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US Navy Serviceman Surprises His Wife and Child

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http://www.MelsLoneStarLanes.com A local US Navy Serviceman surprises his wife at child at Mel's Lone Star Lanes. There was a group bowling just as a fun night out, but little did they know that our mascot, Alley the Gator, was really Austin from the US Navy. He jumped out of the mascot costume and surprised his wife and child. Their reaction was priceless. Thank You Hurdie Burk for filming and editing! http://www.HurdieBurk.com
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Jimmy Billips (7 months ago)
As Vietnam vet with a bronze star their is nothing like seeing a love one-in Jan. 1969
mike campbell (7 months ago)
The musical interludes were the only annoying part of a nice story
Christopher T Munro (8 months ago)
Randa Williams (2 years ago)
TOO FUNNY!! Even seeing daddy's face, she still wasn't too sure.
Payton Hammer (3 years ago)
In the background the song is I'm coming home
idunbeezasmart1 (3 years ago)
1:25 It FINALLY dawns on me. "Alley Gator"... Lol, wow I can be dense some times. Yes, its in the description, which I obviously didn't read. Nice heart-warming video.
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (3 years ago)
+idunbeezasmart1 yup! Our mascot is Alley the Gator (alligator) since we're a "bowling alley". :) Glad you enjoyed the video.
ray bon (3 years ago)
Anytime a woman thinks she can brave this world alone. She should watch this video about the importance of husbands to solidify the family unit.
Amazing lady24 (4 years ago)
lion's mane (5 years ago)
Who the hell are the five people who disliked this video
MotorcrossRacer1 (5 years ago)
and now they have 2 kids!
Heather Smith (4 years ago)
Yes we do!
R Martin (5 years ago)
Damn don't you idiots ever hear of the volume button?????TURN IT DOWN!!!!
TrevisHoward (5 years ago)
Aww Austin is so precious...
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (5 years ago)
100,000 THANK YOUS to everyone to helped share this video of Austin surprising his wife & child after serving overseas.  It's officially reached over 100,000 views.   #USNavy   #Surprise   #Mascot   #AlleyTheGator  
Jacque Smith (5 years ago)
One of THE most memorable days of my life when my son and I pulled off this surprise for my sweet daughter in law and first grandchild!!! Thank you to all who helped in this surprise---- Dave Kellerman, Rocky and the entire staff at Mel's Lone Star lanes, Hurdee Burk, independence title in Georgetown , Estrada family, Karen Curry, Heath and Kayleigh Freepon. And so many more. Love you all!!!!
Paul-Joseph de Werk (5 years ago)
You should submit this to welcomehomeblog.com if you haven't done so already.
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (5 years ago)
Just submitted it online.  Thanks!
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (5 years ago)
Thanks so much @Paul-Joseph de Werk.  Will do!
wayne acuna (5 years ago)
Anyone else notice the song on the background was "Coming Home" by Chris Daughtry?
Thomas Jansson (2 years ago)
one of the most used tracks involved in these homecoming videos..and not so surprising sence the bowling alley was in on it.. what got me though,was that someone had the need to involve that other piece of music during filming..luckely the other camera had original sound..
Heather Smith (5 years ago)
each and everytime i watch this, my heart melts for this man. i love him so much amd i am so so so thankful to have had this memory caught on camera. I will NEVER  forget this moment <3
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (5 years ago)
We've got 89,000 views of this precious surprise.  Will you help us get to 100,000 & share this video?  Grab a tissue! #USnavy   #Surprise   #MelsLoneStarLanes   #GeorgetownTX  
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (5 years ago)
Thank you & shout out to @Hurdie Burk who helped put this video together.
KillJesus (5 years ago)
Great video! What is that song playing at the end?
KillJesus (5 years ago)
@Hurdie Burk Thank you.
Hurdie Burk (5 years ago)
www.music2huse.com  In Heaven
Hurdie Burk (5 years ago)
@Mel's Lone Star Lanes From a music company  I purchase music for YouTube videos.  I can look it up and direct you to site to purchase?  hurdieburk.com
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (5 years ago)
Thank you.  @Hurdie Burk  made the video for us, so he can probably tell you what song is playing.
bigvern87 (6 years ago)
sweet!! bowling will never be the same for that family!!
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (6 years ago)
US Navy Serviceman surprised his wife yesterday at @Mel's Lone Star Lanes as #AlleyTheGator  and she had NO idea.
Mel's Lone Star Lanes (6 years ago)
Thank you to @Hurdie Burk for filming and editing!