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UPS commercial, Commerce Synchronized

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UPS ad what can brown do for you?
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277NightOwl (1 year ago)
0:23 They are going to move 3 million euros...across high-voltage power lines?
ChopperPete (5 years ago)
Brown?  It destroys my neighborhood and decreases my property values.  Yeah! You know what I mean.
Fguire ti uto (1 year ago)
Brown , can pick fruits and work the factory line
ChopperPete What can black do for you?
mohitleo91 (6 years ago)
fucking hobos got internet access ;)
ComradeChovska (8 years ago)
it feeds my toilet :)
Michael P (8 years ago)
@jerqin14069 yea and a well established delivery company is gonna depend on the idea of all their customers not being douche bags. With todays tough economy, everyone is gonna pull a scam here and there and I cant lie I do too sometimes =p
Dylan Suchomel (8 years ago)
Michael P (8 years ago)
i dont think they should just drop my packages in front of my door if no one answers the door, i know their schedule is long and their busy but they could atleast wait 1-2 minutes to let me open the door. they should also confirm who is taking the package and ask for some ID. because if the package goes into the wrong hands or is lost, who is responsible for it??. they dont always ask for a signature either and even if it went into the right hands, what if that person still claims it missing...
darthjeff3 (8 years ago)
i love using that phrase, because my last name is brown XD
Trey Earnhardt (9 years ago)
rdhr151 (10 years ago)
fuck ups...they suck some mad cock and balls...i just paid 62 bux to ship 4 boxes of avg size and weight....fuck ups man.
SchneiderMan (10 years ago)
lol i think they should change the what brown can do for you?
Sebastian Birr (10 years ago)
Woooow....soo cool Ad!
HackZiLLa (10 years ago)
mikefin (11 years ago)
I live on a freaking peripheric country, so I often us UPS to receive and send my important global mailings on time. UPS international Express is always fast and consistent. UPS has never lost one package. A package in 36 hours from Los Angeles, CA to Helsinki, Finland. That's pretty awesome to me! Keep up the good work UPS :)
Ams11121 (11 years ago)
=))) hahahaha
Ams11121 (11 years ago)
hahahaha :p
Ams11121 (11 years ago)
yea.. why da fuck did i watch this!! ohh hehe for my fuckin lame management exam!!
Sumkrazyguy55 (11 years ago)
UPS sucks balls They always lose packages They are always late What can brown do for you? Crap