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Three-Runway System

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The Airport Authority is planning to expand Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) into a three-runway system to meet its long-term air traffic demand. After its expansion into a three-runway system, HKIA will continue to provide world-class service and facilities, ensuring its place as an airport of the future. 機場管理局正計劃擴建香港國際機場成為三跑道系統,以應付長遠的航空交通需求。擴建成三跑道系統後,香港國際機場將繼續提供世界級服務及設施,致力成為未來機場典範。
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Text Comments (220)
ccaa production (1 month ago)
Good animation
Alessandro Drudi (2 months ago)
Are there facilities to remove excessive makeup?
Calensk Kaschak (2 months ago)
The 3 runway system will be a gift to the future independent Hong Kong.
Alex Kelley (2 months ago)
The satellite concourse looks like Las Vegas McCarran's D Satellite.
Carlmaster96 (5 months ago)
I think a third runway at Hong Kong should go ahead. I also think the new runway should measure at least 4,000 metres, as well as extending the current two.
NS Enn (5 months ago)
If Hong Kong government doesn't make sure of freedom and liberty, this fantastic airport plan will be useless and ignored. Hong Kong people and leader must keep in mind to be without Chinese Surveillance(Face Sensing AI CCTVs) System, Extradition Bill, Unfree Market, Unfree living and Chinese Intervention.
The Shadow Man (9 months ago)
8 years ? You have gotten soft lads, the airport + the whole infrastructure around it was completed in 7 years.
Emil Iyog (10 months ago)
Too bad no mention of a new affordable hotels next to airport. Regal sells out too quickly
Alex Gershon (11 months ago)
Why do you need until 2030 you built the airport in 8 years
mammutMK2 (2 months ago)
They don't want the germans to feel bad, since they are working on the extention of an existing airport since 10 years and struggling to get it operational
martin theiss (11 months ago)
Master Plans 2030 are just to develop how the situation will be at that point of time. A 2026 opening will be 4 years ahead. Just plans 4 to 5 years down the line after the commissioning of this terminal.
Fitri Annisa (1 year ago)
New New Tallest ATC for Handle 3 Runway
Aviatorspot (1 year ago)
Awesome mega project! Please include a viewing deck at the new terminal for plane spotters!
Ricardo sam (1 year ago)
Wow wow 😯
Plum Au Yeung (1 year ago)
It's awesome! Support
Abhiram chintalapati (1 year ago)
It. Will never beat the new Navi mumbai airport
blancolirio (1 year ago)
This is exactly what KSFO needs!
blancolirio (11 months ago)
@martin theiss high rise housing, more fill, new runway at SFO. Upgrade Bart/Cal Train . Easy ;-)!
martin theiss (11 months ago)
KSFO is built out solid and no one in their right mind would expand anything at either Oakland or San Jose either. The major economic problem in that area is housing for those who are working day after day in the facilities. Governor Reagan in the 1960s signed a law requiring all communities and counties to create and maintain 7 year master plans for expansion and housing or risk losing State taxes. No one enforced it. Only now are people realizing there is a major cost to the lack of housing for those who work at airports.
Ismail Mohamed (1 year ago)
My thesis project is International Airport design so I need help with every think related. Tell:- 252 618 558444
Exiles800 (1 year ago)
Time to put a cap on sprawl...The insanity of this is obvious...
Ryan chan (1 year ago)
Complete shit
James Nissenberg (1 year ago)
Taxiways wrapped around the center runway.
iliterati (1 year ago)
This is very pleasing to listen to. The narrator has a very well-spoken tone. It makes a change from many poor-quality narrative styles one can hear these days.
Flyby737 (1 year ago)
Schipol(Amsterdam) in the Netherlands has 6runways.
Kaveer Bhagwandeen (8 months ago)
EmperorCaesus (1 year ago)
Wow that *is* quite a glideslope.
