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Living in a converted gas station

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Robert Guthrie turned an old gas station just outside the French Quarter in New Orleans into a modern living space.
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Penny Godfrey (3 months ago)
That's so cool! Great job!
Smug Smugly (3 months ago)
Imagine all the other costs associated with this property! You would have to have a TEAM of gardeners for example.
Donald J. Trump (3 months ago)
That's what I call a proper american dream
SOR23 (4 months ago)
This world is not only me , I like what he think and his idea ,seriously I mean what wrong if you live in the gas station? As long as he has the shelter
Herman Andrango (4 months ago)
White ppl...smh.
Scott Allen (5 months ago)
I want one!
Blue138UEF (6 months ago)
What a dump!
Andrea Mccray (6 months ago)
Tiff Tom (6 months ago)
This guy sounded very sick
Charlie Baltimore (6 months ago)
I like it
Janice Howell (6 months ago)
OMG I love this ...this is soooooo COOL ..I live in Denham Springs ,La ..I come to Tulane Medical Center alot for my son so ..Awesome PAD and Gooood JOB !!
ComeAtMeBro (7 months ago)
The downstairs bathroom is nice
Deedums (7 months ago)
Love it.
h8meppl (8 months ago)
Wakili Njogu (8 months ago)
FinanzFerdinand (8 months ago)
Nasty, unless your a car enthusiast dork
Bo Rerun (8 months ago)
Freaking awesome!
Bo Rerun (8 months ago)
I wonder if he has a rat problem
Pawel Jankowski (8 months ago)
Like a "Highlander" who was lived in a barge from fantasy movie series
Eileene Clark (9 months ago)
7/18/18.....What a unique & great redo for an older corner gas station. Reminds me of old soda fountain places like in the 50s/60s movies. Somebody should do a video of all these older commercial places that have been converted in such wonderful old but restyled places to work/live.
Straightupnochaser Sista (10 months ago)
I love it, this is so cool.. Thanks for sharing..
Mary Harris (10 months ago)
דוד טוביאן (10 months ago)
Is there an issue with contamination,i mean isnt it hazordes to your health living where there was leakage of gas
MrWolfSnack (10 months ago)
The only problem is that it is commercially zoned, so he has to pay higher taxes, the building is piss-poor in insulation and not up to code for living in, and he is responsible for the oil tanks under the ground to remove them, and if they leaked into the soil, you're looking at a cost of 6 figures. It's a nice idea, but it's not well-thought-out.
Invisible Spectator (11 months ago)
i love gas stations. i really wish i own one one day..
Jitka Hemolová (11 months ago)
Amazing :-)
A Lou (11 months ago)
Somebody said this gentlemen died ?!?😢
SamIAm (11 months ago)
How does he heat this place? Or get the oil & gas smell out of it?
Jay Smith (1 year ago)
This is real kewl how you did all this i'm from Canada great job on this cheers
Charles Backstrom (1 year ago)
Bet it still wreaks of gas n oil.......
jeff schnablegger (1 year ago)
bubu mic (1 year ago)
Beautiful :)
Sheldon Cooper (1 year ago)
Hey Static, how's life in that old gas station?
ROGER2095 (1 year ago)
I once stayed in a motel that was a converted gas station. It was small but otherwise quite nice. It was in Bergen, NY.
Farley vision (1 year ago)
Still probably spent lots to do this
Kayleb Moore (1 year ago)
More like a gas station themed hotel room
Kendrah Whyte (1 year ago)
Very creative!!!
Alberta Middleton (1 year ago)
That is the coolest spaces.
Antoine Lawson (1 year ago)
Nice set up
Abiy BattleSpell (1 year ago)
the fact tht that container use to contain lead and that the building prob had cars worked on inside there with things like the insides of cars, parts and oil alot is kinda concerning...
Heru- deshet (1 year ago)
If he has a girl, I bet he named her Ethanol.
PUERTOrico FORMER/usaMARINE (1 year ago)
He was my next door neighbor he sold the place in 2016
Dale Humphrey (1 year ago)
I've got a big shed you could live in
New phone, who dis? (1 year ago)
Theres one like this on canal blvd too i think, or its on carrolton i cant remember.
Shelley Rambles on (1 year ago)
This cool home would be awesome anywhere - not just New Orleans!
Charlie Harper (1 year ago)
It makes sense where it's always warm! If you did that in the northern states you'd freeze to death in that place!!
Mike Tayon (1 year ago)
JL nutted to this video! ;)
Tracy's Kitchen and Appalachian Adventures (1 year ago)
notsosilentmajority1 (1 year ago)
Wow!!!!  That is a great space.  I just wonder if there is really only one bedroom?  I see some other people were also wondering if he ever gets people pulling up for gas or directions?
brian stuart (1 year ago)
pretty cool man missing some motorcycles some old Triumph couple old Harleys a Cushman scooter
Yo Mama (1 year ago)
Jessie Girls (1 year ago)
Home sweet home 👍👍💜
peter morales (1 year ago)
son of a bitch this is cool
lulu luna (1 year ago)
I love it! Great Job!!! 👍👌👏
YouTube Me (1 year ago)
Not worth the heating bill.
Pat Lowney (1 year ago)
This is so cool is it still in operation as a house. Or has it been torn down. I think I saw this on TV a while back.
