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Funny conversation between Räikkönen, Vettel and Marchionne - You cant fuck around!

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kimiisland (1 year ago)
Just if you cant understand it. Vettel became father for the 2nd time right before the GP (Monza 2015) and Kimi became father half a year ago. Marchionne: Congratulations, Matilda. Not bad. Is it your first one? Vettel: Second Marchionne: Are you serious? Vettel: I always have been. Marchionne: You too!! (To Kimi) Kimi: Yes! Marchionne: You guys can’t fuck around, you have responsibilities. I’m serious. Vettel: You mean literally? Marchionne: Literally.....
Mark Karinz (1 year ago)
msaaccountant You re dead right. Better stick with fiat and alfa romeo which have been doing pretty well so far
MacG (1 year ago)
Isn't Matilda his F1 car's name?
Л.С. Мото (1 year ago)
kimiisland So as always, Kimi doesn't talk ...he knows what he is doing
2jzandy s (1 year ago)
He reminds me of the dude in no country for old men, the psycho with the cow killer thing
Rf Mgm_t (1 year ago)
I find this very weird its like they where talking to a god...
64INFINITE (1 year ago)
Rf Mgm_t I still believe Ferrari is the mafia of F1 to be honest 😂 they've been here since the start and their say in the sport has always been unbelievably important 😧 they're something else, very big and private family
ben pasquale (1 year ago)
has marchionne been drinking? what kind of questions are they?its none of hes business anyway
kimiisland (1 year ago)
I am not sure...its for sure not very respectful
FLEX (1 year ago)
Kimi is looking like a 12 year old boy awaiting presents from his ganddad ^^
Philip Brodermann (1 year ago)
0:35 BWOAH
Misha Nobelev (1 year ago)
кими улыбается)
lachko mitov (1 year ago)
Mrcento (1 year ago)
I love Kimi's understatement to the big boss. "So do you like the car?" "Mwoah..... it's not too bad"
kimiisland (1 year ago)
Kimi somehow looks so tiny there!
MarkYannick (1 year ago)
kimiisland you are right Thats not really Tiny, but because i am dutch I say that is Tiny because dutch people are freaking tall
kimiisland (1 year ago)
Well, Kimi is 1.75m. Thats not really tiny. But in this video he looks much smaller somehow.
MarkYannick (1 year ago)
kimiisland he is, but Vettel too ofc
TopSecretVid (1 year ago)
Those camera clicks tho...pretty cool
LazyRock (1 year ago)
Papa pays the bills around. Mega boss
Simone biker (1 year ago)
Bwoah...Fernando in McLaren...ahihihahahah...don't cry Nando...BWOAH !
Vivek (1 year ago)
Arrivebene 's tense mood shows a very different dynamic he shares with the boss than the boss has with the drivers.
Christopher Everson (1 year ago)
IT's funny i just watched a documentary about North Korea and i feel that same tension here that i saw when people were being interviewed about "The Dear Leader"
kimiisland (1 year ago)
Yes I see that too!
notsojorge (1 year ago)
you cant hide the bwoah kimi
Anton Basta (1 year ago)
I think Vettel misunderstood the fucking around - not literally..
NevCee (1 year ago)
Alonso reflecting on life at the end.
Balnazzardi (1 year ago)
Propably thinking "what could have been..." :D.... I mean I almost feel sorry for the guy, but we all have our own choices to make.
Dasd Mdasd (1 year ago)
Tempesta (1 year ago)
I can't really see him as a Ferrari boss he's Canadian ffs MA should be the boss
John doe (1 year ago)
Yeah pretty cool
Tempesta (1 year ago)
John doe southern Italy gangster!!
Tempesta (1 year ago)
John doe like a true Italian
John doe (1 year ago)
Arrivabene seems come out of some scorsese movie
Tempesta (1 year ago)
John doe arrivibene is the true Italian
Kieran McLaren (1 year ago)
that's not Kimi he was smiling way too much
mistyblueeyes (1 year ago)
kevin gose Finns are a bit awkward in situations like this. we get nervous. :D
ped7g (1 year ago)
It's part of contract.. no speaking, no smiling... at the moment no bonuses obviously...
kevin gose (1 year ago)
But he still doesn‘t talk tho.
KiPe_Rosvolainen (1 year ago)
He's got a new body double he uses for all these kinds of events. This guy hasn't learned how to act like Kimi yet though.
Balnazzardi (1 year ago)
+Laika You never know in F1.....we dont even know yet if Kimi himself wants to continue for another year. I would imagine that if Kimi wants to continue and if he is able to constantly pull off good enough performances like in Monaco and Sochi (and less the kind of perfomances like in Canada), then Kimi's seat should be safe....however if Ferrari sees any opportunity to get some-one like Hamilton or Verstappen to Ferrari, his seat might be less secure. The good side about keeping Kimi however is the stability....they know exactly what they get from Kimi and what he needs from the car and they also know that Kimi wont cause any trouble whatsoever inside the team...with some-one like Verstappen, well you can almost tell that he might not be so respectful for the team or Vettel, but act very selfishly, even when it would go directly against what the team wants.
keesya7 (1 year ago)
Where was this? Is this new?
kimiisland (1 year ago)
No problem
xGeoThumbs (1 year ago)
Oh must have remembered it wrong. Sowwy.
kimiisland (1 year ago)
I think 2015....
xGeoThumbs (1 year ago)
Monza 2016.
kimiisland (1 year ago)
I explained all in the comments, just read.
S Max (1 year ago)
boss bwoah @ 0.36 sec
Ant F (1 year ago)
should be top comment
Stormy Molnjavichen (1 year ago)
Marchione asked him how's the car and Kimi bwoahed him :D