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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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Text Comments (2262)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (1 year ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
Planet Fourth Reich (1 day ago)
This gives unique look also for the concept "womens logic" - Nothing can prepare you for it
Jose Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Como puede existir personas tan brutas ...de que planeta provienen..??😂😂
kat malual (23 days ago)
Fuck you
Dimas_Gaming_Chanel (1 month ago)
Marco Quesada Women + car + Russia = Madness
stefano elcristo (1 month ago)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage manca
gamer girl (43 minutes ago)
It's not that hard to pump gas
Seed Of Evil (2 hours ago)
This is why people shouldnt be allowed to pump their own gas.
Nameless and Shameless (2 hours ago)
Please tell me these are fake! I know people are dumb, but... That many people being THAT dumb... Is a bit much.
Triangle_Pants (3 hours ago)
and this is why we need licensing centers to test for stupid
guy (3 hours ago)
i can see japaneese women strugelling becouse there looking through slitts and austrailians get confused but but there upside down,,,,here in the uk just thick .
fjones1914 (4 hours ago)
苺딸 ⃢기 (5 hours ago)
주유하다가 라이터로 불붙이는년은 정체가 머임
RILLA MAN (6 hours ago)
My wife has done some dumb stuff like that when she was about 16 or 18 lol. How do you leave the pump in your car is beyond me.
Pat Cupolo (7 hours ago)
Common sense is not dead, just sleeping, as proven in these videos
Dirty Ham Productions (8 hours ago)
Gas stations still have workers that arent the cashier?
Marco Polo (8 hours ago)
At 0:35-1:00 the woman most be a real blond. More stupid you die, that is sure.
Donna Woodman (8 hours ago)
I can’t believe some people can be so extremely dumb, I am talking super dumb 🤣 😂 🤣
Aden Idow (9 hours ago)
Women should never be allowed to drive, period
Joe Smith (11 hours ago)
Women are so stupid😐
n adams (11 hours ago)
Namussuz Avcısı (12 hours ago)
Pleaseeeee Dont drive car Pleaseeeeeee W*men
Sandin Sans (13 hours ago)
Too much vodka.
Christian Buczko (14 hours ago)
And women wonder why men think their stupid....
Hello It's me (15 hours ago)
pacluv (16 hours ago)
OMG 😲 are these all Russian women???? They may have beauty but they sure don’t have any f*cking brains 🧠. Maybe when they get their drivers license they should have a class on how to correctly put gas ⛽️ in your car. For example if you look on the dashboard where the speedometer is you will see the symbol that tells you what side of the car your gas tank is. Then you won’t have to drive around the pumps 5 times trying to figure out where it is. SMH 🤦‍♂️
goldenhoney14 (17 hours ago)
Most of these are OUT the US. Lol
Ahmed Sami (18 hours ago)
women in general are stupid as fuck
ONWKSA GAMER (18 hours ago)
thats why saudi arabia arent alowd woman to drive🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Josefine Seyfarth (18 hours ago)
That makes me so... Ashamed of being a woman... I mean HOW, just *HOW* is so much stupidity even possible???
JackReace360 (20 hours ago)
ya know its videos like this that make me think the studies have a point in not letting women drive although the also don't think the're people either... so ... point and counter point i guess :/
Debra Gonzales (21 hours ago)
Thank God not female's are dumber than a box of rock's.
Debra Gonzales (21 hours ago)
Having a blond moment.
Howard Red Toyota Conquest (21 hours ago)
Woman are so stupid, the next thing they will just stand up while u busy fucking her and damage ur dick like they did to the gas stations😂😂
Jay Irfan (22 hours ago)
Retarded women.
joenissan (1 day ago)
Some countries have it right. Don’t let them drive, stay in the kitchen.
Gustavo Martinez (1 day ago)
Estupid people
Karthikeyan Mahalingam (1 day ago)
Woman they give birth . Give new life
Rodolfo Garcia (1 day ago)
Gas station Is a place you must show respect and pay attention
J Truong (1 day ago)
Takes a certain genius for this, the kind never allowed behind a wheel.
EliteStricker (1 day ago)
All idiots
Clifford Jones (1 day ago)
You can tell she is stupid in the Honda and stupid on. Cell phones are stupid y pump gas Russian are fucking stupid that's a fact 30 of them
PineKushDude (1 day ago)
The moron who had to circle the gas pump 4 times before realizing the gas cap wasn't going to magically change sides is proof human being are the dumbest most idiotic primates the world has ever seen, lmaoo
polar cook (1 day ago)
Don't wanna sound sexist, but does a woman's brain physically work differently from a man's? Legitimate question....
Highkey Kylie (1 day ago)
Dougie Roberts (1 day ago)
Amazing stupid , bacteria has more intelligence.
Tshepo Tshotetsi (1 day ago)
this is so full of "what the fuck" moments.. that lighter woman. i thought she was lighting up a cig but no she was being way more stupid than that
Rimuru Tempest (1 day ago)
This is why if you are a father of a little girl teach her while she is young how to fill gas.
Kitty Richardson (1 day ago)
I am 75 years old and I have NEVER tried to pull a hose alway around a car and never forgot to take the nose out of the tank. Do you have any men doing this?
Blue Carbon (1 day ago)
There should be a warning sensor on car’s gas doors.
