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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma

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Text Comments (15164)
Frappoh III (59 minutes ago)
Am I the only one that wonder if any of these vids have follow up like the one at 5:11
michael underdown (1 hour ago)
i would be recording the license plate of the vehicle and report that. they would not be able to drive again.
chris zani (1 hour ago)
most of them were not karma
M1 Abrams (1 hour ago)
anyone does this to me, they will never be walkin again
Lemon Side (2 hours ago)
Damn, those drivers need to know better than being so ignorant.
john r (2 hours ago)
some driver here deserve to die
Quakee Games (3 hours ago)
Haha 5:11 get shreckedt dude
jordan watson (3 hours ago)
5:52 lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Lexeo 007 (3 hours ago)
Theses dickheads deserve to get hit honestly, i'd brake once u do it again well fark u ur gonna get my bullbar up ur ass
Jonathan Bryant (3 hours ago)
I don't brake check. I just slow down so they pass me sooner
Gamle Ole (3 hours ago)
What a fucking idiots.
WonderDrugEchinacea (4 hours ago)
You know, these people that brake check other cars like that... if someone hits them and they crash, I have zero problem with the driver just continuing down the road and leaving them there. This stuff is, by the way, FAR more dangerous than speeding as is many other things I see drivers do. The most dangerous things people do in cars have nothing to do with speeding.
Marcus Bustad (4 hours ago)
Crazies all of them.....probably democrats!
Kerri Stewart (5 hours ago)
now your left leg is torn open! at 5:59. congratulations
FeyWinter Fox (5 hours ago)
I find Break Checking to be so fuckin stupid! Now I get what you are trying to do, but keep in mind that you are *hoping* that the person who if already riding your ass so hard they can see what you ate last night, is gonna stop in time and not hit you! Keep in this is also hoping they don’t hit you so hard they outright take you out! If this was something that put you at zero risk then I would totally understand it!
AHellReign (5 hours ago)
5:33 who wants to wreck such an expensive high performance car. Btw did the white car actually try and get In Front lmfao it had no chance
Gary Smith (5 hours ago)
A lot of people do this for the money. Insurance companies pay instead of going to court, then drop you...people suck yes, but lawyers and the court system is worse. Install cameras and protect yourselves...
Mermaid Boy (5 hours ago)
Idiot Driver: Hey look it's the only person on the road besides me! I'm gonna go in his Lane and stop in front of him.
Mermaid Boy (5 hours ago)
5:02 biggest dumbass to ever exist
Jennifer Briggeman (6 hours ago)
And if you are that stupid as to pull in front of a rig and try that crap, you deserve whatever happens to you.
Jennifer Briggeman (6 hours ago)
Why are people such morons? So much of this is people trying to scam others, just get a fuckin’ job!
Joeteck (6 hours ago)
Glad to see these truckers have cameras to prove these gold diggers wrong.
Dave Juarez (6 hours ago)
Some idiots do be riding peoples asses🤷‍♂️
Following Phan (6 hours ago)
motorcycle breaking anything oh that’s smart too
Following Phan (6 hours ago)
Break checking a big rig?! Oh that’s smart
Edward Elric (6 hours ago)
The lack of people using their car horn is insane.
mack (7 hours ago)
insurance claim dont work if the driver your break checking has a camera you fucking idiot ahahha
Reed G (8 hours ago)
I’m the type of guy who just doesnt give a fuck and will head stomp you try pulling this bitch shit with me
Kennith Morgan (8 hours ago)
Just don't tailgate.
Bawbster1 (8 hours ago)
I was driving in a heavy snowstorm on the 401 (in Canada). I let a car in when trying to get on the highway from the on-ramp as nobody was letting him in. This guy drives in my blindspot for 20 minutes, then decides he's gonna pass me (finally) and then pulls about 5 feet in front of me. I was shocked, but let my foot off the gas, because in a heavy snowstorm you don't want to hit the brakes hard. This idiot brake checks me as if I was following too close for way too long. I ended up spinning out. I could've been killed. Put a go-pro in my car after that.
JonesHvac (8 hours ago)
I’m pissed off now
lChristina Schaplowsky (8 hours ago)
I’ve never seen this behaviour on roads here! This braking crap .. so dumb
JonesHvac (8 hours ago)
What was the deal with FedEx? Lol
Doubleaa500 (9 hours ago)
people who break check need to go to hell
JobLobber (9 hours ago)
i probably wouldn't stop, they deserve it for brake checking, the cheeky cunts. oh and id have a heavy ass pick up with a menacing bullbar over the grill too
Evelin Lemus (9 hours ago)
Who else said oh shit at 1:01?
