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This News Anchor Reads Your Comments As News LIVE!

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (800)
Duncan Schaafsma (10 hours ago)
Striped ties are illegal yet again!
Duncan Schaafsma (10 hours ago)
Striped ties are illegal yet again!
Andrew Resler (2 days ago)
the video is fake, he just faked the audio issue to make it seem like he was live, but he never was
The_Real_SCG (3 days ago)
cpirnie3 (3 days ago)
fix the audio and then this will be the best idea ever. I heard it all very quietly and it is amazing!
Hannah Gruhn (3 days ago)
that was hilarious! when the word L O L (I didn't say it) was outlawed, I felt my life dream had been fulfilled.
Trashsan (7 days ago)
too bad Zac got fierd :/
nichsell (9 days ago)
I really love this video. I hope they make more just like it.
Ethan Gray (11 days ago)
Definitely too quiet...
Brady Sutliff (12 days ago)
College Humor sucks, but sam is still cool. hire some funny, original people please
The Snail (12 days ago)
will they ever fix the volume
Can0spam (13 days ago)
If you can't hear it check your sound card settings and look for something like Loudness Equalisation, Auto Volume Level etc
Robert Lind (13 days ago)
Jon Dyson (13 days ago)
Too quiet did not listen
Kulbinator (13 days ago)
I cant hear a shit with audio slider on max..sheesh
Róbert Papp (TWiStErRob) (13 days ago)
This video is a lie, if anyone was really watching the first 100 comments would've been "YouTube disabled sound", "can't hear you", ...
THE DESTROYER (14 days ago)
The audio fixes at about 10:13
André Rocha (14 days ago)
OH MY GOD!!!! They fired Zac Oyama!!1 T_T T_T Unsubbing
Deez Nutz (14 days ago)
y isn't a vowel
BedrockSoldier (14 days ago)
Deez Nutz it is some times
Ayman Bellamine (14 days ago)
Where's the fucking audio?
jgames111 (15 days ago)
Wait he got fired nooooooo
Creflo Jonathan (15 days ago)
hail jebus the dead
gpglicious (15 days ago)
Jesus piss CH, why upload a video with such bad audio? You've got a ground loop in your equipment somewhere too
LiningCash 396 (15 days ago)
Walter Riggs (15 days ago)
Bad audio
Ramsés Amadeus (16 days ago)
evertime ou see Jewish people ou should sa EWW!
DapperSkull (16 days ago)
TheCamoTrooper 450 (16 days ago)
At 3:15 he sounds more like a sim than anything
Maximilian Drako (16 days ago)
why is the sound so bad ?!?!
Huffy 124 (17 days ago)
New Years would be nw rs he said it would be new ears
Mohit Pande (18 days ago)
Feminist king makes dickholes illegal
Arie Fales (18 days ago)
If Donald Trump is running around catching Pokémon isn't he breaking the law? Pokémon Is a game? It would've been better if he just built the wall to keep them out or maybe try to round them all up for deportation.
Arie Fales (18 days ago)
In other news people are needing safe spaces from trigger warnings.
consume enhance replicate (19 days ago)
4:30 Well shit, Advent is gonna kill everyone.
Dortokay (19 days ago)
wouldn't New Years become Nw rs
Neil Gupta (19 days ago)
Turn up the damn mic volume.
ILikeBeezzz (20 days ago)
Ravioli ravioli wats in de pocketoly - Filthy frank
Brendan VanEcko (20 days ago)
Holy shit that dig on Fox News. Thank you Kermit and all of your blessings.🙏
Alexander Bethea (20 days ago)
The volume is weak. But this was fucking hilarious he is an impromptu genius!!
Spork (20 days ago)
I want more!
Sean Watts Moore (20 days ago)
Too quiet
Nuke Official (20 days ago)
NASL SOUND GUY panicBasket
Nuke Official (20 days ago)
Besides that super well done though!
John Cyckowski (21 days ago)
rip Zac
Nikko M (21 days ago)
Turning on subtitles will help if you can't hear a word. It isn't 100% accurate, but it still helps.
Faladrin (21 days ago)
yeah, pretty shitty quality on the audio. You know you can try watching videos before you post them? And audio processing is pretty easy to do too.
Snassy Your Skelefell (21 days ago)
I can hear him fine with full volume.
Sean Watts Moore (20 days ago)
Snassy Your Skelefell same lol
jack moopoo (21 days ago)
At around 10:11 the audio changes...
jack moopoo (21 days ago)
Live videos always suck in audio but for some reason I can hear it using my headphones...
