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U2 on their brand-new tour

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It's been four years since the "biggest band on Earth" toured together. U2's new show, the Innocence + Experience Tour, leaves the huge outdoor stadiums and moves indoors. Anthony Mason sits down with the band members in Vancouver to discuss their plans.
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Lookitup (18 days ago)
set up fake charity and took all the money. But has some catchy tunes. Very short.
Hot Rockin' (1 month ago)
PopMart🙂Amazing stage set & Amazing setlist🙂Brilliant Band
michael touse (1 month ago)
One of the Arenas was SAP Center and the rehersal Arena is Rogers Arena in Vancouver Canada. The Sharks and Canucks NHL teams
Huaizhou Xiu (1 month ago)
See you at Seoul this December 🤘🤘
furydad555 (2 months ago)
Stick to rock and roll U2..... Yer politics suk......Bono
Mary Dare (2 months ago)
ACHTUNG BERLIN SAYS MOLOKOV!!! THEY are Crucifying men women and children for the Wearing of the Green!!!
Neri Ashley Cabajar (3 months ago)
Poor Bono, he still can't move some of his fingers!
axel alfredsson (3 months ago)
I just love u, u are the best
axel alfredsson (3 months ago)
David Lepesqueur (3 months ago)
U2 meilleur groupe au monde... Qu ils durent toujours. Je les adore et je les suis depuis tellement longtemps 😍😍😍bonne musique, personnages humbles et engagés, magnifique. Il y a toujours le son de U2 à la maison
Ramiro Pastor Fernandez (3 months ago)
They sounds like angels into the night. Thanks to stay alive
Anne Brewitt (4 months ago)
So glad you had the song of your Mother released. More men need to know the value a mother has. No need to have felt embarrassed. That was a lovely thing to do.xx
Jay Birdy (4 months ago)
A band can stay together if they have the dream intact.
Jay Birdy (4 months ago)
Hahaha......Stigwood.....you still suck.
Wowo Mah (4 months ago)
That part where the interviewer says "These antique amps" uh..what? Those look like brand new Voxes to me...
Thomas Jackson (6 months ago)
Thomas Jackson (6 months ago)
Not for long.
james smith (10 months ago)
Love u2 saw then in dublin best night of my life
Michele Platts (10 months ago)
Ireland's Finest - mine too!
Jeremy Sears (10 months ago)
I've never been surprised by their success
Jest Passinthru (10 months ago)
Macho pmsl
peter lundqvist (11 months ago)
Gabor Kovacs (11 months ago)
K. Bauer (11 months ago)
U2 is done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm36sdBOrMI
Clayton Wiffen (1 year ago)
Bono arguess for open borders, mass immigration. And they have the top tax advice, money can buy. Not my favourite people.
Tall Blonde Alien (1 year ago)
Love the music but Bono political views are far too extreme now.That was very strange about Sweden it is like he has been micro chipped all just gone insane?
David Blackburn (1 year ago)
Irrelevant, boring and racist.
F U (1 year ago)
Bono you were my hero, now you're dead to me.
uruglytoo (1 year ago)
bono could never play the guitar...
Thomas Kirchner (1 year ago)
Undeniably the biggest band in the world. Bassist, AdamClayton is the best rock bassist
PlanetRockJesus (1 year ago)
Stupid RSO.
Bob Spence (1 year ago)
Been a fan from been 14 iam 54 now best band ever
Pip Pipster (1 year ago)
All aged really well Good bunch guys Adored early U2
Fiona Mcdaniels (1 year ago)
So long as I am alive U2 will be THE ONE. , im not sorry, the band is not a circus. I will write what I and my family experienced in NI and Free State. This band is the the best in the world. and simple minds comes next. I will devote the rest of the time of my life to them, no one can match them. Our birthday is the same, my brother looks like him, and He and They have inspired me and helped meself and my family cope with what has occurred. Of course I admire many others and since I do not have much time left on this earth, for better or worse, I devote the rest of my life to their honesty, talent, love, and hopefully what I write for them and all committed to their outstanding, no only performance, yet the conveyance of what is sung, written and safely conveyed to the world. I KNOW BONO CAN PLAY AGAN> My mum had same trouble and he will recover, He needs ta right docs. IF not His voice, his writing, his lyric will live on. And every single fan in the world will support them. Keep on, brother, for you are a twin of my brother. Its ethereal. . I love Shebeen I love the Aussies and whilst U2 is my opinion the best, many other are as well, especially those who hae played and supported them in the past. Kindly keep doing so. God Bless all and always remembers only God knows all and hearts, With kind words, with prayer, with U2 and many other bands conveying thus our country will be FREE..Thank you for evermore this talent given to you by the almighty and using it for the best of all people. And I shall not mention the others who do the same here, you know who you are.
