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Global iptv box, over 300 arabic channels

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This demonstrates our IPTV box. Visit www.tvnetsolutions.com for more information.
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Text Comments (78)
Wael El Oumari (1 month ago)
code factory reset T503 plz
Ziko Almfrfish - زيكو المفرفش (2 years ago)
Easybox iptv is now the best iptv box for arabic channels, I have one and it is very fast and picture quality is very good. https://easybox.tv
Stephen MFerguson (3 years ago)
These guys are a BIG SCAM Stay away from this junk. I had one and threw it in the trash
Ahmed Hisham (4 years ago)
Hi I using Easybox IPTV right now, I did buy it after found this review testkingz (dot) com . I have now been using easybox for almost 3 months and did never have any problem with it.
Ahmed Hisham (4 years ago)
+Arnold Rambo I didn't try this, I'm using Easybox IPTV and i'm really satisfied with it, and the picture quality is Amazing for all the channels ;)
Ahmed Hisham (4 years ago)
+sayed bayomy You're Welcome Ya Sayed Basha ;) EasyBox IPTV is the best box in the market right now
Arnold Rambo (4 years ago)
+sayed bayomy The BeamARABIA box all family using and its working so good for the past 1 year now
Arnold Rambo (4 years ago)
+Ahmed Hisham أفضل جهاز للقنوات العربية هي beamarabia شركة استرالية وأقل تكلفة beamarabia.com
sayed bayomy (4 years ago)
+Ahmed Hisham I bought easybox last week and it's amazing device with a lot of Arabic channels, i loved it :) شكراً
Ahmed Zayed (4 years ago)
I am planning to buy an arabic iptv box. But I don't want to waste my money and pay 300 $ for something that is working bad. Where can I find reviews about which box that works good ?
sayed bayomy (4 years ago)
+Ahmed Zayed Hi Mr Ahmed, Don't waste your money in trying the bad boxes, I using Easybox IPTV and it's very good device, i tried so many boxes, and i highly recommend Easybox IPTV because it's the best in the market, Regards
Asmar 007 (4 years ago)
Kalied Ramdan (4 years ago)
I was very close to buy an global iptv box. But it's good that I found this video. I can see many that are disappointed with this box. Which box is the best one for arabic channels ?
Arnold Rambo (4 years ago)
+Kalied Ramdan أفضل جهاز للقنوات العربية هي beamarabia شركة استرالية وأقل تكلفة beamarabia.com
Mohamed Hamdy (4 years ago)
+Kalied Ramdan هل تتحدث اللغة العربية؟ اللغة الإنجليزية الخاصة بي ليست جيدة و لذلك سأجيبك باللغة العربية Easybox IPTV أنا قمت بتجريب العديد من الأجهزة و أفضل جهاز هو أنا أستخدمه منذ حوالي سنتين و لم يخذلني أبداً
Mo Hammad (4 years ago)
I have bought it ,but bein sports work just sometimes , never buy again
mimi muhand (4 years ago)
it's the worst iptv box ever, after you pay your money they will never answer you
Vivian Yao (4 years ago)
Good day! This is Vivian from LOOLBOX Company. 1.ALL Bein Sport series 1-15,MBC HD series and so on. 2.Two server centers in Europe to stream more arabic channels 3.Over 600 arabic channels and more stable 4.Better appearance with aluminum alloy 5.Guarantee one year for hardware and two years for software 6.Two years free watching,hardware and software available My skype is vivian.loolbox,any questions,pls let me know,I am always online with 24 hours.
Ahmed Abukar (4 years ago)
Don't buy. this is a lie. your channels will not work at all and they won't answer when.you call them for help
Razmig Manuel Dichjekenian (5 years ago)
Bein arabic sports channels are working very unstablre. The channels are usually down. Whats the problem? Last year was still fine...
