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Boy gets to deliver packages with UPS

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COLORADO SPRINGS - A little boy with dreams of becoming a UPS driver was granted his wish. Four-year-old Carson Kight was featured in a UPS "Your Wishes Delivered" video that was released this week. Carson's fascination with UPS started with Mr. Ernie, a delivery driver in his neighborhood. Full story at the Denver Channel:http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/4-year-old-colorado-springs-boy-gets-tiny-ups-truck-to-deliver-packages Last month UPS surprised Carson with a special delivery. Inside Ernie's delivery truck was a smaller UPS truck for Carson to drive around his neighborhood. "Carson knew nothing about it and did not know Mr. Ernie would come or that there was a little truck inside the big truck," said Karen Kight. Carson now spends his time hand-delivering packages with cookies and muffins to his neighbors. Nowadays his is the only brown truck you'll see on the street. Mr. Ernie was moved to a different route over the summer.
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Jesus Ortiz (3 months ago)
Poor kid doesn’t know that UPS sucks as a job just go to school and get a real good job
Brad Boisvert (1 year ago)
He can take 30 stops off me
2 dogs in the car (1 year ago)
0:46 that pommerenian
Sergio Hernandez (2 years ago)
People that dislikes assholes I like that they show good things on the news for once not drama
Slicing Ninja Gaming (2 years ago)
LS swap dat bitch
Slicing Ninja Gaming (2 years ago)
LS swap the truck's engine heuheuheu
KHRN Star (2 years ago)
This is soooo cute !
Boi (2 years ago)
Delivers a dildo or bong, package breaks open Him:What is that?
Drewsey (2 years ago)
this is so cute omg.
Aliyah Orellana (2 years ago)
I want to deliver I'm 8 please let me deliver
Alfie Steward (2 years ago)
*turns 18 gets a job at fed ex*
Kalvin (2 years ago)
Alfie Steward the biggest plot twist of the year
Maria D. Orozco (2 years ago)
Tanner D'Amico (2 years ago)
When he ran in to That speedbump with his truck he said that didn't sound good so I guess he had call roadside assistance to come and fix it while the UPS company paid for the repairs Lol
Liliana Berzoza (2 years ago)
Who are the 12 a******* that disliked?! This is heart wrenchingly adorable!!!
Elevating Toronto by ToronElevators (3 years ago)
Tom Stoughton (3 years ago)
oh our first world problems. jeez. wonder what happened to Mr. Ernie
Inactive Account (3 years ago)
whoever disliked this is a dumbass
Icyjdubs98 of the Elpida (3 years ago)
It's like Make-A-Wish, but serving UPS deliveries for people with disabilities.
Asa Pikus (3 years ago)
what a great story!!! :)
PwninFace4u (3 years ago)
_xzoccer _loverx (4 years ago)
I want one
Miracle Martinez (4 years ago)
jaja, just amazing...good job
Thomas Andrews (4 years ago)
There is still hope for humanity!  Just love the enthusiasm.
pancakes (4 years ago)
That was flicking cute!
JustaSojourner (4 years ago)
It looks cute but this company is not very nice to their employees. I hope this little boy grows up to have a better future then what he is dreaming about now. My little boy was sweeter then this little boy. He grew up to work for this company and they almost destroyed him with the bullying and harrassment I just spoke to my son today he told me that 3 people he knows had hard attacks and died and one ran his car into a bridge and committed suicide while working for UPS. I thank God my son got out of there when he did. Thank you Jesus and one was a driver
Ryuu (5 years ago)
if u get a package do ups or fedex do they knock on your door
TheSwede (5 years ago)
UPS knocked on my door here in Sweden. 
rob fay (5 years ago)
i love------ that didnt sound good----- when he said i know what  im doing---- crack me up merry xmas carson buddy
PJBearstein (5 years ago)
Carson is so adorable.
[i] ven (5 years ago)
That truck is so cool
[i] ven (5 years ago)
How cute
Brian Hamilton (5 years ago)
That's a really neat kid, and a nice story. Makes me remember being a boy.
CyanCelestial (5 years ago)
This kid and his little truck is so cute! If I could, I would watch this ALL DAY!
