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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (2 years ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
Jim Sirette (12 days ago)
Yeah. There are probably women out there.....
FIAT BRAVA 16V (2 months ago)
ihr scdhlampen solltet lieber in der küche bleiben ...auto fahren werdet ihr nie lernen kein mann der welt lässt die zapfpistole im auto und geht bezahlen keiner nur blöde mumus
Phil D Cooke (2 months ago)
It's a woman thing ,I've seen it many a time
J G (2 months ago)
Well it's a car not a delicious thanksgiving dinner.
mattt198654321 (3 hours ago)
Apparently high technology like breakaway gas hoses have not made it to Russia yet.
Tony Stark (12 hours ago)
That is why they make detachable pumps for this reason.....for idiots.
Sandra Woodward (17 hours ago)
Notice none of these vids are in the US?
Ministry Of (18 hours ago)
3:30 ma che cazz...
Alienator Grand (1 day ago)
Russians Women's should be strictly prohibited to drive . they're completely dangerous behind the wheel for themselves and others.
Styy Hawk (1 day ago)
Eventually, all women turn into good drivers... so if you're a good driver, be careful of women turning.
Rabar Omar (1 day ago)
This is what happens when they get out of the kitchen
FrequencyOo (1 day ago)
Out here in LA there’s always stupid women speeding and I’m just like bruh wtf are you doing
Robert Pierson (1 day ago)
7:23 Wherever that is, they must post these guys standing there, because it's such a frequent problem.
Robert Pierson (1 day ago)
7:02 It's right there, perfectly in her view!!!! So oblivious!!!! This is why perps Carmack women more, because they don't pay attention to their surroundings.
Robert Pierson (1 day ago)
And just think, these geniuses are on the road with us!!!!
Robert Pierson (1 day ago)
01:50 Why are gas pumps designed like that? It's dangerous for these poor women. They should be designed so the hose can reach the far side, for cars with the refill on the other side. How are these women supposed to fill their cars with that weird placement? 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Robert Pierson (1 day ago)
0:58 She actually tries to pretend like she wasn't done! Sorry lady, your dumbness is all recorded. Don't ya love how commercials try to perpetiate that women are superior drivers, and berate the men and make them look goofy?
Tolbat (1 day ago)
I don't understand why there are people attending pumps if they just let retards pump gas.
15 12 9 22 5 18 (1 day ago)
Women vs. Patriarchal Cars
Jane Morgan (2 days ago)
I actually saw someone driving with the nozzle stuck in the car, dragging the hose down the road.
Skekzyz (2 days ago)
OK now I understand why it's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon, they couldn't make a sexist law so they had to ban it for everyone.
Iceharuyuki (2 days ago)
Dom B (2 days ago)
Russian women seem very ..............distracted.
Shirley Schork (2 days ago)
You notice these are all Russian women.......kind of makes you think that too much vodka may not be a good idea!
Sam Labo (2 days ago)
Women are idiots
Luis Casillas (2 days ago)
Talking on the phone while pumping gas thank goodness she didn't blow to bits.
Nomadunlimited (2 days ago)
The scarier part is they breed.
Sjjsjjj Zjsjsjsjsjj (2 days ago)
Omg xD
David Donaghy (2 days ago)
There's a little arrow on your dash that tells you what side the fuel filler is on.
jay williams (2 days ago)
These people should not be allowed to ride in a car .wow never allow to pump gas.
Flower GemsGirl (2 days ago)
You women are a freaking insult to the gender!!! What kind of stupid headed government gives these idiots licenses??? Too bad they didn’t all start a fire on themselves and spare the world their stupidity.
Dr Blue (2 days ago)
And to think, now we let them vote ...
No One (3 days ago)
Too Many Mimosas With Breakfast Ladies 🤦🏽🥂
That Dude (3 days ago)
Sexism level 1000
Jimmy O. (3 days ago)
Girls please dont driver ever
black star (3 days ago)
Someone should tell the ladies that the little arrow next to the gas gauge icon indicates which side of the vehicle the gas port is located on.
black star (3 days ago)
We need to sell the russians some breakaway hoses.
