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The STALL you can't get out of! SUPER-STALL

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Get a 20% discount on a YEAR with Brilliant 👉 https://brilliant.org/mentourpilot/ Did you know that there is a type of STALL an aircraft can get into which is almost impossible to get out of? In todays video I will tell you about STALL in general and the infamous SUPER-STALL or Deep-stall. I will go through this video in five steps and at the end there will be a QUIZ, testing you on how much you have paid attention. I hope you will enjoy this one and remember to subscribe and press the little notification-bell! Join my Patreon crew and support the channel! 👇 📲https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To download and enjoy my FREE app, Mentour Aviation, use the link below 👇 📲https://www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ Follow my life on Instagram 👇 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot A huge "Thank you!" to all the channels that was featured in todays video. Use the links below to see the full, awesome, versions! hbykv (Stalled wing with and without vortex generators) https://youtu.be/SXwVyxorvno ATMFutureNow (F70 deep stall demo) https://youtu.be/FzUakyCFYSc Pilot Report (Embraer 145 stick pusher test) https://youtu.be/5GrwODV68R8
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Text Comments (915)
Teeter11 (30 days ago)
mentour = 10/10 youtuber
Dominique Buzon (13 hours ago)
@A A I think it would be nice to have once a video from them together..
Dominique Buzon (13 hours ago)
@Mentour Pilot Hi Peter, I did not put a like on your comment as this time I think you're wrong 😋 Very good video (including thumbnail) Greetings from Switzerland, have a nice day and I wish you awesome flights!
A A (14 days ago)
Captain joe has left the chat 😂
Princess Grouchy (19 days ago)
Nah. He's a 10/10 youtubour.
Motion Gaming! (23 days ago)
In a super stall if all the passenger run to the front would this act as a counterweight and stop the super stall
Wesley Hurd (1 day ago)
I wish they would design aircraft that were fundamentally stable in a very wide range of operating conditions rather than relying on added accessories to keep the aircraft from getting out of control.
Aviator's hub (1 day ago)
At first I thought you were a 777 pilot because of the intro but turns out that you are a 737 captain 😅. Nice video tho, I liked and subscribed
Alvin Rasmus (2 days ago)
8:03 737 max automatically lower the nose anyway.
Bob Bowie (4 days ago)
Now *tell us* how to get out of a _spin._
Kaboom (4 days ago)
My wonderful nephew who is still training to be a pilot, took me for a spin in a little Cessna and once high up in the air, he stalled the plane. My life flashed before my eyes as I saw the tiny houses below me. I love my wife more than ever!
Christian Buczko (5 days ago)
All im hearing in this vid is the basic design of rear engined high tail aircraft is fundermentally flawed.
Amtrak 2523 (7 days ago)
I like the dog and is thought bubble.
99percenter1 (7 days ago)
It seems to me that while in super stall, as the aircraft drops faster and faster, the upward wind created relative to the aircraft will push upward against the underside of the fuselage, wings and horizontal stabilizer. The surface area of the wings and stabilizer is much greater than that of the fuselage. The wings and stabilizer are behind the center of gravity, so the wind pushing them upward will cause the aircraft to rotate, bringing the nose down. Why isn't this the case?
Daniel White shooter (7 days ago)
WERE IS MY STICK PUSHER ON MY PLANE?! 727: am a joke to you?
What's on my mind (7 days ago)
Just watch Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Deep stall reminds me a bit of the technique for skid recovery in a car, you have to go against your natural instinct. For a deep stall that means pushing the control stick the way the plane wants to go, which is the opposite of what logic tells you - it's a scary thing to experience, thankfully I never will execpt in a flight simulator.
What's on my mind (7 days ago)
While watching this video I remembered the deep still recovery, which is you want to try and turn the deep stall into a regular stall, because we know how to recover from that one. For aircraft with automated anti-stall system, that would need to be turned off for the pilot to be able to put the plane into a normal stall. If the system is turned on again before a proper normal stall is established, the plane will revert back into it's deep stall mentality. I've done this on a simulator. I am not a pilot, and none of my comments are intended for real world use.
