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Soldiers coming home #196 MOTHER'S DAY SURPRISE HOMECOMING

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Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in those heartwarming compilations. Subscribe Channel is here : https://goo.gl/zATWhx
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Welcome Home Soldiers -My Heros (5 months ago)
Help me reach 100,000k subscribers by subscribing here: https://goo.gl/zATWhx 😘 Thank you !!!😘😘😘
Kevin Moothu (4 days ago)
Wtf is tbe mom doin? 3 years?
gunmarra 78 (21 days ago)
Happy days for people and God bless 👍
Kevin Houston (22 days ago)
Better yet, is anyone going to talk about how easy it was for him to flip that table?!
Lisa Harrison (1 month ago)
Welcome Home Soldiers -My Heros yo who flips a table in surprise? lol 😁😂😂😂😂😂
Terence McGeown (4 months ago)
I always do. I can't stop thinking about them. That's the reason I'm now an alcoholic.
Tixial (27 minutes ago)
Soldier: Arrives to the house.... Table: "I'm not feeling so good... "
MJ Gaudier (1 hour ago)
The dog on the video was in it the whole time.
Abriel Sprowl (8 hours ago)
I can’t wait to have a reunion with my brother.He left for the marines last week but it feels like so much longer.i get to see him in December!he’s my best friend and I just miss him so much🥺😭
Rezwan Sadat (21 hours ago)
Priceless ractions!
Sloth Garlic (1 day ago)
That 3rd girl is fucking Jody
Dr Teddy (1 day ago)
The first one had to compensate his emotions lol. Omg 😭😭😭.... NO I'M A MAN! ** FLIPS TABLE **
Philloniess Fisch (1 day ago)
My son's home? I guess it's time for that table to go! Table: sweating nervously
Tataiana M (2 days ago)
5:17 had me in tears the way she kept saying thank you God thank you my Lord is just ❤️🥺😭
Unfamiliar Beetle2917 (3 days ago)
Nothing says welcome home like flipping your living room table.
Kevin Moothu (4 days ago)
Sluts of the military. Sorry boys but women will be whores every opportunity.
Kevin Moothu (4 days ago)
"Cute waiter over there" "I know" crying cause she nearly got caught fuckin slut
Adolfin • SaD BoY (5 days ago)
Table is dead.
PlataNoDC (5 days ago)
My dad only flipped me the the bird when I came home 🖕🏾
King Godzilla (6 days ago)
KyaCeption Kya (7 days ago)
Tfw you realise that thoses guys who did the freaking ARMY are the sweetest guys ever.
Eye Tea (9 days ago)
Can we all stop worrying about the table and wonder how the floor is doing?
Dindo Antonio Gujelde III (9 days ago)
Ninjas cutting onions everywhere. 😭😭😭
C.R. Madera (13 days ago)
The 1st clip had me rolling 😂
Amy (13 days ago)
Me: reads table comments late in the evening Also me: slowly dying of laughter
casper (13 days ago)
Instead of taking 2 steps around the dang table he just throws it across the house.😂
Omar Rodriguez (14 days ago)
2nd dude, sweeeeet you’re wearing your combat shirt in civis. Lame!
Nathan Curtis (15 days ago)
Man flips table Me: He was like a father to me. The son i never had.
James Holmes (15 days ago)
Flips the table over, you know that family fucked up 😂😂😂
prayag pomaje (15 days ago)
People who commented on these types of videos you guys have huge respect for soldiers .
Boucif Arabi (15 days ago)
I swear to God that if I see someone crying I start crying right away... That is amazing.
PUBG KING // (15 days ago)
A soldier never off his duty
mpumelelo ngcamphalala (16 days ago)
Someone was almost caught cheating...she then had to be theatrical. The way she took her phone of the table...
John UA (17 days ago)
Є твій син - немає приград!
Agent Rogue (17 days ago)
Don't ever tell men cant cry cuz we all just did to this
Dora (17 days ago)
friend: "really hot waiter there" girl: "I know"
Colin Fletcher (18 days ago)
Mommas will always love their babys
Kjonez (18 days ago)
fuck this table my boy home
Shae McGill (18 days ago)
If dad don't react the way dudes did, I don't want it.
Jacob Leblanc (19 days ago)
The fact that he’s wearing a combat shirt in blue jeans makes me cringe
Dj Hastings (17 days ago)
Euro Garage (20 days ago)
Its sad to say this in but in the military one day your an asset , the next your a fucking afterthought
ZIMINIAR - (20 days ago)
0:05 lmao I had to check the title
Christian Hamill (22 days ago)
That one girl grab her phone n put n lap cheater
Aleah Levister-Long (22 days ago)
Me: DON’T SAY IT!!!😭😂😂😂 Also me: *the tables have turned!!!*😂😂😂😂
Sxmmy. (22 days ago)
Binge watching, send help...
Pinche Beto 714 (23 days ago)
“Hey pops, told you I was gonna come back”
Jorden Fisher (23 days ago)
I think it’s amazing how one person can changed someone’s feelings in justs a second!
Doneld Trump (23 days ago)
Those damn Chihuahuas
Notorious_ Jon_ (23 days ago)
5:10 I felt that
Nolan Meaney (23 days ago)
These comments are great😂😂😂
Cloud Connected (23 days ago)
Never understood these people getting so emotional. I mean your son signed to serve army which is used to protect oil and drugs. That same army barely have any losses in combats,not even 10% of them get killed. Jeez...
