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Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison for fraud

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Martin Shkreli, who gained notoriety for inflating the price of a life-saving drug, was sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors.
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qwertyuiop asdfghjkl (2 months ago)
The media saw an opportunity to skew the light on Martin Shkreli negatively so they could make a couple bucks off a headline.. he was trying to do a great thing, and all you people bought it from the media.. wish more people would research before coming to conclusions. smh Media can be one of the worst cold-blooded emotionless evils to ever rise
Joe Brady (10 months ago)
I watched this prick laugh at Congress and take the 5th. Its a pleasure to see he has got 7 years. Hope he gets screwed big style inside. Just like he screwed the people who needed his drug. Nice to hear he cried like a baby when sentenced. Kama is a bitch.😀
Daniel Tenorio (10 months ago)
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Alex Jones (10 months ago)
from pharma bro to bang bros
im trying to break out the matrix (10 months ago)
7 years that's it? So while he in prison he's going to jack up the price more be he's going to be mad that he's in there.
Jpm King (10 months ago)
isnt he Jim Cramars protege, and isnt Jim Cramar the guy who robbed an entire town in the USA, and if he ever goes back there they will literally kill him
Alex Jones (10 months ago)
very interesting. Thanks. I;ll look into it but I've never heard of that story before. Any additional info that would help me find out the details would be appreciated. Cramer is scum. Shkreli could be his son.
Jpm King (10 months ago)
I forgot the name. i think it was a small to medium sized town with one large industry making up most of their local economy. he gave the them bad advance and almost left the entire place penniless. i know i cant remember the name of the city but I remember looking at it on the map and it was out west in one of the upper states.
Alex Jones (10 months ago)
What town is that?
RobinTaylorJenkins (10 months ago)
I hope he isn’t infected with AIDS as the semen of his new pack of fuck buddies splashes around inside the inner lining of his anal cavity.
John San Filippo (10 months ago)
Evil American Imperialist (10 months ago)
John San Filippo Now he's getting cock in prison showers
War King (10 months ago)
he'll be isolated in protective custody. Oh yeah, it's still fuck the corny ass Wu-Tang clan!!
Vape Dude (10 months ago)
Lol so many ppl here getting their prison knowledge from the movie Get Hard. 😂
Do Bo (10 months ago)
They are going to love his smug arrogant attitude in prison. He'll fit right in as well becuase he bought a WuTang album.
Judge LEX (10 months ago)
So will that HIV drug go back down to $13?
Megatron2013 (10 months ago)
Knowing Trump, he'll pardon him and say Liberals punished a good man.
Bla Bla (10 months ago)
Well, I haven't heard Trump say this - so what's stopping you then?
Bla Bla (10 months ago)
Megatron2013 - if he doesn't, will you come back here and detract your 'argument'?
elbeno (10 months ago)
Hope he gets fucked
test_user101 (10 months ago)
Alex kaneh bosm (10 months ago)
Dude... This guy is gonna get raped SOO hard... By everyone... Until he finds a daddy to protect him
VITO DAMICO (10 months ago)
I don’t necessarily like this guy,But don’t wish somebody what you want for your yourself,Vengeance isn’t the answer
3: 16 (10 months ago)
Wu Forever.
KRAZO G (10 months ago)
Sammy McFone (10 months ago)
KRAZO G yeah he sold a Ferrari for the price of a Ford... to dying people. When before his involvement they were paying the price of a push bike. WHAT A FUCKING HERO!! Hope he doesn't get raped too hard. That tape is worth more than stormy Daniel's, the pee tape and that 2 million dollar wu tan album combined.
KRAZO G (10 months ago)
BillW17 Hes a also A Crook.
Bill (10 months ago)
KRAZO G This isnt karma since he was punished for doing something good.
KRAZO G (10 months ago)
BillW17 Really??
Bill (10 months ago)
KRAZO G How is this karma?
Mr. Z (10 months ago)
7 years of daily prostate checks is what I hope for him. Where's that smug look now? ?
Soothing Voice Man (10 months ago)
Don't white collar criminals go to minimum security prisons though?
Sammy McFone (10 months ago)
Mr. Z on the advise of council he takes the 5th... on national tv... when people are literally dying... for him to get rich... With that slimey smile... Well said.
