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Woman has sex with UPS driver in back of delivery truck in Oklahoma

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An Oklahoma City woman believed to be a prostitute posted photos of herself wearing a UPS shirt over bare breasts online after a lunchtime sexual encounter with a deliveryman in the back of a truck sometime in July. Not a whole lot is known about the lunchtime sex session, though UPS is mighty upset about it. The woman photographed calls herself 'Mary Ann', a 'happiness specialist', according to her online message posted to a website that connects escorts to potential clients. Nothing is known about the person who let her into the back of what does indeed look like a UPS truck and gave her what does appear to be a UPS shirt, though it's generally suspected that the person is male and most likely a UPS driver. JohnTV, a website dedicated to news about prostitution, posted an article that connects 'Mary Ann' to the profile of a known prostitute called 'Tiffany Cums', the working name of Tiffany Hawkins. Hawkins, 38, of Chickasha, Okla., is currently on probation for crimes associated with online prostitution. 'Mary Ann' also posted other details about her encounter in the UPS truck, including that she performed fellatio on the man. She wrote that more information would be privately available on her own presently-defunct website. UPS said it has yet to determine who the driver is, but will dismiss him as soon as they track him down. -------------------------------------------------------- TomoNews is your daily source for top animated news. We've combined animation and video footage with a snarky personality to bring you the biggest and best stories from around the world. Check out our official website: http://us.tomonews.net/ For news that's fun and never boring, visit our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomoNewsUS Subscribe to stay updated on all the top stories: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TomoNewsUS Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://gplus.to/TomoNewsUS -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (82)
Monique Alexandre (3 months ago)
Ups will fired
NuNas Peridona (11 months ago)
the girl fucking sex
DealMaker ProfitTaker (1 year ago)
THIS is what brown can do for you!! 😂
Jake COOL (1 year ago)
Bone Perez (2 years ago)
Oh must be nice!
templeups666 (2 years ago)
arriba ups si señor ja ja
Victor Ortega (2 years ago)
Lol nice screen name
Kookie's & Cream Sweeter Than Sweet (2 years ago)
WTF this looks like the sims
Fabian (2 years ago)
ghayath2011 (2 years ago)
Tiffany CUMS ..LOOL
Alice Shipley (2 years ago)
Omg that is my aunts last and first name but I bet that isn't her😕😨😱😥😓😖
Alice Shipley (2 years ago)
Walter Hager (2 years ago)
I hate that video vigilante BASTARD. He's a perv who gets off on filming everyone.
Cherryade (2 years ago)
Heyoooo! Just updated my CV.
snake man (2 years ago)
All men's will pay for some pussy when they she some hot whore married or not!!!
knuckles of stones (2 years ago)
This is why I don't trust n hate people, so sick and cheesy im getting sick to my stomach....
knuckles of stones (2 years ago)
+colin Jasper you can't even spell fucked right you fucking hypocrite.
knuckles of stones (2 years ago)
+colin Jasper what's wrong man u bored,lol...
knuckles of stones (2 years ago)
+colin Jasper what's wrong man u bored,lol...
knuckles of stones (2 years ago)
+colin Jasper fuck you scorpion...
Ryujin Kage (3 years ago)
yes happy happy ups
Donell Craig (3 years ago)
FireWolf12 (3 years ago)
I wanna do that. HONEY, GET THE TRUCK!!!
rodentcafeteria (3 years ago)
I don't what the problem is.  A guy in a uniform sporting a nice "package" himself?  Yeah, I'd be all up in that truck.
ATL3xtra (4 years ago)
Did he "eat the box" after put his package in the large "envelope"??
Chris .  (4 years ago)
FedEx, here we come...
Sláva Smrti (4 years ago)
I use to be a Ups driver! Fuck them and the Teamsters. Hope the driver gets away with it, cause the Teamsters won't help him out.
the epicest gamer idiot who you think i am (4 years ago)
South Park was right...
firstname lastname (4 years ago)
This is one more reason to go USPS.
Sláva Smrti (4 years ago)
+firstname lastname brutal comment! I bet you worked on that one all night! Walmart sucks in Canada! Shitty hours and they don't sell beer or cigarettes in the stores here. So, no I don't support them. But cool story bro! anyways...
firstname lastname (4 years ago)
+SlavicIn3D  I bet you support Walmart too.
Sláva Smrti (4 years ago)
Like they are any better, if they are like Canada Post... I doubt it...
Justin Bartlett (4 years ago)
this reminds me of that south park episode when every husband started to beat up that UPS man
Hieu (4 years ago)
Humans and sex...I'm glad I'm not from Earth >_>
Loks _loks (4 years ago)
Lol. But sick bitch
Earl Allen Boek (4 years ago)
I'm pretty darn happy. 
