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funny Commercial

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Flames Squad (3 months ago)
Жоламан Зикен (9 months ago)
Riley Freeman (9 months ago)
The struggles of taking selfies back then 😂
Shrek ! (10 months ago)
Fun fact, This video was made 6 days after I was born.
Connor Yaklin (10 months ago)
I was 7 when this video was made
Dr Kekus Maximus (11 months ago)
2005.... what a beautiful time.
Tamariin (1 year ago)
you know it's old when he pulls out that flip phone :')
Luchiini (1 year ago)
This is about to turn 13 years old. Wow.
Annie _ (1 year ago)
2018 version: Funny vines😂😂Funny commerical compilation😂✅Try not to laugh😂
Patoto Azul (1 year ago)
Vito Scaletta (1 year ago)
I was only 7 when this was uploaded .-.
_ س (1 year ago)
She name ;emmanuelle beart
Frank Lee Steamed (1 year ago)
Renato Sena (1 year ago)
Sou obrigado a falar esse comercial aqui tá uma poha...
Melvin C (1 year ago)
Wow this video is about to turn 15 years old
yuval ron (2 years ago)
Jorgi Porgi (2 years ago)
rayva1 (2 years ago)
What a prick.
Aziz Chbooki (2 years ago)
FrenchSoviet (2 years ago)
putain il à publier la vidéo j'avais 3ans mdrrr
Awesome PS3 Games (3 years ago)
Oh cows!! 2005!!
Vivungisport (3 years ago)
Whew! those hairy muslims
MoonLight Guardian (3 years ago)
anyone know a higher quality for this vid???
M. Shambho (3 years ago)
I've seen this video 3 - 4 times in the last 6 years. Never found a high quality version to fap to.
Mikael Andersson (3 years ago)
One doth protest too much.
MoonLight Guardian (3 years ago)
@Mikael Andersson I didnt want to fking master bate to this... it was funny as fk and just wanted high quality
Mikael Andersson (3 years ago)
Hey man, no need to be embarrassed, its not my thing but you obviously like this, whatever this is.
blue bananas (3 years ago)
this kinda scared me for some reasom
M. Shambho (9 months ago)
@Nagalaxmi U Ok. girl. whats ur whatsapp?
Nagalaxmi U (9 months ago)
@M. Shambho sx
Nagalaxmi U (9 months ago)
M. Shambho (3 years ago)
What? Why?
Luxuryf (3 years ago)
i was 3 when this was uploaded!
Lancy Dsouza (2 months ago)
Same I was 3 in that time
ISAK (2 years ago)
i was 2 owo
randznella (3 years ago)
Manu Ginobili?
8BitGamer (3 years ago)
It would have been funnier if she slapped him in the face when she she woke up or her burly boyfriend came out of the bathroom and found this loser messing with his girlfriend and knocked him out.
iain hewitt (4 years ago)
Good gravy, that's a creepy AF commercial.
Tanner Ellsworth (4 years ago)
Is that the woman from the 1st Mission Impossible?
Suu (4 years ago)
1:24 i'm so scare man behind!!
ProphetPF (4 years ago)
This is where SELFIES come from
Rurouni Kenshin (4 years ago)
Gerzson Tury (4 years ago)
I am from 2086 An unstoppable alien virus pandemy turned all surviving people into mentally disabled zombies who are sexually attracted to old YouTube comments, please nuke yourselves and wipe out past humanity, because this is no life. Hurry up, I am getting horny!!! :S
LaFlaminBoomin (4 years ago)
She's hot as fuck
` (4 years ago)
2005? I feel old.
FrenchSoviet (3 years ago)
Yes , old french publicity :p
BoxFullOfBoss (4 years ago)
Wow this video is about to turn 10 years old
Mubinashams Sundarani (2 years ago)
xxMaster76 aaaa sexsexse
FrenchSoviet (2 years ago)
BoxFullOfBoss I had 3 years old mdrrr
BoxFullOfBoss (4 years ago)
Wow this video is about to turn 12 years old
NOREWAY (1 year ago)
Michael Morales 😫 holy shir
Michael Morales (1 year ago)
It did.
PrivatDiogo (2 years ago)
now we are 2017 not 2015 :d
BoxFullOfBoss (4 years ago)
why are people liking this i made a mistake i know i'm stupid
ng aihoon (4 years ago)
Simply Pretty (4 years ago)
Emmanuelle Beart!
jam63112 (2 years ago)
avant ses lèvres de canard
DeepBlue (5 years ago)
For those who don't know who *this female* is ---- she is noted French Actress *Emmanuelle Béart*; she was in Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuelle_B%C3%A9art
Miluska Hosek (5 years ago)
shenyp (5 years ago)
That guy is a fucking asshole
swedish blonde (5 years ago)
this bleached blonde woman are sexier than natural blonde, but natural blonde is more better than bleached blonde  
_ س (1 year ago)
swedish blonde she name
No use for lazy people None. (5 years ago)
1:38 min, I will never get back,,,,sad.
