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The Logistics Cluster in 2 minutes

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When an emergency strikes, there are certain items vital for survival, such as food, water, shelter and medicine which need to reach the affected population fast. However this is never as simple as ABC. Despite the challenges, humanitarians are always present when an emergency arises. Coordination is essential in complex environments like these. The Logistics Cluster is a group of organisations working together to improve the logistics response in emergencies. The World Food Programme was chosen as the lead agency for this Cluster, due to its expertise in the field of humanitarian logistics. “Logistics is a basic and fundamental need for any operation, the backbone of any task, big or small. For humanitarians, it’s about getting life-saving supplies from A to B. Let’s take an example: this organization has come to bring medical supplies to these families. These supplies need to be transported now, but local truck drivers have fled the area, remaining vehicles have already been taken...and fuel has run out To make matters worse, heavy rain and landslides have made the roads inaccessible. Borders are closed due to ongoing conflict and ships cannot enter the port. The organisation’s lifesaving cargo will have to stay here for now, but where will they store it? And how can they quickly inform other organisations about these constraints? Where our partners need it, the Logistics Cluster provides transport of emergency items via ROAD, AIR, SEA & RIVER. We facilitate STORAGE space for vital cargo. Where FUEL is unavailable, we distribute it. We collect and share vital information, to help the humanitarian community make informed decisions. Finally, we offer COORDINATION to hundreds of humanitarian actors. For it is only through working together, that the humanitarian community can effectively and efficiently respond to need. “…through timely and reliable logistics service support information and coordination” The Logistics Cluster “ensures the humanitarian community has the ability to save lives”
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