CyanCelestial (4 years ago)
@***** Coolio.
nomo love (5 years ago)
I would like to see him on Ellen :) 
Ginni Riley (5 years ago)
This lil kid just made my day..sometimes working at UPS at night, your away from your own family and it's tough..but to know a Lil kid such as Carson looks up to Mr.Ernie and our company makes this Christmas season so much brighter. UPS made that Lil boys dream come true and I am so proud to work for this company.. Hugs Carson and Mr.Ernie And be a good boy Carson cause Santa is gonna visit u soon. Sincerely Ginni Byers SDF UPS
FOCUS GAMING (2 years ago)
Ray Lark (5 years ago)
nfsdude911 (5 years ago)
 Its sad to hear that "mr. ernie" was transferred to another street.  I wish I could get him moved back to Carson's route
J.R. White (5 years ago)
I guess Mr Ernie bid off the route ?   or someone above him in seniortiy, took the route from him.   I'm guessing this present to the boy, was because he was leaving the route.   video too cute, the boy will be headed off to school soon anyway, I guess.
J.R. White (5 years ago)
You obviously heard wrong, UPS drivers BID on routes, and as much seniority as Mr Ernie has, he can stay on that route until he retires.   When he DOES retire, he'll receive about a $4,000 month pension.    Currently probably makes about $90,000 a year.
mynameis wah (5 years ago)
Don't forget the 5 Seeing Habits buddy! Stay safe.
dominic bourgoin (19 days ago)
3 point of contact stay safe
Brad Boisvert (1 year ago)
mynameis wah and the 10 point commentary
Addicted to Guns (5 years ago)
I worked there when I was 19 years old, part time from 7pm-11pm for about six months, was almost a part time sup. It was over ten years ago,, I should have never quit that job,, but I was a stupid kid, oh well, you live and learn, take care
Addicted to Guns (5 years ago)
Are you kidding me dude!?!? UPS drivers make bank!!! I'm talking close to 100,thousand a year,, a PART time supervisor makes 86,000 starting, big rig drivers for ups make bank and the pilots make crazy money plus the benefits are amazing,, and there a teamster Union, u can look all this up if you think I'm bs ing you, plus my father is retired from ups and his pension is insane,, him and my mom are living the life in fla right now...
nikushim666 (4 years ago)
@Addicted to Guns  "big rig drivers for ups make bank and the pilots make crazy money plus the benefits are amazing" Thing is those are not "delivery drivers", To pilot a cargo transport your talking a insane amount of training and education and experience. College education followed by years of aviation training. Followed by years of flight experience, 1500+ hours of flight time in smaller aircraft, 500 of which must be multi-engine aircraft. Before you can even be considered to copilot a large cargo transport. Its a field where vary few people can qualify, so of course the pay is high.
ups kc (5 years ago)
Tim Choderus (5 years ago)
@TheEwing69  Yes, but they have put in years & years of work doing the hardest most physical jobs that anyone could ever imagine in order to get that feeder position.
J.R. White (5 years ago)
Feeder drivers (18 wheelers) make over $100,000 a year and is the easiest job in the company, at least physically.
Addicted to Guns (5 years ago)
Oh and I was working at farmingdale ny (Long Island)
E Tishbite (5 years ago)
Below average life? I bet you don't make as much as a ups driver working 50-60 hours a week at top rate with 2 months+ accrued vacation time a year. What do you do?
Christine Gabrick (5 years ago)
Amazing people doing amazing things!
Mr. cookcounty (5 years ago)
This kid is already getting conditioned to be a average person with a below average life..so adorable :)
Randy Fields (4 years ago)
You need to check you're self.i made 97.000 last year.and wake up wanting to go to work,because i love what i do! Its the best job ever.but you work youre ass off.you probably give money to bumbs.and look down on the hard working functioning members of society.what the hell is wrong with you?
Michael Johnson (5 years ago)
What is below average about being in logistics? 
danny costa (5 years ago)
Ups drivers make about $100,000 a year...
J.R. White (5 years ago)
UPS drivers have more job security than 95 % of people with college degrees in offices.    They make anywhere from $80,000 up, with free healthcare and 401K packages, along with a pension awaiting them at retirement.    If anything, this job is ABOVE average, in this day and age.
C Spitzer (5 years ago)
Below average? You wish. UPS is a great company. My husband is going to retire next year in August and we went through the 401 K and pension. It looks pretty darn good I tell you that much! Plus full  medical coverage for life. 
Ramona Tillitson (5 years ago)
A wonderful story that all parents of boys can appreciate.