假狗Studio-HK (1 year ago)
Hopefully there will be self check-in, self baggage drop, self boarding gates
shaggyvicky007 (1 year ago)
Zomato Ad Grrrrr
ptroinks (1 year ago)
That's about 18 billion USD to expand. How long will it take them to earn it back?
Zontar (1 year ago)
In direct revenue, it likely never will, however in terms of making the expansion worth the cost due to increased economic activity, probably around 8 to 12 years.
-vladex- (1 year ago)
yay the Beijing Capital Airport concourse in Hong Kong so original
Dbm_2001 (1 year ago)
So they want to make us believe solar panels will help power an airport...
MatisseLovesGaming (1 year ago)
Why 2 controtowers?
No (1 year ago)
The layout of SFO would have worked better for the airport and would offer 4 runways but not need so much land.
David Fray (1 year ago)
wow so 3 years later wonder if they are making progess should be 5 years out now.
TouchyBanana (1 year ago)
I can see the airport being flooded multiple times and be completely submerged in water in the future.
Paladin 06 (1 year ago)
The project would take half the time if the PLA would stop building islands in the South Pacific.
Martin Turnbull (1 year ago)
Amazing design and great airport I've seen.. excellent!!
Onkel Fabs (1 year ago)
Oh man Chek Lap Kok just rocks
Priyansh 23 (1 year ago)
All planes are 747s
Priyansh 23 (1 year ago)
Automatic people mover or in our language tram or metro
UJ513 590A (1 year ago)
Ricky Sun (1 year ago)
What a stupid design, why use T2 with an expensive "Automated People Mover"? If you are going to have a new concourse, why not include a new terminal building? Surely it make more sense than having everyone checked in at T2 and having to travel to and from the new concourse
HakingMC (1 year ago)
Ricky Sun Ricky Sun They are not building a new terminal. They are expanding. Nowhere in my comment nor the video mentioned new terminal. Also, wasn't it you that vouched for a new one? Increasing slots. Solution? Yes. Long term? No. Be my guest and go to Heathrow.
Ricky Sun (1 year ago)
HakingMC When they are spending a stupid amount to make new land and new gates, I don't think a new terminal building will make much difference. If they are going to waste money and expand the airport, (when they could just increase the slots per hour), then they might as well do it properly. The Airport Authority isn't concerning about money anyway. They just won't listen to the citizens it serve.
HakingMC (1 year ago)
Ricky Sun Oh, I don't know. Maybe because it makes no sense and is wasting space? Seriously, terminal 2 is a waste. Right now, T2 is check-in only. So utilizing it with a newly built immigration and customs within for the new concourse would make it more useful than ever. Moreover, the cost of building a new terminal is a lot higher than that of an APM system.
Louis Chiu (1 year ago)
A waste of space and money
Mat7920 H (1 year ago)
It looks like Kai Tak airport being moved to the new airport
Worldaviation 4K (1 year ago)
I need to get more filming done while it's only two runways, although maybe it's still easy to plane spot the other runway
martin theiss (11 months ago)
Its to expand the capacity of services and cargo to include more flights in and out at any particular time. A well planned expansion can be cost effective for both the community at large and the international bond holders.
Wong wan chung (1 year ago)
Singapore Chang Airport group Must Seriously consider studying Hong Kong Future Thrid Runway and New Terminal building.
clouD (1 year ago)
More immigrations facilities, needed A LOT.
Deli_quent (1 year ago)
I think the 3rd runway is already complete but not the terninal
cap4653 (1 year ago)
George Mwidima (1 year ago)
Cycling Cycles (1 year ago)
MORIENT GAMES 123 (29 days ago)
Rip marine life
alex Lo (7 months ago)
@N0616JC Productions No typhoon there.
Flyby737 (1 year ago)
Bro in schiphol they have 6 runways. Its in Asmterdam btw
Ronald To (1 year ago)
the rip moment for ATC is that HK airspace and china's airspace are soooo close to each other, plus chinese is using the metric system....
