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How It's Made - Postage Stamps

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The intricate and closely-scrutinised process of printing postage stamps.
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Text Comments (55)
Kelfran Gt (7 months ago)
PrincessUndertaker (9 months ago)
6:06 LOL
DNB (1 year ago)
Why are they so bad to the environment? If they are defective why do they burn them? No one will be able to use them anyway.
Greg inConway (2 years ago)
Very interesting video!
Erald M. (3 years ago)
Postage stamp here in Canada are not what hey used to be. They are cheep and they are not collectable item anymore.
Imachowderhead (3 years ago)
I have old metal stamp dies, they are huge. I cant find any info on them.
Lord Walker (3 years ago)
When the United States Postal Service, issued a stamp for the Grand Canyon, they put the wrong state on it, got to love it.
Wolf Styler (4 years ago)
thx 4 the vid its helped me with my homework
stamps (5 years ago)
Nataliya Akhiezer (5 years ago)
how it's collected:) : youtube.com/watch?v=Wh0LZnxPlMo
JS500Y (5 years ago)
I'm not sure but if I would speculate that they cant be recycled due to the sticky side of the paper.
word (6 years ago)
...or print many stamps.... selling them and making big money.... some stamps (like those shown) are about $5 each.... some can even be $20+.
word (6 years ago)
yeah, they're stickers here.
Kiwinz94 (6 years ago)
Very very interesting! Thanks very much!This is the video I was looking for!
J Lee (6 years ago)
So stamps are like stickers in America? Where i live we have to put water on the back of the stamp to make it stick...and of coz some ppl choose to lick it ==
Briefmarken Bilder (6 years ago)
wow, interesting video. Thanks for sharing...
rayf83 (6 years ago)
Then email was invented.
alex fitz (6 years ago)
Samuel Quaile (6 years ago)
thanks for the homework help
Johnson DMG (7 years ago)
but the basic premier colors are red,green and bleu to create all colors,so why does color printing requires cyan,megenta,yellow and black to create all colors instead???
Anime-me (7 years ago)
Oh and by the way, AMERICA is why YOU have THE INTERNET and YOUTUBE to make stupid comments on. Without AMERICA, you'd have to go scratch your stupid comments on a piece of parchment, then wipe with them after you take a crap in a smelly outhouse which is lit by oil lamps. In the Summertime, you'd be sweating your butt off in that outhouse because you wouldn't have air conditioning, either, you jackass.
Anime-me (7 years ago)
Because USA products effing ROCK, so other countries want to make videos about them. Obviously, the UK people who made this video don't think much of UK stamp making, or this vid would have been about that. Before trying to make a point, get your argument straight, idiot.
Vaishnav Kumar (7 years ago)
wow wat ainfo
FAR Q 2 (7 years ago)
his from red dwarf
Ember McLain (7 years ago)
At 6:05 Take that you forty stamps I don't know if that how you spell forty
Alvaro Zarate (7 years ago)
I need about 500 stamps right now :/
Kojichao (7 years ago)
@Agerasia If I could thumbs this up any more than once, I would. :D <3 Kryton. I never realized it was him, without his fake American accent.
paulceltics (7 years ago)
time to try make my own stamps xD
Masha Mazuki (8 years ago)
@GennadiyF try in the post office in the country, or a relative who lives in the country sending you some via the mail
spudd86 (8 years ago)
@Danny19921125 err it's paper, the carbon has only been out of the atmosphere for at most 50 years it has essentially zero carbon footprint... also you really can't recycle paper covered in glue and plastic easily.
spudd86 (8 years ago)
@thibaulthalpern not just a Mac, they're using the GIMP instead of Photoshop!
koekoek (8 years ago)
@golbis nah , this type of paper has a sticky backside and a nonstick layer where the sticky side rests on , this is not really good to recycle back to normal paper.
Razvanul (8 years ago)
if u like stamps, watch my vids
Luke Beacon (9 years ago)
why would you want to forge stamps? like omg i can save a few bucks on posting shit
creamofcardstv (9 years ago)
interesting video! thumbs up!
Minidude110 (9 years ago)
i thought the same thing
Joanne Li (9 years ago)
I would be fine with it if they have the stamps black and white.. it would be cheaper then 44 cents probably!
alvloong (9 years ago)
you mean First Day Covers? They're probably worth a few dollars, but probably not over $10 each.
rhyno6 (9 years ago)
2:03 - it can't be good that the machine is flashing yellow and red lights. Usually that means some sort of alarm or problem.
golbis (9 years ago)
faulty stamps get incinerated (6:00) and not recycled? isnt that a cryuing waste of paper, more trees to cut, and more pollution into the air?
S.A.S (9 years ago)
it can't be recycled, there is glue in the paper
Eric P (9 years ago)
i feel sorry for the faulty stamps, lol
Elite Reflex (9 years ago)
lol "take that faulty stamps"
ShinyHappyPurple (9 years ago)
I'l never look at a stamp the same way again.
CamiloSanchez1979 (9 years ago)
it must suck checking they come out all right. They would have to pay me a lot..since there is always the risk I get hurt when I fall asleep on the moving conveyor.
ansettaddict123 (9 years ago)
hahhaha!!! i love the narrator:)
Eugene Bella (10 years ago)
A perfectly GREAT video ! THANKS !
wild1952 (10 years ago)
Oh come on, the exchange rate isn't that bad!! You mean £14 million :-)
wild1952 (10 years ago)
1. Self-adhesive paper covered in ink, and the glossy backing paper, are difficult to recycle. The easiest paper to recycle is lightly printed photocopy paper or newspaper as both absorb water more easily than the heavily coated, inked, and gummed paper. 2. Your comment, especially the last, displays ignorance which by the age of 17 we might have hoped you had grown out of.
kitiboy (10 years ago)
money money money
Agerasia (10 years ago)
The narrator is Kryton from Red Dwarf!
Muscleduck (10 years ago)
Safety reasons ofc.
Muscleduck (10 years ago)
Lol nobody has hair nets or beard guards there.
Tranquilino (10 years ago)
is this cheaper than making money.. if so we should use stamps as money instead of "money",,, then we could make more money,stamps!
Shicomm (10 years ago)
Great video , thanks for the upload again !