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Vettel's top 5 moments of 2017

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Re-live Seb's best 5 actions of this season Follow us on our social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vettelteam5 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Vettelteam5 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/vettelteam Website: http://bit.ly/VETTEL_TEAM Store: https://viralstyle.com/store/store.vettelteam.buy
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Text Comments (187)
Nicole W (2 days ago)
Apart from the actions on Sundays, his pole laps in Singapore and Mexico are top class as well. Also his win in Brazil, it's like a 'how to win a gp' tutorial.
Sebastian Vettel Videos (2 days ago)
Sebastian Vettel Is Only The Best Driver 4 Champion.
Leon Hummer (4 days ago)
In malyasia?
Justin Dass (4 days ago)
Malaysia GP is the best moment for me. start for last to P4
Limborghini (6 days ago)
Music killed it.
Daniel Spiteri (6 days ago)
Great video. I think this year, Seb made only two mistakes (baku and singapore), he was otherwise nearly flawless
Julian Albert (6 days ago)
The music is horrible
vjekoP (6 days ago)
Video is very good but you need to fix the music. Try something more subtle. This bangs on your head :D. Forza Ferrari!
Ceeza _ (6 days ago)
Massive Hamilton fan, but hats off to Vettel, what a season he had. Great vid by the way
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
Indeed. How could i forget.
Ceeza _ (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower And Ocon
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
I guess so. Alonso, Ricciardo, Sainz and Perez aren't bad either.
Ceeza _ (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower 2 of the best drivers in the world for sure
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
Massive Vettel fan, but I have to admit Hamilton kept his head and took every opportunity that was there.
BlackyPvP (6 days ago)
Schön zu sehen, dass auch noch Leute gibt, die keine geblendeten Lewis Hamilton Fans sind😂
Donyx (6 days ago)
BlackyPvP Ja xD "Look at this Fans" 😂😂😂
Kyran Smith (6 days ago)
Whats the song called?
Carlos Cerda (7 days ago)
Better is a really skilled driver in my opinion, but I think he let his emotions control him in 2017 (Baku for example) I hope he can do better in this season
Davide Sommovigo (7 days ago)
Vettel is the best Hamilton Verstappen buuuuu
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
Came back like a boss in Canada, and Baku was a dirty brake-test move by Lewis.
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
+Blaze He's had bad luck and the Ferrari started to show unreliability. Also that idiot Max ruined his race three times. Since Baku??? No, since Monza. FFS!!! The first 7 races were a highlights!!! He got wins and 2nd places untill Canada. Won Monaco in a dominant manner, got amazing poles in Russia, Singapore and Mexico.
Blaze ッ (7 days ago)
Nah, just his season been going downwards since Baku :) Only high point was maybe his wins in Hungary, Brazil and his comeback in Malaysia... I don't hate Vettel, I only hate thoose fans who think he is god himself...
Firemarioflower (7 days ago)
+Blaze   Crawl back under that rock you dumbfuck.  He hasn't done anything wrong.
Blaze ッ (7 days ago)
Yea only a driver like this can fuck up his own season like this ;)
Skiller Scope (7 days ago)
Grzegorz Sobczak (8 days ago)
Francesco Tufoni (8 days ago)
Hey Mercedes this is sebastian Vettel and a Ferrari
Firemarioflower (7 days ago)
Mercedes better be afraid now. Next year Ferrari will become stronger.  Schumacher took 4 years before Ferrari had that constructors,  give Vettel another year and he's up there.
Philip Kratochwill (8 days ago)
Vettel is such an asshole. This bastard move in Baku. I will never forget such a dangerous move. I hate him.
MrAsus4870 (8 days ago)
I'm not even starting to watch this, music is awful.
Tin tin (8 days ago)
Pole lap in singapore, one of my favorites qualy laps
race craft (9 days ago)
FORMULA 1 ONBOARD (2 days ago)
Subscribe To My Channel For Team Vettel. And I Will Subscribe Yours I Promise.