John Ziegler (24 days ago)
2:42 what up with that phone getting slipped under the table ? Yikes, that has red flags all over it imo.
Sara Venerdiano (24 days ago)
Juan Martini (25 days ago)
5:48 she’s thanking god for letting her see her son again
irish327 Rose (25 days ago)
Film in landscape mode Much love
Tiffany (26 days ago)
This made me think of my mom and when she broke her knee and tore her a c l and fainted just made me cry
Jay Salazar (26 days ago)
Combat shirt wearing ass nerd !! Gay af!!!! Lol I can’t wait for my dd 214 fuck the 82nd
605Rider (27 days ago)
First on "damn you, you got the dogs worked up!"
Никита Певкин (27 days ago)
Я не знаю английский язык а переводить мне лень (комментарии) и да зачем в первом видео он стол перевернул
Firan25 (27 days ago)
4:35, the females in his family are hot, and they have good taste in shows (saw that old school "whose line" on the TV.)
Destiny Pezantes (28 days ago)
I wasnt expecting that first one
Blake Gura (28 days ago)
bro the first one was intense i didnt know if he dad was going to he hugged or punched and that poor ass tablw
Sam (28 days ago)
8:45 i miss mum lol
Ranged_Gamerz (28 days ago)
Phil w. (29 days ago)
That chick in the restaurant was pretty fast to lock her phone lol just sayin... 😂
Rhianna Scureman (2 days ago)
Thats her brooooother surprising her at the table.
GAMING WITH KEN (29 days ago)
the guy: Dad the table: i am joke to you
humble your self (29 days ago)
Lol I think it's the third video the one in the restaurant see how she grabs her phone and puts it in her lap almost got caught cheating lol nah I'm joking
Hilcia Elvir (29 days ago)
Me siento tan alegre y lloro al mismo tiempo que esos familiares de nuestros soldados.
Chantal (29 days ago)
Oh how the tables have turned.... 😂
Kevin Mendoza (29 days ago)
Why he have to yeet that table!?
Clay Ziu (29 days ago)
The table flip was very unnecessary even the camera man was like that the fuck bro we eat off that shit
aaryan shilotri (30 days ago)
5:25 her reaction is the best😂😂😂😂
Neon Shadow (1 month ago)
Guys are laughing Girls are crying Tables are dying
Key Alvarez (1 month ago)
I worried about the table.
MAGICIAN SA (1 month ago)
4:22 imagine he hugged the wrong child.
Hailey sparkles:) (1 month ago)
I like how that dog just immediately jumped
DaneToTheBone (1 month ago)
I don't get why people complain about that table flip. Everytime I get excited, I throw the TV out of the window...
XxConstant AnxietyxX (1 month ago)
Scittle Skits (1 month ago)
Dad: omg my son is home FUCK THIS TABLE!!!!!!!!!
Scott Medina (1 month ago)
Bunch of nosy people
OperationMegalodon (1 month ago)
The latina mom was kinda annoying tbh
Mike Mena (1 month ago)
Thank you men and women in our military and the ones didn't come home in the families that served as well football my heart thank you all 😭🙂
randumz randumz (1 month ago)
What a muppet.. Dumbass Americans always full of themselves. The ginger bird was why didn't u call me what if I was with the other guy I've been fucking while your away
Luis Fermín (1 month ago)
That latin mom. I felt that.
Jon Snow (1 month ago)
Gracia seniora
Formortiis Warhawk (1 month ago)
Son comes home Daddy: YEET
julian skz (1 month ago)
así me reciben mis perros cuando vuelvo de tirar la basura jajaja
Kristian M (1 month ago)
This man flipped the mf table
Stonecraft1 (1 month ago)
I'm in tears.
Dan veegee (1 month ago)
3:10. why did she hide her phone?
Line Danzer (1 month ago)
That coffee table never saw it coming. May it RIP.
Liam Richardson (1 month ago)
The first guy straight flipped that whole table hahahahaha
Jose Galvez (1 month ago)
Dude, I miss my mom now
Aidan Min (1 month ago)
We all know who the favorite son is
Syren Q (1 month ago)
The first video, the dog reacted first then everyone 😂💕
Celso Silva (1 month ago)
This kind of videos always cheer me up
Ryan Ingalls (1 month ago)
8:50 that lady for one is a MILF and she looks like a pornstar who can give some mad head
Jarett Harris (1 month ago)
I hope my dad doesn't flip the table
someone here (1 month ago)
I'm not crying.... You're crying....😭😭😭😭
Duran Brown TV (1 month ago)
4:56 Best one. I don't know what she's saying but I betcha It's Thank you LORD! 👏👏👏👏👏
Good Eats (1 month ago)
So why that lady grab her phone off the table she been cheating
Stephen Canning (1 month ago)
Hey D'Von, GET THE TABLES!!!!!
Truebrouce (1 month ago)
You could tell that dad really holds in his emotions and it just all came out lol
Andrew Dunn (1 month ago)
Why did the father on the first one look like he got really mad 😂😂
John Evans (1 month ago)
Dad at 0:08 : Well I’ll be damned Table: Oh shit not again