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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (1 year ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
41 Films (8 days ago)
so you had to use a black girl in the thumbnail so that people could click on your video... you fuckin racist cunt..
ladylight walker (14 days ago)
If you don't like woman driving,go to home.
spyrocrashify (15 days ago)
A European channel so obvious
Jack Jammen (15 days ago)
I’m a guy. And I Unsubscribed your bullshit.
Thank god (16 days ago)
+Alex 😅
Ashwin Achu (5 hours ago)
Reason why men rule the world
Peter Hunsader (9 hours ago)
this is all from Portland Oregon?
reknas78 (9 hours ago)
They are soo distracted and clueless.
yo yo bigs (13 hours ago)
3:43 she got some nice thick legs I would love those wrapped around me 👅👄👅
playboyisma (16 hours ago)
Idiot 1000000000%😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yann samarkand (16 hours ago)
Trnyata tidak semua org barat itu pintar
Tahir Bektaşoğlu (21 hours ago)
ı thınk all russıan :)
John Fonebone (1 day ago)
Women just can´t keep their hands off the cellphone. blablabla
Christopher Bell (1 day ago)
It's ironic that women want 'equality' yet men couldn't possibly compete with the stupidity women show when linked to cars.
disi dc (1 day ago)
will be driving in few months...just watching this video as a reminder to be not one of those idiots.
Michael Murray (2 days ago)
The level of stupid is incurable.
Nidal Mohammad (2 days ago)
Death angels of earth 😘😘😘
velvet von Black (2 days ago)
Both genders suck at driving ! There's exceptions to the rules for both genders, Just enjoy watching people be idiots and stfu!😂😂
Chris Lee (2 days ago)
Fire while filling fuel.....
Walla (2 days ago)
how they succed to get the driving licence?
Highly Advanced AI (2 days ago)
Hmm, yes! I will take a lighter out with me to the gasoline pump. This is a good idea!
Kiara Nicole (2 days ago)
MONISH V J (3 days ago)
feminist bitches need to watch this
Vox Quod (3 days ago)
Which is why gas stations should still have attendants. 😳
monuranjan borah (3 days ago)
Ledis have no brain
Izabella Lang (3 days ago)
Причем тут женщина,мужики тоже самое делают не меньше.
Edzor Edzini (3 days ago)
Bitches b dumb.
An Droid (4 days ago)
Holy shit they're not even home half the time to make sandwiches. Wtf are they good for then?
Shahnawaz Ahmed (4 days ago)
Girls alwys lol😂
Logic Hurts Idiots (5 days ago)
equal rights lol maybe when they have equal brain capacities
Shivam Lavti (5 days ago)
Russian women like to keep the pipe in the hole 😂
j2323j (5 days ago)
Rule #1 never get back in your car while fueling
Andrian sapoetra (5 days ago)
wkwkwk why woman so lol
Jim Frans (5 days ago)
these idiots never fail to amuse me...
Julia Gomez (5 days ago)
And this is why they dont want females to drive because they dam ass...
Fernando Sanchez (5 days ago)
No es por menospreciar a la mujer pero que pendejas
Gabriella Leander (5 days ago)
Maybe these females shouldnt even drive their car… if they cannot even put gas in it xD lol
Deresolution (5 days ago)
How stupid are people? Pumping gas isn't rocket science!
Justin Langley (5 days ago)
I think a lot of these people are just having a bad day. Happens to the best of us.
Joe Morton (5 days ago)
Saaga R (5 days ago)
This is probably why most of my friends fuel their wives cars once a week themselves :D
Adrina Brandon (5 days ago)
All idiot hahahahaha...
Feitan Cage (5 days ago)
think woman
AniFangdom (6 days ago)
Nice to see that overseas women are getting quality education
Himself Lee (6 days ago)
Are that many women that stupid? The next generation will be born with cellphones imbedded in their heads.
MMD 1 (6 days ago)
I'm a woman and this was painful to watch.
TheGreat One (6 days ago)
3:19 ... that woman is a idiot but whoever behind that wheel was ...
