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Soldiers coming home #196 MOTHER'S DAY SURPRISE HOMECOMING

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Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in those heartwarming compilations. Subscribe Channel is here : https://goo.gl/zATWhx
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Welcome Home Soldiers -My Heros (1 month ago)
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Terence McGeown (10 days ago)
I always do. I can't stop thinking about them. That's the reason I'm now an alcoholic.
Rs500ybd (26 days ago)
Please spare two minuets for the ones whom never got to go home again .:(  .
Christina Clark (28 days ago)
I am feel like crying inside that's so beautiful even when the soliders come home to see their families
AUDE SAPERE (1 month ago)
Ive seen another side of what military service & law enforcement means to people in America~Sadly, a side affect of the 2 party political system means folk either fit go in box A or box B~Those in d middle also fit in [box A] but THEY LACK D STONES TO SAY SO~At least the left will say with a straight face say that EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO MAKES ANY TYPE OF ALLEGATION OF A SEXUAL NATURE _MUST_ BE IMMEDIATELY BELIEVED, _IGNORING DUE PROCESS & IGNORING THE LAW AS IF THESE ARE JUST 2 IDEAS DAT WERE SUGGESTED AT SOME STAGE BUT NVR ACTUALLY TAKEN SERIOUS_ ..While the Right Are Saying This, "EVERY PERSON, INCLUDING THE _ALLEGED_ PERPETRATOR OUGHT TO So on 1 side i watch every day how these heroic people are just GIANTS in the eyes of kids & grown men like me. Across the street though, their actually looked upon as worse than the terrorist. Cop's have folk come up on them & spit on them. It depends on the box your in. My home country has 5 different parties. Every one gets voted in every few terms so there aint no 2 big parties. My party opposes abortion, opposes "THE SCHENGEN AGREEMENT" which means open borders for all who sign it in the E.U~WE DID NOT SIGN, WE GOT A STRONG BORDER. Like America we take in immigrants which fits with the lefts view, but we only take those who prove they are willing to become part of society, work & not become their own seculariled group. Many Filipinos have come here because 43% of Irish ticked the CATHOLIC BOX IN RECENT CENSUS & because many filipinos are also Catholic they fit right in. Muslims dont like it here because unlike London anyone who evens comes close to enforcing sharia law will be put out WITHIN DAYS. So no matter your views, you wont be forced to vote for PARTY A- [ LEFT WING, PRO ABORTION ] or [ PARTY B-RIGHT WING, PRO LIFE, PRO HARDENED BORDER SECURITY etc ]~We also have 3 other options, like [ PARTY C-PRO LIFE, PRO LIMITED IMMIGRATION WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THE PERSON WILL WORK, WONT SEEK HANDOUTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT, WILL MAKE EFFORTS TO BECOME PART OF SOCIETY WITHOUT FORCING THEM TO DROP THEIR CULTURE/BELIEFS etc]..We have 40 thousand folk's in the U.S _ALONE_ who wrote on last CENSUS, "IRISH AMERICAN", so we Irish came & made America our home while holding onto our strong Catholic faith to this very day, our truly deep "need to work", not just to make a living but it's ABSOLUTELY VITAL FOR THE BUILDING OF CHARACTER. When we won our freedom from the British after the 1916 uprising, the heroic women of Ireland then went out & voted for who they believed _was the best person for the job not because they were women_ { which would be shameful ] but because they were better qualified.. ---> HENSE BOTH MEN & WOMEN WERE VOTED INTO OUR FIRST PARLIAMENT~EVEN THE UK COULD NOT CLAIM THIS EQUALITY... The Constitution states one command two times, that's how important this is~ The Fifth Amendment says to the federal government that no one shall be "deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, uses the same eleven words, called the Due Process Clause, to describe a legal obligation of all states. These words have as their central promise an assurance that all levels of American government must operate within the law ("legality") and provide fair procedures
Dutchsprinkles (1 month ago)
+Haiden Gearyyesss, So Smart YOU are Babe😉
anas alghamdi (3 hours ago)
They back after kill all iraq people, fuck this shit
Evie Lynn (6 hours ago)
Everyones talking bout the table but HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT SPANISH MOM OML
ROll Tide LBC (7 hours ago)
I got this kind of reception when I got home in ‘91. The same kind of reception for my boy returning from Afghanistan.
Anaisa Tamburo (10 hours ago)
*I'm not crying... you are*
Solai E (17 hours ago)
I'm crying😭
Wei Long (21 hours ago)
He failed the table flip challenge tho
Hitler Nazison (22 hours ago)
The girl at 2:40 is hiding something from him. She might be flirting eith someone else. I hope i am the wrong one.
