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World's Most Idiot Girls Drivers - Woman vs Gas Station, Funny Women Driving Fails

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CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (2 years ago)
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
Wax (1 month ago)
Feminism rueind the family to taxes more. Women belong home cooking taking care of kids and make a home for their man. Not going to work trying to compete with men. Not even sure why they wear shoes that distort thier posture 6" high.
Ram May Channel (2 months ago)
@Cindy Do Framing
Cindy Do (2 months ago)
Why is there a black woman on the thumbnail pic when the women on the vide are white? 😕😕😕
Buddha BlessYou (2 months ago)
Next video: Toyota idiot drivers
Ram May Channel (2 months ago)
Never happen in my country. Cause every gas station has worker to serve every car and motorcycle.
Михаил Разумейко (15 hours ago)
Вот и как относиться к женщинам? Снисходительно? Наверное да🙉
AnonimusPrime (21 hours ago)
always idiots girls
gustavo chinchón (1 day ago)
brutas, brutas las hueonas!!!!!
Snikkelbek (1 day ago)
3:00 WTF???
Jeffrey Hei (2 days ago)
At least in CA pumps stretch so you can pump regardless of which side you tank is on, guess the rest of the world has not figured that out yet..................
Josh LaVoye (2 days ago)
Yes exactly. Hell my first car was a 78 Camaro Type LT and I got to go to any pump because my gas cap is behind the license plate. Lol
Heisen Berg (3 days ago)
I loved the one who used her cigarette lighter on the pump's nozzle. Women should not be allowed near any mechanical devices that run on highly flammable liquid.
robin stripling (3 days ago)
I swear not all women are stupid when it comes to pumping gas!! I have also noticed that none of the women are from the USA ( unless I missed one ) so what does that tell you?
SINッ (3 days ago)
we need to stop ladies from driving in fact my sister doesn't wanna drive my mom drives and she drives like a normal person i don't know why these lady's on these gas station are so dumb and it's scary for them to be driving on a public road at least put the woman's to more test so they can go on the road and know how to FUEL A CAR!!!
Asen Asenov (3 days ago)
Emo Muzz (4 days ago)
In Russia, car take YOU for a ride!
Gladys Zambrano (4 days ago)
This country got some dumbass bitches!
Oliver B (5 days ago)
Most of them are Russian. What do you expect.
New Vintage (5 days ago)
Get back in the kitchen
Алексей алексеев (6 days ago)
кто этим ебанным сукам права дает
juan ito (7 days ago)
Bien weonas las minas...🙄
Swewsa (7 days ago)
3:55 "OMG, dick in this size I see first time.."
bart de boer (7 days ago)
0:50 a woman, a phone and a lada my god thats asking for trouble!
Maac Desmond (8 days ago)
3:10 she lit fire wirth lighter, purposely done that for just a video.
Anastacia Wilson (8 days ago)
I'm female all I could say to this WTF are u doing how did you get your licence to drive.
gogetta80 (8 days ago)
It’s cute seeing women try To use the things invented and built by men (literally every fucking thing in the world)
Сергей Анатольевич (8 days ago)
Бабе че не видно было сколько бенза в баке😂 чтоб в бак зажигалкой посветить))) Для таких упоротых людей придуман автомат в пистолете, когда бенз касается его то он сам подачу топлива вырубает и бак полный
Joe Thomas (9 days ago)
Why is every single one of these idiots a woman? Asking for a friend.
john brownlee (9 days ago)
hahahahahahaahahah, russian cunts....................
pablo rages (10 days ago)
3:37 ... even 2 women working together don't have the IQ of a man
pablo rages (10 days ago)
2:02 ... using mobile phone under sign saying don't use mobile phone
pablo rages (10 days ago)
.... and this is why men get paid more
adnan shishani (10 days ago)
The seem drunk 🍾🍺
adnan shishani (10 days ago)
I'm so mad at these womens👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡
The Mourning (10 days ago)
Worlds worst girl drivers? Looks like Russia's worst girl drivers to me
Chandan Sh (10 days ago)
Watch a girl put gas in a tesla!!!
BoooDave (11 days ago)
This is obviously a selection of dumb vids involving women... And even then there was one or two, at least, that snuck in where it was not really the woman's fault. That said, I love natural selection and often wish there weren't smart people around to stop these idiots, male or female, from killing themselves.
Uwe Müller-Mayer (11 days ago)
Frau am Steuer---das wird teuer
CzumI (12 days ago)
BigCheezy7 (12 days ago)
hahahah, Holy fuck @2:55 , she went full retard
rick wallace (12 days ago)
Celtic Redhead (13 days ago)
Makes you realize how UNcommon common sense really is!
Gopi R (14 days ago)
Get off the f****** phone, woman.
Евгений Добровольский (14 days ago)
Luigi Cotocea (14 days ago)
5:9 Rip gas OMG Ko rip girl
Mihajlo Tanasic (13 days ago)
says minecraft player
dr. merasmus (14 days ago)
They can t concentrate the type of the fuel the phone and the nozle at the same time
Hogsweed School (15 days ago)
now i know why we don't have that lock on option on fuel pumps in UK now lol
Vick here (15 days ago)
wa de hell a woman thinking???
gautam Das (15 days ago)
Queen of idiot woman.....
R Slatt (15 days ago)
But, But, But, none of these are in the USA.
pedro morales (15 days ago)
Pussy that all we need from you girls sorry
Brooke Hawley (15 days ago)
Dumb cunts!
DESPO VENEMOUS1001 (15 days ago)
most of the BITCHES are on the phone.
