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WHERE do pilots DUMP FUEL? part 2 Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: MY WEBSITE: ------► MERCHANDISE CJ SHOP ◄ ------- NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: ————————————————————————————————— ▼▼My FLIGHT-KIT I highly recommend for you guys▼▼ MY HEADSET: MY SUNGLASSES: MY PILOT BAG: Company iPad: ▼▼The VIDEO EQUIPMENT I use in my studio and outdoors▼▼ MY CAMERA: LIGHTING: IN-FLIGHT RECORDINGS: —————————————————————————————————— Dear friends and followers welcome back to my channel and to a frequently asked question, "Where do pilots dump fuel?" There are many rumours about this question as many passengers have the impression that pilots dump fuel just prior to landing to reduce the overall weight and therefore pay fewer airport charges. This is complete nonsense and I'm more than happy to show you where pilots dump fuel or jettison fuel, following up on the video why pilots dump fuel! I'll show a real-life example via an ATC recording by VASAviation. I'll go through the dumping procedure step by step regarding the ATC conversation. You'll get a better understanding on how pilots communicate with ATC. What rules and regulations apply once the fuel dumping is commenced. Another important question regarding fuel dumping does it harm the environment? Yes, it does, but studies have shown the changes in the atmosphere are negligible as the fuel immediately vaporizes behind the aeroplane dumping at high altitude. Also, see how a British Airways B777 was wanting to dump fuel over Ireland but was initially rejected by the air-traffic controller due to traffic flying below their route. Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video! Wishing you all the best! Your "Captain" Joe Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels: @VASAviation Into Song: Lounge - Ehrling: Outro Song: Joakim Karud & Dyalla - Wish you were here ALL COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO ARE OWNED BY FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE.COM ANY COPYING OR ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING AND PUBLISHING ON OTHER PLATFORMS WILL FOLLOW LEGAL CONSEQUENCES
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Gerson Boaventura (1 day ago)
15:11 That facepalm says everything.
JustPlaying GAMES! (5 days ago)
You are a pilot - and if I may say - a good looking one ... WHERE ARE THE CHICKS MAN :)
Grethard Poulsen (7 days ago)
why do the passengers border and leave the plane through the port side door?
Mike P (6 days ago)
Because the refuelling, luggage handling and catering is done on the right side of the aircraft. So all the servicing equipment are kept on the right side, and the passengers board and leave the aircraft from the left side.
JurassicWorld TM (8 days ago)
How are you such a genius? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RÉGIS T. (11 days ago)
Terrible audio, can do much better !
marcin togeldon (13 days ago)
So basically Germany is a dumping shit hole!!No wonder Angela brought all the refugees in there!!!
MrGuy Unknown (15 days ago)
All I wonder is, people will come up - *Dumping Fuel is causing pollution, and increasing the Fuel consumption thereby making the resources scarcer* lmao
MrGuy Unknown (15 days ago)
Most sophisticated Intro and Video Aesthetics. Goodjob Captain
Nikola Sthyr (16 days ago)
I think deltas pilots need to watch this video
_FM3 (16 days ago)
I have never flown commercially, my dad is a pilot and was in the United States Air Force! I have found your channel recently and I binge watch it! So interesting and fun to watch! I have sent a link to my dad as well! He too LOVES the content! I want to fly commercially now just for the experience 🤷‍♀️ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND AMAZING CONTENT!
Cris LeRose (19 days ago)
Oh oh I know the answer..... A school right? No... My bad.
اللعنة الحارقة (21 days ago)
If u put s polygraph device on the crippled nerves of air traffic controller who granted Delta 777 a consent to begain fuel jettison on primary school , u definitively find out that was nothing isln similar path .. they heared the crunching fickle of fuel splash as it drizzled and dribbled on their school ceiling....!!
Tyrant (23 days ago)
Dumping fuel? Obviously chemtrails
clapryan321 (28 days ago)
When i need to dump fuel i do it over suburban LA
Jahrenski Ashkevron (30 days ago)
Joe, where did you get the voice ATC source from? I would love to listen to other interesting ones!
t werner (30 days ago)
Anyone else here after a Delta flight dumped fuel on school children?
rgtrooper13 (1 month ago)
In Los Angeles they fuel dump 2000ft above elementary schools lol
Sir We Are About to Die (1 month ago)
I just read an article recently where a plane dumped fuel on top of a park of elementary school kids. This was in Los Angeles. So pretty much anywhere..
Devyn Sharpe (1 month ago)
On schools 😂
mayvb49 (1 month ago)
So this one pops up in your recomandation after Delta's case, right?
Sparrow82 (1 month ago)
The pilots on Delta flight 89 in Los Angeles need to watch this video.
