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Fedex and UPS Documentary

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Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them
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I think therefore I err (1 month ago)
Avoid UPS if you can , they're f**kin joke !
2Cameraguy (2 months ago)
im here for a fucking school assignment
Scmak (2 months ago)
Fed ex is complete garbage. They ship fast if it actually shows up. They lie to me, and 2 out of 3 packages are delayed for no reason or lost. I waste days sitting home waiting for a package they never bring. They lie saying nobody was home after i sit looking out the window waiting all day. I tried to start an ebay business, and they destroyed it. I am still waiting 4 weeks later and my second package is lost again. I would rather wait 2 weeks with a slow shipper then risk it never coming over and over with fed ex.
Semper Volo (2 months ago)
waiting for my razer blade laptop so decided to watch this video while i wait
Kalpesh Savaliya (3 months ago)
Bad Gift (3 months ago)
20 minutes closer to getting my packages tomorrow
AC McGowan (3 months ago)
Both companies get an excellent from me. I really like the timeliness and the careful attention to employee safety.
Lisa DeRolf (4 months ago)
fedex sucks, I live in williston fla, my package made it to ocala fla 32 miles away,it stayed for over 24 hrs,then they send it to orlando fla 165 miles away and its still there. you'er company susks.
Thom (4 months ago)
9:30 - "logarithms". No
bkohler89 (4 months ago)
Of course UPS is gonna show the good side to them. I used to work for them seasonally in Oak Creek, WI. this is the most dysfunctional business I've EVER worked for. Not to mention the sexual assault rumors
Triggered on dem vids (4 months ago)
lmao now amazon is doing their own shipping. ups is taking a run for its $$. fedex is still ok tho because of their reliable next day delivery
Agnes Padreque (4 months ago)
do i have packages from fed ex and ups?
greg (6 months ago)
worked at ups peak season is not that bad you have to work the same speed when not peak season you just start 30 min earlier
Hans-Peter Klett (6 months ago)
9:25 "advanced logarithms" hahahahahahahahaha
Martin Charles (6 months ago)
What are advanced logarithms?
316lawdog (7 months ago)
ups is way ahead of fedex.
Brittany Abernathy (7 months ago)
I cant wait till my two packages arrive this coming week
Asha Ileana (7 months ago)
I work at fedex and my boyfriend works at ups lol
Jason Bay (6 months ago)
Asha Ileana That sounds like a rocky future.
jamaq (7 months ago)
9:30 " advanced logarithms"
mike watters (7 months ago)
fed ex are joining Ups the new company is called fed up
I think therefore I err (1 month ago)
hahaha...Nice 👍 !
Gabriel Jacobs (8 months ago)
9:28 "advanced logarithms" omg im dying reporters are idiots
Fabish D. Okaka (8 months ago)
I find it funny to get a fedex package in a UPS track🙂🙂🙂🙂
Chris Thomas (8 months ago)
whaat about "care" are they fragile with the packages? im expecting an xbox one from a friend
John Sawyer (9 months ago)
um... just a reminder, UPS moved Keiko. i'd say that would out PR anything else mentioned here.
Aviation Nut (9 months ago)
FedEx just paid me $8000 to come here and say they're better then UPS.
Dalco (6 months ago)
They have to pay for that because they can't deliver on being better.
antdude (7 months ago)
Prove it.
DFW DART (9 months ago)
bikeflights lost my bike, not recommended
Drewski Levi (9 months ago)
FedEx has the upper hand they are non union plus they charge more for shipping
Othon von Salza (9 months ago)
worst jobs to take... never work as a courier, believe me
Queen Eiquna (9 months ago)
i shipped my iphone through ups and these bitches bent my actual phone inside of the otter box case...now i have to file a claim because they just throw ya shit all around
D.M. R. (9 months ago)
Can't stand UPS. Charge me 5.00 to pick up a package at the local UPS store lol
pepper669 (9 months ago)
Babies' foreskins? What a great country!
strangebrew420 (10 months ago)
"If they were smart they would hide them in their jacket." The only thing that FedEx is fascist/ zero-tolerance to are employees stealing shit
New Sigmund Freud (10 months ago)
Thank you!.. Where is the piece that got cut off at the end?
Speedrun productions (11 months ago)
adeeb mouhanna (11 months ago)
so i choose fedex not ups
Jason Kelley (11 months ago)
Tried this job for 2 days. NOT FOR ME! My mind doesn't react that quick.
Tavion Ervin (9 months ago)
what did you have to.do? they hired me for seasonal..