Excuse me, master (6 days ago)
God bless dash camera, and Russian women
MGTOW PORTUGAL (6 days ago)
Feminism gave them rights... we must take them away before they destroy gas stations where a kid might be
MGTOW PORTUGAL (6 days ago)
Women are morons
ibieiniid (6 days ago)
I think you meant to call it "World's Most Idiotic Girl Drivers" Who's the idiot again?
Gabor Lakat (6 days ago)
Braindeath russian womans.
Equality ain't always equal
Donkey CaCa (7 days ago)
I saw a woman drive off with the gas nozzle and line still in her car about 12 years ago. There was a car waiting behind her and the nozzle and line snapped back completely shattering the windshield of the car behind her. She also ran over someone who was trying to stop her leaving the gas station after breaking another driver's front windshield. Luckily there was an off duty cop getting gas and was inside the store part and witnessed it. He got in his personal car and chased after her. Within a minute or two, 2 cop cars came screaming by... About 15 minutes later they brought her back to the scene in a cop car and those of us that were there and saw it Gave reports to the cops that it was indeed her who was driving the car when she ran over the other customer trying to stop her. She was trying to tell the cops her boyfriend was driving the car and did everything, but he ran away. Problem was none of us saw anyone in the car but her. They charged her with a ton of crimes. The most serious was fleeing the scene after causing bodily injury! It made the local news because of the cameras at the gas station filming it. When it went to trial like 1+ years later she was convicted on all counts. I found out then she was also charged with a DWI and it was her 3rd one. This was in Texas and she got 32 years total for all charges, but it was the 3rd DWI and running over that man fleeing after causing bodily injury while intoxicated and trying to evade capture that fried her with the judge! 32 years for being stupid! She has to do 20 years before the possibility of parole. They guy she ran over broke both his legs(compound fractures), I remember seeing the bones sticking through both his pant legs, broke his hip and several ribs too, 2 ribs were sticking through his shirt!!! I had nightmares for several months from the haunting screams from the guy she ran over! He was screaming like he was dying. I couldn't imagine the pain from all of those broken bones simultaneously. I broke my arm once and I felt like my life was ending from the pain, but this poor guy made my broke arm from the past seem like a scratch! I'll probably never forget that day for the rest of my life... Never have I seen a human being in that much pain. Of course at that time the ambulance hadn't shown up yet to give him drugs for pain...
Ryan Presgraves (7 days ago)
Thus proves why woman should not be driving
Ryan Presgraves (7 days ago)
Let's learn from Saudi Arabia
AnAmericanMan (7 days ago)
Next up is Feminism for Russians! That ought to be good!
Foxy McHooves Productions (7 days ago)
I work as a Fuel Attendant at a truck stop, but I mainly help people people in vehicles like this. In my two years of working, I had 6-7 people drive off or nearly drive off when the fuel nozzle was still in the car. The majority of them where women, but I seriously shout out to grab the drivers attention when this almost happens. And this is what is like when you don't have people to help.
Ratsnrop Live (7 days ago)
Women are cute like a monkey riding a bycicle fun and amusing for us to watch but yet sad and confusing for them too do.
Diana Diaz (7 days ago)
I’m a woman and this made me cringe and mad all at the same time. ???
rctankman (7 days ago)
I wish I was in the gas nozzle business.
MistaFreeman1 (7 days ago)
Nothing to do with gender. Everything to do with being absolutely careless.
0hjaa (7 days ago)
Basic Russians..
Pat Patpat (7 days ago)
โทรศัพท์กูว่าหนักละนะ อีนั่นล่อไฟแช็คเลยจ้า
!gaming ghost! (7 days ago)
In Soviet Russia, the gas pumps you
mackfielder (7 days ago)
I GUARANTEE YOU, all these women would be the first to say men are morons!
Commander Cody (7 days ago)
Women: stop making these challenges so go goddamn hard Challenge: successfully use a gas pump without screwing up
azmeer art con (7 days ago)
are they that retarded or uhhh.. nevermind.. hmm
Horst G Ludwig (7 days ago)
I am unable to laugh about such amount of stupidity, wow
Sujit lima (7 days ago)
reason :cell phone
jeff clark (8 days ago)
are russian women really this stupid??