Aaron Scarpa (10 hours ago)
Why I don’t brake for brake checkers. Ran one over about a year ago. It was at night and I left the scene and the other driver in the middle of nowhere in the cold and dark 😂😂
Luna Dash (10 hours ago)
someone ever brake checked me and without reasonable cause to use thier brakes I would smoke them seeing as in Canada it would be the braking vehicles fault because brake checking is illegal when they cut you off and immediately apply the brakes, also if you can prove it with a dash cam then and only then could you sue the guy for wreckless driving
Luna Dash (10 hours ago)
0:00-0:16 CC TUBE and 1XBET can go fuck themselves with this stupid retarded advertisement....video reported for mass advertisements
courconwll (10 hours ago)
Fact: the drivers are the ones breaking the laws.
SidTheJerk420 (10 hours ago)
How people think they can get away from fraud these days I just don't know, I personally have a dashcam for both front and back! If you don't, well you watched the video you see what people will do to scam you!
DryChicken (11 hours ago)
why does this video have so many dislikes?
GreeN tABLe! (11 hours ago)
Просто ДАУНЫ
Lord Jock (11 hours ago)
5:20 Get out of the car and break that cunts neck !
Japanese Boi (11 hours ago)
5:31 in atl near ikea. i drive through that road every Saturday
Rick Drew (11 hours ago)
You know that Fedex driver was fired.... morons like this are just another reason to legally carry.
Shelby Cofrances (12 hours ago)
Wow, this is hilarious. In New York we are so used to people sliding in right behind you and riding asses. No body cares. It's just common driving. These break checkers are so hypersensitive and actually seem insane. We all ride each others asses, we actually do it harmoniously in a nice line haha
TJ Swoboda (13 hours ago)
3:50: That guy's trying to induce a squat collision for insurance fraud. Dash cam for the win, here.
PieMan001 (13 hours ago)
If I was a truck driver and someone brake checked me, I would just keep going after I’d hit them! Stupid idiots deserve what they’ve got coming!
Hernán P. (13 hours ago)
3:27 thank you, it was starting to really piss me off, i needed to see some dutchbag hit
spoada (13 hours ago)
Swoop and dive.
Neuk (13 hours ago)
People that cut in front of big trucks and brake check them deserve to die for their arrogance and stupidity. Truck drivers aren't on personal time driving around, they're working. They're the ones that bring you all the shit you need to live your lives, show some fucking respect to those people.
Богдан Юганкин (14 hours ago)
У меня какая-то агрессия и зубы скрипят!
Matthew Shoebrooks shoebrooks (14 hours ago)
Stupid people don't know how to drive
Louis McGivern (15 hours ago)
5:47 That guy didn't give a fuck, he just refused to brake for that biker 😂😂😂
Ben (15 hours ago)
id catch up and beat the shit out of someone for trying that with me
Jerome Bullard (15 hours ago)
1:45 was SOOOOO SATISFYING! fuck tailgater scum! Hope he got ejected into oncoming traffic.
bagladie two (15 hours ago)
Ssoooo glad truck drivers have cameras !!! These IDIOTS in these cars have a death wish !!! They jeopardise all on the road !!! I have family that drive truck, & hear about these FOOLS all the time !! You want to die, fine, BUT DO NOT TAKE MY FAMILY WITH YOU !!!
Joe Drager (15 hours ago)
Every one of these brake check fucks had either a hillary or a obama bumper sticker.
Val 234 (16 hours ago)
Wow and I thought Floridian drivers are bad
wesley cecil (16 hours ago)
Why would anybody on a motorcycle brake check a car how stupid do you have to be
KesorodaBlk (16 hours ago)
4:16 guy thinks he's a mini-boss of a racing game or some shit!
Conzy (16 hours ago)
dude if somreone did that to me id get out of the car and beat the shit out of them, even if it was a woman! i do have road rage but only because i care about mine and other road users' safety.
justin f (16 hours ago)
Break checking while on a motorcycle... well that’s just Darwinism at its finest
Mr Repub (16 hours ago)
Always hit the turd.