John Grey (7 days ago)
Now I know what to do in a stall! Unfortunately, my Airbus is not due to be delivered until 2029. :(
Michael Paoli (8 days ago)
"super"-stall, and then some. Some aircraft, e.g. SR-71, have very limited envelope of flight and recoverability. Get outside of that and the plane is lost - no way to recover. Another reason many such aircraft are equipped with ejector seats.
An Wira (8 days ago)
Aircraft manufactures that certificate an aircraft have to demonstrate that there is a safe margin between deep stall and the activation of the stick pusher. To do so, Fokker Aircraft company had to deactivate the stick pusher on the Fokker 100 and Fokker 70 during flight testing and demonstrate that margin. If a deep stall actually would occur, then the test pilots could activate solid fuel rockets that were installed into the tail of the prototypes. That would lift the tail plane out of the wake. At least once the rockets were used during flight testing to recover from a deep stall. You need steel nerves in such a situation, because the thrust from the rockets in not available instantly, and once fired the rockets continue to deliver thrust till it runs out of the propellant.
Ned Studios (8 days ago)
Can I ask? Do you schedule regular Simulators for yourself to try different scenarios... in your "spare time". HA! not that you have much. But I'm curious if you're constantly trying to learn? I guess that's 2 questions. I wonder if our American pilots take take the time to do this as well. OR perhaps its required.
reaktor55 (8 days ago)
Please make a video about the movie "Airplane!"
Relaxing Nature (10 days ago)
Thr T tail stuff wasnt really explained very well ..I didnt really clearly understand ..you should have a model plane in your hand to help demonstrate
Crimson Halo (10 days ago)
"The aircraft will fly like a leaf ... to the ground." A big, unwieldy, fuel-filled leaf.
David Parry (11 days ago)
A normal aerodynamic stall is when a plane's wing stops producing useful lift due to the airflow over it compared to the airflow under it. A super-stall is like a normal stall only worse based on the difference between a plane's CentreOfEffort compared to its CentreOfMass. Then there's a Boeing stall based on miscalculations and incompetent american workers when the plane was manufactured from badly-fitting parts. And finally, there's the usgovernment.
Alexei Karam (11 days ago)
Tupolev TU-154 aircraft types were fitted with an anti-stall parachute which helps get the nose down in case they get into a super stall.
Ken Mercer (12 days ago)
Perhaps it's a language thing but you refer to momentum arms several times when actually you are talking about moments. Momentum is mass x velocity whereas a moment is force x distance. E.g. the horizontal stabilizer has a moment about the CoG based on its distance from the CoG and the force it's exerting. Google moment for more info. I have no idea what a momentum arm is and google doesn't help either. Cheers.
annando (12 days ago)
What about shifting masses to change the center of gravity? I know that this is just theoretical - but what would happen if all passengers would leave that last rows towards the front?
David Smith (13 days ago)
I wish he'd said "trained NOT to do" as apposed to try not to do.!!
John Fitzpatrick (13 days ago)
Dear Capt, thank you for the instruction. I understand the principle of the stall. Why can a jet or acrobatic plane climb as they do and not be troubled by the stall position. My guess is more thrust, so the stall behaviour is eliminated by excessive jet power. Always excited to receive your mentor videos.
Marie BCFHS (13 days ago)
Pilots: *fail to notice stall warnings* Stick pushers: Fine, I'll do it myself
Trinity Sounds (13 days ago)
i love those comments from the dog lol
Tim Yarrow (14 days ago)
I learned about something today that I didn't know existed. But I believe you got one major fact wrong. If I am not mistaken, all modern aircraft wings have built-in washout where the wing root has a greater angle of incidence than the wingtip. The effect of washout at a high AoA is to induce the stall first near the wing root, which leaves the outer control surfaces (ailerons) in clean , unstalled air. Only in the deepest stall states do the ailerons become compromised or ineffective. Still....regardless of where the stall first occurs on the wing, the deep stalled flight condition looks like a terrifying place to be.
Inimbrium (14 days ago)
12:50 if you had pasengers on board you could ask them to all run to the front of the aircraft to move the center of mass to the front of the wings, causing the plane to tip nose first.
welshpete12 (14 days ago)
Thank you for that, many years ago when I was learning to fly, this came up in conversation. We flew up to a good height ,and the instructor demonstrated it to me . It was not a pleasant experience !
