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Limited Slip Differential installation, GM F40 transmission

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Steps for installing a helical gear type limited slip differential into a GM F40 6-speed manual transmission. The Wavetrack part number is: 57.309.190WK. The tapered roller bearings are 32010x. GM shims start at #24465757 for 0.85mm, and then each number higher increases by 0.05mm. You need an E12 and E14 socket to take the case bolts out. I forgot to mention that I used Ultra Black RTV to seal it back up.
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Matt B (8 months ago)
great info man ... I cant believe how much goes into proper transmission service. honestly a little intimidating and its like if you don't have all the info for the job per the manufacturer your fucked in some cases. I'm sure you helped a lot of people out with this video
Louis James (10 months ago)
I e recently bought an 93 aero 6 speed and it appears to be leaking oil around the bell housing, would seals cause this effect? Seems to be wet the whole way round, and it only drips whilst engine running, thanks
radiocontrolgreg (1 year ago)
Nice Protoform logo .... another rc racer!
Pavle Sapic (2 years ago)
any advice on resolving crunchy gearbox on my alfa 156 2.4 20v? It is the same F40 :( Tryed a lower (0.2 dcl) level of gearbox oil, but it helps only slightly
Vlad George (1 year ago)
@shuan Harrelson Hello. Just to let you know, I managed to get the sound pretty much gone, it rarely does this now. Add a Liqui Möly gearbox additive, I used two when I changed the gearbox oil and it even makes the changes smoother and nicer.
shuan Harrelson (1 year ago)
@Vlad George I also have this issue with the 2012 Buick Regal GS with the f40 Transmission RPO MR6
Vlad George (1 year ago)
Hello, I have a question. I own a vectra c F40 gearbox car. It changes fine the gears but it makes a somewhat weird noise when changing gears at cold, in all speeds. It doesn't block or refuse to change, just does a weird metallic crunch. Do you think it might be just some wear in the gearbox? When it warms up it's perfectly fine, but stil could make some slight noise even then, some sort of a metalic sound. Is it the same in all vectras?
Walt Gorczowski (2 years ago)
If it's particularly bad in 1st and 2nd, you could need to adjust the shifter.  On the applications of this transmission that I'm familiar with, the shifter (in the car) controls the 'left/right' position of the shifter mechanism in the 1/2 gate (so that the reverse lockout button can be on the shifter in the car).  The 3/4 and 5/6 gates are located by the transmission's internal shifter mechanism, which is why a shifter adjustment usually can only resolve 1/2 issues.  Other than that, just know that you are not alone... most people with this transmission complain about the shift quality.  Mine is terrible when cold but much better once warm.
Chris Dalacker (2 years ago)
Appreciate the help man I'm swapping one of these into my 600whp cobalt build and will b attempting to put in the quafie lsd
Chris Dalacker (2 years ago)
Are any special tools needed to swap in a lsd into the f40 trans? And you mentioned some tty bolts? Also wondering where u got the new bearings and what the part nUmber is for it
Walt Gorczowski (2 years ago)
9:40 into the video
Chris Dalacker (2 years ago)
Ok thanks a lot, I saw that you posted the ring gear trq spec below do u have the trans case bolt specs?
Walt Gorczowski (2 years ago)
Yeah, the old bearings need to be pressed off and the new ones pressed on.  I had a mechanic friend of mine do it at the dealership he works at.  I think auto parts stores like NAPA still do this too for a reasonable price.
Chris Dalacker (2 years ago)
Beauty thank you I never read the description sorry, sorry if this question sounds ignorant on my end but is the bearing need to b pressed on or need a puller to remove the old bearing?
Walt Gorczowski (2 years ago)
There were no TTY bolts involved in the disassembly and reassembly of the transmission itself to install the LSD.  There were TTY bolts involved in the removal of the transmission from a '12 Buick Regal.  The only tools I consider 'special' in the installation of the LSD I mention in the video (small torque wrench and a way to grip the differential to test pre-load), and in the description (E12 and E14 sockets).  The bearing part # is in the description, I got mine from Rock Auto.  I posted a 'step by step' for getting the transmission in/out of the car in buickforums.com.  Look for thread #43048.
Pavle Sapic (3 years ago)
Good work, many tnx!
Pekka Laihonen (3 years ago)
Because these parts "should" be precision machined, I should be pretty safe to order just three size shims from 1.00 mm to 1.10 mm. Seems to be pretty straight forward swap to by myself. My mechanic charges 800€ of diff swap and it doesn't include work to remove/install the gearbox and new bearings e.g. needed parts :/.
FrequencyOfThought (9 months ago)
@Walt Gorczowski Do you think this transmission is better than an F35 5 speed GM trans ?
pjasono55 (3 years ago)
Thank you
Taifuuni89 (3 years ago)
pjasono55 (3 years ago)
I can't find this differential you used. Do you have a part #?
Walt Gorczowski (3 years ago)
I couldn't find that specification either.  I asked the guys at Wavetrac and they recommended 70 ft-lbs for those M10 bolts with 'permanent' (red) Loctite, so that's what I did.
Lewis Cottle (3 years ago)
Thanks for the upload! #AddItHere