FGaming (1 day ago)
that table went flyin flyin
xBamboBeast (1 day ago)
*Dad sees his son and thinks about the war trauma he’s been through* **continues to flip table**
Pat Stokes (1 day ago)
What the hell was that all about. Flipping the coffee table. Soooooooooo weird.
Roger Rabbit (1 day ago)
I love how 90% of comments are about the table
The Abaddōn (2 days ago)
first video clip damnnn!! he was like get outta my way "rip table"..
daniel johnston (2 days ago)
Why the hell is that guy wearing a frog suit top with blue jeans?
木枯のゲーム実況チャンネル (2 days ago)
0:09 It is nice TYABUDAIGAESHI :)
pubg wala (3 days ago)
5:13 killed me...
claudia castillo (3 days ago)
Who is cutting onions?😢
kincsk 32 (3 days ago)
*table: ayyyyyy wtf*
Followers Of The Old Ways Sage The Green (4 days ago)
Damn onion chopping ninjas are at it again.
Bboy Lils (4 days ago)
fuck WAR i wish no one go to war any more no one
Juss Gramajo (4 days ago)
An Father day to
dterik (4 days ago)
That first dad was savage with the table flip
Richard Andersson (5 days ago)
U can train a soldier to not have fear, pain and be stonecold hard. But you can never train awat the feeling and tears u get when you see loved once!
ofelia pelagio (5 days ago)
It's actually so emotional to see a special someone come home, i experience that with a old friend, and i was so so happy to see him, and just sit down and talk... It's actually hard to let them go and then see them again❤
Judy (5 days ago)
christian rossol (5 days ago)
He straight YEEETEEEED that table 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Leonardo Villalobos Iturriaga (5 days ago)
5:11 Hit me like a brick
Future x Sacred (5 days ago)
The reason the father threw the table was because he knew he was about to cry so he needed to do something to make him manly again
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0 (6 days ago)
He flipped the table! Omg 😆
Lawra New (6 days ago)
U didn't have 2 flip the fucking table. 2 damn dramatic. I didn't like the first one. He didn't let No one else hug him.
Jade Lynn (6 days ago)
@5:11 waterworks for me. As a Hispanic hearing this mother's praise and thanks it so touching. So happy for all the families that have the chance to be together again even if it's for a couple days at times. God bless each and every one of you and may God protect all of our service men and women. Thank you for your services!!!
Nick Fletcher. (6 days ago)
Well I hope this is my parents reaction if I visit from a coast guard deployment lol
The Emerald Joe (6 days ago)
❗DISCLAIMER❗ *No tables were hurt in the making of this film*
Ruby King (6 days ago)
*In loving memory of those who fell behind in order to make this possible*
John Rebelet (3 days ago)
Especially that table [salute]
Maria Kindhearted (6 days ago)
This is so beautiful who in the hell cutting onions 😔😔😔
Alex Velez (6 days ago)
Check at the 3min Mark was texting her side boo that’s why she was like oh shit let me hide the phone before I start crying too much and I forget about this damn phone being out
Nir Filus (6 days ago)
Get out of here table this is my son
R Wil (6 days ago)
Now all that table flipping was uncalled for he was just showing off he took the heartwarming out of it.He did more showing off then the female now I know that a man can be a Drama Queen too..
Aircus.† (6 days ago)
I’m not crying, you are!
Lashay Johnson (7 days ago)
I'm just crying......man, this is touching me.
Birth of Crusade (7 days ago)
Was my man so happy that he flipped a table?
Bradley J (7 days ago)
as enjoyable as that table flip was, i wanted to punt that dog lol
Beatrice Thomas (7 days ago)
5:27 got me cryin like..
phillip lewis (7 days ago)
Why do I always choose to watch these videos while am cooking and cutting onions
Lucas A (7 days ago)
4:14 Dude what is this house and why would you ever want to leave
Mirik Kla (7 days ago)
killers coming home!
Jay A (7 days ago)
I did not expect that table flip lmao
Carrot Top (7 days ago)
That table did nothing to u
Akshay Sharma (8 days ago)
The table took one for the team.
Little Reborn Cuties12 (8 days ago)
the mother at 5:13 was truly grateful to god to see her son again 🥰.
