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Best Videos Compilation Week 3 December || JukinVideo

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It's the end of the week! We're bringing you the best videos from around the web and beyond for what is obviously and appropriately named the Best of the Week! Whether you're in it for the fantastic fails, the adorable animals, or the silly shenanigans, we have a little bit of everything to tickle anybody's fancy. NO HUGS FOR YOU-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jY6wCK55_s ICE TO MEET YOU-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qRZX1a3Gmw NOPE!-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCiTDaPYOxw FIGHTIN GRANDMA-https://instagram.com/p/BRRQvSOjFdy/ SPHYNX HIJINKS-https://instagram.com/p/Bcw1F61FpnT/ NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yNAEQD5s-s SNOW DAY-https://www.facebook.com/steve.unger.90/videos/10214495489603755/ PEDI-CUTE-https://www.facebook.com/FridaAndLucca/videos/2004059003142446/ OH CHRISTMAS TREE!-https://instagram.com/p/BcwH9OBFUVm/ SINGIN IN THE RAIN-https://instagram.com/p/BcFATzGgvjr/ CLAUS FIT-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc4Ey1fBhx0 3 WHEEL DRIVE-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SuII7DXLB0 FAMILY SUPPORT-https://www.facebook.com/emanoelantoniodesouza.souza/videos/720720774792845/ SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (161)
lizbodin (5 days ago)
cry babies about the intro... Really?!? lmfao. its only been the intro for YEARS!!! dumb assess! GREAT VID.. GREAT CONTENT
Jamesbeans (20 days ago)
Does anybody know the name of the song at 0:17?
Harley Breakout Guy (24 days ago)
01:37 that guy watched too much porn
iX Relaxx (26 days ago)
chance to win a 50$ gift card? damn this company has no fucking money
iX Relaxx (26 days ago)
literally been a full year and you haven' even passed 2 mil
Asshat Thirteen (26 days ago)
Came to the comments to see all the whining idiots complaining about the intro, was not disappointed. Week four of December should just have all the morons who can't figure out how to turn their volume down as the entire video...
Sky Walker (27 days ago)
1:21 Music please ?
Jim Stan (27 days ago)
1:43 fucken draws a chick with nut on her face. he should try Japanese Hentai Tentacle Porn.
Dig Bick (27 days ago)
0:31 if you listen closely you can hear sharting 😂
Samuel Jackson (27 days ago)
Worlds shittest captions
ben grigorov (27 days ago)
1:07 You got knocked the fuck down,bitch.
Jordan Ahamed (27 days ago)
Sphinxy is so cute
Furry Lover (28 days ago)
Intro Song name anyone?
byallmeansfilm (28 days ago)
Well that was shit
timboy2 (28 days ago)
Got suckered into taking the JukinVideo Survey at the end of this video. Answered all questions and even gave personal info, then, at the end it says I don't qualify to be entered into the drawing. WTF??? What a scam.
j s (29 days ago)
Fuckin intro is always loud af.
j s (29 days ago)
Jukin used to be funny. 👎
Julian Albert (29 days ago)
Daily dose of internets videos are cooler.
archive (29 days ago)
На последнем видео посвящение в онкобольные?
Bo Pitts (29 days ago)
The robot one is so funny 😅😅
dmrc43 (29 days ago)
The last family was too damn wholesome!😢
Steve Holligan (29 days ago)
This used to be a funny channel, this vid is shite.
callate1269 (29 days ago)
I guess this week wasn't good for fails 😴
সাদমান শুভ (29 days ago)
This channel dying slowly day by day...
Константин Слащёв (29 days ago)
Лысая секта
Prokurator (30 days ago)
what a shit...
What difference, at this point does it make? (30 days ago)
This shit is weak, i felt like this was something my aunt would have sent.
Nico TK (30 days ago)
Merry christmas every Lifes!
MrTrippy2k8 (30 days ago)
Fix your cunting intro sound you fucks!
