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Road Trip Part 2: The Long Dark

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Main video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_naDg-guomA Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyoB5erM-W8&list=PLqs5ohhass_TijrTtp1h0Dx1aZ0GtFEUa&index=3
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Text Comments (112)
Alex Diamantopulo (2 days ago)
What did you use for recording this beauty? Thanks for the awesome videos!
That Person With A MLP Icon Who Starts Flamewars (1 month ago)
Wow, the new desert bus sequel has amazing graphics
Paul Bissonnette (1 month ago)
Painfully boring and incredibly exciting
Mobi hd (3 months ago)
And why ist this 7 and a half houers Long?
fire wank with meme (4 months ago)
Desert Bus UE4 remake?
Aman kodimela (5 months ago)
i think he forgot to speak
IWasBilbo (5 months ago)
You don't have music?
Jefit Nick (5 months ago)
Imagine putting 1 ad on an 7 HOUR vid
74554N 41-5H4TTi (5 months ago)
7 hours Are U shi”””ng me?
Jonathan Gomez (5 months ago)
4:02:10 is what you're looking for.
Icespoon (4 months ago)
Entering Utah :D
Tranqilos (6 months ago)
This gives good memorys back
Epic Gamer channel (6 months ago)
out of this I wonder how long it took for you to upload this video of seven hours of content!
Random Bullshit without Chris (3 months ago)
Terabyte internet. If only that were a thing.
Sprint OG (6 months ago)
I love driving on days when the sky is clear blue with the Sun star shining through. This is an absolutely gorgeous drive. Beautiful indigenous land also.
Vas Biliychuk (6 months ago)
2:26:20 oooooooooo busted!
No one's EDGE (6 months ago)
I'm your new subscriber! I donno for what reason jumped in here but kinda interested in exploring places, may be you had helped in gaining my xp. Thanks;)
maxcat1982 (6 months ago)
Faster faster pussycat
Devilmonkey (7 months ago)
As a flatlander from Minnesota.... I just love driving out west
Elijah Abarbanel (7 months ago)
Ahhhh, yes. The dulcet tones... of ROAD.
Elijah Abarbanel (7 months ago)
43:50, what do you think you're doing......
Angry Whale (7 months ago)
Why you be going so damh slow
Sprint OG (6 months ago)
He's a bit classically conditioned to drive with extra caution because of his traumatic car accident years ago. He hasn't driven a car since.
1984 mustang v8 (7 months ago)
this is my kind of content
Roland O. (8 months ago)
I just noticed, that since you can hear the road noise, you have recorded audio, and you are not listening to music on the entire trip. I am shocked. How the fuck did you not get bored to death ahahah
iamthinking2202 _ (8 months ago)
did we skip Green River?
PhatCrayonz (8 months ago)
Going on a road trip without leaving the house. Love this. I’ll sit in chair. With snacks and just watch.
Teuchi (8 months ago)
*What is endgame's 3hrs compared to this?*
Dry Code (8 months ago)
Daniel Benhardt (8 months ago)
I think 'The Long Dark' being rather bright... is a commentary on "The Long Night" being rather brief.
Alice Chong (8 months ago)
Real life version of him playing truck simulator
IncendiaHL (9 months ago)
Why doesn’t he use the high beam?
Zander Nguyen (9 months ago)
Watch this while doing this
mark (9 months ago)
The area at 3:24:00 is absolutely stunning
ًSomething with Bungalow (7 months ago)
1UpsForLife how’d you find that out?
1UpsForLife (8 months ago)
it's roughly 39.03,-114.56, facing east ^^ :)
lololjgjjgghg (9 months ago)
i love the long dark its the best game ever
Let’s take a walk (9 months ago)
I do need to throw up a bit 0:47
sega dreamcast (9 months ago)
i just want to ask one thing. why would somebody dislike a video that is literally just a unedited recording of a road trip? it just makes no sense to me. and other civilized people.
Z Alves (9 months ago)
cgp grey has become my favorite ambience noise creator
Diego González (9 months ago)
Is the loud sound the truck interacting with him? 6:47:40
Diego González (9 months ago)
Nuovo Ohhh I see, I didn’t think about that. Thanks!!
Nuovo (9 months ago)
No it's the middle yellow line, it has little bumps on it so when it's foggy or too dark you know if you're in the lane or you're in the middle
M B (9 months ago)
CGP Grey: Turn off your screens, go out for a walk! Also CGP Grey: Here' seven and a half hours of footage.
dumbuz (9 months ago)
You mean 31 hours? (including the whole 5 part series)
Jay Hong (9 months ago)
Night Grey. Love it
Alfred Zanini (9 months ago)
Wait... main channel?
Lag Duck (9 months ago)
Wow, never thought that original 1-hr video would be just kind of highlits vid to whole trip
Darth Utah 66 (9 months ago)
I figured that by the name, this video would take place primarily at night.