krafuna (1 year ago)
Hosoi Archives (1 year ago)
man they suck
Jeff Welsh (1 year ago)
Mellissa Melton (1 year ago)
Yaaaaa!!!!!!!! Hope they play Vegas!!!!!!!!
Guitar Overkill (1 year ago)
U2 puts on a show! Every other band just plays on stage. They actually played in the crowd this show.
L Neil (1 year ago)
Thank you for honouring your mother :)
L Neil (1 year ago)
Bono and Edge thank GOD you are both okay. We couldn't live without you.
The Weather Men (1 year ago)
This isn't true it hasn't been 4 years since they've last toured they did the world tour to celebrate the Joshua Tree last year I would k ow bc I went to it
jack (8 months ago)
This video was posted in 2015, I was sort of thinking the same thing until I checked.
Andre Newcomb (1 year ago)
I think the 1st time I've heart The Edge speaking voice.  Nice.  I like the pseudo-falsetto, delay in following Bono's line.  I also like the desert rose hidden in our desert.  A scary place.  Photos of you keeping close because of the rumors is good.
Patricia Egan (1 year ago)
Songs come from the heart, like yours! Always!
Rubytuesday (1 year ago)
Ha ha he can't play 🎸.... hmmmmm .
vinod george (1 year ago)
I love this extraordinary band...
Elvis silva viana (1 year ago)
lindo video u2 boa banda visite meu canal sao videos simples
tdurbo (1 year ago)
I hate that so many people hate Bono. He’s the best frontman in the world. My life has been so much better just because U2 have always been there.
sulzer73 (18 days ago)
Bono is great, but Michael Hutchence God bless his soul was greatest...
Kick butoxy (1 month ago)
May be there is a reason And you guys are ignorant
FRO Films (8 months ago)
Me too. Just ignore the haters. F
Purplemetall007 (1 year ago)
I wish the Edge would lose the freakin' beanie cap already.
~Alondra Vélez~ (1 year ago)
Thank God, they still here!!! 😚
Carla Trottier (1 year ago)
Saw 3 of 4 shows in Boston!!!!
Jeremy Sears (2 years ago)
The Sonic Soundscapes this band create are still insanely fantastic. Other worldly still
solomonsworld (2 years ago)
I was in a small room first show ever in America. The Ritz NYC Dec 6.1980.
Chuquila Law (2 years ago)
I really like this great band.
P3 Productions (2 years ago)
That was very interesting, I got to see them in Chicago on June 24, 2015 and I saw them again in Miami on June 11, 2017. LOVE YOU U2!!!!!
Robert Cole (2 years ago)
I was so disappointed this tour didn't make it to Florida....
Chris Manning (2 years ago)
I love these guys! But them getting like"Star Wars' A really bad comment... The 501st Legion does Star Wars, not U2! TK/TB-41066, out...
Joe Blow (2 years ago)
Amount of money donated by U2 from the tour to end poverty = $0.00
ThePoisoned Goth (2 years ago)
That tour set looks like something out of a Toy Store and the band are plastic dolls for the demi gods to play around with Im so glad Im not a pop star puppet
Adam Wilson (10 months ago)
Don't worry - you're not
Seid Kampfer (2 years ago)
Seid Kampfer (2 years ago)
WRIGHT MEDIA (2 years ago)
This was very well produced. Great down to Earth interview that really captured the essence of the band. Really looking forward to the New 2017 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour. Sometimes you have to go back - and make it all up again.
Patricia Egan (2 years ago)
There is a scene that needs to be taken out of this video.
Jack White (2 years ago)
40 years strong and still the best band in the world.