FaceI3ss (30 days ago)
Fuck I love that intro
STORRM! (30 days ago)
fuck you unsubing sick of this intro BS
Marcus Mayhew (30 days ago)
Fuck all the crybabies whining about the intro 🖕😂🖕😂🖕😂🖕😂🖕
Sophie Selfie (30 days ago)
1:05 im tellin yall never mess with robot!!!
Roman Neill (30 days ago)
The survey online won't accept my phone number because it's not from the UK? I don't understand, in the rules it says you have to be in the US.
mareir (30 days ago)
Those birds are too cute. The bug guy is just annoying. Find another schtick, we know you can put bugs on your face.
Matticulous Mee (30 days ago)
Mike Borell (30 days ago)
I'd cry too if someone I knew thought that was a good Christmas tree!
Bjørn Erik Kvitvik (30 days ago)
Holy hell! That cat was straight out of a nightmare! My god, think too do that to tjat poor cat....
MaximRausVC (30 days ago)
dislike for the fucking intro
Krotiz (30 days ago)
2:50 skinhead reunion at the annual klan meeting
Eddie Gooch (30 days ago)
RIP my ears
Kurtis Bolduc (30 days ago)
Fuck this intro why dont you guys listen to the fucking comments.
T F (30 days ago)
Slow week?
illsh0t (30 days ago)
Last part was the best. The whole family shaved their heads
MrFRDW (30 days ago)
not a single amazing video if the next video is like this i gonna unsubcribe
MrFRDW (30 days ago)
get rid of the intro it is not only to loud but the "music" is so annoying too
Michael T (30 days ago)
Think you could make the intro a bit louder?
Nripen Chandra (30 days ago)
Worst week ever
CptStankFanger (30 days ago)
Why do you continue to ear rape us with that intro?
John Baha (30 days ago)
CptStankFanger try to be more original in your comments. Quit copying others.
John Baha (30 days ago)
CptStankFanger awww,poor baby.
Diogo (30 days ago)
I will dislike every video until you put the intro not loud as fuc*
Diogo (30 days ago)
John Baha Im commenting the same thing cause i hate the intro, so they could do anything about it
John Baha (30 days ago)
Diogo try to be more original in your comments. Quit copying others.
Henry K (30 days ago)
This channel used to be good now it just sucks
John Baha (30 days ago)
Henry K just like your comment. What sucks about it? What could make it better since you know all?
Slayden Heddy (30 days ago)
John Baha (30 days ago)
Slayden Heddy then turn it down.
John Baha (30 days ago)
Slayden Heddy try to be more original in your comments. Quit copying others.
Slayden Heddy (30 days ago)
Jason Ring no sir
John Baha (30 days ago)
Slayden Heddy is your volume control broke?
khollyo mansour (30 days ago)
0:24 what is that bug??
h7opolo (30 days ago)
tear-jerker at the end. so touching.
3D Print Anything (30 days ago)
indycurt1 (30 days ago)
This was one of the most boring ones I've ever seen. . .
John Baha (30 days ago)
indycurt1 ya, not catered to you.
indycurt1 (30 days ago)
Jason: No bitch, because it's boring.
John Baha (30 days ago)
indycurt1 why, because it's not catered to you?
detubeme (30 days ago)
1:56 Why am I watching this? What's supposed to be interesting about this?
detubeme (23 days ago)
huh? It wasn't a comment; it was a question. I genuinely don't know what was supposed to be interesting about the clip to warrant its inclusion in this video. Was the baby crying supposed to be funny?
Travis Short (23 days ago)
detubeme why am I reading this, what’s supposed to be interesting about your comment
Ahmad Kaled (30 days ago)
I'm sorry but the last one is pretty stupid, reminding a cancer child that he/she has cancer all the time by reminding him/her that he/she is bald, is harsh
pigs make Bacon (30 days ago)
Why does everyone complain about the intro it’s not even that loud and I use perfectly working headphones
John Baha (30 days ago)
pigs make Bacon because they have to find something to bitch about.
