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LM-100J Super Hercules Goes Inverted at Farnborough 2018

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Lockheed Martin's LM-100J Super Hercules flight demonstration from the Farnborough International Air Show 2018 literally stole the show when Chief Pilot Wayne Robert pulled off maneuvers which literally made the Super Hercules mimic a Tom Cat out of "Top Gun". You see "Old pilots" or you end up seeing "Bold Pilots", but rarely you come across an "Old and Bold" pilot like Wayne Robert. Captain Wayne Robert's behind the wheel was apparently pulling off his last air show display before retiring, so he clearly seems to be taking all the leverage he needed to pull off stunts which would make people forget "fighters" at Farnborough. Link: https://c130mro.com/2018/07/18/lm-100j-super-hercules-inverted/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/C130MRO/
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Text Comments (1214)
Magnus Guglius Vuglius (1 day ago)
- ‘I bet you can’t fly the c-130 like a fighter jet! -‘hold my beer’ -‘oh no the pilot has been drinking.’
Plight_of_Icarus (3 days ago)
It's amazing how quiet the Turbines are on this plane. If that were a C-17 taking off you would have heard it a miles away.
Kevin Sullivan (7 days ago)
Former E model Nav here... pretty much everything they just did would have killed us.
PointyTailofSatan (8 days ago)
The Air Force is currently planning a replacement. I can't wait to see what kind of disaster that will be.
Ronnie Harsh (15 days ago)
Your out there showboating with a half a billion dollar plane.that your check won't cover.
Nigel 900 (15 days ago)
Awesome machine!
Darth Vaderich (17 days ago)
Pilots were playing War Thunder! The Force approves!
Dave Ridlespriger 2 (20 days ago)
aaaht (20 days ago)
Would like to see the cockpit video of this. I would have thrown up if I knew which way was up.
McRocket (22 days ago)
Impressive. Totally useless moves when you are carrying personnel/cargo (which is primarily what this thing is supposed to do)...but still impressive.
xc5647321 xc5647321 (23 days ago)
And I can ASSURE you that many rivets, fasteners and other key stress points had to be checked after THIS flight!
Hot80s (23 days ago)
Incredible flying & stops on a dime.
Libtards and Antifa are melts! Odin (29 days ago)
How many sad pathetic people gave this a thumbs down?
HagenSteele (1 month ago)
Looks more like a typical USAFE C130 drop-zone approach to me.....
Chris Jones (1 month ago)
I’ve seen some pilots pull some crazy shit when I worked 130s and fly it like an F-16, but this is unreal!!! 4 Fans of Freedom!
gardenstate78 (1 month ago)
A Hercules that can dogfight....Why not eh? 😂Amazing.
Art Tafil (1 month ago)
Give that man a Seegar! Imagine that with (2) 105’s and the rest of the armament used as a Super Specter gunship!!!
Casey Hill (1 month ago)
Long live the Hurky Bird!! 189th air lift son!!
666MikeRochip (1 month ago)
We still fly C130H Hercules... and will be replaced with a Hercules . thanks from NZ 👍
Phased Spaces (1 month ago)
6:53+ = Holy Sh*t he LOOPED a Hercules!!!
Asad Khan (1 month ago)
It can do that because it's empty
Randy M (1 month ago)
Bigger engines and the 6 blade prop.,would of loved to off worked on it. I worked on about everything from the A model to the H model. Even helped do the change over on the A's from 3 bladers to 4 bladed Hamilton. This J is just mind blowing ,I'd never imagined this was possible.
Haroboomwerk1 (1 month ago)
with a friend of mine we had the discussion about: at what speed does a hercules c-130 fly when parachutists jump out? found on the internet: cruising speed 345 miles per hour. But what is speed when you jump? buddy of mine knows for sure that the speed is no higher than 50 miles per hour. My guess is 190 miles per hour. can someone be so kind to say who won this point of discussion. please like hard numbers, I can also gamble fine. thank you in advance
Ash Carrothers (1 month ago)
never seen a hurc go inverted!!! incredible 10 out of 10 for the pilots
Maitland Moore (1 month ago)
Hats off to the men and women with balls .
maria jose cruzat (2 months ago)
Has a pilot ever had a genuine need to invert an Herc?
Sam pol (2 months ago)
look for bob hoover on a boeing 707 barrel roll. now thats an invertion.
Sam pol (2 months ago)
its cool but not inverted. just a very steep banking
LOMBI MADIADIA (2 months ago)
Yamina 8 Ball POOL (1 month ago)
Hein ?
