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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (1 year ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
FIAT BRAVA 16V (10 days ago)
ihr scdhlampen solltet lieber in der küche bleiben ...auto fahren werdet ihr nie lernen kein mann der welt lässt die zapfpistole im auto und geht bezahlen keiner nur blöde mumus
Phil D Cooke (12 days ago)
It's a woman thing ,I've seen it many a time
J G (13 days ago)
Well it's a car not a delicious thanksgiving dinner.
mariam barry sankara (1 month ago)
Why she forcing the gas pump nike to you how much damage are going to make really 😂😂😂
joseph galarneau (5 hours ago)
because putting down the phone is unthinkable and pumping gas is so complicated.
Bill Vogel (6 hours ago)
World's Most Idiot Girl Drivers
Jody Smith (9 hours ago)
Why don't automobile manufacturers put the gas filler opening on the same side as the driver? Most or all of these were people on their phone!
Shaka Zulu (10 hours ago)
They are as dumb in gas stations as they are in bed
Arellano Samuel P. (17 hours ago)
how many gas stations already not working because of these?
Lizica Dumitru (19 hours ago)
Is there even a driving test in Russia?
Charles Darwin (22 hours ago)
Women shouldn't be allowed to drive, or do anything
Jessica Fain (1 day ago)
It's sad how many woman hating men comment on these videos. I mean, come on, these women are as stupid as you can be without being mentally handicapped. It's like you must've been raised by the queen of cunts to have so much disrespect for your mothers gender. It's sad that girls don't want to touch your weiners, but that doesn't mean you're better than them. These dumb ass women aren't how all women are. I hope all your mom's slap you.
Stephen Box (1 day ago)
Yeah but they got what makes the World Go Round between their legs!!!
Old-Style 86 (1 day ago)
I agree. women are stupid.
Willie Grinage (1 day ago)
Cellphone's are Not to be used while fueling Up it can cause a fire.
Volod65 (1 day ago)
на 3 минуте - все правильно.. ведь на заправках всегда обманывают.. :) шнобелевская премия гарантирована.
Jessica Fain (1 day ago)
These dumb bitches need their license taken away!! I can't believe we're forced to share the road with morons like this. It's absolutely terrifying.
le'Rock (1 day ago)
All the thumbs down must be all gals.... 😂🤣😅😆😅
Jeff Anderson (1 day ago)
my. God. a. bunch of. idiots. i hope they don't. have. kids 🐴
Borna Lava (2 days ago)
BattleshipGrafSpee (2 days ago)
Christ qui sont épais les russes!
Georgy Porgy (2 days ago)
Women are stupid drivers......
Felipe Rodriguez (2 days ago)
It's that damn phone their brains are fried they're always on it and don't pay attention to shit.
Really ! Those women have driving license ? Who gave them ?
mofassa (2 days ago)
they are all stupid dumbass russians women. dumb as fuck
1LE Azul (2 days ago)
Who's the biggest retard here, the women in this video or the dumb ass that has no clue what proper grammar is that made the title of this video?
Jim Lahey (2 days ago)
If stupidity would hurt, everyone of these women would be bawling.
Jorge Martinez (2 days ago)
Oh man i parked on the wrong side once and my girlfriend was like dude wrong side so I moved and parked on the wrong again...hahaha I was so embarrassed 😀😎
Anna Natalia (2 days ago)
Okay hold up is this real because it’s funny as heck lol idiots these days that are girls
kirei one (2 days ago)
Get off the f *!kin phone!!
Screw You (3 days ago)
well if there was another reason wwhy u should stay as far away from $#@%& as possible.............
maskenthoe (3 days ago)
amazing. women is the most stupid God's creation that's why Eve is so easily tricked by Satan.
Top Notch (3 days ago)
Equal, huh? LMAO!!
lukask (3 days ago)
Russia has made this problem for them. Is you had to pay after fueling it would be harder to forget pull a nozzle.
How many subscribers can I get without uploads ? (3 days ago)
I'm a guy but this is kinda sexist
uh1c-chief n/a (3 days ago)
Makes me wonder why Russian mail-order brides are a thing, these days.
vfr foxtrott (3 days ago)
00:23 GMT at 16.02.19 ...
Tom Jabar (3 days ago)
Street full of chickens idiots driver and walker ;)
raffick mohammed (3 days ago)
The women at 2:52, she was fulling her gas tank, but what was she doing to catches it on fire ,👎
antonio campagna (3 days ago)
Russian are very IDIOTS!
Dj WARTIME (3 days ago)
3:23, this girl made my head hurt, ffs! How dumb can you be.
HolsteinCowLove (3 days ago)
Omg!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈
Cooksjl67 jl67 (3 days ago)
Gyrl+Driver=Very Dangerous !!!!!😂😘
Yasir Ali (3 days ago)
these must not be idiots only in driving but also in real life
Okhumode Samuel (3 days ago)
Why are w*men this stupid?
RRR LLL (3 days ago)
And we let women vote resulting in fkn up your country They should stay in the fkn kitchen but only give them electric stoves
TheGuruStud (3 days ago)
dumb cunts on the phone as usual
ocean buoy (4 days ago)
Ladies (people) there's a little arrow next to your fuel indicator that points to which side you fuel on.
B Quinn (4 days ago)
Just love the two idiots at 3:50 the blonde is literally brain dead...