MatisseLovesGaming (1 year ago)
Cycling Cycles anyone noticed they now have 2 control towers?
khoo chee peng (1 year ago)
lol Singapore new terminal JEWEL will be ready by 2019
Akin Khoo (12 days ago)
that's a shopping center, not a terminal.
Stephen Mcilwain (1 year ago)
Wow, Who knew Cathay Pacific is now "Airline"
MattTheGamerHongKong (11 months ago)
Cathay Pacific is not a government-owned airline
martin theiss (11 months ago)
I am surprised the Chinese has not insisted on a name change for CP. I believe centuries ago with the old explorers some of them used the term "Cathay" as a slur and has UK origin rather than Chinese heritage.
Krispy Krep (1 year ago)
Cody Slab (1 year ago)
*Who gives a fuck?*
Malith Munasinghe (1 year ago)
What would be the capacity of people mover can handle. Looks like a potential bottle neck.
Pretty Fantastic (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsPCBpnJ_6U thank you for like & subscribe
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
cannot wait, I go there every year, tbh I would love it if Kai Tak was reopened as the fourth runway.... #revivekaitak
HakingMC (1 year ago)
Clive Graham It's now full of residential buildings and a new cruise terminal sits at the tip of the old runway. Would be interesting though.
avantjeef (1 year ago)
Two is enough Chek! But go ahead do what you're gonna do!
Ryon Atkinson (1 year ago)
So basically KL airport
Zaihan Jalimin (7 months ago)
KLIA? Kuala Lumpur?
CHL41993 (1 year ago)
8 years for a runway? 2 years is enough to build an airport in the South China Sea.
Tianshuo Jiang (11 months ago)
CHL41993 Hong Kong is a place of the rule of law where they had to go through procedures for a major construction like this in contradt the commies in Beijing who don’t care about the environment
pubby (1 year ago)
those "8" years are not just the runway. if you watch the actual video you'll know that 4 years of those 8 are filling up the water with land for the runway to be situated in.
Daniel Rose (1 year ago)
When you start in time, there is to need to rush a project to finish in 2 years.
Axel Foley (1 year ago)
Priorities lol
JP (1 year ago)
To save A LOT of time and money, they could just re-open kai-Tak
Tianshuo Jiang (11 months ago)
@JP Kai tak is too close to downtown. Makes too much noise, limits urban growth and it’s a safety risk for a highly populated city like hk. Plus Kai tak is a really good place to accommodate cruise ships as the runway stretches in deep water. So there’s a reason not to reopen Kai tak
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
ye, congestion
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
it's now a cruise ship terminal, but I see what you mean
avantjeef (1 year ago)
music and gaming tutorials It's already become a public and residential place and you've never heard of the "checkerboard"
Gustavio (1 year ago)
music and gaming tutorials But why do you think they closed it? That's what matters.
crissy214 (1 year ago)
From Kia Tak to this   Wow
Sleeper Master (1 year ago)
crissy214 kai*
Wilbert Yuen (1 year ago)
This is a scam, this video does not mention that planes attempting to take off or land on this runway will be in overlap airspaces of Macau and Shenzhen. That is aviation risk for travelers. Let alone the unrealistic budget estimation which is a sure underestimate.
Tianshuo Jiang (11 months ago)
Wilbert Yuen sources? I don’t think it overlaps Shenzhen airspace or if it does Shenzhen will do anything in favour of the HongKongers by order of the Communist Party..I feel sorry for the Shenzheners who just built a new airport. Macau airport is a piece of sh*t and nobody cares about them. They can turn the airport into a bloody museum passengers can go to Hong Kong via the HKMZB in less than an hour
Tony Tang (1 year ago)
This video is full of lies
Machin Truc (1 year ago)
I'm kinda curious... What about sea level raising ? How long will this work before you need to demolish everything and elevate the airport by 2-3 meters ?