War King (10 months ago)
he's still richer than you while in jail & after a few months, he'll be released with millions of $
Mike Jordan (10 months ago)
I'm sure his cellmate will raise the price of toilet paper, soap and lube 5000%
Armando7654 (10 months ago)
Sentenced by envious COMMUNIST scum. "sentenced" lol This is for show so that dummies brainwashed at schools by Marxists feel better about their own rotten envious hearts
Fuzzy Puppet (10 months ago)
He should’ve gotten life
Bill (10 months ago)
sfamerken12 Actually Bill Gates was an asshole, when Paul Allen the other co-founder of microsoft got cancer Bill Gates tried to take all his shares of microsoft by protraying Paul as weak and useless to the BoD. He only started philanthropy because of public backlash and potential boycotting of microsoft. No businessman ever made wealth frombeing nice.
Bill (10 months ago)
sfamerken12 Do you expect him to become poor?
Bill (10 months ago)
sfamerken12 You realise all the "assholes" are CEOs and businessmen who create thing you use on a daily basis? They also fund medication that you use when your sick. You are the pinicle of ignorant and a dumbass.
sfamerken12 (10 months ago)
Michael Choi, that is incorrect. They had to meet certain criteria, but those criteria where not given. He funds research to new medicine that he can sell at exorbitant prices to get rich on the backs of the sick, so fuck you. But this trial wasn't about that, this was about him trying to fuck over wealthy people. He should have gotten life imprisonment and all his wealth and assets given to the poor and needy. As a warning to all assholes in the world.
MTG4LIFE (10 months ago)
He's gonna get raped
Mr Man (10 months ago)
His booty hole going to be taken care of.
Mr Man (10 months ago)
lust lol and?
lust (10 months ago)
King Foo he's going to a white collar prison
Noplay (10 months ago)
Only 7 years and he will have his fortune back. Great trade off.
Mike Jordan (10 months ago)
Ciaran That is the stupidest pro-Martin thing I have ever seen written. He didn't INVENT Daraprim, he just bought the rights to manufacture and price it. Who was having trouble getting getting Daraprim before he came along? No one. If you needed it, you got it and pretty cheap, too. So whose life did he save hiking it up 5000% ?
Mike Jordan (10 months ago)
Noplay I don't see how. With this felony fraud conviction, he can never be a licensed broker or hedge fund manager again. He can forget getting a 6-figure job in any company that values its reputation. But there is a future in pharmaceuticals. CVS always needs cashiers.
Facebook Facebook (10 months ago)
Will pharma bro get a nose surgery in jail 😆😆😆😅😅😅😅
Gabriel Nuñez (10 months ago)
Deserves every second in jail. Fuck him.
203 cappadon (10 months ago)
I'm glad somebody took that smirk off his f****** face. The judge must have been a Wu fan
203 cappadon (10 months ago)
Ciaran he waz smug mf so I'm glad he got his
F8oK8 (10 months ago)
Not smirking so much now, I bet.
Bago Garde (10 months ago)
Sad , shkreli despite his fault shared a lot on youtube.Be strong man.
Alex Jones (10 months ago)
You are a fool. He shared bull shit. He is a pseudointellectual preying on uneducated idiots like you.
Awesomely Sarcastic (10 months ago)
He got away with screwing sick needy people but the minute he messed with rich "investors" oh noooo you're going to prison bro...
Sammy McFone (10 months ago)
Awesomely Sarcastic well said. I'm so sick of wankstains hiding behind the details when the facts are clear to see.
Team Ice Cream (10 months ago)
Do more than reading headlines
Do Bo (10 months ago)
you dont even know what you are talking about. I cant stand Martin but raising the price didnt screw any patients over. read into it before you talk about it
Bill (10 months ago)
Awesomely Sarcastic The 5000% rise was justified. Do you know how much money it takes to develop a drug and get it approved? You probably dont so ill just tell you, it takes 2.3B. Where do you think the money comes from?? Thin fucking air? Nope it comes from the rise of drug prices. You also might ask cant the company borrow some money from the bank? Highly not. Most banks wont give money to the development of medication because there is a lot of risk and uncertainty. *THE PRICE HIKE WAD JUSTIFIED*.
Bill (10 months ago)
Awesomely Sarcastic *now
Bob Brown (10 months ago)
Pharma bro, say it ain't so.
Jumbo Bless (10 months ago)
townrumor (10 months ago)
Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga
NathaN124 (10 months ago)