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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma

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Text Comments (20363)
Jack Heris (6 minutes ago)
3:40. That camry was angry. What happened?
tominator3 (3 hours ago)
That Camry is the worst. Needs drivers license revoked for life. Time to ride a bike. Then brake check cars all you want and see what happens
Felipe Cruz (4 hours ago)
The title should be “Try not to face-palm challenge”
sarahschaubss (5 hours ago)
injurance fraud.. thats all it is
Steven Sorrentino (6 hours ago)
Are people really stupid enough to play "whose tougher" with a flippin SEMI TRUCK!? They is no version of it where you or your car come out okay, these people got what was coming.
Daniel Moreno (6 hours ago)
And this is why I carry my sig. Not to shoot anyone but to point it at stupid mfers. They quit stupid shit like this asap. Mind you I live in LA and traffic is stupid over and ppl are crazy as fuck
Leo Dominguez (7 hours ago)
All you retards commenting probably do the same shit. Anyone who drives a car is psychotic on the road
NukaColaGirl114 (8 hours ago)
OMG you can't break check a semi truck, you're asking for death or a stupid ticket cuz Itll be your fault for bein a dumb cunt.
Azuel Zorro (9 hours ago)
TheDeadlyAvenger (11 hours ago)
Assholes, every single one of them
alex knight (11 hours ago)
I want to see every one of them disemboweled.
Thunderhawk51 (12 hours ago)
This makes me so sad... I just hope they all get what they deserve.
Judith Shellhammer (12 hours ago)
I have 2 nephews who are truckers. These motorists deliberately do this to sue. Dash cam saves them each time. There are assholes out there that jeprodizes other people lives. They deserves to be killed.
BlackFoxer (12 hours ago)
Stupid Silly Idiots that Risks Life Form orthers
The Michael Of Rosen (14 hours ago)
2:06 Shrek?
AuskaDezjArdamaath (14 hours ago)
If you get brake checked, stop running up the other car’s ass. If you don’t like their speed, change lanes or pass them like a sane person. Edit: any one stupid enough to cut off a semi and brake check them deserve what they get.
Poco Leo (15 hours ago)
This really pisses me off, but I can’t stop watching. Break checking can endanger the person who is getting break checked more than that person break check because their vehicle get damaged at the front, guess who also is in the front...the one getting break checked. I honestly don’t think that runs through people’s heads when they do that.
Britt Pomales (19 hours ago)
I wasn't expecting a car to flip over from a brake check. that was insane
Christian Nickels (20 hours ago)
Someone brake checks me to the point where I'd loose controller of the vehicle im just gonna get em may as well take em down with ya
TGSamaritans (20 hours ago)
5:37 That biker just lost his last brain cell by dropping on his head.
Twig Gamer (21 hours ago)
if I were the semi driver I woulda just accelerated and knock their ass of the mountain
Jess Ess (1 day ago)
I don’t know what the road rules are in America, but in Victoria in Australia, if you have gone up someone’s arse, it’s still your fault even if they break checked you.
Carlos Padilla (1 day ago)
Some were in porpuse and some is just plain stupid people that can't drive for shiiit
Juan Gonzalez (1 day ago)
At 5:40 I swear to god some bs like this happened to me. Stupid ass bikers thinking they won’t get hit for acting stupid
Robert Theis (1 day ago)
Why the fuck would you do brakechecks... on a motorcycle?! 😂😂 This man is the biggest moron I've ever seen
pete smyth (1 day ago)
6:35 this is why you don't swerve and brake..just brake in a straight line..this idiot had a dash cam,why swerve?
LiberatorX (1 day ago)
5:38 Idiot was asking for it, hope he has fun paying his own hospital bills 🤷‍♂️
Haylie Matteson (1 day ago)
Was I the only one who thought they deserved it and started laughing💀😂5:40
Anna Lisa (1 day ago)
Who wants to crowd anyone’s tail pipe ??? When those idiots ride mine, I simply slow way down or pull over so they pass. I CANNOT STAND anyone on my tail pipe 🤬😡😡😡😡😡
Kensie Xox (1 day ago)
why anyone brake checks in the first place is beyond me
Anna Lisa (1 day ago)
Kensie Xox - it’s the damaged brains caused by living in crowded cities.
57210 JTRR (1 day ago)
I was driving my grandpas 1965 Chevy impala SS in a 50mph zone, a green Ford F-150 came up on my ass. I put the car first, so I moved to another lane. He followed. I slowed, and he flew past me doing at least 70 flipping me off in the process then WHAM he smashed into a van in front of him. I stopped and said “hey bud you good?” And drove away...😏
gttriger19 (1 day ago)
c cool de montrée des attarder mentale que leur but dans vie c tuer d gens ;) lache pas XD
Imani Maldonado (1 day ago)
Insurance frauds. I swear 😤
zombyeslayer99 (1 day ago)
*makes a truck flip and drives off* seriously? Wtf?