Tianshuo Jiang (11 months ago)
Machin Truc they can build dams around the entire airport to prevent flooding in the future. Plus the airport is designed to be a few meters higher than sea level
Andrew Kwok (1 year ago)
Machin Truc don't worry...All of that is taken into consideration.
Mike Mike (1 year ago)
4:20 thats a steep approach :-)
a (2 months ago)
Thats how you bomb a runway
Tapatt Tanaboriboon (2 months ago)
would they still make this airport happen? after what happened to HK...
Darwin Sinchi (9 months ago)
That easily gives London City a run for it's money
MelonPlayzYT (1 year ago)
3 degree glideslope? Why not 10? *NOW THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE* unless you're Ryanair
Edwin Robert (1 year ago)
*Ryanair type landing*
Tampa0123456789 (1 year ago)
Complete waste of money but i guess its not coming out of their wallet. 1st Even when i saw them building the original i knew this was going to happen. had a poor design from the get go. Yes the airport design looked good from the air but it was never a good use of space. The Atlanta airport design could of worked here. Even tho i don't like Atlanta and London design it would of worked perfectly here. The only issue would of been that Atlanta and London have underground areas but i am sure they could of come up with some kind of solution. This airport should of use horizontal rows like a row boat. I am not engeneer and i am sure they had lots of people looking at this back in the olden days but it just annoys me that they want to now go back and waste more money. People all over the world already pay enough taxes as it is.
Rick K.L. Choi (1 year ago)
The HKIA is one of the world's best airports for a reason. Last time I check, Atlanta is not on the list.
Matthew Lee (1 year ago)
As you said, you're not an engineer, so let the experts get it working. The concourse design in Atlanta is designed for airports with a large amount of land area. In Hong Kong, it is all land reclamation. Also, there most likely isn't enough demand for the airport to use this system.
Freiheit Jetzt (1 year ago)
What if the APM breaks down, then terminal 3 will be paralysed. Who is the genius who thinks of such design
FrankyLon (1 year ago)
APM systems are usually redundant. There are two basic designs, the more common one is with guided vehicles running on tracks (so we are talking about some sort of light rail here) usually have at least two tracks. Any breakdown on one of them would not effect the other one due to dedicated systems for each (energy supply, control, rolling stock, etc.), so the system would run on a reduced capacity even if there is a malfunction on one side. In case of a simultaneous failure (very unlikely) people can be moved by buses. Other systems, like pod cars are even more redundant.
Matthew Lee (1 year ago)
Hey idiot, what about use the fat thing in your head? Firstly, our airport already uses an APM system for its outer gates, and it has never caused this kind of problem. The reliability of the APM system is very high. Secondly, airport busses exist for a reason.
Raditram (1 year ago)
it happened once in KL I think... they use emergency bus. So there's always a solution lmao
Tampa0123456789 (1 year ago)
At our airport we have 8 people movers to get to all the airside * our airport is like an octopus* .....You can't get to any gates with out using the people movers and we have never ever had any problems in decades. Also i am really sure they will use redundant people movers like we and other airport do just in case one goes down. *look up my airport and you will see. *Tampa Airport.
Freiheit Jetzt (1 year ago)
Doc i hope what you say will hold true, for nothing is foolproof
Scott Weinberg (1 year ago)
Aren't they supposed to start construction? When it did start?
Rick K.L. Choi (1 year ago)
It already started.
Peizxcv (1 year ago)
By the time the expansion is done it would already be at capacity
Peizxcv (1 year ago)
True and that's how New York and London ended up with 3 and 4 airports and the big airports with 6~9 terminals.
Peter Chan (1 year ago)
i think the authority is afraid of public opposition for a more expensive double Y terminal
Peizxcv (1 year ago)
Peter Chan Yes, it is like they only want to move 10~15 years ahead instead of 30~50 years like the original project or similar projects in Middle East and Beijing.