ZimmMr (15 days ago)
Wait, all most all commercial aircraft have swept wings, so super stalles should effect all air craft and not just tail-engine ones....?
SimonTek (16 days ago)
What would happen if you dropped the landing gear. Would it cause enough drag to drop the front?
Stephanie (17 days ago)
Welp, I'm scared D: sobsobsob ....... brilliant delivery and so informative! Thank you!
Dave John (18 days ago)
Dave John (18 days ago)
Stick pusher = MACS😂😂
Dave John (18 days ago)
Or eject😅
Dave John (18 days ago)
May be roll it upside down to reverse the nose..... Lucky I only fly piper
Margaux & J-B Roussel (18 days ago)
Truly fascinating. Thanks.
B Smith (19 days ago)
Super stall me where’s a parachute
Menture pilot 100000000000000000/1200
topopops (19 days ago)
My friend is a pilot and is told he can’t talk about all the odd objects he has witnessed in the sky.. can you talk about any of your sightings
Working Man (20 days ago)
Love your channel. Please dont go with the comical headline
Garfield JV (20 days ago)
Amazing videos! In general
john street (20 days ago)
Having flown nothing but a 172 for about 5 minutes I probably don't understand what I know, but in a t tail rear engine aircraft in this deep stall situation would retarding the throttle on one engine and going to takeoff power on the other help to get a wing and the nose down? Assuming you are at sufficient altitude that is.
etherjoe505 (22 days ago)
Lower the gear ? Lower the gear on only one side if possible ? Speed brakes on only one side ?
Corbin Davies (22 days ago)
I’m so happy you finally mentioned ailerons 😅
Daniel Slaven (22 days ago)
Wow thank you for making it understandable to me to wrap my head around this...
David Toole (23 days ago)
Sounds like the stick pusher is comparable to 737 Max MCAS
micha0001 (23 days ago)
This 747 that crashed because of loose freight in Afghanistan, was that a super Stall?
Tom The Plummer (23 days ago)
Fantastic Stall. Whee! No passengers! Olde 737 could pull all g. Those Little planes can fly. The fan jets hold them back. Olde models were loud. Stuff one in a short runway. Can’t tell ya
Adam Rak (23 days ago)
Try to build an aircraft in KSP. You will be very familiar with stalling very soon. (also with center of mass, center of lift) (you may need to install better aerodynamics, but they might have updated the stock simulator already)
Jay Rabbit Gaming & Productions (23 days ago)
It's a little too late for me (I got myself into a Super-Stall before this video in X-Plane) Didn't end well
Maciej Prokop (23 days ago)
Hi mentour, I do have a very interesting question. What would happen if I would have enabled reverse thrust while super-stalling? I know that there is no jet airplane that would enable pilot to do this, but what would happen? Would I be able to recover from a super-stall ?
Sandeep (23 days ago)
17.35, the dog knows exactly when the main content of the video ends.
Casey Jones (24 days ago)
Love your videos! Non-pilot aviation buff and 75k+ miles/year business traveler. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise from the cockpit. 🙏
TheCondoInRedondo (24 days ago)
Will dropping the landing gear during a super stall cause sufficient drag aft of the center of gravity to tip the nose down?
Brang Zonghus (24 days ago)
Ain't it great? Because you're up at the pointy end, you get to die first!!......A damn good arrangement.
Quack Quark (24 days ago)
The stick pusher operates on the control column and at first that seems like a good idea because it would be obvious to the pilots when it's working. But, does the stick pusher make enough of a difference to get the nose down? MCAS working with stab trim has much more authority (too much?), and it's not obvious when it's active. What are the trade-offs of each one?
Quack Quark (24 days ago)
The stick pusher operates on the control column and at first that seems like a good idea because it would be obvious to the pilots when it's working. But, does the stick pusher make enough of a difference to get the nose down? MCAS working with stab trim has much more authority (too much?), and it's not obvious when it's active. What are the trade-offs of each one?