Gabby Hyman (2 months ago)
I'd fly with this pilot anywhere.
C-130 Hercules (2 months ago)
I wish this and the military version would be added into turboprop simulator
Direbear Coat (2 months ago)
That LANDING was AMAZING! The maneuvers were pretty good, demonstrating the power and capabilities of the airplane in flight, but that LANDING! It was so VERY FUCKING SHORT!!! Fricking amazing!
Mark. Hapsis (3 months ago)
law with no evils or folly
Charles Corn (4 months ago)
Nice to see and the right place to do it given the history of Farnborough. I saw the Vulcan rolled in the early days, a bit more impressive..he got a reprimand, don't know about this chap. Good luck to him.
GamingwithMusa (5 months ago)
June 2019 anyone
Phil Walton (5 months ago)
no wonder we threw up before they kicked us out of their planes......bastards! SERIOUSLY, WTF DID THEY JUST DO?
johnLA1961 (5 months ago)
Bet those pilots flying in supplies into Khe Sanh in 1968 are saying , "Should of seen what we did" !
Don Adamson (5 months ago)
Herkibirds are the best!
Ahmad Sayyed (5 months ago)
Im so blown away that a plane of that size is pulling crazy gs and a very strong structural integrity
Hamid Medo (5 months ago)
So sweet work 👍 iliiiiike it 🙋🙏🙏
Jim Jonrs (5 months ago)
They landed one of these on an aircraft carrier.
cleriston wagner lima de oliveira (5 months ago)
Eu já vir um de perto
C. Haas (5 months ago)
Incredible airplane incredible pilot skills
jet li (5 months ago)
unreal what it just did!
fearview (5 months ago)
i believe american will keep produce hercules like they keep produce zippo lighter
Ted WOODS (5 months ago)
Against Ballveer (5 months ago)
I do this kind of stuff on Android flight sims.
the liar king (5 months ago)
pilot should have went easy on the vodka,
bigpappahemi426 (5 months ago)
Big girl got moves!
James Kratzer (5 months ago)
Pushed a sh**load of pallets on both military and contract -130's, in 'nam and at McGuire. If they had a loadmasters on that bird, I think I can safely say his intercom chatter that day was 50% "go for it, man!" and 50% "what the f**k are you doin', tryin' to KILL ME back here?" It evens out... but it only takes ONE loose tie-down strap to ruin a loadmaster's day.
TheJudge01 (5 months ago)
Like watching a 300lb ballerina. Didn't think it was possible until you see it with your own eyes then you'll be amazed more so than those you'd expect it from.
bobw222 (5 months ago)
I can see this pilot and 3 others sitting around a table in the old farts home, the other three bragging about their exploits... Finally one of them turns to Wayne Robert and says "What kind of stunts did you pull in your younger days?" To which he replies "I'm the guy that looped a C-130 at Farnborough in 2018." At which point the others look down and their faces turn red...
Scott B (5 months ago)
Can’t do this loaded I bet
Charles Nelson (5 months ago)
Goes inverted for about 1.5 seconds!... Still a great trick though!
OffRoad (5 months ago)
Now that's making a retirement statement many of us can only be jealous of! Amazing flying.
Kai Soerfjord (5 months ago)
SUNGEAR59 (5 months ago)
Obvious no Abrams onboard 😉
Broken Like Me (5 months ago)
JATO would've been cool, but I'll settle for the loop.
Tiago Escobar (5 months ago)
Nice edition
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth (5 months ago)
eyahoo2 (5 months ago)
Still waiting to see "Hercules Goes Inverted". All I saw was a single positive G loop. Big deal. Boeing 707 flight demo from the 60's blows away this crap. Bullshit clickbait. Downvoted.
Terrall Putnam (5 months ago)
All that and STOL capabilities. Unreal!
Terrall Putnam (5 months ago)
This show would make old Bob Hoover jealous. Sweet moves in such a large plane!
Brando (5 months ago)
I remember watching Hoover at Reno in the 80's. How he was able to glide his plane for that long still blows my mind.
Aviation Nut (5 months ago)
The pilot must have been possessed by the spirit of Bob Hoover or Tex Johnson.
Achilleas Labrou (5 months ago)
At 2:30 inverted
Carlos Andre (5 months ago)
Magnífico !!!!
steve perry (5 months ago)
these are quite a plane and still in service. i got to fly in one 1970 karamursel turkey.