Peter Chan (1 year ago)
the decision of seitching the double Y terminal to a single Y one is just stupid
Henry Walker (1 year ago)
Henry Walker (1 year ago)
yeah tampa, I live in sydney and the airport is very interesting and busy, there are lots of secret little plane spotting areas. Like roads, islands, holes in fences, and all that.
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
imagine if Kai Tak WAS the third runway
Tampa0123456789 (1 year ago)
Me too it had character. I like airports like St Marten/Rio/San Fransisco because they are cramp and make plane spotting very interesting. Even London Hethrow and LAX are cool to watch because they are so cramp and busy. Most of the new airports are huge but hard to enjoy.
ShiJie 12311 (2 years ago)
Trying to beat Singapore I see
Raditram (1 year ago)
They're already ahead of Singapore in terms of traffic. Hong Kong has always been ahead in terms of aviation. Singapore has the land advantage.
Yota Takeshima (2 years ago)
This is smart.
FSpotter (2 years ago)
Lmao😂😂 "Automated People Mover"
Austin Cheng (1 month ago)
Did you know LAX expansion on the airport also has Automated People Mover?
The Boring YouTube Channel (4 months ago)
Just magic train
newsgetsold (11 months ago)
Platform 9 and 3/4 Magic School Bus Millennium Falcon Mini
Emiliano Padilla (1 year ago)
Stuzo2 too long... People mover is used all over the world to refer to... well people movers
Stuzo2 (1 year ago)
They could call it a Train-like Rapid Automated Interconnected Network ...or Train for short
Boldizsár Mester (2 years ago)
My favourute vid ;)
Justin (2 years ago)
At 3:36, it says Gary Kelly on the smartphone ticket. Mmhmm... (For those of you who don't know who he is, Gary Kelly is the President of Southwest.)
See Planez (10 months ago)
“Airline” that is an amazing name for an airline
Sasha Waxman (1 year ago)
He's checking in at 9:30 am and his flight only departs at 5:15. My guy is expecting some shit to go down for sure.
counterfit5 (1 year ago)
Joshua Gamingz Southwest Airlines, a US domestic* low-cost carrier. Largest low-cost carrier in the world, actually. They operate 737s exclusively. *: they do have some international service to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
Joshua Gamingz (1 year ago)
What do you mean Southwest?
Joshua Hoggan (1 year ago)
With AA Wifi and TSA Precheck. In Hong Kong. Phenomenal.
skylineXpert (2 years ago)
This kind of expansion could never be achieved with Kai Tak. Sooner or later regardless Kai tak could not keep up. It will be like forcing an asthmatic person to run a marathon without his medicine (hell will break loose).
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
Imagine if Kai Tak WAS the third runway, 2 airports, it would have been really good for Kowloon and the New Territories, where I live
Chris Howell (2 years ago)
I think the only thing that could have been done at Kai Tak is extend the runway....not really worth it
Anthony Kernich (2 years ago)
call the third runway "Kai Tak"
Ryan Bayer (6 months ago)
Anthony, I love the sound of the "Kai Tak, pay homage to the single runway that paved the way Chek Lap Kok.
William Renfro (3 years ago)
because china wont fuck an airport up in the water
withevery (2 years ago)
William Renfro LMAOOOOOOO
Andrew Anderson (3 years ago)
It's 6 runways, not 3. Each runway is actually 2 runways. Example: Runway 36 is the same strip of asphalt as Runway 18, just at the other end.
Joshua Gamingz (1 year ago)
Good one
WildGurgs36 (1 year ago)
Take the runway's magnetic heading and round it to the nearest ten. Drop the zero and you've got your runway number. Parallel runways at the same airport are labelled Left, Center, and Right.
Tampa0123456789 (1 year ago)
Could you our anyone explain to us how they seem to come up with runway numbers? Seem to make no sense.