Firemarioflower (2 days ago)
+Sebastian Vettel Videos ???? I don't think i understand. I said Vettel is WHAT??? I'm a massive fan of his and i dislike Hamilton and Verstappen, who i think are overrated.
Sebastian Vettel Videos (2 days ago)
Firemarioflower Sorry. For What I Did. I Thought You Say Vettel Is !!!!!!. So Sorry.
Firemarioflower (2 days ago)
+Sebastian Vettel Videos You're not Vettel you massive troll. I know Seb as a nice guy that doesn't waste his time arguing with F1 fans on youtube. HONESTLY! WHAT ARE YOU THIKING?? STOP BEING REDICULOUS!!!
Sebastian Vettel Videos (2 days ago)
I'm VETTEL So Fu** You I Report You And Going To Add You
cr yak (9 days ago)
Very good, The Name oF music ?
Playstation 5247 (9 days ago)
What about Vettel's win in Brazil after Ferrari suffered so much pain since the Start Crash of the Singapore Grand Prix, Turbo Issues in Malaysia, and Faulty Spark Plug problems in Japan
mr id (11 days ago)
This video doesn't do him justice. Most of these are him getting caught up in an accident or pushing people wide. He is a verry good driver. But this portraits his dissapointing season more than himself as a driver.
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
Also, Driver of the Day 7 times and spectacular overtaking moves.
Firemarioflower (7 days ago)
It wasn't a disappointing season.  He brought Ferrari back in the game and he had great races and wins. It wasn't the result he and the Ferrari-fans wanted,  but it was a huge leap from 2016.
Ariel Scoleri (13 days ago)
Excelente piloto... Adelantamientos agresivos pero muy perfectos.. seb y Lewis dos grandes de la F1 del hoy.. espero q 2018 tengamos más peleas en carrera de ellos
戴佑呆呆DaiyouStupid (15 days ago)
Losers Top5 moment
BlackyPvP (6 days ago)
呆呆戴佑 Nope Skillers
Swagger Gamer Pitstra (15 days ago)
Haha only the beginning of the season was just LUCK every yeat he had was LUCK when he won a title it is not a bad driver but still
ya (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower When we say Ricciardo beat Seb in 2014, we're not just talking about the points, points are the less relevant part, we're talking about the fact that Ricciardo was just the faster driver, when both were on similar circunstances, Daniel was in front more often than not. In 2015 he was also faster than kvyat but got much worse reliabilty wich allowed Kvyat to be ahead of him in the standings. Just like Rosberg in 2016, who managed to beat Hamilton for the single fact that he got better reliability. And Alonso's car wasn't sabotaged, that's just dumb theories made up by Alonso fans, the only ilegal thing that happened in the McLaren garage in 2007 was them using Ferrari secret data, nothing else, othet than that it was just Alonso acting like a spoiled child because he got into McLaren thinking he would cruise to a 3rd consecutive title, and he ended up being outqualified and many times outraced by his rookie teammate. And my friend, the Mercedes engine produces way over 950hp... Just like the Ferrari and probably Renault. 950 are Honda figures. And regarding the oil, once again you prove your lack of knowledge. Ferrari could also use 1.2 of oil until their 4th engine, wich they introduced very late in the season, Mercedes introduced the 4th engine in Belgium so they weren't forced to have the 0.9 limitation. Ferrari only introduced the 4th engine in Malaysia I think (when the championship was already pretty much lost), so until then, both could use 1.2L of oil per 100km. No one is doubting that Mercedes has a more powerfull engine, they have, but the difference is really small, and it doesn't make them the fastest car overall. There were tracks where the Mercedes was clearly stronger (like Monza, Austin or Abu Dhabi) but on most tracks it was either balanced or Ferrari having the upper hand. That's why Hamilton got this title on merit
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
1. Kvyat beat Ricciardo later on in 2015, doesn't say a thing. 2. Lewis was favored, Alonso's car was secretly worse and Ron Dennis screwd Fernando. The 2012 Ferrari wasn't slower. That's horseshit. The 950HP Mercedes W08Hybrid a slower car?? Have you been drinking??? It had much more power than the Ferrari, the Ferrari could only burn 0.9 g of oil and the Mercedes 1,2. We can clearly see the Mercedes being convincingly faster in straightline, the Ferrari was only the better handling car, more benine, well balanced and great aero. We also see the Force India and Williams dominant with taht engine.
