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He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him | Short Film Showcase

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Welcome to Gothic, Colorado—one of the coldest places in the United States. This ghost town has been abandoned since the 1920s, but there is at least one person who still calls it home. For more than 40 years, current resident billy barr has lived in a small cabin, recording data about the snowpack to pass the time. In this short film, Morgan Heim of Day’s Edge Productions profiles the legendary local who inadvertently provided scientists with a treasure trove of climate change data. Winner of the Film4Climate competition organized by the Connect4Climate Program of the World Bank (film4climate.net). ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe ➡ Get More Short Film Showcase: http://bit.ly/ShortFilmShowcase #NationalGeographic #Rewilding #ShortFilmShowcase About Short Film Showcase: The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic's belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners. See more from National Geographic's Short Film Showcase at http://documentary.com Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Day’s Edge Productions: http://www.daysedge.com/ He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him | Short Film Showcase https://youtu.be/L72G8TLtTCk National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (9009)
Gerald Spessard (16 hours ago)
You can't reverse nature. It will be as cold as the earth wants to be or as hot. Nothing to do with you or me. We're still moving away from the last ice age. A couple of thousand years from now, if people still exist, this planet could start cooling again. Nothing we can do except adapt. Certainly taxing people won't do anything. Well, maybe make a few people richer. Lol
Vinayak Shinde (1 day ago)
I also love cricket.
Anee Mushahary (2 days ago)
Bollywood 😄! Awesome..
Skipper Russell (3 days ago)
This is real freedom.
The1 Tourist (4 days ago)
God bless you Mr. Billy and thank you on behalf of rest of the planet for what you’ve done for all of us!
MADE in PINAS (4 days ago)
I'm doing a 90 day challenge without money, but living in sustainable environment where there is plenty of natural resources like clean drinking water, trees, wild fruits and veggies, and nearby sea/river for catching fish. On a remote tropical paradise Island in other words. Who's with me?
Owen Denchy (4 days ago)
Propaganda. The best propaganda is always well hidden to the untrained eye. Did you spot it?
projectnoel (9 days ago)
Not what I thought I was getting into, but I'm glad I watched it.
Bedil (10 days ago)
I spend 20 with people but not much good for me
KEVIN WAYNE HUNT. (14 days ago)
Mike Eastridge (14 days ago)
A Cricket fan Excellent.
Peleki Rokovadaa (18 days ago)
Look at this guy without a care in the world living a happy life alone.
Kittywampus Drums (19 days ago)
Be alone in nature for 72 hours. Amazing things happen. Check out *Drukama* also, a mystery tradition that pre-dates anything known today and is creating realization, helping people achieve their true spiritual potential.
ZANEY Alexander (21 days ago)
Liberal paid
ugo ibe (25 days ago)
Society have given us a false picture of happiness, its inspiring to see people brave enough to break the barriers and actually do what makes them happy not what society says.
Barney Potter (25 days ago)
Well if he's alone in the woods who's giving him the hats
dayla smith (24 days ago)
Barney Potter he live 7 miles from the nearest town
apaucokes (25 days ago)
Can I live with you sir? I wanted to stay also in a cabin with snow outside, read books and drink tea.
1iving2di3 (26 days ago)
He’s got solar panel and everything? He’s getting pay good.
RubherDuck (26 days ago)
He's like following God's footsteps and recording God's own snow tears.
Daniel Chambers (27 days ago)
old video but i want to hear more from this guy
Nicholas L. (27 days ago)
This is what I've been saying forever. We're not going to change climate change, most of it is rooted in natural causes. We must adapt. "Fall on your but, not your face."
Rajo1012 (28 days ago)
Adapt to climate change - fall on your but, not on your face. ..so this is what encouragement sounds like these days. Sounds like we are in for big change.
Joey Delgado (28 days ago)
Theresa Pepanio (28 days ago)
Wow i salute you Sir! Please take care and God bless you!
crzykoment (29 days ago)
if i would become serial killer. i want to be alone. hope hes not
Parrish Colquitt (29 days ago)
Why would you meticulously gather useless information??..seems like a waste of time..
Jeff Motter (29 days ago)
All of a sudden?
Muhammad Daniyal Rashid (1 month ago)
He loves cricket. This is only thing we have in common, and i am not surprised. :D
Tehutirc 42 (1 month ago)
If you going fall just sit
Chandrakant Patil (1 month ago)
Amazing .salute to you sir.
Siawo hkiahs (1 month ago)
god help him in any situation
mwaqark (1 month ago)
No good music its teasing year
Chris King (1 month ago)
This guy has lived the truth that Global Warming is real. His tenacity is hotter than the results.
Jesus Ojeda (1 month ago)
Is a harsh but beautiful life. God bless his soul.!!!
