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Underground bunker home, Vegas-style

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Accessed by a hidden entrance in a boulder, this home was built to be a nuclear fallout shelter. Below ground, it boasts features like a backyard complete with pool, faux grass and trees.
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Vincent O'Connor (1 month ago)
Imagine adding a full artificial landscape. Like mountains, and forests to explore.
Bob Grabowski (3 months ago)
I wonder if anyone can make one of these shelters today?
Bob Grabowski (3 months ago)
I wonder if they could actually build that today with all of our technology?
G G (4 months ago)
It’s stupid until a nuclear war happens
Dev Thapa (4 months ago)
omg it's so amazing
Oblivion Light (5 months ago)
Well, its 18 million now. Other tours suggested that there was international inquiries. That is a huge jump. I'm suspecting they are trying to keep it out of international hands. I mean, the possibilities of this place rather for a retreat or something nefarious. Maybe someone would pull a Bruce Wayne. Personally, I'm a bit anti social and this would be a perfect getaway from the many attributes of society. I wouldn't even put anything down there that would link me to the outside world-Social media, news networks, a radio and the internet. Just a land line to let my closest family know I'm okay. With that being said, how long you guys think you can stay down there without leaving and without connecting to the outside world. How long would it take for you to crack up? perfect place for a reality show.
Elephants Are Cool (6 months ago)
I never thought I would hit the thumbs up on a CNN video. I feel dirty.
Brandon Drew (7 months ago)
Ventilation system huh lol good luck. Your fucked if your relying on that. I shouldn't have to tell you why.
David Bustam (7 months ago)
this house are very ugly, I dont like
Brendissimo (7 months ago)
Dear god that kitchen is ugly. Spacious cavern though. I'd probably renovate the entire thing, if I could afford it.
StonyZ (8 months ago)
does anyone know the movie about a house like this????
Darcy Jovic (8 months ago)
Perfect pad for topless poker and orgie nights without liquor licence, as the pigs can't get in!
Thomas Marks (10 months ago)
Needs an update but pretty cool house!
Frost Wolfe (11 months ago)
That's dope
Bob Grabowski (11 months ago)
I would build my bunker like this, not this style but this big to live in.
Mick Swann (1 year ago)
Now that's what I call tacky.
OPZ ** (1 year ago)
Nice concept but ugly decoration and style of home.
Lone Wanderer (1 year ago)
Everything is better in a vault
John Peltrau (1 year ago)
That's soooooo cool!
TheTruthQuest123 (1 year ago)
Annoying cunt editing.. Just do a tour of the bunker you fuck
tipperary links (1 year ago)
I have claustrophobia. I started to sweat as soon as they went down the narrow stairwell.
TheGreenDoor MX (1 year ago)
I love this! I've always wanted to see this exact thing done
Ethan R.S (1 year ago)
Fallout: New Vegas 2
fuck face (1 year ago)
pretty nice house but there is only one thing missing... a 30 years supply of hot dr.pepper
Lucas Tofa (1 year ago)
most of that stuff is not even needed in surviving a freaking nuclear war!
Andrew B (1 year ago)
I also believed this was on a CSI episode but i have dvd box set and on the special features it shows it was filmed on a specially made film set.
Jonn (1 year ago)
Now all you need is a 10'x10' room, VR goggles and porn.
Ravage Gonza (1 year ago)
Must Save Money...
metal wellington (1 year ago)
So crap.
Jennifer Gomez (1 year ago)
So how can the bank own it if he fukn built it??? God I hate the fukn government ,bunch of crooks 🖕🏽🖕🏽
David Taylor (1 year ago)
I absolutely LOVE it. Can I move in there ? PLEASE ?
Naj_Singhs (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Lol. iActually love this. 😀
TheSRT Superb8e (1 year ago)
If an all out nuclear war starts I'll take a pass on the bunker, all I need is a camping chair, a margarita, and a blunt
Morley (1 year ago)
Blast From The Past squad where y'all???!!!
Linda Diaz (1 year ago)
Actually there is going to be a humongous fall out, however these shelters won't save anybody😞
rAe (1 year ago)
woah what happened at 0:17
Rusty Jones (1 year ago)
All fun and games till your ass has no way out of there
North 2345 (1 year ago)
Well I could see whoever buys this will completely change everything lol
Happy Sabachi (1 year ago)
This is amazing!
Faiiryliigxts (1 year ago)
So outdated
First Last (1 year ago)
This world is Crazy ....... I meen seriously. I Have seen it all on youtube. What would the world be with out youtube.
Super Typhoon Yutu (1 year ago)
Is it still for sale 5 years after this video?
Guppy Harper (1 year ago)
If everyone who has seen this video pitched in 1 dollar we could buy it
Paris Abenoja (1 year ago)
is there any oxygen there
gil ni (1 year ago)
The Lord will shake the grounds and destroy your pleasures no matter what happens outside. It would be selfish and ignorant to live life normal after an apocalypse. Definitely you would not inherit the kingdom of God. A free pass to Hell.
waylexion (1 year ago)
Replace the shitty drawings with 4k tvs
Barbusie (1 year ago)
That would be a damn good spot for a whore house.....
Suds (1 year ago)
Looks like a horror movie location were they do sick tests to you.
Solaire Is A Chad (1 year ago)
Vault 69
Al (1 year ago)
With the NUT HEAD in the White House today, this house will sell fast.