ya (6 days ago)
Firemarioflower I laughed a lot with the dumbness of your statements but the best of all was "Vettel is much better Only Alonso can touch him". Two points here. 1- Ricciardo beat Seb quite convincingly on his first year in Red Bull in 2014, so it's not only Alonso who can touch him. 2- Hamilton matched Alonso in points as a rookie in 2007, on the same car, outqualifying him and having worse reliability. So Hamilton can touch Alonso, Alonso can touch Seb, but Hamilton can't touch Seb? Nice logic. Also, bear in mind that Alonso almost won the 2012 title in a car that was much slower than the Red Bull, so Nando can't only "touch" Seb, he can beat him any day of the week on equal cars. Same goes for Hamilton who won this year's title on a SLOWER car
Firemarioflower (7 days ago)
Hamiltons'  won championships are also due to  dominant engines and his first was due to Felipe Massa's bad luck.
Firemarioflower (7 days ago)
Pole positions are meaningless.   Vettel got 4 consecutive WC-ships with more competition and by winning fewer reaces overall than Hamilton.Not bad driver?  Best in the world at the moment.  No Hamilton could've won Monza in a Toro Rosso. Bitch.Also, Hamilton always had the stronger car and who won despite that in 2010-2013? Exactly.Hamilton was CRAP in Austria,  CRAP in Monaco,  CRAP in Russia as well.  And made a dumb mistake in Brazil.  So please.....   Vettel is so much better.  Only Alonso can touch him.
Le Penseur (16 days ago)
The music sucks
Sebastian Vettel Videos (4 days ago)
Henri Van Moldergem (4 days ago)
Le Penseur iii
CrUsHoR (8 days ago)
race craft the fuck why are you here then?
race craft (9 days ago)
KURAMA YOUKO (19 days ago)
*Amazing pilot... forza ferrari*
TomPos 20 (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower Button wins 2009 wc with Brawn GP 😉
GeometryDashNoob (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower btw also. Lewis is the only current driver if not the only driver ever to win in every season of his career so suck a dildo and fuck off
GeometryDashNoob (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower you are thick. Button won with a different car.
GeometryDashNoob (5 days ago)
Firemarioflower you are the biggest fag i have ever seen. Hello! 2011 and 2013! You fucking idiot. Stop trying to think on fucking idiotic reasons as to why Vettel is better. AS I SAID BEFORE IT IS MY OPINION
Firemarioflower (5 days ago)
+GeometryDashNoob Also, poles don't mean a thing. Racing = racing. That's what really matters. Setting fast laps with a Mercedes W08-Hybrid is easy.
Samuel Krauß (20 days ago)
Vettel is the best
Firemarioflower (6 days ago)
+Blaze Perhaps, but without a favorite this sport isn't as exciting. Deep down eveyrone has someone he sypmathises most with. I'm also a fan of the sport yet i can't get myself to be completely 100% unbiased. However I like the truth and i stand for it.
Firemarioflower (6 days ago)
+Pacifian That doesn't say much. Ricciardo also matched Vettel and Kvyat matched Ricciardo.
Firemarioflower (6 days ago)
+Pacifian It's only common sense, seeing what Perez and Hulkenberg can achieve with average cars.
Firemarioflower (6 days ago)
+Ramon Van Der Horst It would be better accepting that Lewis and Max are good but will never reach a level that great drivrs like Seb and Fernando have.
Donyx (6 days ago)
Philip Kratochwill You say overpowered red bull...by the way he won 4 titles...seems you know f1 well
Cristian Indruseschi (22 days ago)
Couldn't even watch because of the shit music. Got your dislike off the same reason!
