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2013 Olive Garden commercial

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Here's an Olive Garden commercial I am in that aired recently. Risotto. Yum.
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Text Comments (60)
Tati Ana (2 months ago)
“I would laugh at a little person.” SNL brought me here.
Zach Golden (10 months ago)
Oh Lordy I must be in heaven!
Absurd Artist (1 year ago)
Watching bc snl
Maxwell Holmes (1 year ago)
American food looks so shit.
kae (1 year ago)
the snl skit brought me here - 0:14 orgasm while eating a salad
manny (1 year ago)
Frosted Freckles (1 year ago)
We are all here because of SNL
Gianna DeLeo (1 year ago)
is anyone not here from SNL
Will C (1 year ago)
Dr. JazzMan1 (2 years ago)
Bring back the chicken tuscano please.... I haven't tried it yet
W1nterzz (2 years ago)
whos here from free breadsticks vanossgaming lol
Neptune roaming (2 years ago)
let me see your o face.
Zyfer Kazumi (2 years ago)
here from vanoss
Simon Charkewycz (2 years ago)
so im i jeff
adeline schuyler (2 years ago)
im here cause im hungry and this place suddenly popped into my head and i was curious about it cause i have never visited it before looks great
Samantha (2 years ago)
I wouldn't laugh at a little person tho But an Olive Garden customer would
Jamel Macon (2 years ago)
the over acting kills me
Yuzuuzu (2 years ago)
Anyone here from the SNL skit? 😂😂
Alex Hernandez (2 years ago)
whos here because of SNL? 😄
Dreamliss (2 years ago)
SNL says, "You're welcome for the free advertising, Olive Garden!" ;)
rorolia (2 years ago)
Came here from SNL
Backpacker (2 years ago)
Thank you SNL - funniest skit of the week!
odomodometer (2 years ago)
Beck Bennet brought me here.
dkgong (2 years ago)
I didn't see any orgasms here.
Even More Random Zach (1 year ago)
Oh lordy, what has gotten into me!!!
Zuwop Johnson (2 years ago)
dkgong 0:14 orgasm face while getting some salad
Mexican American (2 years ago)
I think everyone is here because of SNL.
446595252e (1 month ago)
@Pac's Alt I came back here from the skit after.
446595252e (1 month ago)
No sir, here from r/surrealmemes
Pac's Alt (2 years ago)
Eddie A. Just search up, "Olive Garden SNL"
Battery (2 years ago)
Mexican American link to the video that has everyone here?????
Johnny A (2 years ago)
anyone here from SNL?
LL S (1 year ago)
yokietrash (2 years ago)
SNL brought me here too
Juan Gonzalez (2 years ago)
SNL brought me here
Bethany Earl (2 years ago)
Came here after SNL 😂
Jeff Tritch (2 years ago)
I'm here after the SNL skit.
Frosted Freckles (1 year ago)
Stratus Cloud (2 years ago)
Jen Ye (2 years ago)
Jeff Tritch yup knew would be the top comment
Joe Tron (2 years ago)
0:14 Having an orgasm while getting salad.
Brendan McCartney (2 years ago)
SNL brought me here
theomnipresent1 (2 years ago)
Anyone from SNL?
LL S (1 year ago)
Sylwia Gumna (2 years ago)
Is that Claire Dunphy's voice? ? :D
Victoria Strab (2 years ago)
I was just thinking that!
Glurg Fluurgen (2 years ago)
Yup. twitter - itsjuliebowen/status/257584921470722048
JMGAMING (2 years ago)
We need more Olive Garden's in Canada! They're amazing! Alberta is the only Canadian province that has any currently!
Ryder_Bread (3 years ago)
Come on down to Olive Garden and get your free breadsticks.
ytkillerzed (3 years ago)
i heard its bad i hate americaine fast food or even normaal restaurant im happy to live in eu where pizza ria's ectualy sel pizza instead of bred with injected fat and to much topping so i doesn't look like italian pizza anymkre btw american pizza sucks friesbelgium fries
Zandaroos (4 months ago)
Thank you for your input foreign 12 year old who doesn’t understand what the difference between popular food and American is.
NEEK BEATS (3 years ago)
Come on down to Olive Garden and get your free breadsticks
Whythefuck (3 years ago)
Come on Down to the Oliver garden and get your free breadsticks
Andy Portico (4 years ago)
I'm so tired of their commercials. It's always some family of 83 people playing grabass and you have the one male buttwipe reaching across the table to take someone's food.
Nicholas Fisher (4 years ago)
i love Olive Garden so much its so yummy
Jimothy _ (2 years ago)
Nicholas Fisher me to man
baseballfan1121 (4 years ago)
whats the song ?
mike cash j (4 years ago)
Me and friends Tim myres
MrMerrick1 (5 years ago)
Graphic Gaming (6 years ago)
Is that Julie Bowen with the voice over?