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Track FedEx and UPS Packages in Google Sheets 📦 #2 - Delivery Date, Method, Weight, Etc.

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In this second episode I show you how to bring in other details like delivery date, destination, weight, and shipment service level. --- This new method allows you to track FedEx, UPS, USPS, and many more carriers in the same Google Sheets spreadsheet. You will be able to see the current status of a package—whether it has been delivered, delayed, or held up for some other reason. All you have to do is paste in a tracking number (and copy down the logic columns). Please note that this example is piggy-backing off a Heroku package called, Shipit. Please run your own deployment of Shipit so as to not overwhelm the demo deployment. Shipit Heroku Package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/shipit ImportJSON Function: https://www.chicagocomputerclasses.com/google-sheets-import-json-importjson-function/ Copy of Spreadsheet (must be signed in to Google): http://bit.ly/2xtJoX7 Questions? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you.
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Text Comments (15)
Shashank Dogra (2 months ago)
How would I check the first timestamp instead of the last? If the last is at 0, it will be hard to know the first one, since tracking a shipment can multiple steps depending on the carrier and destination of the shipment.
Jason Guo (5 months ago)
Can you fix USPS and UPS?
BRAMBO (5 months ago)
Tarik Hodic (7 months ago)
UPS does not work
M Allauddin (11 months ago)
It works for FedEx, for UPS it's throwing an error " Error getting data"
Hernan Urrutia (6 months ago)
I had the same problem, you were able to fix it?
Listed1st (1 year ago)
Could we hire you to set this up for us?
Ravi Patel (1 year ago)
Super fanboy of your work keep it up i need some more help on this can u pleas send my your mail id on silverlight772@gmail.com
Ernestas Raudys (1 year ago)
Hello, why some times got ERROR http://prntscr.com/huseys ?
Ernestas Raudys (1 year ago)
Maybe have video how make with out limited document and files
Ernestas Raudys (1 year ago)
maybe can send email for me er.raudys@gmail.com if can help me make ups tracink number status and time?
BRAMBO (1 year ago)
+Ernestas Raudys I don't understand. You'll have to be more specific.
Ernestas Raudys (1 year ago)
i try make it with UPS but i make only carrier type
Ernestas Raudys (1 year ago)
maybe can send email for help?