Chez Napoli (5 years ago)
i don't get it...
Linda Roberts (5 years ago)
Wow! Very funny video like me, thank you, come by my channel to see more of this!
Jessa Nakano (5 years ago)
i wish chicks in the flight take these kind of prank without problems, obviously it might bring bad impression that we guys are perverted but there are lot of guys with big heart too so... just saying though ^O^V
Lance Vanwolf (5 years ago)
This video give me an idea, thanks wahahaha! ! ! . . .
Aptitude Test (6 years ago)
I really enjoyed this
My Dot Com Business Live (6 years ago)
Why is this video so popular?
Sohail Ahmed (6 years ago)
You were snoring.. what an excuse. LMAO
stelios sourmelakhs (6 years ago)
ha ha ha lol :)
MirkoBalda (6 years ago)
I copied it from a site
FunkyAlex (6 years ago)
Not talking about that,you are writing with caps on every word
MirkoBalda (6 years ago)
It's ERB
FunkyAlex (6 years ago)
What Is Wrong With You Dude?
MirkoBalda (6 years ago)
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Web Hosting UK (6 years ago)
What's this going on.
Tim Horan (6 years ago)
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Albert Einstein (6 years ago)
I thought she'd slap him and scream for help, careless bitch
Lord Trump (6 years ago)
fucking creep
DaKussh (6 years ago)
I hope spamers burn in hell
Border Collie OK! Border Collies (6 years ago)
How can I share this video?
MirkoBalda (6 years ago)
Yeah, SFR, be a creepy perverted idiot
# viral (6 years ago)
check my channel guys
Paige Bautista (6 years ago)
that just shows how little you know..
King Cricket (6 years ago)
Actually he programmed a machine to post ads on YouTube, thinking that people would be stupid enough to actually follow that link. Therefore, he thinks that this is a good trap, so he is the definition of both sad AND stupid.
Cesar Noneworder (6 years ago)
open any youtube video, and tap 1980 and fun!!!! hang up
Paz Patel (6 years ago)
In America most girls are sluts, pregnant 16 year olds. Women in America don't have standards.
Anthony Oodie (6 years ago)
Tell me about it, A lawyer friend of ours took the case pro-bono.
Ivan Chistiy (6 years ago)
Nice, but .I did -40 lbs past two weeks.Open hawght.so\#KdbejNv
David Edwards (6 years ago)
Excluding the TSA, that's exactly what should happen.
FiveHydroxy Tryptamine (6 years ago)
That's harsh. But it would be cool if he was at least severely fined for this kind of behavior. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want a creep literally salivating on my girlfriend or taking pictures of her without her knowledge.
kh awais (6 years ago)
Nice when he was removing the girls shirt
lsant (6 years ago)
You know, he's just the average ordinary lovable creeper we can all relate to.
Marinius83 (6 years ago)
How the f*ck is this funny?
Free Samples UK (6 years ago)
I get lost in Youtube.
Coconut Leaf Spine (6 years ago)
awkwaaard... *in high pitch*
Umad bro (6 years ago)
You made 12 accounts to like your own comment?....you're like the definition of sad.
patrytrusky1 (6 years ago)
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Matthew Champion (6 years ago)
Ultimate cock block
Bob Dougherty (6 years ago)
Wow, Emmanuelle Béart is about the prettiest woman who ever lived. I love that spot.
N1ghtmare3ntity (6 years ago)
glad i dont live there then
Kenneth Froblon (6 years ago)
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Kylie Martinez (6 years ago)
HA, that is so FUNNY!!!
gamermax0 (6 years ago)
Woulda been better if she had stood up and she was really pregnant
Ali Vid (6 years ago)
I'm Watching Random Commercial , Are You ?
Isaac Howe (6 years ago)
I get lost in Youtube.
Bitcoin Superstar (6 years ago)
I get lost in Youtube.
LifeCell Cream (6 years ago)
I get lost in Youtube.
Fnugilet (6 years ago)
Then you should try and watch Usou o shampoo da namorada :D
Abdullah Fahad (6 years ago)
She looked like she actually like him
Anthony Oodie (6 years ago)
Now that's cool. In America you pull that shit, 1st the women will slap you, then TSA will body cavity search you, and finally your arrested for Lude Conduct, true story, happen to a friend of mine.
Maria Ulfa (6 years ago)
MiGz Williams (6 years ago)
Emmerson Cooke (6 years ago)
lycanthropyxxx (6 years ago)
Nahhh. Dumb Sex obsessive mainstream bullshit
hakim fahrul (6 years ago)
fuck. the ads is 1.40 minutes. wtf
Ahmed Kadiye (6 years ago)
yeah... for sure
Sami LFC (6 years ago)
they should switched off their phones inside the plane