Old Norse brewery (1 day ago)
coltello affillato (1 day ago)
Why at 3:38 she is lighting the gasoline?
Keeping Up With The Kuethers (1 day ago)
I don't get why they keep pulling on the hose like the first time you pulled on it, it didn't move.
robert eichenlaub (2 days ago)
this is too stupid to watch anymore
Allan Love Jr (2 days ago)
H2O Delirious (2 days ago)
Bunch of stupid peoole
Baby Turtle (2 days ago)
WHO THE FUCK gave these bimbos a license?
Dragoner Productions (3 days ago)
Why the fuck do people drive with the hose still attached
Dragoner Productions (3 days ago)
Guess they don't know gas is flammable?
S Justice (3 days ago)
maybe the Muslims have it right about not allowing women to drive a vehicle
Ravi Poojari (3 days ago)
Womens are always idiots
Bribiesca (4 days ago)
3:36 Why?
pracxis prac (4 days ago)
NOT ALL women are dumb like this..but most of them are dumber.
jason X (4 days ago)
Women dont even need cellphones or make up to be distracted when driving.. them driving is the hazard.
Plater (5 days ago)
Mujeres dejarían de ser!
thetruth916 Owanda (6 days ago)
Women drivers they are beneath men’s
Derrick Smith (6 days ago)
I try so hard to view females as EQUALLY intelligent, competent and capable of sound reasoning and action, but it's so hard!
Bill Gates. (6 days ago)
1:11 Mariachis🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽👌
alex gag (6 days ago)
why are the rusian people so stupid? all over the internet: the can not drive,fill up their cars and much more
trenell adkins (7 days ago)
As a man i did pay for gas once and drove off,,not to defend these stupid females
Piepsi Panic (7 days ago)
I can't believe what I just saw ... O_O
Cry of the Earth (8 days ago)
women need first gas station license and then a driver's license Women are as dangerous as nuclear bombs. Men have to pay attention wherever a woman is Since the women left the kitchen, they have done too much harm to the world
Marvin Ramirez (8 days ago)
Females drivers on crack.
jason nguyen (9 days ago)
I had such a great time enjoying this video.
Validemar jan (9 days ago)
Ёбанные шмары пишком ходите СУКИ....
Slagg Magoo (10 days ago)
I thought this video was about stupid women driver not just stupid women. fuck you
Igor Varlam (11 days ago)
Nou coment)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Алексей Ершов (11 days ago)
Р851тн как Вы думаете где у неё мозги ?А я знаю между ног
Valera Borodetskiy (11 days ago)
john peake (11 days ago)
woman can do two thing's at once my arse
ROGER KEMIBALA (11 days ago)
Edward swift (13 days ago)
Your title it’s rude asf u don’t know what’s going on In their lives
brickson98moto (13 days ago)
These people really shouldn’t be on the road
Denniz Dennett (13 days ago)
I really hope the lady in the CRV at the gas station wasn’t serious
punker4Real (15 days ago)
going to a gas station should be part of the driving test since its a basic thing fail that and its an auto failure of the lic test
indy_go_blue60 (16 days ago)
In my city (not sure of the state, but probably) gas stations have signs at the pumps NOT to use a cellphone or get back into your car (static electricity) and of course No Smoking signs at each pump. And yet the cell phone is so g'damned important that many still ignore the warning. I suppose they need to add a "Remove and replace the pump before driving off" sign as well.
Just Alex (17 days ago)
Makes me wonder how are some of these people still alive. Mother nature needs to step up her game. End these idiots.
Dxpression xx (17 days ago)
maria provenzano (17 days ago)
im ashamed to be a women
JASOWN CHECKOV (17 days ago)
riverman33 (18 days ago)
It's hard to watch.
100vla (18 days ago)
2:00 poor bmw
AID TV (19 days ago)
Pooslinger1981 (19 days ago)
This is why the muslins don’t let women drive.
Bobbi jo 64 Took the red pill (19 days ago)
I swear they have too be on drugs to be this stupid!!!!
Jimmy Gallant (19 days ago)
With the potential danger being so high, it’s a wonder we trust people to fuel up.
0 0 (19 days ago)
Yeah, these whores are all on the phone while filling their gas...
0 0 (19 days ago)
Why are these fucking bitches on the phone every time?
Iceberg Nerd (20 days ago)
It's crazy to think that this has happened so many times they actually had to redesign the gas pump to where it just snaps off to minimize the damages. Worst thing I've ever done is pay for the gas and drove off without pumping it at all.
robert gienke (21 days ago)
How do you not know what side your fuel tank is on?? Hahaha
Ruslan (21 days ago)
Последняя соска симпатичная. Наверное быстро на машину заработала.
Luke Eros (22 days ago)
This can't be real, right? I mean - people aren't THAT stupid...!
chargerfryar (22 days ago)
seems like a lot of these result from the women approaching on the wrong side because they didn't want to wait for the "right" side of the pump. Waiting a few minutes would've saved them the trouble and the appearance on Youtube.
Александр Каржков (23 days ago)
не умеешь ездить, не надо ездить...
Nuria E. (24 days ago)
Este vídeo es discriminatorio. ¿Qué pasa, que no hay hombres que cometan estos mismos fallos?.