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Best of the Week | Moose Madness

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Text Comments (295)
vemund (16 days ago)
Ive had enough of these dumb bitch slowmo replays. Just so they can stretch it to 10mins and get another two adds in there
don cheadle (20 days ago)
I love dogs, dont get me wrong, its just these times 0:51 that dogs get on my fucking nerves
Garrfield Todd (21 days ago)
4:01 he shot his pants he hit his head so hard
Valentina Melgarejo (21 days ago)
"Que boludo santi"
Glen Hesketh (22 days ago)
That albino moose was something you don't see everyday.
Marc Jensen (25 days ago)
Anyone know the tattoo writing on that guys head at 3:30?
Ki S (28 days ago)
OMG that was a FAT racoon 😂🤣😃🤔😰 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Amelia and Nicole (29 days ago)
4.01 why are his pants wet there????
LifeAsEva 514 (1 month ago)
4:01 I think he shit his pants 😟🤭😂
Sawyer Gertz (1 month ago)
First guy was about to break his legs
Demarie Johnson (1 month ago)
The boy that fell of the swings peed his pants
JTM_Deathlock (1 month ago)
In the beginning you just stopped caring
Mollyka Vlog (1 month ago)
4:01 what’s that spot on his shorts?
SANNY 07 (1 month ago)
The cat one they were mating
Shabbir Ramjan (1 month ago)
At 3:55 it looks like the kid peed his pants
Ghost Riley (2 months ago)
Remove the strikes from eGuinorante's channel
EXPERIMENT P17318 (2 months ago)
8:59 Uh Rocket you letting yourself go a little... shouldn’t you be staying fit for Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 ??
Tanae Yemanja (3 months ago)
Did he.....poop? 3:59
Haise Sasaki (3 months ago)
I'm having lunch while watching you guys' videos and I laugh the food out of it ..
h0neyx :/ (3 months ago)
Tim fredonaut (3 months ago)
4:00 his ass is wet
James Moon (3 months ago)
Wow I’ve never seen an albino moose cool
harlii ryan (3 months ago)
at 3:49 the guy might have peed his pants. 😂
Pizzans gan g (3 months ago)
Är det bara jag som är svensk ?
shadowscreamer1 (3 months ago)
That cannon ball guy was committed!
Sir memesalot (3 months ago)
777 God Bless!
IamDunn (3 months ago)
10:05 ...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,............
Buil Dinit (3 months ago)
Sara Santos (3 months ago)
4:01 his shorts are wet...
minebro 5664 (4 months ago)
The guy peed himself at 4:02
minebro 5664 (4 months ago)
The guy peed him self at 402
Jane Wilson (4 months ago)
That tattoo one slayed me lol
BuyLow SellHigh (4 months ago)
4:05 one of the most painful memories i have is doing a cannonball from a ~20 foot cliff. This kid is absolutely nuts! If anything, he's lucky he didn't land on his arse.
Don McNeil (4 months ago)
The last one Pranked was Hotter than Hell.
jgaller (4 months ago)
Truck tricks was here: 33.5504746,-117.2169188
Jeet Chapani (4 months ago)
The chloroform one is so fake it takes around 2 mins to take affect
vemund (16 days ago)
Im just curious, so its just bullshit in movies then? I mean i don't doubt it
Mastica Páncreas (4 months ago)
veri nais
Murder Bong (4 months ago)
FortZuDemNite (4 months ago)
2:29 haha😂
Jarid Gaming (4 months ago)
1:23 how Russians Brush there teeth
R04DKILL (4 months ago)
6:56 every kid with their parents
Calum Sanderson (4 months ago)
Also, hair fucking grows back it's not gone forever, get your priorities in order, love.
DnA TV (4 months ago)
Dude at 7:47 was destroying everything he touched he needs to stop before he takes out the whole city
Jeremy Thompson (4 months ago)
The raccoon was disturbing
黄鸿杰 (4 months ago)
紋身就好了叫出那種聲音 連紋身師傅都受不了啦
J B (4 months ago)
What's the song from 2:12?
olivier terret (3 months ago)
Swag rider by wave saver
cranshaw85 (4 months ago)
That last video is fake as fuck
Rowdy Ways (4 months ago)
The albino moose
joon333 (4 months ago)
Fix your fucking intro
Jon Hayes (5 months ago)
cops a fackin tard
rob slover (5 months ago)
overprivileged dumb white people.....