Travis Bickle (2 years ago)
They've stayed silent while their fans get ripped off for tickets. Disgraceful and greedy. Cant stand them now. They need to pack it all in.
redrik11 (2 years ago)
chris beck (2 years ago)
put yourself in a large trash tin U2 you are out of date with all your new woRld order views you suck big time just like the people you support Hillary ,GO AND PLAY IFOR THE DEAF
Paul Mortimer (2 years ago)
so you come on a U2 post to say that?hope you are fulfilled now :)
Dual Bag (2 years ago)
No, they are not relevant. THEY SUCK
Doug Doug (2 years ago)
Doug Doug (2 years ago)
William Sauer (2 years ago)
I felt I+E was their best tour in years... I thought they could be bothered again after what I perceived to be the lacklustre Vertigo and 360 tours. Can't wait for the experience part. :-)
William Sauer (2 years ago)
I loved Popmart, what a spectacle
Robert Hay (2 years ago)
William Sauer PopMart was awesome, also.
William Sauer (2 years ago)
yup, definitely
soeffingwhat (2 years ago)
I disagree, I thought the other Tours were great. Each to their own though.
Doug Doug (2 years ago)
Brett Scott (2 years ago)
If they ever came to Cambodia I'd go...just not enough Westerners here to make the trip worthwhile;(
OIAI'O Foster (3 years ago)
God bless U2!!!!
cooky Ireland (3 years ago)
i hope that they the first 15 years don't stop with making music . i'm 55 years old , ans fan off the beginning. when i came back from the war in Lebanon , i get depressed. U2 , Helpt me out off it . U2! Greatest band off two centuries, Thx boy's, for what you ment to me , and many other people. Godloves U2, And you too.
robertk2007 (3 years ago)
time to retire boys
Conor Mc Gowan (2 years ago)
You obviously have not seen the Joshua tree tour...mind blowing totally on their game.
Andres Porras (2 years ago)
So, U2 will not retire. Good news!
robertk2007 (2 years ago)
@Andres Porras but they havent put put good music, the apple download was a joke. shows are ok, unless the edge falls off a stage
Andres Porras (2 years ago)
well, in that case, let U2 keep touring and making wonderful music
robertk2007 (2 years ago)
@Andres Porras sorry, but stumbling off stage and canceling tours because bike accidents isnt rock music. granted, they are better than most acts out there, but isnt saying much
alex ballantine (3 years ago)
I magically literally got their album "Songs of Innocence" into my iPod etc and I don't know how but I kind of like it
nguitar34 (3 years ago)
felt so bad when I saw that 4:09
sakamuras s (3 years ago)
adam clayton looks like anthony bourdain with white hair.
sakamuras s (3 years ago)
sorry, those vox amps aren't "antique"...they're brand spanking new.
Harry Caine (3 years ago)
"I can't do this. I'm a macho Irish singer..." Says a man in his fifties wearing pink tinted glasses, earrings, and blonde highlights.
Karl Callas (9 months ago)
Yes, I totally Agree!
Eloy Hurtado Bermudez (3 years ago)
looks like robin williams (rip)
Boy Trent (3 years ago)
Indoors and inside a bubble. I mean - what's wrong with the air outside? Is there something we should know and aren't being told. Something the "philanthropists"; don't dare tell? They should write a new song: Suck it up - over populators.
USASecretHistory (4 years ago)
U2 is crap. They're overrated.
Robert Hay (2 years ago)
USASecretHistory Says someone who hasn't done shit with their life.
Nancy Pizzotti (4 years ago)
This concert was magnificent to say the very least. I have followed this band since 1979 my senior year in HS. Boston was one of the first radio stations that gave them a break. I'm so glad they did. It's like a religious experience with the music and lyrics. I really think they are God's band, delivering the message of hope faith and love. Great interview.  Nancy, Boston, MA
Leonidas Diamandopoulos (4 years ago)
edge has looked the same forever
Grahame Cole (4 months ago)
it's the beanie
Tenma (2 years ago)
Leonidas Diamandopoulos since 1993 to be exactly
Leonidas Diamandopoulos (4 years ago)
look at them. aging, but not much. rock keeps them young
knownpleasures (4 years ago)
"there's something in the jeopardy"   what does that mean??
