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UPS: Bringing Creativity and Logistics Together | HP Matter | HP

8 ratings | 78402 views - Many people think UPS only delivers packages, but the company is doing so much more. Together with Pratt & Whitney, UPS is changing the way companies think about logistics and supply chains. Suppliers of Pratt & Whitney now send plane engine parts to UPS's new facility in New Hampshire, where specially trained UPS workers inspect them to ensure airworthiness. By outsourcing this work to UPS, Pratt & Whitney free up space in their own facilities – which creates more room for engine manufacturing and designing. To learn more about how UPS is evolving and how technology is revolutionizing the entire transportation industry.
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EddietheLitho (23 days ago)
This story displays the level of trust and partnership devoloped by Pratt & Whitney with UPS. Amazing.