Frances Finney (3 days ago)
Dog dumb
Ben skull stephens (3 days ago)
Dumb bitches no wonder women want same recognition as men their intelligence is worrying
Aryan (3 days ago)
They arabs were right in not allowing them to drive
don henry rey enriquez (4 days ago)
stupid LOL
Me! (4 days ago)
4:00 what do I do now??
Cipher (4 days ago)
I'm a girl and I can't believe people can be THIS dumb. What's the point of stopping at the petrol station if you aren't there for, say, petrol? I've never seen guys doing it so either those idiots weren't paying attention or don't know how the petrol pumps work. Facepalm.
Jeancarlo Hidalgo (4 days ago)
Gas station 9999 - 0 women
Clockeye (4 days ago)
Guess gas stations are sexist now.
kite (4 days ago)
The first one is Richard Watterson level stupid
Addik Dhooghe (5 days ago)
men should keep their women in the kitchen for public safety
Fairytalesim (5 days ago)
You should know which side the thing where the gas gets filled in is, it doesn't make sense that you should have to bring the pump all the way around.
Michal Petar (5 days ago)
Ruský idioti
Adnan Ali (5 days ago)
Actually every single video is a big Accident! Thankfully nothing happened!
Quantum Leap (5 days ago)
Everyone of them are on phone. Looks like stupid people have a lot to talk.
Lady Robin (5 days ago)
Russian women are the dumbest??
mss meh (5 days ago)
This is embarrassing to watch ... This is why guys think we idiots, ugh
Justin Cheng (5 days ago)
get off the fucking phone
Mauricio Garcia (5 days ago)
Lol good damn these girls are the kind that kill innocent people
Lo Yang (5 days ago)
haha that lady trying to pull the gas hose to her car. stupid cunt turn ur car around😁
Scotty V (6 days ago)
This was the funniest vid I've seen all day lmao!! Women are sooo funny at gas stations, driving cars, etc etc!!
tudorjason (6 days ago)
I don't know what to say. On the one hand, adults should remember what to do with the most basic things in life. On the other hand, women have a lot of responsibility with a lot on their mind. Wouldn't you agree, lazy ass husband who is reading this and finding this vid amusing?
Clockeye (4 days ago)
+tudorjason 🤣😂 you who has the mentality of a feminist is giving a psychological evaluation lol
tudorjason (4 days ago)
May I suggest you watch some of the choosingbeggars and entitledparents vids? You might find one of your experiences on it. You seem to have an attitude about people that is often exhibited by the choosing beggars and entitled parents that are featured. Bye!
Clockeye (4 days ago)
+tudorjason you must tell yourself that a lot, I can tell you believe it.
tudorjason (4 days ago)
+Clockeye I am a man. I'm empathetic and mature.
Clockeye (4 days ago)
A lot of responsibility and a lot on their mind......just being married to one and the same can be said for the husbands. But stay stupid though, you clearly are too busy bitching about how it's always a man's fault when a woman does something stupid.
bang bros. (7 days ago)
3:09 БуруновА твою мать!
This_is_Jay (7 days ago)
Thank god india doesn't have this type of self service petrol pumps.. indian aunties are more idiot than them
Yung Mizzle (7 days ago)
More proof that women are dumb
James Karpet (7 days ago)
And leftists want half of these people in Congress?
James Karpet (7 days ago)
Do the Russian government put something in the water that only affects women? Or it's the negative effects of decades of communism?
tonkatoytruck (7 days ago)
Makes you wonder how any of these people survived to adulthood.
Mr B (7 days ago)
Rudyard F (7 days ago)
The women with the lighter. That cleared the snow of her car.
ky (7 days ago)
I’m glad I haven’t done any of this 🤦‍♀️
Falun Gong BS Cult (7 days ago)
1:16 ?
SiriusGD (8 days ago)
As long as they have great tits who cares!
Sandra P. (8 days ago)
Too young to be so forgetful - just wait 20 more years
Derek Williams (8 days ago)
I just find it funny how in every clip they're all drinving station wagon/hatchback/crossovers or whatever you call them.