Silweror (30 days ago)
John Baha (30 days ago)
Silweror aww, too bad for the baby.
dunkelheit843 (30 days ago)
lower the volume on that fckn intro already
dunkelheit843 (29 days ago)
Why would you ask something stupid like that? Or are you trying to be funny? Because I can't hear anyone laughing..
John Baha (30 days ago)
dunkelheit843 is your volume button broke?
Zack Apple (30 days ago)
Filled out the entire survey for it to not work. Fuck jukin video
josh Brz (30 days ago)
That kid needs a chainsaw to cut a two inch wide tree what a fuckin fag
josh Brz (30 days ago)
You dont know me motherfucker
John Baha (30 days ago)
josh Brz you sound like a tough guy protected by a keyboard.
josh Brz (30 days ago)
Musics too loud you fucking cunt
josh Brz (30 days ago)
Ya and i assume youre a tough girl
John Baha (30 days ago)
josh Brz tough guy aren't ya?
Miguel Longoria (30 days ago)
Nice try idiots
GaborBartal (30 days ago)
I'll also keep disliking every video until they learn to treat their subscribers' ears nicely with that damn intro volume
GaborBartal (30 days ago)
You don't care, but 1/3rd of the people do (check like/dislike ratio), *without my single damn dislike* influencing anything. Clearly it's a theme, every video is loud, every video is of old clips or boring ones, every video has the same comments highlighting these. So you either must be new or just bored.
John Baha (30 days ago)
GaborBartal oh no, please don't dislike.
E UC (30 days ago)
this channel is slowly dying
John Baha (30 days ago)
E UC I agree. Quit commenting and maybe people will show up
Art BanDit (30 days ago)
DO NOT CLICK THE "WIN A $50 Card" LINK! SPAM. THEY RATHER GIVE YOU OFF TO A THIRD PARTY TO STEAL YOUR INFO. come on guys. Do better. We're here for the videos, at least do us the service of giving us links to something you are affiliated with , and not a third party. That's really disappointing.
Joseph Ruiz (30 days ago)
Wait a minute... is that artist a pervert or am I? 1:42
Voxy Axis (26 days ago)
hahaha u r hahaha
Bicentennial Nagger (28 days ago)
Joseph Ruiz What's perverted about a hot load to the face? Although... that moneyshot DID look rather bukkake. Lol
Kartofeleq Selereq (30 days ago)
beautiful cumface
celeryg66 (30 days ago)
fuck off
Chappi Su (30 days ago)
Cum on her face is beautiful
Tomas Entrala Caruso (30 days ago)
god....at this point they just dont want to change it... of course they have heard all the comments, and i will dislike every single video untill they change it... why? because as a youtube channel SOMETIMES you have to listen to your fucking audience and stop being a silly cunt.
John Baha (30 days ago)
Tomas Entrala Caruso make your own channel then.
Muhammad Aamir (30 days ago)
we should all start disliking Jukin videos for shitty loud intros that burst our ears...
sim H (30 days ago)
I usually never feel the impulse to like or dislike videos, but I had to start with jukin. Don't get me wrong it's the most god awful intro I've ever heard, but my main problem is the content has gone to complete shit. Like I don't want to watch a lady on the couch with her dog, I have one of my own to do that with!
Tomas Entrala Caruso (30 days ago)
god....at this point they just dont want to change it... of course they have heard all the comments, and i will dislike every single video untill they change it... why? because as a youtube channel SOMETIMES you have to listen to your fucking audience and stop being a silly cunt.
Chris Vedrin (30 days ago)
Sadly I no longer look forward to the new compilations of the week
John Baha (30 days ago)
Chris Vedrin oh no. Your life must be over now.
Napkin Bandit (30 days ago)
Its been years of bitching about the intro music...either get over it or unsub u whiny lil bitches
John Baha (30 days ago)
Napkin Bandit now here is a comment I can agree with.
Himura Battousai (30 days ago)
1:41 "cum on my face baby"
Wezza 1990 (30 days ago)
Why does that freak have to put bugs on his face
Bolha (30 days ago)
That intro sucks!