Anna Lisa (1 day ago)
zombyeslayer99 - purely psychopathic.
Khb 888 (1 day ago)
There should be a law for large vehicle drivers who get brake checked. Those brake checking should get rammed as the large vehicle drivers should not have to stop.
Khb 888 (1 day ago)
That is exactly what I said, however, small cars aren't asking for annihilation if they slow down, because they simply slam the brakes. On top of that, these cars aren't meant to change lane so close to these large vehicles, the drivers should be able to see the entire large vehicle in their front mirror
Anna Lisa (1 day ago)
Khb 888 - if they’re large trucks they mechanically CANNOT stop ! It takes them a looong time to come to a halt. That’s why small cars are asking for annihilation if they slow down in front of a major truck.
ChrisWilderness / (1 day ago)
The bike at 5:40 smoking some good SHIT or something
Caileigh Long (1 day ago)
All those people that are break checking semis especially are asking for a death sentence. What idiots.
NissanSucks99xVT (1 day ago)
8:27 I wished that retard hit that guard rail
Damn Miracle (1 day ago)
Pourquoi est-ce qu'ils font ça?😑 C'est n'est pas drôle
Caden Froehner (1 day ago)
If your vehicle is half the size of another, i do not reccomend brake checking them
Mc Tobi (1 day ago)
I hope they all got fined pretty hard
NERO_OFCL (1 day ago)
Isnt that their fault if they slow down and you hit them? Most of the time when the drivers tried to brake to avoid hitting them, they end up wrecking their own car
NERO_OFCL (1 day ago)
6:30 Ownage hillbilly "what the hewl" lmao
poper man (1 day ago)
Funny how as soon as you say I have it on camera all the people in the wrong immediately try and get away
Jareansak Kaewlamhat (1 day ago)
It's a very stupid act.
Llewellyn Anthony (1 day ago)
wow wow wow stupid people
GOAT (1 day ago)
You know you're basically putting your life into the driver's hands behind you when you brake check, right? You better hope to God that that person reacts to your sudden brakes and doesn't rear end you off the highway.
Riley Smith (1 day ago)
3:36 is why I carry in my car
LC James (1 day ago)
Crazy ass people
Michelle Dutcher (1 day ago)
This seems like half and half drunk morons and insurance frauders
Chris S (1 day ago)
Most of the people getting brake checked are tailgating anyway
564bruno (1 day ago)
Who gets charged in a case like 1:24?
aca15246 (1 day ago)
If your dumb enough to ride someone’s ass you deserve to get brake checked. Drive cautious and avoid others cars and you’ll reduce your risk of a crash. Play dumb games and provoke bad drivers only makes you just as stupid.
Denitria Ferebee (1 day ago)
These videos give me such anxiety. My blood pressure is sky high. This shit pisses me off but I can't stop watching them.
Michael Bergman (1 day ago)
No sympathy for the trucks in the left lane.
Floyd McCarty (1 day ago)
People need to check their brakes somewhere else. Haha
Aaron T Diep (1 day ago)
i hate tailgater and this type as well... jesus fuck
Sheeza Mann (1 day ago)
trucker lost his cdl.....hopefully permanently at 8:10
Sheeza Mann (1 day ago)
i bet the fedex driver got fired
Sheeza Mann (1 day ago)
AT 3:08....technically..........is the truckers fault.....THEY are required by rules to INCREASE following distance to AVOID accidents.......TRUCKERS FAULT....no matter what happened.....he had time to slow down
Sheeza Mann (1 day ago)
didn't know there were so many attempted murderers in this country
Dodge16 (1 day ago)
Adress google tarnslate or you hungary?
Kari Fredrikson (1 day ago)
This gives me a real appreciation for what Truckers face everyday. Dr James Dobson ,( a Christian Radio Minister), had a Show about the different temptations & dangers Truckers have to put up with. They deserve our admiration & Prayers.
Corki Msp (1 day ago)
Srs I'm thinking what are those drives thinking
Zasben (1 day ago)
1:25 is a perfect example to people to not tailgate, regardless on how much of a douche the person in front of you is. The brake checker didn't really his his brakes too hard but yet the victim got destroyed. Don't let assholes get the best of you, keep your cool.
Zaure Sh (1 day ago)
Do not brake check nor tailgate. Simple.