GoShiggyGo (1 month ago)
Plane dumps fuel OVER kids in LA today!!
Mark Kamensek (1 month ago)
Here’s why fuel dumping needs to happen in specific places:
Harald Hårfager (1 month ago)
Captain? or first officer "thee strip" Joe?
Josh (1 month ago)
Do they factor in gingers in the soul count?
Letsy (1 month ago)
Checklist compledet ✅
naoyuki sasanami (1 month ago)
How about all the commercial aircrafts had a hose-drogue to give away fuel for nearby?;)
Phaedra (1 month ago)
Why "preferably over water"? Seems like an obvious safety measure but in the first example, they were directly beside a body of water but chose a loop over land. Why? (Perhaps the primary flight paths are over the water (to avoid noise), and thus no appropriate?)
Lucas Boninsegna (1 month ago)
when it comes to being an audio technician... you make a wonderful pilot. 🤣 love the content as usual, though. thx and a great new year. :)
Ganda Gandara (1 month ago)
Where does Boeing dumps its passengers? To the afterlife. 😢🛫🛬
Ahmad Sayyed (2 months ago)
Ahmad Sayyed (2 months ago)
Thank you captain joe for this video, it’s far more engaging and interesting when ATC transcripts are used in your videos that are live. Please make very video as engaging as this one
kletops46 (2 months ago)
Captain, What was actually wrong with "United 89 Heavy" ? Did it have a real issue with landing gear ?
kletops46 (2 months ago)
Audio's terrible captain ?
Podesta is Moloch (2 months ago)
Selector Gaming (2 months ago)
Love the videos but the audio was pretty bad compared to previous ones.
Gordon Craig (2 months ago)
I was on a flight from Quebec to London which had a medical emergency (from my group). We had too much fuel to land at the nearest airport of St Johns, Newfoundland. The authorities weren't happy about a fuel dump and the pilot asked the doctor if it was safe to wait while enough fuel was burnt off. I think we were in a hold for 30 minutes or more before we landed. Don't know how that one works out on a 747. Maybe there was a smaller fuel dump.
Tech Help Portal (2 months ago)
I guess Bridgeport's was good
Tech Help Portal (2 months ago)
Why didn't they land in new haven ct
Josh L (2 months ago)
How is there fuel vapour? I always thought fuel was liquid and you'd have to be over an ocean or something to dump it :O
shi01 (2 months ago)
Fuel vaporizes very quickly especially if spread it out over a large area. Btw, liquids can't burn. A lot of vapors on the other hand burn quite well. What your car burns for instance is actually not liquid fuel, but fuel vapors. the fuel vaporises almost immediatly after it is injected and it's the same with turbines.
KNT 21 (2 months ago)
Sir Joe... ➡ Can we do one thing... That there should be extra fuel boxes or cylinders attached with parachutes and GPS tracker ➡ When Pilots starts fuel dumping, fuel will be diverted into this tanks... When they get full... They will be ejected from airplane and will be landed safely through parachutes... And we can reuse the fuel back by using GPS trackers and locating the area where the boxes landed.... ➡ If you like my idea 💡... Pls give my comment a ❤️ and reply me ☺... It would make my day ➡ Thank you 🙏
KNT 21 (2 months ago)
@ZK-APA ya. Correct 💯 I Was thinking the same thing right before your msg arrived ☺️
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
@KNT 21 The thing is fuel dumping is very very rare. Some planes may never even dump fuel during their entire life cycle. So implementing such a system wouldn't be feasible.
KNT 21 (2 months ago)
@ZK-APA but I think the cost of separate tanks will be obviously lower than dumping 70 tons of fuel ⛽ and if we can retrieve it back... Then it's more helpful..😃 ➡ I may be wrong... But it's just a concept
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
It's impractical. Because one you are increasing costs for something that will hardly be used and second, having such a system will bring dead weight, hence increasing fuel consumption. Therefore the fuel being saved is offset by the extra fuel being burned.
KNT 21 (2 months ago)
@shi01 It's not necessary that everytime there is a house under the landing site.... And if there's one.... You can do dumping in air .. But we can try to save as much as fuel we can...
Imagine (2 months ago)
Captain Joe : Min 15>10+ Chemtrails .... here is the answer of the cia director to geo-Engineering:
Aviation Life (2 months ago)
Why does he not just land in the Hudson? It’s way easier 😂
Moosa Imran (3 months ago)
your videos are so clear, fun and easy to understand
Moosa Imran (3 months ago)
Awesome job. Keep it up Captian Joe.
Ryan Kreder (3 months ago)
Hey, my state is featured!