Roy Villeneve (4 years ago)
They have already done and played everything in the 360 tour. No show will be better than the POPMART in Mexico City back in 1997 ( the greatest show of a rock band ever ). They should try to play more experimental music or retire , no more left but repeat the same over and over again , kind of boring.
USASecretHistory (4 years ago)
Do us all a favor U2.  Retire. It's over. Especially for Bono. Can't you take a hint? The Edge fell off a stage. Bono fell off his bike. Now Bono can't play guitar. Soon he will lose his vocal range as well.  "That's right, the artist with the highest vocal range in the UK is Editors singer Tom Smith, and you can be forgiven for never having heard of him, because he's better known as 'the singer out of the Editors'. Indie supremo Tom Smith, who channels Joy Division legend Ian Curtis with his low frequency rumblings, has a SUPERHUMAN vocal range of 4.75. To put that into perspective, that's a wider tonal range than an electric guitar (in standard tuning)." http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/singer-best-vocal-range-uk-4323076 Mike Patton of Faith No More has a vocal range of 6 octaves.
Mike Valencia (1 year ago)
Your a tool shut up
USASecretHistory (4 years ago)
@LarryTheHotdog which isn't say much of course. Why? Because the bar is so low!
LarryTheHotdog (4 years ago)
Way better than modern music.
USASecretHistory (4 years ago)
@Andy Pianoman I'm sorry but your post is incoherent and makes no sense. You write the way Bono writes his lyrics. Complete with clichés and devoid of a single complete thought. 
Andy Pianoman (4 years ago)
@USASecretHistory Bono might be doing you a favour if he retires but you do not speak for ALL, millions of people still enjoy them, maybe you will wake up to the fast that the earth was not put here just for you, and if other people enjoy something you do not like, embrace it, it would be a sad world if we all liked the same thing. They are still selling out lots of big venues. Go and troll something else you don't like, I am sure there is a lot of choice. Peace
Marcus1050 (4 years ago)
Sie sind zu recht die beste Rockband auf dem Planeten, da sie sich immer wieder neu erfinden...
Dathotness4ya (4 years ago)
Edge is the hottest one out of all of them.
Ben Snyder (4 years ago)
fuck you U2!!!! Your'e fucking album haunts me every time I turn on my music on my i phone....
Mark Paul (2 years ago)
Ben Snyder learn to take it off then
Adam Martin (4 years ago)
+Ben Snyder Some poor Chinese kid busts their ass making iphones for a few cents a day and now you're outraged?
Andy Pianoman (4 years ago)
@Ben Snyder bono appologised for that but maybe he did not realise that there were people as stupid as you that did not switch off the button that says allow automatic downloads. you own an iphone but don't know how it works! also it was a free gift, ungrateful person you are. you are off my xmas list
Cali Den (4 years ago)
daniel courtney (4 years ago)
I didn't know Gordon Strachan was the new lead man for U2
Flying-Experience (4 years ago)
chicagooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Here we come!! 2015
kellykinsellives (4 years ago)
I wish they would just retire already. Every new album and tour gets worse than the last one. They are diminishing their legend by releasing this garbage and by playing concerts with these  garbage songs from the last 3 albums
Adam Martin (4 years ago)
+kellykinsellives Rubbish.The new album is their best in 15 years.
Andy Pianoman (4 years ago)
@kellykinsellives I saw them at Slane in 2001 and nothing can top that! but 360 was amazing! And I am seeing them in Nov so I will reserve judgement
kellykinsellives (4 years ago)
@Andy Pianoman They are still the best band but they are ruining their legend because they are not as good as they used to be.
Andy Pianoman (4 years ago)
@kellykinsellives I like them, so they have one fan at least !
Magalí Massaro (4 years ago)
Best band on this world ♥
SenorQuichotte (4 years ago)
700 million and how much in taxes did they avoid by having empty buildings in Amsterdam?
dnatz58 (4 years ago)
GaryGuevara (4 years ago)
Larry Mullen Jr. has aged really well.
jude999 (1 year ago)
Edge looks the best. Larry looks frightening.
John Vowden (4 years ago)
Kike POP (4 years ago)
Bono still loves POPMART!!! Best U2 tour