Sam Sitar (11 months ago)
police can let UPS or Fedex trucks take left turns where that saves time. first rude/obscene gesture at security camera is a 5 year written warning.
bouh1979nktt (11 months ago)
Fedex is faster
T3aMSiCk19 (11 months ago)
Never knew they shipped animals! Fuck Ima order myself a damn elephant next time I shop online!
Elizabeth Joseph (1 year ago)
I was listening to this while packing orders, and thought Joe Rogan started reporting for CNBC :P
Daniel F (1 year ago)
Lol 4:34 Look at the shipping labels that fell of packages then the packages got lost
Kye Nelson (1 year ago)
Who else is watching this while waiting for your package to deliver to your house?
Campbell Smith (1 month ago)
Kye Nelson me 😂. Only it's 2 days late and just got into the country... 😭
Oversized Pop-tart (8 months ago)
Kye Nelson iphone 7 plus just got shipped
Laudium Enoch (9 months ago)
dont lie you waiting for your drugs from china.
Spontainousteve (9 months ago)
Kye Nelson what were you waiting for? You can't just say that without telling us what was inside.:p
Kye Nelson (1 year ago)
Who else is watching this while waiting for your package to deliver to your house?
camfoster18 theEaglesfan (30 days ago)
Yup 😂
Campbell Smith (1 month ago)
Kye Nelson me lol. It's 2 days late. 😭
Kong 2017 (1 month ago)
Me :)
Lil Kloud (4 months ago)
Kye Nelson lmaoooooooo waiting on UPS RN
Dennis Campbell (4 months ago)
Gosh, you wouldn't want to have to actually wait. Delivery should be instantaneous, like on Star Trek.
Z Holliday (1 year ago)
lol No you shouldn't steal the lobsters
John Giovanni (1 year ago)
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEROES ALL..ALLLLLLLLLLLLL THANKS EVERY ONE
michoacan91davi (1 year ago)
this is b.s. they're both bad company's, but I still rather ship with ups believe me I know what happens at fedex
Kimo Kiko (9 months ago)
You are policing people over a "S"? Are you fuking kidding me? Are you trying to be smart or something?
Hugh J.F. Aggot (9 months ago)
mortie806 (1 year ago)
if it's brown flush it down I hate you have to sign for everything
L M (1 year ago)
the funny part about that is that people also cry when drivers release a package when no signature is required.
Peach ManX (1 year ago)
Ups sucks splurging dick
Justin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the upload! This was great.
kurt Romain (1 year ago)
Try & take DHL Express!!!!!!    i work for DHL Aviation Belgium at BRU-HUB                Simply delivery!!!!!
Ken & Azeroth (1 year ago)
Dhl sucks
Troy Keith (1 year ago)
I work for fedex ground as second job it's hard as shit I put 4,000 package on belt 10 to 100 lbs
Troy Keith (1 year ago)
Yes alot of people come and go. They had to pull on me holding on to the door frame crying after one week.
Troy Keith (1 year ago)
I got fired for misunderstanding of attendance policy I can reaply in December yes it's hard work but work is it's own reward plus you get paid
non yobussiness (1 year ago)
+Jazz Cat they slave you there but pay is good
Jazz Cat (1 year ago)
Do you still work for FedEx? They are hiring for package handlers in the city I live in. I'm only 1.5 miles away from the FedEx Ground warehouse, so I'm tempted to check it out. The thing is, I hear they have a very high turnover rate. Do you see a lot of people come and go?
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
No wonder they don't answer the phone when I called for not receiving my viagra
jared Noah (1 year ago)
+Muhammet Bayralı lol why because he's racist right?
loro thaqi (1 year ago)
shut up kid
TheBMW528e (1 year ago)
Fuck Hillary  and her progressive dumb down audience and supporters
Muhammet Bayralı (1 year ago)
Fuck you Trump mother fuck
K'nex Master (1 year ago)
Team fedex
Mehecskekutato (1 year ago)
What does the guy say at 7:40? You have to be ..... its not your dad's Cadillac?
Lucas K Films (1 year ago)
+Mehecskekutato You don't have to be too tender with it...It's not your dad's Cadillac. (I think he was trying to say generous and tender at the same time lol)
yo world (1 year ago)
This is one of the hardest jobs and your only fetting paid $10.15 dont get me wrong packing is very easy but some of the expectations they wont from you is out of this world. The PPH Packs Per Hour is what gets you, and the breaks are only ten minutes.