John Baha (30 days ago)
Bolha so what's your point. Like you matter.
DDG (30 days ago)
This channel never see the comments
Pradeep Patel (30 days ago)
Fuck intro music....
nuke Japan again (30 days ago)
Fuck you and your vile insect videos
Hyltaking (30 days ago)
i had full volume on with headphones and i didn't notice it until the intro came on....
dmrc43 (29 days ago)
*Nelson voice * "HA HA"
John Baha (30 days ago)
Hyltaking ha ha.
GTomx (30 days ago)
Incoming flood of comments about the intro!
Gabriel Chaves (30 days ago)
they dont read the comments, otherwise, they would turn the vol down. I love the videos, but i'm always giving dislike because of the intro
John Baha (30 days ago)
Gabriel Chaves wish I had your problems.
Dayler YT (30 days ago)
blackjack650 jones (30 days ago)
The last one. I wish i had that family. Love
Spudly1234567 (30 days ago)
Some bloke had a big load! That was a decent facial
nattsurfaren (30 days ago)
1:35 LOL ....... Sorry!
Harley Breakout Guy (24 days ago)
I think he watched too much porn
Jonny2myren (30 days ago)
Holy fuck those were some shitty videos. Seriously, a guy in a Santa costume doing pull-ups?
VT SV (30 days ago)
ikr my thoughts exactly
Tgame15 (30 days ago)
This channel is so dead
Tgame15 (26 days ago)
Whitey I can’t confirm this but I’m pretty sure for the videos of the week they take really old ones and through in an obscure one from say 2013 to add clips.
Whitey (26 days ago)
Use to be rare to see a pointless clip in these now I see multiple pointless clips per release. RIP
Tgame15 (30 days ago)
blooneyful You just proved my point, 1.6 million subscribers and only 90 thousand views? This channels been dead for ages.
blooneyful (30 days ago)
Yeah...1.6 million dead
zerkmel (30 days ago)
This is an old channel maybe most of the subscribers are dead
FELIX (30 days ago)
90% of the comments: "Iiiih your intro is so loud mimimimi"
Nonagon (30 days ago)
0:00 thanks my ears are bleeding now
ITZ FUTURE (30 days ago)
U guys need to stop
John Baha (30 days ago)
Nonagon aww, too bad for the baby.
Diego Correa (30 days ago)
Nonagon cause you a bitch
D C (30 days ago)
Omfg Y’all he acting like you have advanced hearing like a fucking bat saying “My ears are bleeding” quit being a fucking pussy and take out your headphones or here’s another idea why don’t you not watch the video that will also be great too
Aschi (30 days ago)
Jan Carstensen Something you will never have, obviously
YouTube is going to shit (30 days ago)
Talk about beating a dead horse
Shady Pineapple (30 days ago)
Love this channel
Scotia (30 days ago)
Jesus Christ that fucking intro! Get a grip cunts!
Scotia (30 days ago)
John Baha Try biting yer shite, cunt
John Baha (30 days ago)
Scotia try to be more original in your comments. Quit copying others.
Daniel Johnson (1 month ago)
Just came here to dislike. With AdBlock on. Fuck you and your loud intros, JV. Hopefully the like:dislike ratio convinces people to leave before you get ad revenue. Obnoxious fuckers.
Dima (27 days ago)
Why are you crying over a fucking intro
Daniel Johnson (29 days ago)
haha. eat shit and die, bitch. yerena sounds like a dink name.
Christina Yerena (30 days ago)
Fuck you nobody loves you
andylol15 (1 month ago)
That intro is always so loud man..
dmrc43 (29 days ago)
I know gets me feeling lit, naw MEAN?
John Baha (30 days ago)
andylol15 try to be more original in your comments. Quit copying others.
Darastonius (30 days ago)
I think they made it even louder now
MrDumyman - Minecraft Og Mer! (1 month ago)
lol memes