Honfy Lam (17 hours ago)
Seriously brake checking should be a criminal offence. Though I admit some people are just stupid and have this tendency to completely let got of the gas when they turn their eyes off the road to shoulder check, effectively pulling in front of someone slowing down, but deliberate hard brakes in front of someone should be taken seriously to discourage anyone from doing again.
Emily Lancman (17 hours ago)
7:41 that's near where I live
Demir Han (17 hours ago)
2:22 fkn romanian peasants :))))
richard henderson (17 hours ago)
Commercial drivers have amazing skills and obviously we can see they are professional at what they do. They spend at least 14hrs a day transporting goods to wherever, and to watch dumbass drivers mess with them is really frustrating to watch. People don’t understand that these guys feed there family this way. Commercial drivers have strict laws applied to them so if they get in a wreck they can lose the license which puts there livelihood at risk. Break checking a semi doesn’t make any sense to me, I don’t see the upside for the breaker.
1224polo (17 hours ago)
2:00 For sure he is Polish :) Fuckin smartass :)
Aleksi Mulari (17 hours ago)
where is the karma part?
Unidentified User (17 hours ago)
Sometimes I wish I could just ram them over and leave lol
theymusthatetesla (17 hours ago)
Why?....just WHY???!!
Himeko Yozora (17 hours ago)
Is it me or are these people doing it to get a quick buck
Nick Kalogiannis (17 hours ago)
10:54 die that peraon that for out of the car die?
Xylow (18 hours ago)
Seriously hope most of these people already got fined, arrested, or have their driver license taken away.
Miguel Jimenez (18 hours ago)
Where is the karma
GetYour Fix (18 hours ago)
That Irish guy - What are yah doin? Pretty much sums up my life.
mike hunt (19 hours ago)
Had a guy cut me off and slow down on a highway at 4 in the morning. So I flipped my brights on and blinded that PoS. He was maaad once I passed him
Ja Abdul (20 hours ago)
Why do they brake checks on the highway ? Stupid mofukkas
TheGuardian2500 (20 hours ago)
Karma for who, exactly? All I see most of the time is most of the break checkers getting away with this.
Semper PB (21 hours ago)
Anyone who brake check just want to die I'm convinced they're suicidal
The Irish Reject (22 hours ago)
I don’t understand. If I ever get pissed at someone on the road, I just pass them and say “Dumbass” under my breath. After that point, that person is a figment if my imagination, and is no longer a problem, because they don’t exist to me after that point, if you know what I mean. Why go to the lengths of damaging your own and someone else’s property. It just makes no sense
Can Gunduz (23 hours ago)
I got cancer watching this
Savage King (1 day ago)
Only in russia
Rodney Griner (1 day ago)
It should be the law that everyone rides 100 miles in a big rig befor thay can get there DL.
Eduardo Ledezma (1 day ago)
Some people deserved tapping that ass.....
Robbie Craun (1 day ago)
If you break check a semi you have the iq of a spoon
Adrian dair (1 day ago)
Why does this happen ? Why do people break like this . It seems most are doing it on purpose. I'm genuinely asking. Can anyone explain ?
Martin Ezequiel (1 day ago)
Every dumbass cutting people off and then brake checking deserved the outcome. Fucking scum
Shawn Thompson (1 day ago)
Fuck your paid promotions
I Sheldon cooper want 1,000 subscribers (1 day ago)
What dumb fuck would brake check a car when u is on a motorcycle yo ass gunna b flying
ĸevιnaн (1 day ago)
I can only think about the people in the car :(
David Flores (1 day ago)
why would you break check on a bike? idiot.
Nicole's Saggy titties TV (1 day ago)
Rule two of the road. Do not swerve out of the way of a collision if a collision is imminent and there is no safe way to avoid it allow the vehicle to be hit. A damaged fender is a lot better than fish tailing into a ditch.
tommy facekicker (1 day ago)
please move from the fast lane when you see a car coming up faster. it'll only take about 3-5 seconds fro them to pass you and then you can move back to the fast lane.
FlashQandR (1 day ago)
1 more reason why Im adding a bullbar to my challenger.
Dan Sterling (1 day ago)
So what happens if someone brake checks a semi and gets hit, and killed? Does the semi get in any trouble if brake checking is proved?
Russian Babushka (1 day ago)
Solution: Just carry gun with you and point at dumb driver
Deadzone (1 day ago)