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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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Text Comments (6008)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (1 year ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
41 Films (2 months ago)
so you had to use a black girl in the thumbnail so that people could click on your video... you fuckin racist cunt..
ladylight walker (2 months ago)
If you don't like woman driving,go to home.
spyrocrashify (2 months ago)
A European channel so obvious
Jack Jammen (2 months ago)
I’m a guy. And I Unsubscribed your bullshit.
Thank god (2 months ago)
+Alex 😅
Norm T (14 hours ago)
Fuck they are dumb. Should not be allowed a licence.
lino klein meuleman (14 hours ago)
Thumb down is from me because ,these bitches are so stupid it annoys me .
Matej Likavec (15 hours ago)
Only women can do this.
Lisa maitland (16 hours ago)
0:53 she was going to driver while on the phone/text. Maybe gas line catching her car on fire would be a cool thing. She gets out of the car and can not put down that phone. Cell phone was not the greatest thing, we ever created. come to think of it, most of these the ladies are on the phone.
mtssvnsn (23 hours ago)
Self driving cars cant come fast enough!
MrMoon275 (1 day ago)
My brain hurts watching these videos man. I cant understand the full service stations how they just drive away or how bout I use my lighter to see the tank I'm actually going to pump gas into..
TriclopsGamer593 (1 day ago)
... special people.
Denis Doucet (1 day ago)
You can't speak for all woman, my wife is a woman and she is a good driver and knows how to fill a car up with gas properly. Put her behind the wheel of any motorized machine and she could drive it, she is amazing!!
A Non (2 days ago)
Did that woman even know she was being fuelled?
Sharon zacharias Louis (3 days ago)
While watching this videos that I feels like I am become an idiot...wtf..
Scott S. (3 days ago)
if the drivers door was on the gas cap side it would help. Women need to see it to notice it.
Natty Bear Bear (3 days ago)
So stupid
Mr Emoji (3 days ago)
I can't believe we let them vote🤦‍♂️
Dave Chivell gardner (4 days ago)
if your unable to figure out how to put petrol in your car safely then its prolly a sign you should be on a bus
Midnight Madness (4 days ago)
Stupid people are everywhere lol doesn't matter what sex u are. I've never done any of this shit😂 both my parents were police officers,so I got early training to not be retarded😉 😂😂😂 funny video!!
Rae Bundrick (4 days ago)
Am I just destined to be a bad driver
Corey Vazandt (4 days ago)
the fact that this is in different parts of the world make it worse maybe this is why the bible tells woman to let the man lead . imagine what else woman mess up on
Sarasdad91 Tim (4 days ago)
Why are these videos always picking on women drivers? Men drivers are just as bad, sometimes even worse. I mean seriously. Is there any such thing as a perfect driver?
Brenda Bender (4 days ago)
Fucking hell. A cacophony of the most stupid and half-witted sluts on the planet.
lllM-4M6-J-WolfImSchafspelz Power (4 days ago)
And now the most stupid mens
Normunds X (5 days ago)
08:14 - Дура, что ли!!!??? - Сам ты штоли, поняаааалллл!!!!!!!!!!??????
Thranduil Is The Lord (5 days ago)
John Doe (6 days ago)
This is the exact reason they disabled the automatic holding function on petrol pump pistols in my country. To many distracted people destroyed them like this. Now, you have to hold it until it clicks when the tank is full and then you dont forget to put it back in the pump.
John Doe (6 days ago)
Most of them are yapping away on their mobile phones.
fake despacito (6 days ago)
What crack does the women take to use their phone and a lighter on a patrol station?
Vietto ngheta (6 days ago)
3:10 what the fuck she doing????
Peter Mokmane (6 days ago)
Russian women are super dumb
Burning Tango (6 days ago)
Did they really think those tubes are extendable??
Bulky Spark (7 days ago)
only Asian and middle east women can act this idiotic
Bulky Spark (7 days ago)
very stupid n unconscious women
Jennifer Ramos (7 days ago)
2:58 why😲
Grace Jones (7 days ago)
If you own a car... you should know which side the gas thing is on!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤣
cataderian (7 days ago)
If you want the worlds most idiot drivers you don't have to add the word "girl".
Pauly B (7 days ago)
It's a compilation of females only. Which part triggered you? The idiocy or the pronoun?
MillerMeteor74 (7 days ago)
Unbelievable. How did these people even make it that far in life??
MU'MIN 215 (7 days ago)
Ok I take that back ALL RUSSIAN WOMAN are just idiots. Your welcome💯💯
MU'MIN 215 (7 days ago)
All Woman are idiots.. Your welcome😉
Sir Reginald Blomfield (8 days ago)
Are females really this retarded ?
Bruce Lee (8 days ago)
Stupid ass cunt's
Optidorf (8 days ago)
3:38 The moment you realize this is going to become epic on a totally different scale.
plolee blowoteehow (9 days ago)
women and cars. kind of like women and other people.
Margot Slaughter (9 days ago)
beautifultammira10 (10 days ago)
Unfortunately, this is what happens when people do not take the time to teach their female children how to safely operate a vehicle & pump gas without killing themselves or other people! This is also what happens when women are stuck in that "Miss Independent" mode and they are too arrogant to ask for help😲😖😰😂🤣😂
Ichsan H. Pranoto (10 days ago)
4:45 ... wua ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha........ >____<
Elizabeth Westenberger (10 days ago)
How can you be this oblivious on pumping gas, stupid bitches
Iyappan V (10 days ago)
THULE1912 (10 days ago)
Russian women must give the best head.
eddyvideostar (11 days ago)
1:37 minutes: This has to be fake: a little skit.