Gebriel Tristan Az Zahran (4 days ago)
That’s why when first time training drive a car. My instructor told me to check first where is the inlet hole to filling the gas
Magnús Másson (4 days ago)
No women no drive. No women no car.
Plamen M (4 days ago)
Тъпи руски путки
YOUNG NWA (4 days ago)
Bit h why would u yank the gas line
Ohio Against The World (4 days ago)
why are 85% of these women sexy as hell.....
M.R Penguin YT (4 days ago)
That's why Saudi Arabia babes woman from driving 😂😂
Sandi Yuliana (4 days ago)
dhumay boy (4 days ago)
All Russian people they are drinking an driving there's no law enforcement
M M (4 days ago)
this is whyyyy in some countries they don't let women drive
Rzimizak (4 days ago)
Homosovieticus Girls!
chris 5354 (5 days ago)
Diamante Dea (5 days ago)
all the comments are men claiming every woman is stupid after seeing a video of just a few women being dumb. illogical creatures...
Hemant Biradar (5 days ago)
It's.... Natural as like to take inn and don't put it out. They Like to give center (()) ......
Олег Гончаров (5 days ago)
Pendoss You Freaks 😂😂😂
Robert Gomez (5 days ago)
The reason the girl took a lighter to the gas tank was to look for her common sense 😂
Punjabi Boy Romy Singh (5 days ago)
As like woman's we can use only for fucking ..because they all don't have any experience without fucking
Роман Иванов (6 days ago)
И хоть бы хны,все равно телефон от уха не отрывают😃
Cyndrella Abbott (6 days ago)
Russia has the most stupid bitches in the world!
andré rasemont (6 days ago)
Est que c'est ds pompes a vodka?
Billy Boren (6 days ago)
Damn, they did this shit sober
Steve Hoyland (6 days ago)
I take solace In the fact that our Russian brothers have to put up with Idiotic women as much we (In the UK) do! Never mind guys, at least they come In handy for certain things - washing, Ironing, making tea, etc,etc,etc. Oh, and......!
Ken Rose (6 days ago)
What the name of the song playing on the piano
อัยยรัตน์ Lex (6 days ago)
Hery Mintarko (6 days ago)
Idiot AF!!
john ward (7 days ago)
Doesn't these people read sign anymore or are cell phone making people stupid? Cell phone are mini Micro wave transmitters that can cause a spark at a gas station when be used and what does a sparks and Gas fumes do. it' creates fire if you can't figure it out. It would be the same as smoking a cigarette while pumping your gas.
Christopher Brown (7 days ago)
I'm outta here! I can't watch 10 minutes of stupidy at this level.
Shabunda (7 days ago)
this just looks like a buncha stupid fookin russians
Charissa Henderson (7 days ago)
I will never understand how people can just leave the fuel pump in the car and drive away. Really tho
Satya Kartik Moturu (7 days ago)
3:00 What the damn hell she is doing? Is really lost her mind
TermMatrix (7 days ago)
Easiest way to find a spot a stupid woman - she's on her phone 24x7
TermMatrix (7 days ago)
Can't the dimwits just put that hose back in its place?
TermMatrix (7 days ago)
Why on earth do they allow unqualified or anyone to refuel themselves? Shouldn't there be staff at gas stations to do that especially when its hazardous not just to those idiotic drivers but others as well?
Константин Миронов (7 days ago)
сперма весь мозг разъела ,:DDDDDDD
Nazrul Naim (7 days ago)
So bloody full idiot..what the ..
James Gatz (7 days ago)
Gas station pumps are part of the patriarchy
Trump Trump (7 days ago)
Chain them in the Kitchen .
dvddmc (7 days ago)
one thing i hate is when people start to fuel cars and they jump back in till its done. Some times yuo have to becareful cause some times those pumps dont stop.
Fred (7 days ago)
Beggars belief!
zukiyaki conan (8 days ago)
Yah idiot womans they dont know also use phone in gas station?
Royal Wins (8 days ago)
And we let them vote now?!
Mahendra kharsan (8 days ago)
Atanizin AMK (8 days ago)
I was not wrong about women drivers after all....
Diamante Dea (5 days ago)
true, but not every woman is this dumb and reckless!
Paul Bradshaw (8 days ago)
Wow, so many dumb ass women in Russia! The woman with the lighter was particularly amusing.
Jakab Gipsz (8 days ago)
A kurwa telefon.
Pascal Parisot (8 days ago)
alors elles c est les pires
Pascal Parisot (8 days ago)
bravo les femmes surtout les russes
Ashley Taylor (9 days ago)
The sexism in this video.... unbelievable🤦🏼‍♀️
Jessica Fain (1 day ago)
The comments. 🤯
Jukka Tapaninen (9 days ago)
How are these people allowed to walk the streets? They're just walking (and driving) disasters waiting to happen. The moron with the lighter just has to be the dumbest person I've ever seen.
ingeniero loco (9 days ago)
y dicen las mujeres que pueden hacer varias cosas al mismo tiempo, pues .....como las haran jajajaaa
Shenouda weliam (9 days ago)
Neglect of ladies
deplorable patriot (9 days ago)
That there's what ya call university smarts. All 250,000.00 worth.
vytas braziunas (9 days ago)
nu i tupogolovyje....................
Iedy Iedy (9 days ago)
1:31 god fucking dammit she drivers a bimmer e30.....i pity the abuse that car got ;(
Black turbine (9 days ago)
And this is why gas stations started to implement magnetic quick release valves between fuel nozzle and hose