Faisal Dc (1 day ago)
There was once this dude in a bmw 7 series cut into my buddy's lane with no warning, my buddy sounded his horn once in response and bmw dude started brake checking him. I'm only 2 cars behind my buddy and we're both in 3 tonne trucks. Told him to signal and turn into a 1 way street up ahead and BMW driver anticipated and moved into the lane as well, i left an exit after, turned right into that one way lane against traffic, head on to the bmw driver blaring my horn and lights while screaming i have no brakes. He couldn't move left or right and couldn't reverse as my buddy was behind him. I slammed my brakes to make it screech and stopped a few meters infont of the bmw. Out came the guy literally shaking in fear. Not sure if he continued brake checking after that though.
lonzo maggard (1 day ago)
Anyone who does it in front of a semi deserves to get hit
Norbert Stippler (1 day ago)
Seems you need two things these days when driving a car: 1) Dashcam. 2) Gun. :)
Gastón CG (2 days ago)
5:35 ..... 😂😂😂 ..... biker ❌
Alex Baxter (2 days ago)
1:55 camera car in the wrong, both lanes are right turn at those lights, check the road markings.
Sweet Home Alamanda (2 days ago)
Motorcycle break check didn't work out that well did it N?????
Kevweeny (2 days ago)
The amount of pettiness in this video is outrageous!
BIG MAYATE (2 days ago)
6:08 that was so nice
Rokku Ishikawa (2 days ago)
Fucking pieces of shit
BIG MAYATE (2 days ago)
5:11 2pac hail mary
tommy TECO (2 days ago)
Why do so many videos involve big cars? People who drive those don't become bullies do they?
SlyJetPrime (2 days ago)
Get the plate and call them in
SlyJetPrime (2 days ago)
People are stupid plus I have no clue what the guys on the motorcycle was expecting
rankochanxD (2 days ago)
I loved 4:55
duderoa (2 days ago)
i suggest passing a law where its okay to shoot out the tires of individuals who are acting stupid on the road.
GhostShipSupreme (2 days ago)
Wow people are retarded. Especially when someone tries to brake check a semi.
Amarildo Cunha (2 days ago)
Se eu estou de caminhão e o cara faz isso, eu não paro! É mais perigoso para mim frear do que desviar.Exemplo? 6:37. O cara ainda sai de boa.
CmRoddy (2 days ago)
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why a dash cam on your car is so important.
Parker Gray (2 days ago)
5:26 I can’t wait for him to tell him that he has a dash cam running!
Dros (2 days ago)
why would you endanger yourself and others over somthing as fucking trivial as someone cutting you off or something. just drive to where you're going and chill tf out
Matthew Dorry (2 days ago)
Never been brake checked, but been swerved at twice. Once for a blind merge. As in it was a badly designed merge where you only had a few car lengths to get over and couldn't see oncoming traffic until it was almost too late. Almost clipped a lady, but then she went full rage mode and tried running me off the road. The second time was when I tried passing someone in an ending lane. I sped about about 5mph, they the sped up to block the pass. I should've just let them have it, but I sped up more. Then they sped up more and as the lane was coming to an end, we almost smacked. They hit their brakes last second. I should've known to be the safer driver, but I do think I was partially justified. In either case, they got super pissed and sped up on me and tailgated the fuck out of me, then passed me and swerved in front of me super close. We both started out a little bit reckless, but they escalated to pure vehicular aggression.
advancedlamb (2 days ago)
People who drive and will react because someone is getting in front of them should all get their licenses taken
Matthew Dorry (2 days ago)
If I slammed into someone because they did that to me, and they were unlucky enough that we were both able to get out of our vehicles, I'd powerslam them into the concrete.
Wolf (2 days ago)
What are brakes? No cop no stop
CALI DREAMZ (2 days ago)
How about that moan at 3:57
Will Mccauley (2 days ago)
I hope every time someone brake checks they fucking get in a wreck and die in a car fire honestly.
Felix Ngullie (2 days ago)
They expect the brakes on a Semi is same as theirs .....
Felix Ngullie (2 days ago)
Why ??? I don’t understand
B BRITTANY (2 days ago)
Don’t people realize not only can you severely hurt someone, you can kill them!! My God
Rituraj Belhekar (2 days ago)
6:35 felt sad watching that
Brianne C (3 days ago)
@2:18 *guy slams on brakes and is rear ended* *is mad he got rear ended*
Manoj Chakre (3 days ago)
you guys stupid as fuck to allow break checks
MyAccountBitch (3 days ago)
Congratulations. You're all a bunch of retards
Queen Culture Inc. (3 days ago)
Everybody mad about brake checking but not mad at the people driving on their ass. Get off my bumper asshole