Gaming Beast (5 months ago)
355 he pooped his pants
PUMA - PUBG MOBILE PUMA (5 months ago)
Tatoo fail please
Peter Jongsma (5 months ago)
Fearless cheeky cute little birdie.
Tim Spychalla (5 months ago)
Steal from fail army much? Unsubscribed
David King (5 months ago)
identity theft protection service sign up at https://bit.ly/secureidentity
whiteo333 (5 months ago)
Jack jones is faf! #jackjonespizza
bryan b (5 months ago)
Thanks for going back to the old ways. None of the Carlos bullshit.
xd el Greco (5 months ago)
4:29 look at his smile xd
SuperFuzzmonkey (5 months ago)
Last one is so fake
otto pyykkö (5 months ago)
I felt like all my bones breaking. My god
calinewera (5 months ago)
Did cannon fail make it or drowned
Danex Full (5 months ago)
Song name 3:00 pls
Evan Mauno (5 months ago)
The raccoon eating cotton got me pretty good.
slime 15140 (5 months ago)
4:01 wet spot on ass
Dogsgalore99 (5 months ago)
I hope you regret what you did to rusty cage
Amanda da Silva (5 months ago)
ya, too many sad fails. I liked you in past, for fun, not pain
Robert Reynolds (5 months ago)
Yes,an apple phone is a joke
Lena Wolf (5 months ago)
Surgeon activity replace sleep religion tactic detailed before automatic easily page raw.
S AvliS (5 months ago)
Ethen (5 months ago)
pause at 4:01 it looks like he peed his pants XD
xJay G4ame (5 months ago)
Sajt (5 months ago)
4:04 :DDD
Mj (5 months ago)
The girl at the end has a penis.
Александр Каттани (5 months ago)
4:36 he said "Fail Army"))
Mano Vitor (5 months ago)
pls stop these slow motion
The Feeling Is Mutual (5 months ago)
Do they want their daughter to have back problems as early as possible!
stickloaf (5 months ago)
exercise is good for people...a sedentary life can lead to a lot more than back problems
The Feeling Is Mutual (5 months ago)
Dang. Those mowers are like $3K.
Zeke Chavez (5 months ago)
This is like a instagram compilation
ballscum247 nut (5 months ago)
Did the tuck in toes kid shit him self
Pur (5 months ago)
1:51 that kid is gonna be a future sharpshooter
Saber 343 (5 months ago)
2:06 me when I’m playing pubg😂😂😂
Paula Kuhn (5 months ago)
than blood admission than cope emotional critical income period weapon assistant.
Richard Holderness (5 months ago)
Please don't put Jack in there again.. he is so fake man. Good video tho apart from that dipshit x
Wfreddy24 (5 months ago)
Why are foxes illegal again?
blur3iaa (5 months ago)
More moose
Starkiller (5 months ago)
look at his butt
Starkiller (5 months ago)
Matt Glover (5 months ago)
Home tattoo high as a kite. Good friends dude
sTaTiUsGoD (5 months ago)
That moose video got me geekin lolol
ChEILoZ (5 months ago)
And the winner for greatest acting goes to the last clip. Not fake at all
Simon Pichler (5 months ago)
also interrupt signature medal continuous impressive only safe cotton slow brother sexual.
Boomer112 (5 months ago)
02:49 I love how you guys censored the swedish not so bad word ''Jävlar'' even though you probably don't know what it means. lol
Vincent the Mortician (5 months ago)
That moose is so rare!
Vincent the Mortician (5 months ago)
That bird tho ❤️
mrxxxx63 (5 months ago)
This felt like a failarmy video
Pep Cradled (5 months ago)
No more music over the clips. Stop. Don’t do it!
seanys (5 months ago)
I don't know how there aren't more people with broken necks every day!
Theon Mario (5 months ago)
Min. 1:59 es Strongman Tarrako??? :0
Hunter Smith (5 months ago)
BTW, Jukin scams people. Check out the channel Rusty Cage's history of the knife song.
1hourOfLove (5 months ago)
Can we leave out the _HUMAN_ fails? I dont like seeing people getting hurt.