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Text Comments (424)
Le Huy-Anh (9 months ago)
*This is the first time ever that I actually prefer David's picks over Andrew's:* I usually don't like David's food choices at all, and especially not the stuff he makes in the "home kitchen" vids. :D
Elle C (11 months ago)
Hello FB, Japanese Crepes thank you for this intro. The bigger hand roll to eat is fun and I would try #6 in the summer and #5 in the cold. Dessert crepes can be nicer with a fork and lemon. Elle for snow sugar
Vinh Nguyen (1 year ago)
Where does all the food go when you do videos like this where you do like 10+ items at a place
MSGOODBAR (1 year ago)
Fuji apple is the best and pay for the almonds for the best in life
Bpk Suhadi (2 years ago)
Wow both of you so lucky
Kace (2 years ago)
Favorite desert halo halo
J P (2 years ago)
These comments are so rude. I personally love their food videos :) crazy how 90% of the comments I've seen are hate though
TryAndPull ThatShit,SeeWhatHappens (2 years ago)
it took me a second to realized they had put a apple crunch sound effect over them biting the crepes
Victoria Bitong (2 years ago)
I went there yesterday and it was so good
Janine Ocampo (2 years ago)
Why tf am i watching this at 12am?
Sly (2 years ago)
How they be eating all this food
SexyTangerine (2 years ago)
Sly where bentley at though?
Oskar Holm Beuschel (2 years ago)
that is not Japanese, it's a modern interpretation of the French gallete
EthanGawd (2 years ago)
When you watch the fung bros count how many times David says all right Andrew
Victoria Lee (2 years ago)
the crispy biting sound doesn't make sense...
Janii Face (3 years ago)
Love crepes i get them in queens all the time !
Kiki Restforever (3 years ago)
I'd like to try the Fuji apple one the chocolate nut one and the lychee one
Sze Liang (3 years ago)
Lai-Chi not lee chi
Hasna Adiwinarso (3 years ago)
grace martin (3 years ago)
Hey fung bros! What crepe place were you at and in what part of the country can it be found
boribori MANGO (3 years ago)
I've been living in Japan for over 2 decades, but never seen these crapes before... Looks so delicious though...
boribori MANGO (3 years ago)
Actually, crepes are popular in Tokyo, but mostly sweet and I've never seen salty or spicy taste of crepes....
じま (3 years ago)
+jenifer *crepes
じま (3 years ago)
Really? crape was the bigger thing about 10 years ago but there are still a lot of crape stores
HeXiang100 (3 years ago)
They're expensive as heck Like about 10$ a piece
starladodge4 (3 years ago)
They need to do maybe different salads and salad dressings or salad restaurants or chili's (homemade and/or canned) or soups (homemade and/or canned), chicken restaurants or Mexican restaurants or Italian restaurants, What's the best grocery store with the best prices, value, selection, pops (Sodas), juices, smoothies...... something like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the sound effects are a little too much, because we don't need to hear you eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I LOVE the Fung Brothers, but they need to bring back Ritchie if they can, he was one of the ones that made the show, because even if the Fung Brothers are not bad looking, Ritchie stood out as really good looking and he was the one that added the POW to the group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may be 55 years old and only have been watching this for a month now when I found it, but that is what I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still I LOVE the Fung Brothers show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do other foods just besides desserts and Asian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mei Z (3 years ago)
I love the chocolate nut party I always get that 🍫😍
Merlin Philip (3 years ago)
OMG. This is in PHILLY I go here all the time!
Marcos Gonzalez (3 years ago)
fuck man
MrEricster1 (3 years ago)
Did anyone else think that the crepes are more like banh xeo?
jaykay415 (3 years ago)
super annoying sound effects
f0a0t (3 years ago)
lolol when Andrew called David "Andrew" @6.18mins
natalie (3 years ago)
I never tried a French crepe but I tried Japanese crepe there Soo goof
Cai Ping's Journal (3 years ago)
1. Japanese crepe bc I find that they're lighter 2. A western culture and Thai 3. You guys should cover Nyonya kuih!
Henry Nguyen (3 years ago)
do more food video
Ms.rukia (3 years ago)
I had both the japanese and regular crepes before and they are so yummy! I had the japanese crepes in calgary alberta Canada. you guys should try east african food infused with indian favors.
Dina Day (3 years ago)
OMG I want freaking crepes now. The only place I know in Santa Rosa, CA of serving crepes would be Crepevine! I hope it comes close to these Japanese crepes that were eaten away on this show!
Nicole (3 years ago)
Try houndurean food
Ancienttt (3 years ago)
No credit to the restaurant ?
Justin Chen (3 years ago)
I have been to that exact shop
jusdippinone (3 years ago)
BeanFish in Seattle does really good taiyaki fusion
Lee Isaac (3 years ago)
Where is this place and what's the name of the restaurant?
Freja Al Taie (3 years ago)
Why y'all complaining, this was dope... And if you don't like the food videos, wait the other content they have mmh-kay, the do a lot of different videos
oscar lehanneur (3 years ago)
Why do people call them crapes when they are meant to be pronounced crepes
lars phan (3 years ago)
Good video ;)
Pakkawadee Phathanodom (3 years ago)
Have you covered the gai dan jai???
Abdullah Alazemi (3 years ago)
Kuwaiti food
L.A. Caregivers (3 years ago)
Emily Ngo (3 years ago)
Do the Koran ramen challenge
Jan busta (3 years ago)
You guys better not have wasted food 😡
f Wang (3 years ago)
you guys waste so much food
MetagrossTube 101 (3 years ago)
In American they call it BUN ME but in Vietnam it's called BUN MAY
noah wayne (3 years ago)
sorry guys but when you said "fire", it seemed pretty forced, not natural.