Feysal Mohamed (1 year ago)
Hey there! For the night shift 4 hours part time job, how many breaks do you get?
yo world (1 year ago)
Yeah but look what the workers have to go through to make sure your packages are delivered fuck the driver's I'm talking about the people that does all the hard work in the warehouse. Mind you they have to wait a whole year before he are she receives any employment benefits which is completely wrong and its a lot of wear and tear on your body.
saik0pod (1 year ago)
Fedex is the fastest for overseas shipments, and overnight. UPS is good for hazmat shipments inland, non time essential packages. USPS is good for APO military shipments, envelope mail, and non time essential packages.
Walid Hamel (1 year ago)
Mr. Hiram (1 year ago)
Meanwhile in the race for delivery on time, they fuck up your packages.
TrueDirectionerHLLNZ (4 months ago)
Mr. Hiram they get scanned multiple times and if there isn't a updated scanner tag then the machine will push it aside and a worker will manually tag it
iamhim (1 year ago)
+Mr. Hiram And like i said, because of the greed of the west. We are the ones who asked for this. Do you know how easy it is to lose a parcel? Look at all those sorting machines and planes they use, all it takes is for one parcel to just drop, or have a label fall off. And boom ,you'll never see that parcel again. The fact is because of they way consumers demanding from companies, these companies are doing crazy things to satisfy those demands.  That means, there WILL be mistakes.  You CANNOT be loading millions of parcels from trucks to planes, to several warehouses everyday and not have one or two parcels lost in a while.
Mr. Hiram (1 year ago)
+iamhim Personally, I  have waited even two months to receive a parcel (USPS).
iamhim (1 year ago)
+Mr. Hiram It's because of your greed. The west demand too much, meaning there will BE mistakes, it's impossible to do ALL this and not have mistakes once in a while. People a 1000 miles away want their parcel is less than 12 hours and want to pay affordable prices at the same time.
Smart Shipper (1 year ago)
Only through automation and smart processes can business grow fast. I've put together a few videos in my channel (this applies for UPS shippers using WorldShip). Also to ship smarter, companies need to learn how to automate their processes.
manifestgtr (1 year ago)
you know, when you look up any ups, fedex, usps review online, it's always filled with angry people whose trinkets, letters or heart valves (whoopee...big fucking deal) never got delivered seriously though, I've had a pretty vast majority of my stuff delivered reliably and it's pretty amazing to see that this apparent chaos actually works most of the time
Justin Hopkins (1 year ago)
This is why I never go to shitty malls anymore. For one, I can find anything online and it's not subject to limited inventory due to local buying trends. Secondly, who wants to deal with people at a shitty mall?
samuel bradley (1 year ago)
evil, exploitative, scum, privatizing mail. Cheap, ineffective, excuse making, liars.
samuel bradley (1 year ago)
+Champagne Anarchist UNDER PAID $LAVES.
revenant (1 year ago)
personally I like ups better, if your not home they'll just leave it infront of your door and that's that. FedEx on the other hand, they gotta make sure someone's home and then u gotta sign the package and if nobody is home FedEx will take the package to the nearest FedEx building and Noone knows where the fuck that is without Google mapping that shit.And once you get there you gotta provide identification and the name on the ID has to match the package or else your not getting it, so kiss your shit goodbye if you didn't put your name on it. yeah ups is better overall. if I gotta order something online but it only requires FedEx delivery, I just won't order at all. it's gotta be UPS for me.
SoHernz008 (1 year ago)
well I would agree with you....buuuuuut...UPS, did as you said and my package was stolen from my front door...I tried calling to see what happened. they said they delivered it and that's that...petty fucked up if u ask me. but oh well it was just two graphic t shirts. 10.00 buck s&h free.
Ani Zaragoza-Su (1 year ago)
thanks for crushing my shoe box UPS!
Chester Whalley (1 year ago)
You're welcome -a proud box throwing box crushing UPS "package handler"
David McDonald (1 year ago)
What would it be like if they merged? They have always looked like 2 big rival companies. It would at least take out the competition between the both of them.
ExTremeHYPE (1 year ago)
I like UPS better
go4damo (1 year ago)
It's cut off!
preston herring (1 year ago)
I work for ups at a local hub.... Fun fact: occasionally I'll see fed ex boxes in our trucks
Justin Hopkins (1 year ago)
+PlatinumSparks lol!
Justin Hopkins (1 year ago)
Maybe you can answers this. I used to live in a tiny town in Kansas. Far far away from any major airport. How the hell did UPS deliver overnight? It's amazing.