Shanahan Muthulingam (1 month ago)
Does he get laid?
Eric Allen (1 month ago)
How incredibly LUCKY can you get!!! GEEZ 40 years of Peace, Quiet and Solitude!!! WOW!!! WHERE DO I APPLY, SIGN ME UP!!!😀👍
B.R.A.A.D (1 month ago)
Proves that if you set out in life to accomplish nothing....you'll probably hit the taget dead on!!!
Jeremy Hall (1 month ago)
Anyone know why he spells his name "small b-i-l-l-y ; small b-a-r-r " ? I do.
Jonny Danger (1 month ago)
BS. All of it.
Jana Procella (1 month ago)
Never married,? No kids? Sad.
Jana Procella (1 month ago)
He stated he was living in an 8 by 10 Cabin..that's untrue...!!
Jana Procella (1 month ago)
What has been your income all these years?
Shahrul Mohd (1 month ago)
What about bills?
HARI SANKAR (1 month ago)
I now walk , INTO THE WILD .....
Beka Machurishvili (1 month ago)
Hes missing something importan. 'Grandchildren'.
Sarim Ali (1 month ago)
Into the Wild
Random Chaos (1 month ago)
It's a shame he didn't have something more meaningful to do with his life.
christo pappageorge (1 month ago)
Definitely not a Jew.
Sean Gutierrez (1 month ago)
My dream life ❤️
Brandon Sutton (1 month ago)
This guy has an awesome life, though i feel it would get quite lonely. A dog would fix that though,
GlobalCitizen (1 month ago)
40 years without sex.....I bet he found a cure for cancer without that distraction
DJ DiZKOMFT (1 month ago)
90% of ALL C02 emissions worldwide are caused by a mere 100 companies. It's not individual choice that matters, it's the system that enables corporate hegemony that matters, and it's all that matters.
Larry M (1 month ago)
Then, after he came out of the woods, two years later, he saw the Democrats who were running for President and went back into the woods. Hasn't been seen since.
Sabrina Dacosta (1 month ago)
Tommy Loika (1 month ago)
"It's getting warmer, I don't know if we can reverse it
VladimiR PutiN (1 month ago)
Dreaming Dreamer (1 month ago)
This guy is pretty awesome. But I have to say, I find it very pretentious when people don't capitalize their names.
L.A.Stars (1 month ago)
This is fabricated B S and if you lived in the wilderness you could see all the garbage that is being sold here. Pile of fake crock!
im batman (1 month ago)
that annoying single mum voice at the start..omg lay off the wine n keep your legs shut n stop smoking pot ffs.. fkin gremlin
Roronoa Vinsmoke (1 month ago)
Chairman netero is real!!! Hunter X Hunter. naniii?
Ozzy Weezie (1 month ago)
You guys are morons dont you see theres less snow=less water dehydration moafuckas
Sabrina Dacosta (1 month ago)
Less snow less water? Lol
Smanation One (1 month ago)
Where does he get $ to go to town to buy goods? I figured it out Al Gore sends him $ to say it’s warming up every year. I have lived in my town for 50+ years and go to the store once in a while. I am waiting for National Geographic to get a hold of me🤷🏼‍♂️
dayla smith (29 days ago)
Smanation One he gets paid
Pacifica Talent (1 month ago)
The more I live alone, THE LESS LONELY I BECOME. WE ARE NEVER REALLY ALONE! We are inside the Divine One, and God is within us and all about in his Creations.
Krit M (1 month ago)
I love his cricket sweater
Don Mon (1 month ago)
Ah the climate warming hoax
DJ DiZKOMFT (1 month ago)
@Don Mon I mean, seriously dude, that'd be like if a doctor told you you had cancer in your lung, and you looked down at your chest and went, "NU-UH!! SEE, MY SKINS CLEAR AND HEALTHY!!!" Of course no sane person would do that. You'd get chemotherapy--or whatever help you can get--as soon as possible, the best care you could afford. Unless, of course, you don't mind dying horribly. Then you would do nothing.
Don Mon (1 month ago)
@DJ DiZKOMFT Listen here buddy i go off solid facts !! You come too Saskatchewan this winter and then tell me the earths getting warmer lol ..birdbrain
DJ DiZKOMFT (1 month ago)
Ah the hummingbird-brained denialist
Chicken Chili (1 month ago)
Did he beat his meat
bee bee (1 month ago)
Living alone there might have it's difficulties but I believe surviving in society is a hundred times more challenging.
MattsLinky (1 month ago)
@Master Sergeant it will, natures getting ready to press the 'reset button' those connected to nature will survive, those in society? ..well..
Master Sergeant (1 month ago)
bee bee I agree. Sometimes I just want it all to end.
Paul Hampton (1 month ago)
Commercials advertisments aren't always worth the wait to watch what you wanted ! Lol ! But I'm sure this one is !...