Sidney Mathious (5 months ago)
The C-130's was the last aircraft I worked on before retiring and I never saw one flying like that. I know they didn't have cargo or personnel other than the crew on board.
Alycia Marrison (5 months ago)
OMG!  Nearly had kittens just watching this!
ian folan (5 months ago)
right ....no excuses i want to see the A380 do all that !!!
Rich F (5 months ago)
One of the best aviation performances I've ever seen from a transport. In the flesh it made your hair stand on end!
sjoeld57 (5 months ago)
That pilot is busy selling planes.....
cydoniaquest (6 months ago)
This is what happens when you let the fighter pilots fly the big stuff.
BrianB (6 months ago)
6:55 is the money shot.
ExtremeRecluse (6 months ago)
With a 1/4 tank of gas and no cargo, these are easy maneuvers.
Hamid Soliste (6 months ago)
This is RC aircraft
lenylove A (6 months ago)
can Boeing use the same tech and design to prevent nose diving?
dyer2cycle (6 months ago)
Very impressive.... I have seen the Blue Angels Fat Albert C-130 Rocket Assisted takeoff and climb, that was very impressive also..the C-130 is a very versatile, capable, and sturdy aircraft...still, though, when I see someone racking a large, heavy, multi-engine airplane around like that, I have visions of 1994 Fairchild AFB B-52 crash, 2010 Elmendorf AFB C-17 crash...so I enjoy the performance, while half-expecting the wing to depart or a stall at any moment... :(
TheGryxter (6 months ago)
Until you stand right next to one, you cannot believe how big these planes really are. Then you see this video and just say "DAMN" !!!!  Flew in one from Seattle to Pensacola non-stop. In cargo seats. With 2 engines off and feathered for fuel consumption. What a long ass flight!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I would trust these baby's to take me anywhere, anytime. Herky-Birds rule.  Peace-out
Qwer Asdf (6 months ago)
stranraerwal (6 months ago)
damnright...every freight-plane has to be able to do an Invert !...luggage loves it.
Arthur Hu (6 months ago)
C-130s buzz Rochester MN airport like this all the time but they don't try this.
OL SALTY (6 months ago)
Snake Docotor (6 months ago)
Can it do a cobra.
penn707 (6 months ago)
The passengers were fucking pissed!
asri asri (6 months ago)
Owhh..... crazy...never before
ReneeNme (6 months ago)
Wayne Robert has balls of steel.
israel rivera (6 months ago)
*If test pilot, then Ok!, if not 6 months in prison will teach him!*
FSX Pilot (6 months ago)
I remember when some footage was released with the words "Vulcan doing a barrel roll!!" which ultimatly was a little bit of overbanking in the turn.....but here, as i was expecting exactly such clickbait I see this hercules actually doing a full looping???? Crazy stuff!
Andrzej Smutek (6 months ago)
I tak przy obciążeniu pełnym ładunkiem ?
Bar rag Osama (6 months ago)
Big aircraft ...just needs a naval rail gun..
Juz Rangy (6 months ago)
Camera rotates @ 7:00..
mike Lane (6 months ago)
John Collins (6 months ago)
8 hours bottle to throttle.
Capn Pete (6 months ago)
My arse was growing teeth trying to hold on to my seat just watching this. I can't imagine what it was like inside the aircraft! Amazing pilot. Amazing aircraft. Can you do a 4 point roll? Please?
vilsiran (6 months ago)
Man if we would have had theses. The stuff we could have moved in much shorter time. Col Todd and the guys would have gone nuts.
4schitzangiggles (6 months ago)
I guess the people who thumbed this down we're expecting craptastic Muzak played so loudly you couldn't hear the engines, or work for Airbus...
conodigrom (6 months ago)
And this shows why skilled pilots are better than MCAS and other delusional autopilots Old pilots -> Might stall, or stall a lot, plane lands just fine. Hipster software -> Might stall a bit or think its stalling, goes nuts, everybody dies.
Nate-[COD] Fida (23 days ago)
interestingly I learned about that this week and indeed this shows why autopilot is trash! I hear about the increase unmanned aircrafts but nothing will ever beat the old classic hardcore pilots!
Richard-Anthony Gilbey (6 months ago)
Nothing wrong with the performance of that plane.
Roy Perkins (6 months ago)
No matter what you call the old girl she's a goddess no doubt from a time long ago and a place far away, love this beautiful lady she was a life long sweet heart I'll be gone before she is !