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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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Text Comments (1972)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (1 year ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
Raven Nevermore (30 days ago)
The song at the very end that played for 7 seconds, would anyone know where it is from?
Carlos Reyes (1 month ago)
why they put russian girls so pretty !! it can be to cover that lack of common sense ?
Tlemcen Tlemcanni (3 months ago)
Oh mate the BMW lady she should pay u for that
Threeheadeddoge1308 _ (5 months ago)
Threeheadeddoge1308 _ (5 months ago)
When you pin your own comment like😏
Андрей Безфамильный (56 minutes ago)
на хуя такой дурой жить?
bakxxc (1 day ago)
Russian women... most of these are from
X X (1 day ago)
I am so mad at these sexist comments. It’s 2018 and by now we should all realize, we are the same. We are all humans, from race, to gender, to sexuality, let’s all be kind to one another and make the world a equal and peaceful place, where everyone gets the same opportunity’s. But this video isn’t helping at all. Never have seen one about men, and trust me I have seen some pretty bad men drivers. But there are good one too, same with woman. I mean I don’t think woman are ever really going to have equal rights. Why? Because there are always going to be people who believe otherwise and really shoot woman down. And feminism isn’t just woman trying to get more rights, although there are only a few who do, it’s about EQUAL rights. I am a younger female, and when I see comments like, “Woman are only good for cooking, cleaning, and sex” I feel very disappointed and discouraged. Woman have done so many amazing things, from winning gold medals, to making the world a better place. And so have men. They are both equally as amazing. While your watching the “bad things” of woman, your being blinded and missing the incredible things woman have done. Please don’t get offended. Have a wonderful rest of your day. 💖🙏
Karthikeyan Mahalingam (1 day ago)
5:07 is he pervert.. what is the reason of recording
Nathan Piper (1 day ago)
in the uk it says no mobile phones to be used on the forecourt, i totally see why they did this now, people are beyond stupid so why give them an extra distraction
Shail S (1 day ago)
Most of them were on their Cellphones. Amazin
saleendriver (2 days ago)
All I can say is I hope all of them are really good at sex.
Legend say- 99,5% of woman drivers passed this video 😂
Common Man (3 days ago)
Do not want to think how much their husbands suffer due to these "smart" girls !
gavin dias (3 days ago)
Putting other ppl life at risk because of small mistake
Dr. Morteza Delroba (3 days ago)
Sorry ,,,pretty girls,,,but stupid.....
Dave (4 days ago)
Have some of these people never tanked up before...? Also, get off your effing phone!
RezaQin (4 days ago)
First world military, third world economy.
Franz Narf (4 days ago)
Why women pay less insurance? Male agents!
Leo Wong (5 days ago)
Back to the USSR!
DarkLard999 (6 days ago)
Get off your fucking phone woman...
willard william (6 days ago)
Some woman are stupid at the fill ups
Mr Jazz (6 days ago)
1:58 why is she backing up now?
Odin (6 days ago)
The women prefer that the hose remains in the hole :) The stupidity costs a lot of money. not everyone can afford them. There must be a new traffic sign. Be careful danger ..women at the wheel...
Janell Crews (7 days ago)
Um? What the hell?
Arabian Eagle (7 days ago)
That’s how Yellow Europeans are idiots You must thank the Arabs for everything they did for you people for giving you a life and education in the past With out us you’ won’t exist Still you don’t exist to us .. I dare anyone to denied it And the Zionists liars eat your 🐷🐵Daddy’s 🐵🐷shit
Anurag Pal (8 days ago)
women behave like kids its kinda cute
Anurag Pal (8 days ago)
This video is sexiest
kazzanobba (8 days ago)
I am just here to read the FEMINAZI'S comments.
ssmatsusaka (8 days ago)
People like these women should not be allowed to drive on the road. If they are so distracted pumping gas, imagine how distracted they are on the road. This goes for all the bad drivers.
Suraj Bobade (8 days ago)
talking on phone in petrol/gas pump is not allowed in India...
Vincent Sluga (8 days ago)
Look at these morons.
xantiaxm1 (9 days ago)
A to o sobe tvrdi, ze pouzivaji obe pulky mozku.
Vax Buster (10 days ago)
stay in the kitchen please
csaba cseresznye (10 days ago)
03 : 50 ! What the fuck?
M Vee (10 days ago)
I can’t believe my eyes seeing these idiots.
moebius (10 days ago)
and feminists would have us believe all women are superior to men ...yeh right.
Renee Lewis (11 days ago)
Omg!! That was hilarious!! I needed a good laugh!
phigo4kins (11 days ago)
3:40, Total Retardation. Need to Send Her And Alikes To Rehab.
CabinFever52 (11 days ago)
I had no idea there were so many people who did this! Is it just a Russian thing, or is it like this everywhere? Have never seen it done before.
Darken (11 days ago)
If you ever have gas ignite while the nozzle is in the car do NOT pull it out.
Therunta Runale (11 days ago)
This video's thumbnail picture has a black woman, yet all the women in the video are white. Why?
Subash Thapa (13 days ago)
Russian people all mad😂😂 not only woman
Cy (14 days ago)
If you fill your car up opposite from the pump... please. It’s like when adults put their kids on a leash... stop it.
MrGodofcar (14 days ago)
This is proof that women have missing brain cells.