Donny Alison (5 years ago)
The biggest scam ever, I bought mine 3 years ago (one time fee $475), it has been almost a year that I don't get any channel. I called the number listed on the website, a girl answered my call telling me that the provider doesn't support my box anymore. So I have to buy a new box.
youss ouss (5 years ago)
this is  a scam I swear  walaaaahi  don't buy it  walahi l3adim scam
Arnold Rambo (4 years ago)
+Mohammed Zn أفضل جهاز للقنوات العربية هي beamarabia شركة استرالية وأقل تكلفة beamarabia.com
youss ouss (4 years ago)
Yes Nor tv  is way better than those assholes a friend of me has it he only paid 200 $ for it ,those people man  they raped 600 $  from me and now I don't have any service 
Mohammed Zn (4 years ago)
hi brother is there any receiver without using dish ??
Kiran Jameel (5 years ago)
I'm agree with Hayat it's worst iptv in market they make me fool and waste my money. but know i have realtv box and it's working very fast and picture is clear you must try it.
Ibraheem Uk (5 years ago)
you are on every video that talks about IPTV boxes, it is OK to advertise for your business but not by making less of other products without even trying them
Jaafar Alamili (5 years ago)
your service is bad as your customer service. and now we have to do the upgrade ourselves with your stupid hidden menu. and do u know what we pay money so we could enjoy not to do your job. big stupid scam.
mimi muhand (4 years ago)
@Jaafar Alamili exactly happened same to me
fajr abdullah dib (5 years ago)
I watched 1 of your video and as you said I register and I got my ID and my password. on my laptob they letted me in, but when I putted on my TV it did not work and it shows the password or ID is wrong
fajr abdullah dib (5 years ago)
please pleaaaase answer me , I just got my iptv box and i dont know how to use it . they asked about my global iptv account ??? i lost more than 350 on this and i didn't even see any thing?? please contact me coz that is not fair at all 
Arnold Rambo (4 years ago)
+fajr abdullah dib أفضل جهاز للقنوات العربية هي beamarabia شركة استرالية وأقل تكلفة beamarabia.com
zyadbama (5 years ago)
@fajr abdullah dib I am having the same problem! ddi you figure it out?
mikes service (5 years ago)
biggest rip off worst ever liers all big liers on that place they should be sued .
Hayat Azhari (5 years ago)
The worst IPTV in the market, go to their Facebook page to see all the nasty reviews!!! keep your money and go somewhere else!!
Rightwardhat (5 years ago)
Plz what is the movie that was on mbc 3 called plz plz plz I need some on to tell me
fajr abdullah dib (5 years ago)
@***** akrm do you have this box ?
Abo Kareem (5 years ago)
What is the difference between show-iptv box and global iptv box?
ATLANTIS (6 years ago)
The pic is really slow and at some point it stops. Dont waist ur money.
ATLANTIS (6 years ago)
The worst service, dont buy it, its a scam.
ramyfever (6 years ago)
BIG BIG SCAM!!!! never worked like it shows, channels always cutting not even a bloody number to call as they have changed their number. If i know how to sue you guys i would.. looooooooooooooooooosers!!!
Donny Alison (5 years ago)
4073924849, that's their customer service number. shity service, shity box
Moe Noori (6 years ago)
hi there, is this the One Time Fee box or the Monthly Subscription box?? can you tell me if there is any different in the quality of the service and the shape of the device between them, Not in the number of channels, so I can chose the good one. My other question is what's the difference between you guys and the other company (global iptv)? cuz your device's screen says GLobal iptv and your company's name is tvnetsolutions and when i google GLobaliptv i find myself in a different place. Thanks,
Muslim Coran (6 years ago)
Hello I wanted to know the information about the Global IPTV I live in France so if you recommended this box tv knowing that I wanted to have al jazeera sports channels so I thought before I buy asks you if it's worth it and thank you I await your response
nasser abdi (6 years ago)
very good
Habbinho (6 years ago)
Can i have this play on more than one TV?
George Billal (6 years ago)
zaaptv is much better
waleed shorees (6 years ago)
hi i lost the activation code can some on please tell me how to get it back .thanks
Saqr Alhejaz (6 years ago)
Dont Buy it..!
Saqr Alhejaz (6 years ago)
It is so so Bad..!!
Saqr Alhejaz (6 years ago)
Not good..
airtuxxx (6 years ago)
i Have same box but i don't find favorite liste, you can help me please?
