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UPS SHIPPING not a good day

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Zion Fisher (1 year ago)
Is that seriously what it look like?! I'm nervous! I ordered a computer and it's UPS 2 Day Air!! 🤚🏿😱😭😭😐
JoBoriaRacing (3 years ago)
That's some fck shiit!!!
Marvelousod (3 years ago)
I heard them hot boys playing in the back ground.  Get Ya Shine On.  But UPS was on some other @#$%
rocbud43 (3 years ago)
That's terrible bro, i'd go to ups and make a claim.
ggjflyguy (3 years ago)
Dam Bro thats rough, whats amazing is theres a large Fragile sticker on it and they completely ignored it
Joe Strickland Sr (3 years ago)
That's messed up my brother.
Sharpe Edges Racing Team Sharpe (3 years ago)
Sorry to see that bro.
BIGJAMESRC (3 years ago)
Street Dreamz (3 years ago)
Damn I would've been heated! Fuck that
jayc3472 (3 years ago)
UPS or USPS don't give a F@#K. UPS deliver my slash 4x4 ultimate a $500 I watch the guy drop the package not place it from 4ft up. I said what the F@#k theirs a $500 Rc in that box. I get oh I'm sorry. Another time I had to go down to the post office to tell them that if the mail man is delivering a  package to our house to NOT! leave packages on my wifes handicap ramp. I mean if my wife could walk she wouldn't need a ramp or a scooter. You'd think these people would be smart enough to know that. Sorry for the rant and sorry for your loss.
bigteedo111 (3 years ago)
Damn that's messed up!
PaulyG RC (3 years ago)
not good, call them up brotha!!
Budget Guy RC (3 years ago)
major fail by ups sorry my friend have fun RCing
Wayne Peeples (3 years ago)
Yep...that is a shame...No Deal!
Mr Highpower Garage (3 years ago)
Damn ups they alway be tossing n stepping on packages!!sorry 4 the mishap my brotha!
ABMNS PRODUCTION (3 years ago)
What a big fail! But do not blame UPS, blame the seller who did not reinforce the box enough!
TOJO (3 years ago)
That sucks! Sorry for the flat body, at worst you can make a low rider =P sorry had to  lol
RCPERSUADER (3 years ago)
Damn!! That's fucked up. Hopeful you want take a L. Peace brother and be easy.
RadRep Trevino (3 years ago)
Damn brother same shit happen to me today but not as bad.
BlackSmith RC (3 years ago)
Hate to see that bro hopefully ups will fix the problem. That's some bull%&#@!
Charles Coby (3 years ago)
No' you don't' you make them send you another body, take picture and send it to them , and tell them that you want the box with lot of packing, but send them picture, I go thru that shit with hobby zone' and I make them send my stuff the right way, plus make UPS do a claim and pay for the shipping,,
JAMMIN DESIGNS (3 years ago)
Don't take that bro!!! It's ups fault they have the worst service they cost a lot and there as slow as my grandmas walking. Give them a hard time !!!
Joe Schmoe (3 years ago)
That bites.
jess34753 (3 years ago)
Man bro that is no good, send back bro should replace or UPS pay for.
Ramsay (3 years ago)
man that sucks bro..sorry to see that crape
RC Crawler Workbench (3 years ago)
Damn man that blows. Hope they take care of ya man. Looks like a damn fork lift ran the hell over it. Thats BS
Rcman1223 (3 years ago)
Thats BS send that back i would..Well then again u know me i dont take BS like that.
Joe A (3 years ago)
Damn that shit sucks send that shit back or make them pay for that shit
Riz23Riz (3 years ago)
Damn Tin Man.  That sucks.  You need to tell them to ship you out another body.  When they see this video they'll have to do it.  Sorry bro.
RC Johnny (3 years ago)
that sucks bro !!
HawkEye3187 (3 years ago)
Yo Tin man that shit looks like it was deliberately done because it saids fragile... I'm with everyone who said send it back... Keep up posted
KiLLAmods876 (3 years ago)
Oh shit that's fucked up..
GotNoChill RC (3 years ago)
Man that's not cool at all bro, I can't even push the like button on this one...
mtctookie25 (3 years ago)
Settle down Tinman, i'm like WTF, i wouldn't buy another one. Make UPS pay you bro or whoever your got it from. That's some B.S. right out the gate! :(
2cwik4u104 (3 years ago)
damn that sucks Tinsley. we do enough damage to our own bodies. we don't need anyone helping out. send that sh!t back.
Traxxasfreak98 (3 years ago)
Damn that sucks sorry to see that.i would send it back.hope things turn in your favor.
WIG SPLITTERS RC (3 years ago)
Thats bullshit bro thay just stomped on that fucker
Mr. G1982 (3 years ago)
I would have been mad as hell
EVERYDAY RC (3 years ago)
That's ridiculous!! UPS Sucks!!! Never received a body without a crease delivered by UPS! Chin up bro! Stickers and T shirt on their way!
James Johnson. RC (3 years ago)
Damn my brother sorry to see that I know that sucks I would show ups this video make their asses buy you a new one once again sorry my brother :-(
Tamiya Hotshots (3 years ago)
That sucks puss.
RCcar Rookie (3 years ago)
Send it back bro!! It's not your fault that they couldn't handle it properly! Send it bro! Call who ever sent it to you!!
HaHa12!! (3 years ago)
That some bullshit!!!! I hope they are going to gave u a refund...
RC VHX 22 (3 years ago)
damn what.......f@## bro That sucks :-(
TATMONEY (3 years ago)
damn what the f@## they was thinking you wasnt going to do any thing about that shi...the nerv of some people!