Garrett Gaming! (1 year ago)
At least you cant be robbed ;)
only katlena (1 year ago)
why does it look like a house a grandma would buy
Saucy man Get the oil (1 year ago)
Don’t worry mate nuclear obliteration won’t destroy Vegas it been proven by Bethesda
Radiatedgaming (1 year ago)
I’m buying it
griffin lamp (1 year ago)
Blue haired lawyer (1 year ago)
Wow if I ever became a millionaire I would buy that house
Valerie Gonzalez (1 year ago)
60 Seconds lol
flipingboredcritic (1 year ago)
Dude that is so fucking Fall Out! What?! That is sick
C C (1 year ago)
this house was in a movie i do beleave
edgar medrano (1 year ago)
What dumbass wigga. There is water underground, the trees cant live because there is no sun light underground.
Chance (1 year ago)
love this
AD NYC (1 year ago)
That's would take a few million to update
Gabi Azevedo (1 year ago)
Just watching this is claustrophobic!
Fatal Puzzle (1 year ago)
Fatal Puzzle (1 year ago)
A.P.A. Watches (1 year ago)
1.7 MILLION is actually really cheap for this house!
Molotov Customs (4 months ago)
Well considering the whole house I'm going to need to be the renovated because it's so out of date, that kitchen is straight out of 1970. I would renovate in update the whole house with all modern touches.
Stonerboy (6 months ago)
A.P.A. Watches als je in fryslan woont heb je een vrijstaande vila aan natuurgebied voor 1mil
A W (10 months ago)
Guzman XP 1.7 only gets you 3500 square feet I Charlotte
Mystic3 Meyhem (1 year ago)
All about cars All about cars more like 1.7 million views
A.P.A. Watches (1 year ago)
Secret Ann1826 ye.. lucky , the same house like this in Europe ( west) costs atleast 5 million dollars.
Stephen Ward (1 year ago)
I mean if I had a shit load of money, id probably buy it for 1.5 million....
Mr. S (1 year ago)
26 feet underground? That's complete bs. Hth do u expect to survive a nuclear blast being that close to the ground. Ur gonna feel a huge shake throughout the whole house even from the aftershocks not to mention the radiation that will fry all ur electronics. It needs to be 200-300 hundred ft underground with a faraday cage to protect your electronics. Fuckin Nubes. Lol smh 😄
Kim Jong Un (1 year ago)
*new vegas fan intensifies*
Austin Cloke (1 year ago)
That’s cheap af!!
nikon d3200 (2 years ago)
Blast from past
David R (2 years ago)
That cheap to buy the only problem is I don't live in America and I need a 15 car garage too for my toys .
Steven Poe (2 years ago)
This bunker was in an episode of CSI.
Andrew B (1 year ago)
Steven Poe nope. Filmed on a set. It on the csi special features on box set. I thought it was real too. Amazing
ericbazinga (2 years ago)
Riley Higgins (2 years ago)
I could live in that
daniel (2 years ago)
Now that's cool
Wanous 1966 (2 years ago)
oh the gay boy anderson pooper
Habito Kun (2 years ago)
"The trees are obviously faux...they would not survive underground without water." /FACEPALM
toony (2 years ago)
Anyone else think of Fallout New Vegas while watching this?
Zephyrus411 (2 years ago)
It literally looks like someone repurposed an old McDonald's.
Kappa Kappa (2 years ago)
just why...
Pvt Ryan (2 years ago)
Fallout: new vegas
Spicy boi (2 years ago)
I would rather live up ground
domsau2 (2 years ago)
Dear Santa...
Joe _ (2 years ago)
That place is awesome! If only i had 1.7mill
D Pencil (2 years ago)
If their was a basketball court in their I wouldn't mind it at all!!! With unlimited food and 10 of my boys and hoes and family
Anthony Cronin (2 years ago)
The reason you would want a game room and spa and all those things is because the longer your down there you are probably gonna crazy if u don't have anyone and even if undid u would get bored of that person and if u had no one at all at least u would have a pool and a theatre and stuff to distract you from what's going up on surface
Get AtMe (2 years ago)
this house reminds me of that movie with Brendon frazier
WintersArcher (10 months ago)
The Mummy....
Deathum (2 years ago)
Mr house
Lakshmi Raja Kumari (2 years ago)
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T time show (2 years ago)
id buy it if it was in or around seattle. Nut the killer for me is the vegas economy, it wouldnt keep me afloat for very long. maybe I can sell 2 of my houses and have one built on my 10 acre lot. i love the retro look. they should rent it like a hotel i would book a week in it.
flying dutchman (2 years ago)
With a house like that, I'd be hoping for fallout
tristan0312ify (2 years ago)
IGN Review: -7/10. Not enough guns or first person shooter. I'd rather die in the nuclear blast.
AwesoMESS (2 years ago)
This reminds me of that movie from that guy in the Mummy and Alicia Silverstone?
Redmillz D (2 years ago)
Thats some 10 Clover FieldLane shit
skayc1009 (2 years ago)
Faith (2 years ago)
That things gonna be spotted out so easily and stormed with homeless people lmao
Coysgub (2 years ago)
The brotherhood of steel have done some remolding since the second battle of hoover dam then.
I think (2 years ago)
No contact with the human race.... I'll take it
I think lovely huh
Cody Gordon (2 years ago)
u ok
Paragon of Growth (2 years ago)
only 1.7? that is a pretty good deal. Just give me a decade or so. lol
Ari Simonian (2 years ago)
1.7 can only get you a decent sized 'normal' house here in the land down under