WildGurgs36 (1 year ago)
That's why I wish they'd call it a Three-Airstrip System instead, but I suppose the word "runway" is more non-aviator-friendly if you will LOL
wayneyd2 (3 years ago)
How about a seaplane terminal?
Carlmaster96 (5 months ago)
Great idea.
Tianshuo Jiang (11 months ago)
wayneyd2 there’s a helicopter terminal in downtown Hong Kong which is owned by the government, and also in nearby Shenzhen and Macau. Airspace is too constrained in southern China so I assume no seaplanes are allowed
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
for an international megahub?
Natalie So (3 years ago)
dose air Canada move to the new termail
Tianshuo Jiang (11 months ago)
Natalie So currently terminal 2 only serves as a check in place for low cost airlines. It is likely that it will serve low cost airlines in the future
Natalie So (3 years ago)
WILL aircanada   movre to 3th runway
Koto Nizna (3 years ago)
on9 on9 (3 years ago)
屌你老母,當年AL UE oral考三跑,屌你!
Jason Lee (2 years ago)
on9 on9 go
trent8002003 (3 years ago)
Full support! Hope it can be completed on time!
trent8002003 (1 year ago)
I like your optimism. But the reclamation works have only just begun. 8 more yrs of construction to go.
Daniel K (1 year ago)
It will be ready in no time. Without a doughbt. They are already pretty much finished the giant bridge/tunnel going across to Macau and Shenzhen, China.
WildGurgs36 (1 year ago)
I second that! #SolarPoweredFuture
Philippe Goichon (3 years ago)
Jay L Music (3 years ago)
I think we need a fourth runway
The Boring YouTube Channel (4 months ago)
Yea for ufo
Lucifer Lightbringer (11 months ago)
​@Richard Bosnak forget Heathrow, expand Gatwick instead, like build new central terminal between runways 08R/26L with extending it and the new runways, later connected the railway link from Gatwick Airport to Heathrow Airport
James Tam (1 year ago)
hi hi (1 year ago)
James Tam 西 or東
James Tam (1 year ago)
Curtis Chan (3 years ago)
I live in hk and I love this video
dnhug (3 years ago)
wow. cant wait to land on the new runway!
假狗Studio-HK (1 year ago)
MattTheGamerHongKong Though the runways could also be named North Runway (Third Runway): 07R/25L Middle Runway (Current North Runway): 07C/25C South Runway: 07L/25R
MattTheGamerHongKong (1 year ago)
To prevent confusion, the third runway would be probably named 24/08
假狗Studio-HK (1 year ago)
Natalie So If it does not close then pilots will die from being confused by 2 25L and 2 07R
假狗Studio-HK (1 year ago)
Natalie So For a short limited time, btw, HKG started operation with the North Runway closed
leonelp51 (1 year ago)
omg dnhug its here omg omg omg =D
王Jiaju (3 years ago)
the shape is really like the Terminal 3 of Peking Capital Airport
Joshua Gamingz (1 year ago)
Matthew Lee Everything in there looks the same lol
Matthew Lee (1 year ago)
Yep! If you guys google photos of OTHH airport (Hamad), you'd see that the design is basically the same as terminal 1! Its because its designed by the same guy!
trent8002003 (3 years ago)
Both HKIA and Beijing Airport are designed by Norman Foster and look quite alike. With the 3rd runway concourse following the form set by HKIA Terminal 1, of course, it looks like Beijing's airport.
Bharbzz Anderson (3 years ago)
right!! and they change it to I shape, it could ve been better with the original X shape plan..
Bharbzz Anderson (3 years ago)
+Alex Kelley it's not totally Y option it is X with the expansion, and HK has that X option after the Y option (Terminal 1) since 2001 for the midfield, but they change to I option .. so they will apply the X option in the new reclame area
Jay L Music (4 years ago)
Wow very expensive
trent8002003 (3 years ago)
Gd things always are!