Homer Simpson (15 days ago)
God!!!!!!! Do any of those retards actually have a license to drive?
nisancashi2241 (15 days ago)
the middle east got one thing right band women from driving these thick cunts would not have caused an accident
Israel Reyes (15 days ago)
En Rusia debiera estar prohibido conducir, todos, hombres y mujeres rusas solo debieran transportarse en bicicletas. A ver qué accidentes provocarian
Israel Reyes (15 days ago)
También las mujeres rusas son un fiasco en la conducción y manejo de autos, que cosas más horrible y penoso
Midhun V Murali (15 days ago)
poor cars....😢
Mustache Man (15 days ago)
This video and the comments are so sexist I mean chill you just captured women at there worst. Men do this as well
tbird90sc (15 days ago)
Isnt green diesel?
andy lawson (15 days ago)
it would be a good invention to just drive off and the fuel nozzle slides out as you drive off, unfortunately it hasn't been invented so check before your drive off you bunch of idiots :D
Julian Nizah (15 days ago)
humman error 404
Braylinization (16 days ago)
Kian C (17 days ago)
Title is kinda ironic lol
Toru (17 days ago)
Y its always russian???
Please Reply (17 days ago)
9:11 That's how a sexy dumb ass looks kids
rizwan shaikh (18 days ago)
After all woman's , girls are idiot....
JiMax (18 days ago)
it's really hard to respec women when they do this kind of shit
trevor philips (18 days ago)
This is why we don’t let women rule the world!
Silentknight (18 days ago)
Females are the worst drivers period.
linda Bellerby (18 days ago)
WTF....these lady's are stupid 😂😂😂😂 Stay off the phone and you wouldn't be distracted!
COMMENT KING (19 days ago)
5: 40 looks lie she escapes
TheMuffinMan (19 days ago)
females are so dumb XD
Seyno R. (19 days ago)
2:00 ach unsere Deutschen Frauen 😂
Martina Star (19 days ago)
And they say us women are the smarter sex. 😂😂😂 brilliant video
nads mcgee (20 days ago)
And here I thought that only stupid american women were dumb bitches. I guess the only difference is the Russian ones are thin and hot while the americans are full of lard.
shygirl2115 (21 days ago)
Why was there a picture of a black woman on the cover of the video and she was not in the video? What was that about? 🤨
àngel estafanell solà (21 days ago)
En què pensen quan van a la benzinera?
Leela Govinston (21 days ago)
Stupid women like this give the rest of us a bad name.. It boggles the mind! Lord I'm shocked they even have a permit/licence.
Becky Norton (21 days ago)
These women have no common sense it has left most of the human race
Kate Oelayor (22 days ago)
omg ,the 4:20 stupid
San Francisco (22 days ago)
And women think they should be in positions of power.
dianthis (22 days ago)
For crying out loud. Of course not all women OR men for that matter, do this. Naturally when you put "idiot girls" in the title it's going to cause people, especially women to get defensive. And I as a woman have been driving for 34 years have never done anything like this.
Rory Woods (23 days ago)
omg them 2 woman at that pump 😂😂😂😂
Barsik Steel (24 days ago)
ето росия детка тупые там все а путин как псих ядерный
BigBang Tv (24 days ago)
3:41 did she just put a lighter on gas tank?
Joel Vale (24 days ago)
Some people don't have common sense.
Soviet -potato (24 days ago)
That's why I never let my girlfriend drive
true history (25 days ago)
Always women
Alex Povolotski (25 days ago)
That's a little sexist but very factual (video proof on file. )
José A. Muñoz (25 days ago)
wow, almost every clip keeps engine on while refueling... smh
Logi Gomez (26 days ago)
Soy un hombre muy honrado.... xD
ЛАВРЕНТИЙ ПАЛЫЧЬ (26 days ago)
куры они и на газстейшен куры)))
Connect Thor (26 days ago)
Stick to being an incubator. XD
Skelter Kaito (27 days ago)
Most of them are Russians.. I mean what do you expect
Daya Prakash (30 days ago)
Women are brilliant in house work or office work, But after that any work they are useless and brainless🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
mark f (30 days ago)
4:30..she is holding it as if its a goose neck and she is vegan
Brown Paw (30 days ago)
And those are the smart ones.
david mora (30 days ago)
are those videos real?
TheLondonCyclist (30 days ago)
2:21 was the funniest for me. I couldn't stop laughing.
Mommabear 1982 (30 days ago)
Women like these make me shake my head. My father taught me how to drive thank god. Won't see me in a video like this.
BRAD LYON (1 month ago)
For fuck sake how do women manage this..
Musitu Forest (1 month ago)
How stupid can this people get for christs sake?
MAYNARD -1 (1 month ago)
All these comments can be summed up in two words... Dumb cunts
Erick Sandoval (1 month ago)
Russian women are nutts
David Simons (1 month ago)
Boy this made laugh. How can some people be so dumb.
John Evans (1 month ago)
makes you wonder if any of these women had their heads rammed many time into a head board for sport
Silver Legend (1 month ago)
If women can be wankers then these are the best!
WontB Quiet (1 month ago)
Gotta know where the emergency fuel shut off switch is just in case of people like this show up...
Iona Tangent (1 month ago)
After watching the first couple of these crazy women drivers it did occur to me that at least the stupid muslims have one thing they're doing right.
May Day 183 (1 month ago)
Licensing these days is nothing more than a money-making scam as demonstrated by the growing number of complete idiots on our roads - the whole system is corrupt. If you are caught using handheld devices you should have your licence cancelled, not just a fine - it's obviously not working. ALL drivers should have to complete a defensive driving course & know how to regain control etc. before being given permission to use a lethal weapon without the proper training. Most of 'em can't even reverse park let alone fathom relative velocity & closest point of approach. Making cars "safer" has achieved the opposite results in many ways as people assume the car will drive itself - take me back to stick-shfits, clutches & the smell of petrol coming from the carbs. Plastic flantastic
Steph Steph (1 month ago)
Disgrace to women 🤦🏻‍♀️