Jason Burt (4 years ago)
Sex is not illegal folks. 
eventidewolf (4 years ago)
+cbb6278 ok here let me re cap for you, as you seem to be a little lost in the convo. Jason Burt : Sex is not illegal folks  cbb62782 : Go have sex with a 5 year old and get back to us on that eventidewolf : Last time i checked, they were both of consensual age, one of them was not under age, so yes it was legal. Why bring a child age up into this?? I never commented sex was illegal or legal, I did how ever bark at your comment telling some one to go have sex with a 5 year old, Sarcastic or not, people don't appreciate such a morbid humour, as you can see i and a few others have taken offence to it. If you read the statement, WITHOUT watching the video yeah sure it makes sense, but children do not even come into this. Now for a better example you could have said something like did mro2112, as that is a more acceptable response. that's the 4th comment down from the first statement, im not going to paste all responses here for your connivance ill let you do some of the work. As for special ed class, I would be happy to introduce you to the rest of your classmates. You only had to ask.
Doc Holliday (4 years ago)
+eventidewolf Sorry, I didn't realize I was dealing with a complete fucking retard.  Now, was or wasn't your comment "sex is not illegal folks"?  I merely posted one example of how sex can be illegal.  Is it or is it not illegal?  I mean it's pretty self explanatory.  You and the rest of the Special Ed class should be able to understand something that simple.  If not I apologize in advance for confusing you.
eventidewolf (4 years ago)
I still repeat my first statement sex is not illegal. Now for cbb6278 sick mind, sex with children is definitely NOT ok. But this video s not about children, therefore i believe this statement can be ruled out from the discussion. Now "soliciting a prostitute in your work vehicle " this is true, the video said she may have been paid a service charge, and she may be X or Z there is not enough information to make your statement stand.
nimitz1983 (4 years ago)
Well solicitating a prostitute in your work vehicle is though
Doc Holliday (4 years ago)
+Alfredo Shahrdar What?
heresteven (4 years ago)
people will do anything to get free delivery and handling
n (4 years ago)
Was that you jimmy?
hqqwr YT (4 years ago)
Cums hahahahahhahHah
dulsaf2630 (4 years ago)
explains why my package was damaged
The Finn (4 years ago)
Oh come on! Why fire him??? Jesus fucking Christ with all these fucking prudes. Get a fucking life. It's not that serious. No harm was done.
Chris .  (4 years ago)
This is how a 90s porno would start off
SuperN0va (4 years ago)
If the truck's rockin', don't come knockin'.
SuperN0va (3 years ago)
+Tom M Note the reply from "farid farid" above.  I took it to mean they didn't get it.
SuperN0va (4 years ago)
+KlunkerRider Finally someone got the joke.  I thought I was going to have to admit to being old. :)
KlunkerRider (4 years ago)
Dam you beat me to it LOL
farid gounda razakar (4 years ago)
I am not sure what
BrUSomania (4 years ago)
So... Mr. UPS man, we meet again
Lady Cheyne (4 years ago)
He shouldn't lose his job :-(
Zohonon Kubismith (2 years ago)
+thirstyy thristyy of but you don't have to call me a dumb ass plus I never knew that it was long time ago
es (2 years ago)
+Zohonon Kubismith it was his lunch break dumbass. and it was out of sight of everyone. that's legal.
Lady Cheyne (4 years ago)
+Zohonon Kubismith You can deliver packages and deliver satisfaction :-) 
Zohonon Kubismith (4 years ago)
Why he sex but he supposed to give people mail
Zilong Yao (4 years ago)
such a plot from porn
David Harper (4 years ago)
Leave him alone. He is just doin his job lol.
PRANK NATION (3 years ago)
it blows my mind that I only have 26000 subscribers when my videos are SO much better than this CRAP. 
Ansatsunin (4 years ago)
I am assuming sarcasm, so let me just say you're most welcome sweetcakes.
PRANK NATION (4 years ago)
+Ansatsunin Thank you so much. I'm so glad that you were able to clear that up for me.
Ansatsunin (4 years ago)
..... -_- facepalm A common slang term for "vagina" is "box"... Which, you know, makes some sense and all. He trucked his delivery into her box. Or, he decided to one day do things differently, and delivered his truck in her box.
MrWaynesta1 (4 years ago)
 UPS comes three times!
Brandon Stanley (4 years ago)
That hooker is from my hometown...
brownsugarcandie2007 (4 years ago)
Ewww...I hope the people who had packages on that particular truck, wore gloves while unpacking their items. Or, opened that shit outside, with the gloves on! #Gross
farid gounda razakar (4 years ago)
0galaxy7 ✸ 銀ちゃんネル (4 years ago)
I think the driver delivered packages stained with semen! :p
Luis Munoz (4 years ago)
TR ESTO +About Time Cane Corso Italiano XXX XXX RRD ES