Shawn Afshar (1 year ago)
Electric vehicles are the future pretty soon gas stations will go out of business
chieftp (1 year ago)
that's what people have been saying for the last 80s years
del trotts (1 year ago)
I want to live there,it's fab!
Mark Brown (1 year ago)
You can't resell this house unless you put rocks in the gas lines below.
Jayden Stevens (1 year ago)
Cool home sweet home
Hope The#1Queenfan (1 year ago)
Harold F. Hansen, Jr. (1 year ago)
now that is pretty badass! if I live there I would have my groceries delivered there and I never leave home. awesome home BUDDY. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Suzie Paris (1 year ago)
Totally cooool
Dave Chappelle (1 year ago)
Curious as to how much air he loses through the leaks in the walls a d rollup doors.
Martin Lanigan (1 year ago)
Rst28 (1 year ago)
Very cool..
Kiera Bracken (1 year ago)
What a wonderful idea and it is done so well. Thanks for sharing this.
veve love (1 year ago)
He died in 2014
Slippery Storm (1 year ago)
Was this place knocked down?
Aniya marie Scott (1 year ago)
I hate it
A last days handmaiden who does prophesy (1 year ago)
Although, It may be really cute and all that, and very unique and appears livable. But I would have been concerned about the gas fumes anyway. After all, in my opinion, I would be concerned about the soil and seepage of the gasoline that was stored for years underground in those tanks, to me it could pose a health hazard. I came across this article on the internet that I found shocking: Dangerous Legacy At Abandoned Gas Stations May 05, 1992 |By J. Linn Allen. 110 For more than five months, two gaping, watery craters, one about 25 feet across and at least 8 feet deep, have scarred the driveway of an abandoned service station on Chicago`s Northwest Side. In late March, a 9-year-old boy attempting to retrieve a friend`s school bag fell into one of them, landing in water up to his neck. He tried to claw his way out, but the steep, muddy bank was too slippery.{end of article}
rochelle123ist (1 year ago)
GOD is my first love the Almighty I’m sure he fixed all those problems! Unfortunately this man passed away.
Charlie Newman (1 year ago)
imo nicely done imo
Lets Party Time Ya Luxury Entertainment Productions (1 year ago)
Cool 😎
dick labobo (1 year ago)
Very nice
garagekeys (1 year ago)
Great job, looks awesome!!
carla ifera (1 year ago)
........that front porch!!!!
Lucy 05 (1 year ago)
This is sooo awsome !!! I love it, I would definitely live there, you did a gr8 job on this! ! Thu Thanks for sharing it. .... ;)
Letrice Warren (1 year ago)
Cool man
Mike Btrfld (1 year ago)
Great place for pumping Ethyl.
Loveme Toknowme (1 year ago)
This place is awesome! I love how creative and the openness of the space. The kitchen is clever ...I loved it! Happy to see another person that isn't wasteful and knows how important it is to recycle whenever possible.✌😁👍
Milton Hackett (1 year ago)
I've always wanted to convert a abandoned church. Also I'd like to live in a store front in a little town
henry R. (1 year ago)
Beyond mancave 👍👍👍awsome..
Richard Romero (1 year ago)
Well done, I like it
Ryan Toomey (1 year ago)
Reminds me of Fallout 4
Pipestud3 CorncobPuffer (1 year ago)
This is the wave of owning a home in the future. Retail spaces or commercial property being converted to residential. Everything from dead malls, to gas stations and even diners and cafes. What a brilliant concept. Plus its a good way to save materials and go green. I love the whole living in a mall idea. Everything inside and walking distance. Want to make a run to Starbucks or the drug store. It's just a few steps away.
A. GM (1 year ago)
Great living space!
Ice Queen (1 year ago)
I need to rethink my whole entire life, at this point!
Alicia Young (1 year ago)
Very Very Cool!!! 😎 Love The Bathroom! Question? Why Haven't You Done Anything With The Floors? Some Sort of Tiles🤔
arun prakash (1 year ago)
Now that's called creativity
Greco (1 year ago)
Irene George (1 year ago)
That place is incredible! That man is truly an artist.
Jay Santos (1 year ago)
Soil in the area has been exposed to oil and gasoline for decades. Water pipes that they may be drinking from could have been soaked with toxic crap. Bad idea.
chieftp (1 year ago)
the gas goes into a tank, not the soil. and before that, all of it was in "the soil"
Fuzzyscarfandmittens (1 year ago)
Interesting. Although I thought you had to wait something like 10 years after the gas station closed before you could "move in" as it were. Something about having to give the spilled gasoline and oil to dissipate.
Deb Mottaz (1 year ago)
What a awesome home!! Modern with a vintage decor. Brilliant 😎
Tank vhh (1 year ago)
that is some red neck shit right there
Presley 17 (1 year ago)
Tank vhh fuck off . No redneck stuff just cool stuff
Music Maven Publishing (1 year ago)
Very cool space. How many people still stop by looking for gas & chips I wonder.
Dr. Carr (1 year ago)
wonderful indeed
William Stryker (1 year ago)
Holy crap that's cool!
MemeyLoaf (1 year ago)
R.I.P Robert Guthrie 1958-2014
Eman Ibrawish (1 year ago)