Land Rover (11 days ago)
Lovely Russian ladies!
kowe96941 (11 days ago)
The cell phone user, I wish they blow up!
kowe96941 (11 days ago)
I bet the feminists gave the thumbs down. Lol
Viva Lavendredi (11 days ago)
At 2:22 you can see how great women are with multitasking…
Phó Cơ (12 days ago)
Omg.. omg... lol..
Jose Lamers (12 days ago)
Where are the brains off those woman , really😬 they all gone without paying
Jaelle T (12 days ago)
Get off the phone and maybe you can use your brain cells wisely. LOL unbelieveable
Parag Saini आर्य कर्म से (12 days ago)
Russian women's
Starvin Marvin (12 days ago)
Women are equally stupid around the world
Mário S. M. (12 days ago)
Ana Velazquez (13 days ago)
I want to see men too.
Coolj OriginX (9 days ago)
There's a reason there aren't any..
Badass Frank Henry (13 days ago)
Don Hightower (13 days ago)
Brains at it's finest
Dean Campz (14 days ago)
How??? @5:11 🙈
Kenni G (14 days ago)
y'all really acting like you weren't brought into this world by a woman pfft okay ill be praying for y'all
Mary Morstan (14 days ago)
овцы ёбаные блять
lstratt55 (15 days ago)
tradesman1000 (15 days ago)
Yep there’s your equality right there! 😂
Smaiil Ben (17 days ago)
Keith Thornton (17 days ago)
If it's this bad over there, how bad and often does this happen in America?
schubi128 (17 days ago)
I'm wondering why so many Russian leave the Muzzle in the car and drive away. I can't imagine any situation when I would forget to take the Muzzle back to the pump
longrider (18 days ago)
I have an idea..lets let women make world changing decisions...we can call them FEMINISTS.
The Bandit (18 days ago)
And to think that these people are breeding...
Dodder (18 days ago)
As a man I have never driven off with a fuel line still attatched to my car. Women must do this if they are planning on driving off without paying or their memory span is so poor that they forgot. That last statement is frightening enough. Now we chaps know why there are pumps always out of order. Some stupid bitch drove off with the fuel line still attatched.
no one (19 days ago)
Ben Dover (19 days ago)
And they want to run the world.
Laura Lopez (19 days ago)
tienen el celular 😠pero la que se llevo el premio ala pendejes fue la que con un ensendedor se fijo si ya estaba lleno como se le ocurrio milagro no se quemo la jeta x bruta
Laura Lopez (19 days ago)
jajajajjaja perra madre que brutas son un peligro para cualquier tranceunte dios como pudieron darles la licencia de conducir 😢😠😡que pendejas
Bisnes Mies (19 days ago)
3:11 why she is trying to blow the fire out.
raffick mohammed (20 days ago)
Dem thing stupid
Kumar Kanta (20 days ago)
Stupid - woman, girls
Cavity Creep (21 days ago)
jj realtalk (21 days ago)
These women must have been on vacation when God was handing out brains. If these women have kids then their children have no hope at life .
Sans (22 days ago)
again... how the actual fuck did they get ther drive license like who is the motherfucker who did that!
harddazeknight (22 days ago)
Bitches be cray!
苗伟林 (22 days ago)
Eileen Strong (23 days ago)
I hate to say it, but women should never be allowed to operate any type of motorized vehicle. *They are SOOOOO FUCKING STUPID!!!!!* Best they just eat healthy, exercise all the time and keep their pussys lubed for a good workout. Cuz they sure aint good for anything else!!!!
Gary Indiana (23 days ago)
That is what makes females so beautiful .
MsArthurharris (24 days ago)
they're stupid because they got smaller brains and they get dumber with every kid they shit out, its why we need even more laws and welfare programs to help through life
KigreTheViking (25 days ago)
3:01 How on earth do you get to the age of at least 35-40 maybe and you dont know what open flames can do to gasoline. I think i repeatedly learned what it did when i was 7... and then through out my life still going. Its kinda easy to remember too if you dont want to DIE! (Im in my 30s.) How did she get to be this old and SO retarded!? When you are that stupid you area danger to yourself and everyone around you and you should be put on an island with simular people. Togheter they can die in idiocracy.
s flo (26 days ago)
Every once in a while we need to see stupid women because all of the other videos have stupid men
Cameron Schmit (26 days ago)
You don't have to look hard for stupid people or bad drivers. Man or woman
gcord21 (27 days ago)
Get off the freakin phone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohd Raymee (28 days ago)
Lady drivers are all the same over the world
Особенный Тип (28 days ago)
ой как не хватает справедливого наказания ой как статья нужна...
Tarnished Knight (28 days ago)
The dumbass beotch @ 0:32. Get off your phone and wake up... before your neglegance get someone else hurt or killed. P. S. I would have made HER crawl through the car. And the Mensa member @ 3:22. I have never seen anyone that stupid. (Most) any idiot can figure out that you use the nozzles on the pump near you. Also, I don't know if the pump handles are color coded the same as in the US, but if they are, she has a diesel fuel nozzle in her hand. And I don't see where that car is marked as a diesel.
gcord21 (27 days ago)
Not just women that do that, I watched a man order his food while on the phone. Seriously, you can't put the phone down for a few seconds while you order food.
GirlPowerMP (29 days ago)
amylane baker (1 month ago)
It’s a wonder how some people can even function in life.
Black Fossil (1 month ago)
The girl with the bmw is a fake one .
helookalikaman79 (1 month ago)
Ah, not to be a white knight, but has anyone thought these pampered princesses have never had to pump their own gas? Even though my mom can get gas on her own, I always go get the gas....
Henry Reyes (1 month ago)
Burras Idiotas peor que los puercos.
Andrey Yatskevich (1 month ago)
бляляяяяяяя 2 бабы на заправке это жеееесть ! ХА ХА ХА