Paul Glotzer (3 months ago)
You explained well why the flight crew decided not to declare an emergency, yet implemented the extraordinary measures of dumping fuel then returning to EWR. Since what constitutes an “emergency” is something as to which reasonable minds could disagree, I could easily see a situation where United’s ground-based senior management might say to the flight crew “you guys need to declare an emergency”. Can someone explain the grounds for and the significance of the airline declaring an emergency on behalf of the flight crew? It seems very odd indeed.
Larry (3 months ago)
If you have smoke in the cabin you hit the fuel dump switch and head for the nearest airport. Or you can dick around with protocol and procedures and end up in Peggy's Cove like Swissair 111 did.
reda houjeiri (3 months ago)
You have got background noises
GoProJoe (3 months ago)
Instagram is incredibly lame
Pavel Ruban (3 months ago)
Joe, please buy a microphone...
Roger Skagerström (3 months ago)
Is it the brakes or the airframe stress of the impact that is the issue since they don't want to land with all the wheight? How come - if possible, they just don't land but with a tested, different flare? If it's a impact issue that could be fixed there.
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
Yes its a stress issue. And planes are designed to have a greater max take off weight than the max landing weight (bringing the max landing weight to max takeoff weight is complex hence not done)
Roger Skagerström (3 months ago)
Is it the brakes or the airframe stress of the impact that is the issue since they don't want to land with all the wheight? How come - if possible, they just don't land but with a tested, different flare? If it's a impact issue that could be fixed there.
ps2727 (1 month ago)
Airplanes have a maximum landing weight. That means don’t land above this weight, unless you have an emergency. So when a problem arises the crew must decide what is the best course of action. Not all problems are simple to deal with as there are many things to consider, and you must be prepared to defend your actions.
Mike P (3 months ago)
It's the issue with the airframe because landing with overweight will cause more stress on a fuselage, and also naturally on the landing gear during the touchdown.
Hotdog gang pauler (3 months ago)
Is it true concorde will come back in 2020 i saw some other people say They will come in 2024 or 2032
Brennan Orca (3 months ago)
I’m 18 and I’m building commercial airplanes for Boeing and air bus. I work at skills inc. it’s a internship.,5122.1&SUIH=RhmCU-5NTdLpJW4hEv1f6Q&redir=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc2tpbGxzaW5jLmNvbS8
riyAdH mobin (3 months ago)
Captain joe, do aircraft engines(jet engines) needs engine oil?
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
Audi_ophile (3 months ago)
Bridgeport is a fine place for a fuel dump, you know since it's a complete shit hole and all.
Outrageous 20 (3 months ago)
We are still waiting for you to put to rest this idea of flat earth. These guys are everywhere!!
Addy’s Aviation (3 months ago)
My little sis is rlly into flying like rlly and I’ve been saving up money to get her some flight simulator stuff, do u think A.I is a good idea?
Paul Malpus (3 months ago)
Love these videos 👍
fosge (3 months ago)
KamTheGreen (3 months ago)
Sorry, but can you give me some urls to your plane models?
Oli gang 009 (3 months ago)
Hi I am a fan and just asking if you could link me to a video or make one yourself about the tfc function on the efis that shows on the radar about what the shapes,numbers,arrows, colours and + and - please.
DonStefan01 (3 months ago)
Hallo Captain Joe. Wie immer ganz tolle informative Videos. Super erklärt für jedermann. Ich habe trotzdem eine Frage: Warum haben die Engines beim Einlass keinen Frontschutz, so ähnlich wie ein Gitter, damit ein Birdstrike oder ansaugen von Gegenständen verhindert werden kann? Auch wäre das doch für das Bodenpersonal ein Sicherheitszugewinn? Beim Heli Boeing CH-47 Chinook sind die Einlässe geschützt. Warum haben Airliner das nicht? Kannst du darüber einmal ein Video machen? Diese Frage beschäftigt mich schon seit längerem. Vielen Dank im voraus und always three green. VG Quax
downizle (3 months ago)
Your not a captain your a senior first officer you fucking fraud
AGH ARMY (3 months ago)
Your not even a captain you fucking fraud
Sam Barks (3 months ago)
Fraud, you’re not a captain
Will Hosell (3 months ago)
Fraud you’re not even captain mate sit down
ভাইসাব Bros (3 months ago)
Will Hosell what makes you say this?
Shams Reza (3 months ago)
Problem with audio quality !
Gonzalo Pineda Carmena (3 months ago)
Hi everybody. Do all big planes (from A318 till A380 or B737 till B787) dump fuel? Cause I have only seen in big planes (777, 787, 340, etc.). Thank you
Mike P (3 months ago)
The wide body aircraft (like e.g. A380, B747, B777, B787) have a fuel dump system, but aircraft like A318, A319, A320, A321, B737 and B757 doesn't have that system.