Bane (1 year ago)
Hello there Mr. UPS Man, you should have never come' to Gotham. Now, let's go for a ride shall we?
Ruben Delgadillo (1 year ago)
All UPS/Fed-ex employees please help support me in my fasting and peaceful protesting against UPS Management in Cerritos Ca for dishonesty and racism I was terminated after 27 years of faithful service on Facebook@ Ruben Clemente Delgadillo jr Thank you!
RAJA DAT (4 months ago)
Ruben Delgadillo Quit being a crybaby.
Ruben Delgadillo (1 year ago)
+NZpnw Only at UPS will you find that the hourly standards are than that of management!
NZpnw (1 year ago)
+Ruben Delgadillo Yeah... And i was terminated for being alive...
j m (1 year ago)
Well, thank you sir
Jarret Slater (1 year ago)
I hope you starve to death.
Leigh Jeffrey (1 year ago)
A little slanted towards the brown but still interesting.
Regis Turolla (2 years ago)
FedEx is good UPS is noob
Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer (2 years ago)
Since when is a whale a fish?
j m (1 year ago)
i love the beard sir. lol 
Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer (1 year ago)
+joel melendez I know silly.
j m (1 year ago)
Lol. You need to study it. Whales are mammals.
Calvin Chu (2 years ago)
fascinating but I can't help but feel like I was watch a info commercial for Fed Ex and UPS
Hector Gomez (2 years ago)
i like fedex more dan ups  FedEx = Excellent service
Michael Echeverria (2 years ago)
UPS is better, nuff said.
Michael Echeverria (1 year ago)
+joel melendez True, but UPS is slightly better than FedUp.
Yankis (1 year ago)
+Michael Echeverria -Said no one ever
j m (1 year ago)
Lol. Neither is better companies. It's similar to the sweatshop
eben purba (2 years ago)
one day We'll have like this
525Lines (2 years ago)
I tried to get something via Fedex Ground and just like UPS, I don't get a knock on my door, I get a sticky note. With Fedex, if you want to redirected or shipped at a certain time, they want money for it. Luckily nowadays you can fill out a form at your post office and get a street address for your PO box so you can get shipments there. Since there's always someone available to sign for stuff, you can get it there no problem.
Paul (2 years ago)
"advanced logarithms"? Algorithms*
Ozvel Sanchez (1 month ago)
huanuoya (8 months ago)
Paul spot on!
j m (1 year ago)
Everyone loves using fancy words to eradicate smaller words.
Paul (1 year ago)
+Kyle M. no...not in this context.
Diabolical (1 year ago)
Yes logarithms. Look it up
skoko1945 (2 years ago)
race against time ? time wins.
lovely vee (2 years ago)
one word: Totes. If you work at Worldport you'll understand lol
Emil Phoryew (2 years ago)
Well USPS destroyed my Corning Ware dishes twice, frankly I don't see how anything fragile is able to be shipped with them. The way I package this stuff the box must have been used as a football for it to be shattered on the receiver's end.
Bad Gift (3 months ago)
Emil Phoryew :(
Fredd Jenkins (2 years ago)
+Emil Phoryew ikr USPS just sucks slowest shipping service also!!!!
Yoyo Wu (2 years ago)
i like fedex more dan ups
K DeV (1 year ago)
+joel melendez Not to be mean, but you mentioned grammar lessons. It's "there's" not "theirs". The latter is possessive. The former is the contraction, "there is".
Yoyo Wu (1 year ago)
thank you
j m (1 year ago)
your welcome
Yoyo Wu (1 year ago)
okay thanks
j m (1 year ago)
Theirs always free lessons online.
Dylan Moonshine (2 years ago)
yea, but can they beat the dabbawalla's of india?
rocket7697 (2 years ago)
+Dylan Moonshine LOL..I doubt! But then , do they need a signature?
deino117 (2 years ago)
Love this stuff. I used to write for logistics trade magazines and went on a press trip to Louisville for UPS. They even took us out on the ramp at midnight and let us sit in the cockpit of a cargo 747. It probably seems boring to many people, but in reality it's a very exciting market.
deino117 (2 years ago)
That said, those two employees who are shown doing things that go against FedEx/UPS "corporate values" and then being fired had probably been driven to the point of cerebral haemorrhage by the minute micromanagement of every second, every motion they make in their trucks, not to mention the intense deadline pressure every day.
Jennell Z (2 years ago)
Fedex is the best! They deliver on time and always early. Ups sucks! They never deliver on time and customer service reps are unexperienced. Not to mention i waited almost 2 days for my package and its still hasent arrived! Horrible service!