Alexander Heli (8 days ago)
1:40 ist a fake from german TV Sender RTL
vanns nguyen (8 days ago)
These woman are only good by holding it by the head
Raj Kumar (8 days ago)
It's scary to think these people are living and driving with us
Daniel Hatley (8 days ago)
myron162 (8 days ago)
Nobody can be this stupid. Wait I take that back... Video doesn't lie.
Carlos Dasilva (8 days ago)
They do that to men too.
Rahjee Brunner (8 days ago)
These women gotta be smoking something.
judsonkr (9 days ago)
I know why women are such poor judges of distance but I cannot figure out why gas pumps cofuse them so.
A Penandroll (9 days ago)
Multitask right??...get outta here
Humayun Babar Babar (9 days ago)
So fucking idiot's...they are
Natasha Green (9 days ago)
Agh these chicks make the rest of us normal ones look soooo bad
Sheila Pasion (9 days ago)
Omg I wanna smack these chicks!!!!
azooz qoop (9 days ago)
هنا ينطبق الكلام اذا قالو لك البنات نقصات عقل ودين
CrazyInWeston (9 days ago)
Could someone help me understand here? Surely you'd put the pump back on the hook, lock the fuel cap then the car and THEN pay....Thats what EVERYBODY in the UK does. I dont understand. edit: I see some saying petrol attendance.... errrrr.... too lazy to pump the petrol yourself? its NOT hard, you place the pump into the hole and press a lever.... when done, you put the pump back... its NOT HARD you lazy people.
Yorchi TW (9 days ago)
All rusian girls LMAO.
darl Lord (9 days ago)
And This Why I Don't Give My Alphard To My Wife Last Year She Crash My BMW At Parking Lot Since That I Just Give She Drive BMW Only RIP My BMW
Mark Fisher (9 days ago)
liberal college grads are so fun to watch
BigSleepyOx (9 days ago)
None of these incidents would happen if the stations were still full service. :p Last full service station in my neighborhood was in the 90s. They'd pump the gas, check your oil, check your anti-freeze, check your brake fluid, and wash your windows. Ah, the good ol' days. lol
lirg123 (9 days ago)
0:25 great that there's the employee service guy their. 3:10 i guess she isn't aware that fume are flammable
scorpiosxylady1 (9 days ago)
These women are beyond f*cking stupid. I'm a woman and I know you don't get into your damn car until you are finished pumping. What the hell is wrong with these women? Are they on drugs or just that damn dumb? Take their licenses and just throw her away.
Joshua Ferguson (9 days ago)
How could you forget to put the nozzle back after finish pumping your car?
L.J. Sedlet (10 days ago)
I bet these women yell at their men for leaving the toilet seat up.
Randy Ghosting (10 days ago)
Great video but horrible music . Why oh why do so many videos play THAT piece?
Wolfgang Krieger (10 days ago)
Get off your fucken phones for one fucken minute. jesus christ, they are stupid.
Steve Quinn (10 days ago)
I work at a gas station. You wouldn't believe the idiots that do these things. It blows my mind
Steve Quinn (8 days ago)
+Rahjee Brunner at least we have breakaway knuckles here in Canada so there's no ruel leakage etc. Crazy how often it happens.
Rahjee Brunner (8 days ago)
I could only imagine. Seeing this video makes my head hurt.
Mare the king (10 days ago)
5:13 ...no words...
William Horn (11 days ago)
Russian women must be really stupid
thesacrisant (11 days ago)
They put in the hose and drive away 10 secs later ??? How short can your memory be ???
Jarrod3588 (11 days ago)
People that pull in on the wrong side and then fight with the length of the pump should have their licenses taken away for a month instantly
BEAR COYOTE (11 days ago)
Women are only good for sex and to take man's money
ShawnDarkfire500 (11 days ago)
Anyone ever think that cars should have a magnetic kill switch in the fuel cap?
Holla Mask (11 days ago)
I'm ashame to tell that many women are bad drivers. I drive both two wheeler and four wheeler and I have experienced it myself how other women drive. It's just terrible. Lack of common sense and also not paying attention in the road while driving is the main problem of women. I wonder how they got driving licence. Watching this video make me wanna slap each and every idiot women in this video.