Mr. Meme (3 months ago)
Planes do this over my house......
Bartosz Sułek (3 months ago)
Hey Joe how about making a video about FMC like how does it work and how to use it ??
DarkNyan 12 (3 months ago)
Can I be your disciple and you are my mentor?
One big flappy Boi (3 months ago)
Captain Joe can you explain to me what is an GLS approach? Pls
Gopinath PSG (3 months ago)
Why air new Zealand flight are painted in black colour? Is this safe r advisable for painting dark colours fully around aircraft? Please explain.
Alexander Stamenov (3 months ago)
Dear Captain Joe, Recently I watched a video where was mentioned that the BA flight from London to Dusseldorlf flew to Scotland instead to Germany and landed in Edinburgh. Can you make a video explaining how is that possible at all... ? First the airport control should direct them at the North instead of East, after that the air traffic control should lead them in different direction?  So in general... how/why is that possible at all. My question was insipired by the video below:
Mike P (3 months ago)
It was obviously because the pilots got a wrong flight plan, and the air traffic control also got this wrong flight plan. It seems that the airline dispatchers have mistakenly given the pilots a wrong flight plan. The pilots will follow the flight plan that they receive from the flight dispatcher before the flight.
NhatAnh0475 (3 months ago)
It a waste that those expensive fuel have to be dump for safety reason.
karunesh kumar Dhiman (3 months ago)
This video may please be repeated as the very purpose of the video have got defeated due to very low volume of Audio.
P Express Airline (3 months ago)
Next video: a Cessna was poured some A1 fuel by a triple 7 and dirt on the planes everywhere
th zagoras (3 months ago)
How do pilots know in which gate park the aircraft??
Mike P (3 months ago)
When they exit the runway after the landing they get the instructions what taxiways to use to get to the assigned gate.
Junior Powell (3 months ago)
'Captain' Joe... with F/O strips ehhhh. Great video sir!
Margaret Mathis (3 months ago)
Is there a link to PART 1?
Music Video (3 months ago)
Hi Captain Joe, every time I listen to communication between air traffic controllers and a plane, its almost unintelligible sometimes. Sometimes you hear a loud clicking sound at about 10Hz or the pilots voice may come in very quiet while the next pilot comes in much louder. All of which come with varying amounts of static, hissing, clicking, and whooshing. How is it that for the most part communication is clear between atc and pilots while I need subtitles to understand whats going on?
Mathew Choe (3 months ago)
joe mama
robert hamilton (3 months ago)
NO one would dump fuel unless really needed. It's like $3 a gallon or $800 per ton?
IV DC (3 months ago)
Hey captain joe why us air carrier dont want to buy A380
Sam Maner (3 months ago)
Hey joe quick question what would happen if a aircraft would to fly through the fuel just dumped by another aircraft in the area?
Dude Guy (3 months ago)
whos joe
inkwhir (3 months ago)
Would the passengers have any clue of what's going on, in such a situation? How much do they need to know?
Mike P (3 months ago)
Because they are going to land soon, the captain has to inform the passengers about the situation.
Tırcı Çağlar- Redkit (3 months ago)
Başarılar 😎😎😎
Schwarze999 (3 months ago)
Hey Captain Joe do planes in parallel take offs experience wake turbulence?
Darkageknight Plays (3 months ago)
Whos jOe?
Ibrahim Idriss (3 months ago)
Captain Joe voice quality is little bit average, hope you give it a concern.
Jayrome Hunter (3 months ago)
does the plane have a shock absorber
Mike P (3 months ago)
Yes, the landing gear has it:
prince gaby tv (3 months ago)
747-400 makes you busy captain😢
TheTreeThatGrows (3 months ago)
Question: Isn't it a bit hard to understand each other when communicating through the radio? The sound is a bit "blurry and messy", and I can barely understand it.
GNranger (3 months ago)
The recordings are wacky but when my friend flew me I heard atc just fine.
John Doe (3 months ago)
Hi! I really like your content! And I have a little question, maybe you can answer. As I'm a fan of aviation and I'm working with aircraft evacuation systems, I'm looking for some crew embroidered keychains. Do you know where to find any legit ones (from airlines and aviation companies) in the EU or worldwide shipping? I'm kinda frustrated, I can't find these...
batuhan koyuncu (3 months ago)
15:11 oh dear captain you made me laugh :D :D
Andre Henry (3 months ago)
Funny thing is I live near Bridgeport, CT. Cant think of a more appropriate place to dump fuel lol
Spaghetti Spaghetti (3 months ago)
“A few months ago” 2 years
Moosa Imran (3 months ago)
24 months then