Sarah Abdo (1 year ago)
+kyleisreallycool I was talking about USPS, not UPS.
kyleisreallycool (1 year ago)
+Sarah Abdo ups are usps are not the same thing
Sarah Abdo (1 year ago)
I am pretty pissed at USPS too! I ordered something from amazon, and now have to wait till October the 14- November 20. Knowing it takes like a week to get from south Korea to tx. Its not hard, USPS just sucks! Cannot wait till my package comes doe!! And I agree, I like FedEx more then USPS.
Koren Joy (2 years ago)
Im only watcjing this bc im antsy abiut my new ukulele 2 get here n i wanna know what the fuck is going on and ehy it takes so long
clark kent (2 years ago)
yawnburger (2 years ago)
WOW! Fedex guy just came threw a package on my steps I opened the door and said Don't throw things your going to break them. He said I set it there I said no you threw it! he then flipped me off...WOW real nice....my ups man would never be so nasty....
AJ Ocean (2 years ago)
I never had a problem with fedex but with ups....oh man.....I want to contract an assassin to them out. I sometimes switched retailers because they did business with ups and I could bet money that I wasnt going to get my stuff. in highschool i worked for ups as well and supervisors were the greaqtest pieces of shit ever, and the crew knew it. as soon as a sup. said come on hurry up the crew would take a 10 minutes break which was given to them due to union aggreements and they would even quote the section and paragraph number on the aggreement and the sup. would walk off pissed. wtf is this? are we mining salt in siberia! fuck ups.
auroraionaa (2 years ago)
ive been a loader for UPS for a while now and its a hard job but whatever, it has to be done..
Arif Yulianto (2 years ago)
RIP Capo😢🙏 (2 years ago)
Thumbs up if you're waiting for a package 😩😩😩
Bad Gift (3 months ago)
RIP Capo😢🙏 🙁👍
Rachel Emily (2 years ago)
Skandar (2 years ago)
Damn lucky mf americans.
ddavel5441 (2 years ago)
After my experience with FedEx these last few days, I will never buy online with FedEx being the shipper!! From now on I will inquire what ship service will be used. And if it is only through FedEx?----CANCEL THE PURCHASE!!
j m (1 year ago)
+Robert C You got one way trips to hell of profanities journey. Ask them if they got Viagra or pills that could calm you down in the long run.
Moonman Productions (1 year ago)
+Robert C Ikr? UPS could've easily make a mistake like that as well
Robert C (2 years ago)
+ddavel5441 Boo fucking hoo, shit happens. You're a pussy.
ddavel5441 (2 years ago)
+Gerniel Gacita Well, believe it or not, the first delivery date was set for a Sat. Only 3 days after my WalMart purchase of a Sleep Signature Conture 8" Mattress on 9/11. Which ships rolled up in a canvas type bag. Anyhow, when I saw the initial date, I was surprised and anticipating delivery. But that turned out to be false. Date got changed to the following Wed. Wednesday arrived, I was outside waiting on FedEx truck. Driver showed up, and after 15 min. of him searching in truck, I asked him about my package. He had the delivery order in hand, but said he had passed package off to another truck.  And that truck will not be showing up at my address that day. I thought, WTH? So, I called up FedEx to see if they knew where my parcel is. They knew nothing. Made a call Thurs, again, nothing. Now ship date was changed on tracking to that Friday, 9/19. Called FedEx again to inquire if package was actually on a truck. Was told the truck had been stolen while out on a delivery. Entire truck was stolen, with my package inside it!! So, I had to file a claim with FedEx. And wait till original delivery date of 9/23 by WalMart, then file for refund from them. 13 days passed with me waiting for mattress, only to end up getting a refund! Anyhow, got my $201 back, and bought same mattress off eBay. It to was shipped via FedEx. But seller did not ship in a box, just the heavy duty plastic wrap inside the canvas bag. It arrived with a 1/4" hole in the mattress! Obviously, FedEx taped over the hole. Well, long story short, I stitched up the hole, and feedbacked the seller a negative. As I think it should have shipped in a cardboard box! But it seems that online sellers use the shipper of their choice. And I think if a buyer wants different shipper, he may have to pay more. Welcome to Third World USA, where quality and customer service is a thing of the past!
NoLimit Slim (2 years ago)
Warehouse jobs suck the place is hot managers is rude and doesn't explain the job well and the hours is horrible you will probably do 4 hours a day don't do this and the job is physical
NoLimit Slim (2 years ago)
Ask YA mom she will tell you firearms