Pen L (9 months ago)
X_cross (7 months ago)
The light time last more than 12 hours, and the video is 7 hours long, Planes
sega dreamcast (9 months ago)
ok then.
Narata (9 months ago)
@sega dreamcast He means most of the video is when the sun is out.
sega dreamcast (9 months ago)
so exactly what do you mean?
kale (9 months ago)
Oh yay I can watch it all again!
Rahul Andres Niraula (9 months ago)
legend says cyclists at 3:47:30 are still on the highway.
Rajat Sharma (8 months ago)
How did you reach there?
michael (9 months ago)
this must have been a while ago, loves in Ely wasn't finished
Tobey Steinman (9 months ago)
Shooting start at 7:35:45
Day Light (9 months ago)
Nah, looks more like an internal reflection of the street lamp as the cars moving towards it. Edit: you can see a reflection like it at 7:36:33
Apoorv pandey (9 months ago)
How much internet data do you have !! ... Gosh !
Metadragon (9 months ago)
My comment was posted 2 hours after this was uploaded. This video takes 4 hours. No way.
the_random_gamer (9 months ago)
Aaron Lynn (9 months ago)
I don’t know what this is, but it is very pleasantly satisfying to watch. Maybe because it is so calming...
Robert w (9 months ago)
Are wie the AI now - watching every move
Federal Bureau of Investigation (9 months ago)
What the hell
Crimson Dream (2 months ago)
its my boi
Senator Jelly Beans (9 months ago)
Reminds me of my recent road trip from Portland Maine to Seattle Washington. Car sounds heavy, maybe moving?
Khi-Jon Chua (9 months ago)
I get the feeling that these videos are Grey's plan for "If something happens to me, I hope one of my viewers call emergency services for me"
Brady Hudson (9 months ago)
Chances are you are looking at the comment section without watching the entire video. Look at the time. :)
Allu71 (9 months ago)
where is he travelling?
DeZenT (9 months ago)
yu-gi-oh bls (9 months ago)
Im so lost
Vegeta Pixel (9 months ago)
Well, whether or not it's the wrong channel, it's still before 500 views so I guess I'm pretty early.
TheBigKachow (9 months ago)
Grey, why can't I hear your magnificent voice?
Ali (9 months ago)
I watched like 2 hrs of this live after my surgery. why? iunno
numbereightyseven (9 months ago)
Ah, what a fantastic word: "iunno."
Salim Twins (9 months ago)
JoeThePersonn (9 months ago)
Love this channel
ChengYu Xi (9 months ago)
OK, where is part one, want to know where he started
marcovpv (9 months ago)
did you upload to the wrong channel?
T44 (9 months ago)
Like I wanna watch this but there is no part 1
T44 (9 months ago)
Nutella BEAST Hello there chocolatey boi
Nutella Beast (9 months ago)
Narata (9 months ago)
I just wish this video was longer. We need more Grey!
Nutella Beast (9 months ago)
Wat is theis i tot fotnite hacl sory fo wong gramar
vexx con (9 months ago)
What. The.fuck😂😂
Pineapple Pizza (9 months ago)
I just hate it when people dislike without watching the entire video🙃
Gloria Portillo (2 months ago)
Michal Veselenyi I don’t know if you know that was a joke or not
Gloria Portillo (2 months ago)
GoldenGamer sorry That’s a sin that cannot be forgiven
74554N 41-5H4TTi (5 months ago)
Pineapple Pizza do you ever dare to blame them 🤨?
Gladiator (7 months ago)
@Michal Veselenyi If you watched the main video you'd know what is going on. This is part 3
Michal Veselenyi (7 months ago)
I feel it is OK to dislike if you see an 8 h video coming without any text description of what it is about ... And "Road Trip Part 2: The Long Dark" is definitely a good description ...
MaryAnne (9 months ago)
Hmmm part 1?
Jed247 (9 months ago)
why is this being uploaded backwards
Anthony Kubasek (9 months ago)
Yamarey (9 months ago)
Still waiting for part 1
FistAndRose (9 months ago)
This is the type of content that I live for.
Joseph Stalin Boggling (9 months ago)
There’s heavy breathing in the background he may been kidnapped
Leon (9 months ago)
But why?
Gabriel Barbosa Rezende (9 months ago)
This is almost 8 hours of him driving lol. He usually wouldnt post these kind of vid in his main channel. Im curious.
Dav Ra (9 months ago)
Description has "main video" link left blank so im sure were getting a video about attention spans today
FirePenguin McDiscoPanda (9 months ago)
You're an odd dude, grey. I like it.
PhatCrayonz (8 months ago)
FirePenguin McDiscoPanda I agree.
Gednebulizer (9 months ago)
Says 'FirePenguin McDiscoPanda'.. I like it.
Erkhemee Sandag (9 months ago)
A few min's till part one?
Marcos Feijoo (9 months ago)
Exhilarating video as always.
夜澜 (9 months ago)
Omg hahaha finally