Cristian Indruseschi (18 days ago)
David Guetta but of course I need to hide myself.
The Darkness LEGEND (18 days ago)
Cristian Indruseschi Just one question. Who are you to say this is shit music?
Firemarioflower (20 days ago)
HONESTLY!!!! What are we doing here? Watching great race moments or starting conversations? ;p
Cristian Indruseschi (22 days ago)
Actually I'm sorry, you didn't really ask anything. Maybe I just started a conversation :)
Cristian Indruseschi (22 days ago)
vettelteam Well thank you sir you made my day with this news! I was actually answering to your question but to get such an opportunity just made my knees weak!
F1RacingGG (23 days ago)
Nice outro song tho...
Racegamer 81 (23 days ago)
This cheers me up
Firemarioflower (23 days ago)
Grande Seb! Many times the fastest lap of the race this year and the best overtakes, also the most times voted as Driver of the Day!!!
Firemarioflower (4 days ago)
+TomPos He overtook Kimi in China and Austin, yes. And no those weren't teamorders if you try to insinuate that same old anti-Ferrari propaganda.
TomPos 20 (4 days ago)
Alonso vs Hamilton - Around 3 laps, 5 corners side by side, Vettel this will never do 😉 Multi 21 or Puncture for "duelant" - Multi 21 this season: Ham 4 - Vet 9.... Look at the f1 statistics
TomPos 20 (4 days ago)
And Vettels overtakes on Kimi 😉
Luis Guillen (4 days ago)
Hamilton overtake in spain or bottas in uk are much easier
Firemarioflower (4 days ago)
Nonsense! His overtake on Ocon in Canada was superb. Or his overtake on Perez in Mexico. You hvaen't seen anything, gramps. He overtook Bottas in Spain, in USA, passed both Mercedes on the start at Austin and Brazil. And he did an amazing overtake on both Raikkönnen and Ricciardo in China.
Firemarioflower (23 days ago)
Nice video. A few suggestions. How about the amazing recovery drive from LAST on the grid to 4th in Malaysia? Or his impressive comeback in Mexico after ANOTHER front wing change with AGAIN contact with Verstappen. I also think his battle with Verstappen at some point in SIlverstone was amazing (yes, he didn't win it other than through the pits but it was a good fight). His overtake on Bottas from down the inside from the start of Brazil to control the race and win it. And his pass on Lewis in Austin right from the start. He then later also made a hugely impressive overtake on Bottas round the outside with a backmarker in the way so he sandwiched trough. (Vandoorne i think?) I also like how he got pole in SIngapore after contact with the wall at turn 19. His Mexican pole was also hugely impressive. Vettel's highlight of that race being his divebomb on Perez in turn 4.
Peyton Manning Cards (23 days ago)
Didn’t he win Monte Carlo
Luca Gray (8 days ago)
Peyton Manning Cards yes he did
Firemarioflower (23 days ago)
Yeah, exactly! That was way more special than Australia..... big deal.... just via the pitstops. That's so easy. It's more impressive on of the oldest and most demanding tracks.
NeXozZ GaMiNG (24 days ago)
So bullshit.....
Firemarioflower (7 days ago)
+Life Explorer  Great defending by Ricciardo.But Alonso got in Vettel's way, ignoring the blue flags.  That cost him plus the tyres were not strong enough anymore.
Life Explorer (7 days ago)
The race in Kuala Lumpur was the best one, because on the problems and on the p4, almost p3.
Samuel Krauß (20 days ago)
Firemarioflower (23 days ago)
+vettelteam I see.... Democracy is indeed the decider here and I appreciate it. I look forward to them. Thanks!
vettelteam (23 days ago)
Firemarioflower obviously everyone is free to have their own opinions. This top 5 was based on a previous poll which saw these moments being chosen and successively featured in the video. The majority wins and if you don’t agree we’ll make more videos in the future were fans will be involved.