15gladuis (1 month ago)
Henry David Thoreau’s grandchild
John Anderson (1 month ago)
CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! I believe in it! Wait...The Climate has always changed. Remember during the ice age when there were 800 PPM CO2 and today we have 400 PPM CO2. This is the EXACT opposite of your global warming theories. My Scientist friends. Tell these good people the truth! CO2 is NOT the author of Climate Change! It has been changing before humans existed and after as well. Lets move on from the nonsense! The video is cool. It's is to bad you ruined it with your propaganda!
Sabrina Dacosta (1 month ago)
I know huh? I didn’t use to believe it either until we got 80 degree ocean water in California and downpour rain storms every other day this winter. It’s true it is happening
Prosper Domfang (1 month ago)
All my respect to him.
Mike Kleinz (1 month ago)
Cool guy..
阿离露牙 (1 month ago)
I like the composition and texture of the lens!
. eiganokai (1 month ago)
why he looks so stylish?
willie preston (1 month ago)
Climate change propaganda (aka the Climate Hustle).
DJ DiZKOMFT (1 month ago)
@willie preston While the Earth has natural climate cycles, 97% of scientists are in consensus that modern climate change is being caused by humans--a figure I got from NASA. Are you seriously calling 97% of ALL scientists arrogant and stupid?
willie preston (1 month ago)
@DJ DiZKOMFT The climate never stops changing. It's MIGHTY ARROGANT of us to think that we're somehow going to control the climate. See how stupid your argument is?
DJ DiZKOMFT (1 month ago)
And who exactly stands to benefit..? What billionaires are pumping all their funds into producing and releasing this? Because climate denialism has a few 🤭
brett mcleod (1 month ago)
Soon as I saw the climate change (aka global warming) propaganda... I new this was a fairy tale
Myty Mini (1 month ago)
Where does he eat, there is no food there
Marcell Gilliam (1 month ago)
Nothing looks worn on his property..... suspect of this video. Well kept... nahhhhh!
Bill Norris (1 month ago)
The climate is cyclical...always has been...always will be.
DJ DiZKOMFT (1 month ago)
All cycles can be interrupted, exaggerated, or otherwise perverted.
David Gibson (1 month ago)
The NOAA admits data was changed under the Obama administration to support their anti-American policies. You know, the ones being taught in our education system. Are you going to believe the propaganda they feed you until they bury you?
Bert Clayton (1 month ago)
It is probably better than having nuisance neighbors. Where no company is better than bad company!
Artur K (1 month ago)
his house looks very good and authentic!
Driftwood george (1 month ago)
Dan Frick (1 month ago)
The ice age is still ending knuckle heads
Brandon Allen (1 month ago)
Worlds just to far gone to fix
George Kaylor (1 month ago)
No people how lucky
Charlie Brown (1 month ago)
Wow thats dedication to a whole new level.....
Jiaxin Jiang (1 month ago)
He spends over 40 years living here, without any things. I think his life is meaningful enough.
B 008 (1 month ago)
Only 2 bad thgs bout this lifestyle but there is no perfect way/ place to live ....God Bless him💮💮💮💮💮💮🍃🍃🌳🌳🍃🌲🙏🙏
Seth S. (1 month ago)
That 'Dust' he's talking about, geese, "I wonder what that could be" ?! Geoengineering / cloud seeding / etc Please do a show on Geoengineering please. ...and let the world know the 'Real' truth behind global warming, ok?! Many of us would really appreciate it..
Pradeep Tomar (1 month ago)
If you understand human nature ,you will never maintain a contact with them. This guy has understand human nature that's why he prefers to live alone in woods.
Pradeep Tomar (1 month ago)
Lucky guy
psychaddy (1 month ago)
Did he watch pornhub atleast?
Fresh Oxygen (1 month ago)
I think he’s just simple minded. I don’t mean unintelligent. I just mean at peace with himself without much inner tension. If true, he is a marvel.
K O (1 month ago)
This is my dream, I honestly hate being around people
marco tatan (1 month ago)
My dream
anonymous anonymos (1 month ago)
This life will come back soon after electricity has gone! Everyone will go back to this kind of life. And learn how to SURVIVE. Wonderful video! God bless you brother! ❤ from India.
Kay (1 month ago)
Hello Santa!
EliVeliVlogs (1 month ago)
Who else thought he lived in the wild. Like without a house.
Mario Galvan (1 month ago)
How does he make money? I’m confused.
Expert STALKER (1 month ago)
I live in Czech Republic winters here are cold and snowy from November until march even in april it snow sometimes. And no matter if you live in a house or an apartment in a high rise building like i do there is nothing better then to just get into some warm clothes put winter socks on make tea from samovar ignite radiator or fireplace to max and just chill thru the winter