Quack Quark (23 days ago)
@Appable Good point, so I was not making a valid comparison. Now that got me thinking about MCAS (if you're not tired of it) If the purpose of MCAS is simply to regulate control column forces, then it seems like an odd choice to connect it to the speed trim system. It could have been a physical system on the column or cables attached to it to improve the pitch handling. The control column just isn't enough? Those new engines must exert much more torque about the centre of mass or something. (IIRC: low speed with quick addition of thrust, and high speed with sustained thrust) Back to stall protection, now I'm more confused why it doesn't use the stab trim to get the nose down, especially if a deep stall is unrecoverable (on a T tail). My intuition swaps each implementation with the other. A little knowledge is dangerous.
Appable (24 days ago)
MCAS is not a stall protection system and is designed to be invisible to pilots in order to regulate control column forces... they're very different systems addressing different issues.
Lennart Thilly (24 days ago)
Absolut lysande. Jag kommer ihåg tell - tales från den tiden då jag seglade, vilken fantastisk väg att visualisera luftflöde!!!! Detta var mycket bra.
Michael Free (24 days ago)
Hrmm. The main gear should be behind level CG and is beneath the CG in any flight attitude.... and should be a fair amount of drag. Would it make sense that adding drag away from and below the CG should help pivot the nose downward?
whitefields5595 (24 days ago)
Its moment-arm not momentum-arm. It is called a turning couple. I was taught to remember it by the saying “Every couple has its moment” ...... but that is another video!
enterthekraken (24 days ago)
Who ever calls it super stall?
Alex Kazzeo (24 days ago)
2 months trying to join "premium" membership. Issues with doing that. Very little assistance.
Taunus TV (24 days ago)
Wow ! Learned something new. Thanx 👍
champeess (24 days ago)
Couldn't ask for a better time as I'm studying for my Principles of Flight exam, thank you very much Mentour! :)
DANNY M (25 days ago)
They should have named it the not good at all stall.
Aaron Gao (25 days ago)
"a stick pusher is an actual proof that pushes the yoke forward and forces the nose down so that it reduces the angle of attack" so this is basically MCAS (its sad that MCAS cant deactivate like the video described)
Appable (24 days ago)
No, because MCAS is designed to oppose control column forces to meet certification requirements, not to pitch the plane down.
Winfried Banzhaf (25 days ago)
would not a short reverse trust help to get out of a super stall?
Leif Neland (25 days ago)
I think it is stupid that I get vacation adds on videos describing dangers of flying. ;-)
Rondo Cat (25 days ago)
Super stall is after what I have hard the main reason for the many fatalities in the "Widow maker" F109 Start Fighter...
Makan Tahi (25 days ago)
similar thing can happen to helicopter when enters into vortex ring
Makan Tahi (25 days ago)
mig 21 has tendency to enter into super stall- i know pilot that ejected from mig21 in ss
Zoran Pucar (25 days ago)
Wouldn’t an asymmetric thrust be a best bet to try to get a wing to drop in this case? Even if it’s in the disturbed airflow it should be better than waiting for “something” to happen.
Digvijay Tanwar (25 days ago)
Looking to see a video on Engine Stall
stein1385 (25 days ago)
"paper aircraft" love it
Devbo Slice (25 days ago)
Smack your lips a few more times so I pay more attention to what your saying. It's a really pleasant experience and I'm sure your dog agrees. Lol
sa fa (25 days ago)
Super Stall and 737 max , iconic duo
L (25 days ago)
I so enjoy this channel. Love the technical aspects most of all. Very educational.
Pete Sapwell (25 days ago)
Super stall in a car...steering wheel feels like it has come off in your hands, the accelerator pedal raises the revs of the engine but has no effect on your speed like the clutch has failed and all the brake callipers have burst pouring hydraulic oil over your brake discs... sail on to the scene of the accident. Seriously super stall sounds just like that... now going to look up to see if I can save my Astra 1.7CDTI from one. And then the aircraft version. 🤓
Pete Sapwell (25 days ago)
Stick pusher MCAS
RipperYou (25 days ago)
Can't you use the landing gear as a means to induce a turning momemtum so the nose turns down enough to get out of the deep stall?
Robert Swindells (25 days ago)
I thought that a stall close to the ground was actually a landing!
Stephanie (17 days ago)
interesting, I wonder if it's called that?.. good pick up!