Mo Ab (6 years ago)
No. All HD channels aren't really HD. Al Jazeera HD channels are blocked or no signal at the moment. Also I've noticed that Al Jazeera sports are buffering a lot. Hopefully they do fix that soon. I've over 450 Arabic channels. From Iran to turkey to Egypt. They have so many Arabic channels.
sniperetn (6 years ago)
I see that Aljazeera Sport HD1 to HD6 is not included in list. Is it available now? ElafTv has these channels in 1080i quality but the streaming in these channels is 100% smooth
Malek097 (6 years ago)
and cheaper than ilafnet they are very expensive
Malek097 (6 years ago)
it is looks like good i will buy one
MahNimbus (6 years ago)
How many TVs per box? I am assuming just one right? I mean like two separate pictures. I don't want to watch the same channel on 2 TVs.
imomar2010 (6 years ago)
its mot showtime and orbit including
Mo Ab (6 years ago)
I didn't see any HD quality channels but that's understandable. Not even Dish network carry that but it's way better than any dish network that I know off. Not only you will get 450 plus Arabic channels but you will pay less than $30 a month for all. Dish network don't even offer more than 45 Arabic channels and they will charge you $40+ dollars. Quality wise, you will be very happy. 😃👍
Mo Ab (6 years ago)
I've had this box for a while now. I've HDTV 50' and all channels look really good. It's pretty fast too. My box is wired directly and not through wifi. I've high speed Internet and I hardly have any glitches. Plus this box is so tiny and pretty smooth. Al Jazeera sports are really good. This box and service has about 450 Arabic channels. From Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait to Egypt. It's amazing.
ADMCSPORTSNOW (6 years ago)
Theres an IPTV STREAMBOX with ADMC SPORTS JSC SPORTS, OSN SPORTS, FOX SPORTS, LIGTV, plus lots of UK and Irish freeview channels search iptv streambox
Khayrqabe (6 years ago)
Can you get UK Broadcasted channels?
Ameer Abbas (6 years ago)
do you smoke ?
Mahmoud Alkinani (6 years ago)
+1 (888) 844-3140 Toll Free TV Net Solutions LLC 189 S Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801, USA This is the phone # and Address in USA I hop this helpfull.
Anos Hmood (6 years ago)
how much monthly?
Saad Zin (6 years ago)
Can anyone tell me how to contact this company, there is no phone # or address on their web site. The only thing they have is a page where you enter your details and message but you never get any reponse from them...
Nara sh (6 years ago)
I think this box as this person said it has (1GB) memory, its just for the one u have pay monthly not the one is one time pay. im sure the one time pay its different BOX its slower and size its Bigger. if u have time upload some video of that other box the one time pay as your website shows.
TV Net Solutions (6 years ago)
wahibdilmi, This is nothing like zaap tv.
TV Net Solutions (6 years ago)
h4wree, Yes you can create a favorite list.
TV Net Solutions (6 years ago)
born4747, The box is available in Europe and it does have Tunisian channels.
TV Net Solutions (6 years ago)
osama mohrrk, Abu dhabi sport is not included.
W Dilmi (6 years ago)
Are there any crappy shiites channels on this thing? because on the Zaaptv one, half of the damn channels are shia. I HATE IT !!!!!!!
h4wree (6 years ago)
hi... Can you edit/controll the channels? f. ex. move channel 24 to 2 or move all jazeera sport to nr 1 (first)
Ahmed Hassan (6 years ago)
I'm pretty impressed of the quality and the speed of the device. Thank you for the demo, that's was great !
born4747 (6 years ago)
Hi, Thank you for the demo, is the box available in Europe? and if there are Tunisian channels? Thank you
Osama Moharrak (6 years ago)
Salaam Alikum: I want aske you abaut AD sport (Abo Dabi sport) it's come with this version!? Thank you
TV Net Solutions (7 years ago)
This is the new device, the menu is much faster, it has a dual core processor and 1 GB memory. It is extremely stable and fast! it has also youtube, vimeo and a number of new applications will be added soon. Thank you
Hayman Aliabdala (7 years ago)
سلام عليكم انا شاهد الجهاز الذي حجمه اكبر من هذا المعروض عند منزل صديق لي ايضاً اشتراه من شبكتكم لاكن كان ال menu ابطء من الذي تستعرضه الان ما هو الفرق وشكراً