love story than twilight LMFAO
PolishLife (5 years ago)
PolishLife (5 years ago)
Man... i tought he wold take off the top and the bra but.... noooooo
damien bennet (5 years ago)
Paedophile ............so was I lol
Samlindrea (5 years ago)
1:90 lololololol
Swimming Pool Company (5 years ago)
oh no you didn't
Yuri A. (5 years ago)
Misleading title, I thought I was going to watch black people.
Bingham Goose (5 years ago)
Antilz (5 years ago)
He stole mah eggs !
Joshua Crisp (5 years ago)
Number 5 was worthy, the rest were crap.
Yurievich (5 years ago)
75k views 5%  came here to see the monkeys 95% came here to see dat chick)
Erwin David (5 years ago)
the guy at the end love his eggs :)
NorCal TBE (5 years ago)
Max Scardanelli (5 years ago)
1:40 MonkeyLAD!!!
bob bobby (5 years ago)
In the last clip I was waiting for a lion to rip him to shreds -_-
Insane boy (5 years ago)
Martin B. (5 years ago)
i already knew the first one
Braxor1 (5 years ago)
2:29 Best ever ...
Dudezz king (5 years ago)
Everybody loves bewbs.
MikeZomb04 (5 years ago)
waqer Tomskinoski (5 years ago)
Those breast can do all kind of things. Lol. Open beer bottles. WoW!!!
Yurchik Belov (5 years ago)
That old man hahaha lol
Rodef Pietje (5 years ago)
The language that they speak at 1.30 is 'Vlaams' a kind of Dutch that they speak in Belgium.
Rodef Pietje (5 years ago)
The language that they speak at 1.30 is 'Vlaams' a kind of Dutch that they speak in Belgium.
Thatonebear (5 years ago)
That last one
StarPuss www.ToxicRedNeck.Com (5 years ago)
*Watching this makes me want to go monkey hunting lol!!* _LOL J/k_
奇魔吉 (5 years ago)
@Κώστας Καράμπελας i know right?
Κώστας Καράμπελας (5 years ago)
Τυτυ6υτττι υτττυπό τι
Κώστας Καράμπελας (5 years ago)
Υυυυθολό το τουτουυυτουυυπυτο υπυυπ το υυυυθολό να το τύπο υτυιόυτιυυυυ6υυυτρίτο υπ τίτλουυτουτυπυυυυτυτητο5 τοττυπόυυτου
Dżakku (5 years ago)
That's what you get for underestimating them.
daironification (5 years ago)
Lol the egg thief was hilarious xD
Tomas Caleb (5 years ago)
That last one had me dying, though
New Ares (5 years ago)
1:35 Take it off
ScratchCard Mania (5 years ago)
Sub to My channel thanks
Brandon (5 years ago)
Give me back my fucking eggs
Lee (5 years ago)
God dammit...bastard...
Kroketteman (5 years ago)
Toon ne keer tetjuh