Jamestown (21 days ago)
Hpp nw rs!
Jamestown (21 days ago)
Damn Alien Collaborator!
Jamestown (21 days ago)
The Hittites were an actual people with their own language ... but it's a dead language.
Evildaave B. (21 days ago)
2:34. That's how much time I wasted on this. No one in the meeting put a hand up to say not sure it needs any let alone 18 mins. Next time anyone sees his face no way they will click.
Max “FNAF_CAT_GEEK” Myzer (21 days ago)
Madison Taylor (21 days ago)
It won't become "new ears" it will be "nw rs"
Nagnullat (21 days ago)
Sam will forever remain the greatest flower in the CH bouquet.
Forever broken (21 days ago)
Y us not a vowel there is only A, E, I, O and U
Thomas Riley (21 days ago)
This just in: Blueberries eat fish.
Thala Ajith (21 days ago)
Aetrew (21 days ago)
new ears??? Ok assuming y would be phased out just because (not because it is a vowel, which it is not) new years would = nw rs
CleverNoggin #seven (21 days ago)
LIVE= shitty audio & poorly made none edited content that wastes more of the viewers time
AnimeSlapdown (22 days ago)
This could have been so much better. The comments used sucked.
AnimeSlapdown (17 days ago)
Meatballs for life Thanks for the apology.
Meatballs for life (17 days ago)
AnimeSlapdown I'm sorry we failed to humour you
Adea Beharaj (adeaa1) (22 days ago)
Adea Beharaj (adeaa1) (22 days ago)
AnimeSlapdown (22 days ago)
I love the live shit you guys have been doing, but please please stop filming them on a cellphone.
Ron Petersen (22 days ago)
Fail!! C-Span is more entertaining!!!
Sp3cTrA2991 (22 days ago)
it's pretty sad that a channel like this one can't portray proper audio content. smh get your shit together College Humor
Algirdas Pilypaitis (22 days ago)
Normal listening volume is 30% , but for this video has to put a whole 100% And still quiet.
Gio Tsiklauri (22 days ago)
Farting will kill us!!!!!!
The Searcher (22 days ago)
I don't know if I should comment here... Maybe this happens again^^
Phipse187 (22 days ago)
This is amazing! Love it xD
Chris Jones (22 days ago)
there is a hum in the audio
Maria Elmahdy (22 days ago)
Listen you douchebag! More important staff to talk ! This is the most reckless irresponsible government in the world!!! Obama should be arrested immediately or he will start a war !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danky Panky (22 days ago)
o my god his improv skills are so bad
CalLadyQED (22 days ago)
Why is it so much quieter than CH's other videos?
SecretCheri (22 days ago)
do this again!
BadCosine64 ! (22 days ago)
Did anybody put headphones and press it deep in your ear
Walmart security (22 days ago)
The lol pyrocynical reference
Rubiks Bear (22 days ago)
John Cena
megadrummer3 (22 days ago)
megadrummer3 (22 days ago)
hi this is entertaining
Pet Place (22 days ago)
Foxxy1406 (22 days ago)
I can't like this video enough! 😆👍👌
The bored pikachu (22 days ago)
my volume is at 100 and I still and hear
MarcDoEverything (22 days ago)
I'm gonna be pissed if someone doesn't spam dicks
Bacon Meow Productions (22 days ago)
L3GITME (22 days ago)
Low key funny AF
Kofuj Murphy (22 days ago)
Welcome to night vale anyone one
Stale Meme (22 days ago)
Shiny Caterpie into the Pyrocynical twitter accounts
SpecialOps728 (22 days ago)
Shiny cater-pie you mean caterpea
Matt Gar (22 days ago)
Scientists predict that in 2150 every man will have testicular cancer
FrilledPickle (22 days ago)
it's so quiet
Nikili Ophelia (22 days ago)
What does your mother put inside her ravioli?
LAIDBACKMANNER (22 days ago)
The best joke in this whole thing was the audio. We got trolled y'all.
CIRUS MEDIA (22 days ago)
Volume Fail !!!
Paul TheSkeptic (22 days ago)
Meatballs for life is a clever guy, or gal.
Paul TheSkeptic (17 days ago)
+Meatballs for life Oh no kidding. That's too funny. "Striped ties are now illegal." Ha ha.
Meatballs for life (17 days ago)
Paul TheSkeptic you're very kind, and it's guy :)
Nick Cavey (22 days ago)
Thanks Joe Buck