Bard Erland (25 days ago)
Almost everything you say in this video is either false or severely misleading. There is no such thing as a stall you can't get out of. If it was such a possibility, then the motors would have to give too little trust to get the plane into the air and the spoiler, flaps and alleron are too small to slow a wing down. All though such a plane can exist, it cannot take off by it's own, thus cannot experience any kind of stall, super or otherwise.
Appable (24 days ago)
That's not true. If there's disrupted flow over the horizontal stabilizer there's no more control authority. Planes do not take off stalled...
Global Autobahn (25 days ago)
That’s a really really bad day... yep!
Jacob Wrona (25 days ago)
Would you consider dropping the landing gear to create more drag on the bottom of the aircraft perhaps pitching the nose down?
rob barret (26 days ago)
Pilot: Oh no, were entering a super stall. MCAS: Hold my beer. Seriously though, excellent topic, and great video.
Major Tom (11 days ago)
Mcas is not meant for the faint of heart.
Wayne M (26 days ago)
Captain, is this why the MD DC9 & 10 have shall we call, a controversial safety record?
Michael Free (24 days ago)
No, the -10 had a bad rap because of an early model bad design on the rear cargo doors, and both took it later because of the sheer number deployed mixed with being favorites of some low-budget airlines and shady practices.
Pondy. (26 days ago)
Question* Why does it say "CAT III" behind the throttles and radios?
James (19 days ago)
Pondy. It’s a airline specific tag denoting it’s Status as far as maintenance, I believe cat 3 means that aircraft is 100% no know issues
Roger at YGC (26 days ago)
As a glider pilot, I have often wondered why modern (T-tail) gliders are not subject to a super-stall. Of course they have straight wings, but even so... certainly I have deliberately stalled mine deeply, but the result is a fast nose drop. Any thoughts please?
Cptain Fonsi (26 days ago)
Why some airlines fly only one plane? Is it not better to have 2? For example now with the max thing I heard Southwest are thinking of getting a320.
Saul Savelis (26 days ago)
Why engines are hanging and not on top of wings?
Peter L (26 days ago)
Thanks for the video! FYI, in English what you mean is "moment arm," not "momentum arm." Momentum = mass*velocity, whereas moment = Force * radius * sin(theta). Easy mistake, I'm sure you know the right terminology in German!
Peter L (23 days ago)
@trueilarim Ohh, is Mentour Swedish? Didn't realize! Man, those accents are similar.
trueilarim (23 days ago)
Peter L Why in German? Did you mean Swedish?
Ion Cujbă (26 days ago)
That's why VIP planes take off fast with low climb angle
MattPK (26 days ago)
"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane falling like a leaf, it's Super Stall!"
William H. Baird (26 days ago)
Good episode ... Very logical even for the layman.
saquist (26 days ago)
@ Mentour, I want to know your secret. How do you turn even the smallest explanation into a 20 minute video!
Jonibek Islomjonov (26 days ago)
Working on my PPL, always a pleasure to watch your videos. Continue making them, appreciate it, Peter!!
Richard Neill (26 days ago)
I think you mean "moment" = force x distance, which gives torque, rather than "momentum" = mass x velocity. Also, if all the passengers moved forward, could the CG be shifted enough?
skogis06 (4 days ago)
Richard Neill I would assume it would change the CG, but interesting question! Because in nose heavy aircrafts, the stall would lower the nose automatically, so it would be safe to assume that if you move the CG in front of the CL the nose would, if not instantly drop, at least slowly move downwards.
Smash One Records (26 days ago)
Nice presentation!
Daniel S. (26 days ago)
Hi Mentour, I really love what you do on y/t, your videos are very entertaining. Keep it up. Can you please do a video on 'smoke in cabin - procedures' ( if you already haven't done it, if you did I apologise for missing it). I've read today about flight FR1006 OTP-STN operated by EI-EVH. A/C just had major maintenance and experienced severe smoke in cabin just after t/o. Was in holding pattern for approx 1 hour and then landed safely back at OTP. Was it smoke or condensed vapors? I personally think that it it was really smoke the a/c should of attemped landing immediately even above maximum landing weight? (I assume the holding was executed to burn some fuel). Thanks and looking forward to seeing your opinion on this.