Samurai Bushidou (3 years ago)
This all looks good!
Louie M (3 years ago)
bring back viet swag boy richie!!!
sunmann lay (3 years ago)
I want you guys to make new episodes about moocakes.
Ale (3 years ago)
dead channel
thatscarolinee (3 years ago)
different types of fried ice cream!:)
kimchikisses (3 years ago)
did you guys smash on the sound effects keyboard while editing this?
Kalim (3 years ago)
what's the background music
Dev ahir (3 years ago)
Fusion food Indian Mexican
Mira Choi (3 years ago)
you guys rock !
Afira tik (3 years ago)
you must taste JAVA FOOD in INDONESIA its RECOMMENDED like kupang (food from east java), lontong balap, soto, rawon, lapindo (finger chicken with spicy soup), urap urap etc cake : klepon, bikang, lumpur cake
Aria Farrel (3 years ago)
please do a video about big man fashion
Trey Janice (3 years ago)
You can tell a different person edited this vid easy
Timmy Awsome (3 years ago)
Fung bros,Maybe you can take a vacation to,Malaysia Sabah,Kota Kinabalu to taste the dim sum,nasi lemak,roti canal and more
crespop (3 years ago)
they really struggle with sharing as brothers
Zayden's World (3 years ago)
That looks delicious. Keep up the cool food videos. 😁👍🏼
ssdlc92 (3 years ago)
Do they finish all of them? Because that's a loooot
Florence Dussek (3 years ago)
You guys gotta go to bao haus
Aufa Rafi (3 years ago)
can you guys makin a tutorial video how to shoot the basketball ?
marsa nbgd (3 years ago)
Gelato is ice cream tho 😕
Frendy Lim (3 years ago)
what the different between japanese crepes and regular one?
The Makeup Daddy (3 years ago)
I need a Japanese chick
しなもん (3 years ago)
BARRR (3 years ago)
But what's the difference between a Japanese crepe and a regular French one?
Low pH (3 years ago)
too cringy
Crissyyyy.g (3 years ago)
Not sure if you guys tried this before but I highly recommend you guys to go to Yaya Tea Garden in Chinatown. It's really good !
Ms12martin34 (3 years ago)
shout out to the editor !
Brian Brushwood (3 years ago)
Dont tell me ur goingt o the bahamas next
1278 277 (3 years ago)
this channel is dying
OhhFlawzy (3 years ago)
Just repeat me... It's fine
1278 277 (3 years ago)
@OhhFlawzy  u sound uneducated, jokes on u
OhhFlawzy (3 years ago)
Not my fault you're not educated and i guess that's what people call you.... (Big mouth) cuz you su..... a lot of what?
1278 277 (3 years ago)
@OhhFlawzy  fuck off big mouth
OhhFlawzy (3 years ago)
0.2 inches??? Lol just say centimeters
Curtis Lee (3 years ago)
wassup guys... have fun in hawaii
Michaela Hooks (3 years ago)
I want some
hawaiiwalks (3 years ago)
i see u guys in my neighborhood visiting. You guys need to move here for a few months. i am down to collab anytime #hawaiiwalks
Vmonster (3 years ago)
TBH, the crepe shop in Japan has more variety of sweet crapes>meal crapes
Damion Mark (3 years ago)
These edits are getting better and better
john v (3 years ago)
1 word yum
TKNlesliee (3 years ago)
Come on Fung Bros. Please have an NBA video up soon with Offseason moves please and predictions for the upcoming season
Twisted Soul (3 years ago)
Funny thing these bitches put that sound effects in the video made me think like these crepes are gonna be crispy but today I tried it's just like soft omelet , "tried first time in my life "
Luke Herndon (3 years ago)
Anybody just saw the fungbros on tv. They were in Toyota commercial.
5StepsBack (3 years ago)
Cant even make it through the middle of the video with all the shitty, overly-cheesy sound effects.
Junior Monnereau (3 years ago)
I'm french but your japanese crepes has really made me interested
VieTRaVeR (3 years ago)
I tried Strawberry crepe in Harajuku Tokyo, it was delicious..
Pedro Sanchez (3 years ago)
I kept watching and they tried harder and harder to be black
Pedro Sanchez (3 years ago)
Nvm no jk
Pedro Sanchez (3 years ago)
They trying so hard to be black and not Asian lol jk
dynist (3 years ago)
fungbros are low key running out of ideas for videos
Perdomot (3 years ago)
These aren't really in the Japanese style. I've eaten the real stuff several times in Tokyo and the don't toast them like that. They are much softer and rolled tighter. Still, I do like this style and have eaten in the the USA a few times, usually the sweeter stuff.
Jason Reviews TECH (3 years ago)
do gelato
Kaylen McClure (3 years ago)
There's also Kulu Desserts in Manhattan, NY
JaronZ (3 years ago)
Japanese?? umm, nothing about that was Japanese
Carrotstache (3 years ago)
The Fuji in the name the Matcha the Pocky!
Aldo Raine (3 years ago)
They are but for some reason they didn't get any of the sweet crepes which are 1000x more popular in japan then like "savory" crepes with meat.
kdogg (3 years ago)
Pause it exactly at 1:22
Gabriel Nito (3 years ago)
I had some Japanese crepes in Japan back in April and maaan were they good! I'm missing them man~ 😣😢 Wish they could bring more spots like this to Auckland~
Will Zhang (3 years ago)
Did you guys eat all of them?