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Top 10 Coolest Largest ships in the world

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Top 10 coolest largest ships in the world. Video shows the coolest and the largest ships in the world. Some of these ships are used in maritime construction, research and other tech areas 2019
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Peter Mosegaard (2 days ago)
Flot arbejde
Leon Nation (1 month ago)
those guys are hot!
Гултай Байдаулетова (1 month ago)
Brian D (1 month ago)
Hai lua go quao (2 months ago)
Công trình thật là vĩ đại
Qh dkl (2 months ago)
good information
Motor News (3 months ago)
Aboudi Aba (3 months ago)
UMMIDI GANDHI (3 months ago)
More than full Anjoy this video Thanks for you 😡
Phan Minh Hải Foundation (3 months ago)
Kimo A.T.W (3 months ago)
Hello!!! My name is ( Titanic ) can you see me ?? 🤪🤪🤪💀💀💀
Ardalon Hewrsdov (3 months ago)
Κινδυνεύουν. Τα χρήματα σας στην Κίτρινη Τράπεζα
KH CK (3 months ago)
Marlon Opulencia (3 months ago)
sounds text to speech to me.. but still it's very informative.. thanks guys
Blind Freddy (1 month ago)
getting all too c common on YT
Cattfy (4 months ago)
You are the best
I I (4 months ago)
0:27 OH MY GOD IT’S BOSKALIS. I heard about them from the Geography assignment I did on the Chatham Rise Mining situation.
Mori&Sons Tours (4 months ago)
Ŵ 𝐇 𝗔 𝐓 𝐀 W Ⓕ Ǚ 𝐋 𝖵 Ȯ 𝙄 𝗖 Ḙ 𝗜 𝐒 𝕿 𝐇 A 𝕿 ⁇⁇⁇⁇ 𝓹 𝔩 𝓮 𝒂 𝓼 𝖊 𝘾 𝙃 Ǻ 𝗡 𝗚 Ḝ
Nodi NOOB (4 months ago)
ccaa production (4 months ago)
田中圭介 (4 months ago)
M v
Els v.d.Griend (4 months ago)
malik thakur (4 months ago)
Annoying music
Matthew Smith (3 months ago)
Agreed. Interesting video, but after about 3 minutes, I couldn't stand the music any more. Either narrate and skip the music, or use captions and do whatever you want with music -- that way we can hit mute without losing the explanation.
Sachin Darji (4 months ago)
Jose Briones (4 months ago)
Dude I just have s small fishing boat..Awe Man..... Lol ..
Ibhrim Pahore (4 months ago)
Jose Briones you funny Japan sex why
putri Indriani (4 months ago)
Good job
Naiyem HD (3 months ago)
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A SỐ Vàng (4 months ago)
Anwar Hartadi (4 months ago)
Liana Liana (4 months ago)
🔣🔡. Vc
Abees Sharmarke (4 months ago)
I like to watch this kind of videos And I'm from somaliland
Faheem Ullah Khattak (5 months ago)
Very informative video
สุทัศน์ พึ่งวิทย์ (5 months ago)
สุด...ยอด..มันสวยงาม..มาก...มาก. love..u....Fc..
Divina Ledwith (5 months ago)
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Wayne Coutts (1 month ago)
Does your spell checker not work, what are you trying to say?
Divina Ledwith (5 months ago)
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Jesson Fuentes (5 months ago)
SUMANTH T (5 months ago)
Good job
Dineshkumarthe.knowldge Rawat (5 months ago)
Andy Appan (5 months ago)
Liana Liana (4 months ago)
H3nkkap (5 months ago)
good clip
whatisreality01 (5 months ago)
The " ECO FRIENDLY " ship has ZERO effects on overall dynamics of the climate . The ONLY BENEFITS are saving fuel , therefore saving MONEY . I can see how the PR of this company used the politically correct terminology to get the FUNDS TO BUILD IT and more likely OTHER WRITE OFFS on taxes .
Rifai Borne (5 months ago)
Good job 👍
World Top ONE (5 months ago)
71pa (5 months ago)
One Above All (5 months ago)
Her voice us so sexy...mmm cybersex
Sachin Darji (4 months ago)
BRAIN LIGHT (6 months ago)
World Top ONE (6 months ago)
I am very glad you liked
Fernando Queiroz Popovic (6 months ago)
1 thing I wonder why use this voice of you just can buy a microphone and talk it would be less creepy and it would be more interest g for sure😅👍
Ginger Bread (6 months ago)
World Top ONE (6 months ago)
The coolest ships and vessels of the world, that are used in high-tech offshore construction and in many other innovative technology areas of our time in the seas and oceans.
Number one (6 months ago)
Very nice 🌊
World Top ONE (6 months ago)