Daniel younan (16 days ago)
its always the female dumbasses
Ananda Ghosh (16 days ago)
Cougar Land (17 days ago)
Andy Ewen (17 days ago)
Dissapointingly sexist video.
Myriad (17 days ago)
As someone who used to work in a gas station through four years of college the ONLY people that ever drove off with the pump still connected were women. Never once had a guy do it and it happened AT LEAST once a month. The bad part was almost every single one of them did it because they were too busy with their phone.
rayhan panji prayoga (17 days ago)
Arian Styles (18 days ago)
Every second of this video is a rage by me, swearing at these dumbasses and wanting to kill myself
Arian Styles (18 days ago)
Why do these people were givrn driving licenses????
Emmanuel Espinosa (18 days ago)
Cómo puede haber gente tan idiota!!
David Thomas (18 days ago)
In all my years I have never seem someone drive off or do this with a nozzle in the tank. Yet Russians call Americans stupid?
Udhay Yadav (18 days ago)
Kiruku koothys😂
suikadayo (19 days ago)
3:40 2人とも馬鹿 類は友を呼ぶ
John R (19 days ago)
The scary part ? They're on our roads , driving .
Gurn Blanstein (19 days ago)
Women are so stupid
bunstuffer1 (19 days ago)
3rd, had to pause just to comment. GET THE F%^$#*& off the phone until you get home. I don't want to hear your personal conversation about nothing important, can't stand you in front of me in a line up not paying attention to whats going on around you, making me wait while you have your useless conversation and try to find your wallet with the phone glued to your ear. I'm not related to you, not your kid nor your spouse so I don't have to wait for you and your bad manners at any time. you are the most uncouth person in existence today. In fact in the line up I comment on how arrogant you are and you don't even hear although everyone else does and agrees.
Don Carbon (19 days ago)
and, now they are claiming Men are unneeded ? Woman, good luck....
tbugher62 (19 days ago)
Woman=Dumb as a rock.
Faisal Alghtani (19 days ago)
In this why we don't let them drive in ksa hahahahah
Mario NcNeaL (20 days ago)
Too many fumes or what?
Thad Moose (20 days ago)
Is this literally the first time some of these gals have had to pump there own gas??
reknas78 (20 days ago)
jasdip kahlon (20 days ago)
I work in a gas station and I have always seen men driving off like that at 0.09
Laura Gadille (20 days ago)
If the gas gauge is on the other side, turn the car the other way and look now you can pump gas
Laura Gadille (20 days ago)
Just an fyi not all women are dumb at the gas station
hoebag Hoebag?? (20 days ago)
Yet our insurance is cheaper 😂😫 at least in Canada it is for female's lmaooooo
Paul Gabolinscy (15 days ago)
hoebag Hoebag?? Less of you drive thank God
JOHNNY REB (21 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that most of the people making stupid mistakes were on a damn telephone!!! They need to outlaw using a phone within 5 meters of an automobile, running or not! If they were to pass laws prohibiting the use of phones while driving insurance rates would go down by 25-30%.
Jesse Cruz Jr. (21 days ago)
Notice most of this bitches on the phone. Lol
lαттєlιтα (21 days ago)
HOW DO SO MANY GIRLS FORGET TO TAKE OFF THE PUMP? Literally my mom has the worst memory, forgets everything. But even she never did that. And the girl who lit a match near GAS, wth. It's common sense it'd blow up, than she's like OMG I CAN FIX IT JUST BLOW IT OUT LIKE A CANDLE.😂
Juan Sanchez (21 days ago)
Wemen, cars and phones... A very dangerous combination !
Esteban Kozak (21 days ago)
This one should just be titled: Dumbass Russian Cunts (Mostly on their Phones)...Fuck!!! What are they putting in their vodka these days?
Esteban Kozak (21 days ago)
That second one cracked me up!! The music was perfect too!!!
darkmatter lull (22 days ago)
How can you be that dumb? Like its just not clicking for me..
Southsideman (22 days ago)
Why have a black woman for your image and call her an idiot when none in the video were black?
Sword and words (23 days ago)
And the award goes to mother Rusia.👋👋👋
elmundo del torro (23 days ago)
Russian stupid girls
David Sturgeon (23 days ago)
David Sturgeon (23 days ago)
Dead Eye (23 days ago)
LOL..dumbass Russian women.
Дмитрий Новоселов (24 days ago)
rick wallace (24 days ago)
PERFECT !!!!! WOMAN ARE ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
andemoine winrow (24 days ago)
They some dumb mutha-fuckas.
carlos de anda (24 days ago)
jaja che no dircriminemos que son animalitos de dios no estan dotadas eso es todo pero no es su culpa
DarwinsApe (25 days ago)
This is why women were prevented from driving in Muslim majority countries.... they might have a point!...dangerous AND thick what a combination... and what about these ultra stupid people standing by looking at a stupid driver, starting their engine and about to drive off with the hose still engaged at the car ? ... YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!
Noel Marfori (25 days ago)
Using a lighter as a flashlight is the stupidest 😂
Spinoblood21 (25 days ago)
Name of song at 9:00?
David Pyc (25 days ago)
Jesus, How stupid can people be.
Nightcore Fusion (25 days ago)
How do people not know what side of their car its on? There's an arrow on the freaking dash. And its in the manual. AND its your car. Shouldn't you know by now?
Victor Ortiz (25 days ago)
5:08 was hilarious.
Ярослав Гуша (25 days ago)
Chris Parlette (25 days ago)
I guess never let women pump their own gas at the gas station. 😂 lol !!!!
Garota Morena (25 days ago)
Kkk mulher e bicho doido mesmo
7S vermillion (26 days ago)
Women are really stupid. Come back from kindergarten.