Allen Cohen (8 days ago)
Women and machines just don't go well together.  Sorry.  I live in Florida, and most women drive with one hand on their cellphone and the other hand on their makeup, and they drive that way !!!!!
Excuse me, master (6 days ago)
Vibrator is a machine
Florida is like the ultimate multi disaster Land how did you manage to fit all of that shit in the area?
J.Gomez (8 days ago)
Tip girls, Next to the small gass tank on your dashboard there is an arrow pointing to the side your fuel filler door is located.
Thymester (8 days ago)
You know, Oregon knows people are fucking retarded so they have a person do it for you... Thankfully deaths by pumping gas has gone down there.... AHAHAHAHA
Celty Best (8 days ago)
Everyone's talking shit about women, but look at normal driving fails and most of them are men. That's why they have to make a separate vid for women...
MyNameIsMaybe (8 days ago)
all dislikes came from feminists
Phil Perri (8 days ago)
That was the most stupid collection of women I've ever seen. Someone tell them to put their fucking phones down until after they finish getting gas. Biotches!!!!!
Lekok (8 days ago)
It's a man's world. We don't have female logic instructions.
ntokoz cr7 (8 days ago)
Not enough ram huh
Jack Schitt (8 days ago)
No voting , no driving , go make me a sandwich
Mr.VissTM (8 days ago)
*Oh no..... it's retarded*
Zolar Czakl (8 days ago)
Older folks will remember drive-in movie theaters where the speaker hanged onto your window. How many people drove off and forgot to put the speaker back first. I guess a lot of windows got broken that way.
ROBOVOID (8 days ago)
Hmm they do that a lot here in the US as well. @_@
Sparky max (9 days ago)
And they wonder why there's (supposedly) a wage gap.
Tony Carillo (9 days ago)
I'm starting to think that women are the dumbest species on earth
jordan hicks (9 days ago)
Why are the attendants letting them get into their vehicle before they finish filling? Much less turn on the car. If you exit the vehicle during fueling, you stay outside the vehicle until fueling is complete
crazyrebl (9 days ago)
i like the dumb ones you can talk them into anything ; )
takotaberu (9 days ago)
shit fucking russian women driving their stupid LADAS
Luke Skywalker (9 days ago)
Women's brains are between their legs
Al Hodge (9 days ago)
some people are too stupid to breath...
Ghostface killah (9 days ago)
3:05 What the hell was she trying to accomplish here????
Darth KEK (9 days ago)
Women v Logic = Logic Loses
LucasElPelucas (9 days ago)
Porque casi todos los videos son de rusia que les pasa???
REDANGRYGIRL (9 days ago)
This just made me realize that women in Russia should not be allowed to drive.
M M (9 days ago)
i hate these dumb bimbos just as much as i hate dumbass dudes who drive too fast to compensate for their small dicks
OUR-Republic Never-Give-In (9 days ago)
Did I just "collude with the Russians?" There goes my presidency.
Evendur13 (9 days ago)
I've seen this stupid ass shit in real life and yes... 9 times out of 10... it's a woman.. I shit you not. If you don't believe me.. go work at a gas station
Billie from Ockham (9 days ago)
3:30 Two women driving a Subaru. I didn't know that that was a "thing" in Russia, too.
Kay Zula (9 days ago)
Your possibly an idiot your self. There are girls in the world that are actually great drivers.
omgwtfbbq (9 days ago)
I can't even.
mr. Ftor (9 days ago)
Women of the Ural haplogroup, the dumbest women in the world!
Zidane Tribal (9 days ago)
Какой дибил только таким дурам права выдал. Таких даже до кухни то допускать нельзя.
Marcus Wright (9 days ago)
Saudi Arabia WAS Right.
Shekh Denis (9 days ago)
Just one word LoooL
Lhenkhantus (9 days ago)
And they saying that women can do multiple things at one