FiliF (8 days ago)
Soldier: * Comes Home * Table: ahh shit here we go again
Ur_Super_Bad my creative destruction name (8 days ago)
Michael Reed (8 days ago)
Soldier homecoming.... Table going away party!
Molecule (8 days ago)
that 1st clip , thats what i call flipping out
lady with DREADS 4 (9 days ago)
The 885 dislikes would be from the miserable people that has dysfunctional households.
Kevin Shirley (9 days ago)
i got scared when he did that
Phaon Thomas (9 days ago)
Girl at 2:47 was talking to another man. Had to lock and hide the phone quick before he saw it
Emanuel Oliveira (9 days ago)
While u cry about the soldiers, I'm crying about the table parents that will never see their table son ever again.
Ryan MB (9 days ago)
Levi gave no fucks
MemyselfandI Me (9 days ago)
5:14 😭
Hari Purwanto (9 days ago)
Mom number 3 in a restaurant is hot
Mika Ski man (9 days ago)
We all love our kids
Jayden Garcia (9 days ago)
0:08 - 0:12 I honestly can’t tell if the guy was happy or mad...
Mayra Trevino (10 days ago)
2:48 She legit threw her chips back in the basket. Lmao I would of been so annoyed 😒
The Life of Ryan (10 days ago)
Good job the table was there and not the dog
MONEYWAY (10 days ago)
5:45 got me , I need a military man lmao
Hyperhero 25 (10 days ago)
If this was called "try not to cry challenge", i wouldve already lost on the first clip
Dávid Müller (10 days ago)
whys everyone crying?
devonte 94 (10 days ago)
The first one was legendary 💪🤣
Shoya (10 days ago)
Bro the Latina mom 😭 Love being Hispanic to see the overwhelming joy of seeing their son come home safe
Марат Аминев (10 days ago)
First cadr, dad its terminator, crash table..
AndresVz10 (10 days ago)
0:10 lmao
Miepi09 (10 days ago)
3:12 why did she hide her handy? is she with an other male on phone? tztztztztz bad girl and saying the waitress is cute too ... TZTZTZ .... bad bad girl
LyxZu Game (10 days ago)
I like how he broke the table😂😂
Jesus Christ (10 days ago)
My dad would throw the table at me
Robert Sayamyan (10 days ago)
I'm not tryna be rude to that girl but her forehead is mad
That guy 2.0 (10 days ago)
Press F to pay your respects for that table. F
Hierony (11 days ago)
Everybody in this video is sad because of the table. Beautiful!
jedriel hubilla (11 days ago)
Dad:*flips table Table: Am i a joke to you?
BigWorm281 (11 days ago)
Bucks are taking it all ghe way, fuck the warriors
Matthew Krupa-Gregory (11 days ago)
Fuck this table
Evac Authentic (11 days ago)
Why do I make myself cry I’m doing this to myself but it’s so good
月です (11 days ago)
Giuseppe Sarto (11 days ago)
Gracias, Señor, gracias, Señor, gracias, Señor, gracias, Señor, O mi Dios, gracias (thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord, oh my God, thank you). So touching. A mother's love. Nothing like it.
Die Wahrheit tut weh Du kannst Sie nicht ertragen (11 days ago)
Soldiers ???? This are murder and Not soldiers . Real soldiers are in Turkey cause they are fight against real terrorism. The Amerikans are fucking Fake soldiers ! They only kill innocent men there and rape their wives .
Iago Freitas (12 days ago)
I always cry like a baby watching this kind of videos
charles farrell (12 days ago)
The first one was the best ever!
Leah sarcepuedes-fajardo (12 days ago)
RIP Table... That Table was innocent...
Filipina Diary (12 days ago)
Happy Mother's day po Madam
brandon givens (12 days ago)
he flipped the fuck out that table lmao love the energy
Jason Brown (12 days ago)
Even the Chihuahua got exited
Roman Kapitanec (12 days ago)
Nothing like flipping a table on Mother’s Day
Sir. Tea (13 days ago)
Well here in Korea you are able to meet your parents almost every two months
Tony Lowther (13 days ago)
No tables were hurt in the making of this video. NOT.
Grant Churchill (13 days ago)
He flipped over the table
Beka not a comedian (13 days ago)
Wtf was that he flipped the table hahahahaaaa
PES YONKA MAYONKA (13 days ago)
10:05 he must be soooo nervous
MajesticMMF (13 days ago)
Anyone else confuse why he flipped the table?
D LT (13 days ago)
The table flip kills me everytime 😂💀
xdverrillgamer (13 days ago)
What with the table and him lmao