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UPS Lied About Attempting To Deliver My Package! IM FUMING!!!!

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Dayu Liu (18 days ago)
I live in an apartment and we have a leasing office to hold all packages (don't have legs, not moving anywhere), and UPS somehow find it impossible to reach.
hanabahtah (25 days ago)
Luis XX (1 month ago)
Just happened to me right now. Last time I order anything online.
Miss A (1 month ago)
for me ups most of the times lie about attempted delivery......
Miss A (1 month ago)
i feel u !! they do it so many times!!!!!
culinaryar (1 month ago)
UPS does it here in the USA too, mate, even worse is the United States Postal Service.
Gerbil Crusher (2 months ago)
I have just gone through a similar experience with these arse holes i paid 300 quid for an item and waited all sodding day to take delivery. At about 5:00 pm i checked online to see where my package was only to find that an attempt had been made to deliver the item but the driver was unable to, because of security access, "W. T. F. " what does that even mean? So i went on the UPS web site to find out and got the complete runaround, eventually i gave up and decided to ring them up and talk to someone but even then it was not straight forward i had to wade through countless options on an automated phone answering system. I eventually get through to a human and i am informed that the driver could not deliver the parcel because of a secure gate (which is odd because i don't have a F**KING gate) i live in a terraced house withe a big shiny door bell so make of that what you will. I 'm still waiting, so i know what you went through maybe we should all make an effort to hit these C**TS where it hurts and stop using them.
Vibe Replayz (3 months ago)
Today my $170 Keyboard Arrives But I’ve never had a delivery from Ups and people are saying That Ups is really bad so I’m really scared
Leo Liu (3 months ago)
Same here, 4 "attempts" made within 5 days, and "the customer was not available", but I haven't even received a sticky note on the door. I hate to say it but does the driver keep my package for him/herself? By the time I finally got in contact with the customer, they told me the item has already been returned to the sender....
Sierra (3 months ago)
I'm going through this right now saying my package was delivered i live in a fucking apartment complex I didn't hear a knock nor doorbell bastards want to say they left it on the steps!!!! Very pissed off and the killing part I was home!
Zein Shah (3 months ago)
UPS do this all the time to me, I have not had issue with other delivery companies as bad them. DPD I find to not have issues with.
stadiumghost (3 months ago)
Happened to me today...Again. I used to report to UPS, but now I report this to the shipping Vendor and make sure they are aware of the false claims.
EVRYTHNG (3 months ago)
Has this same bs happen to me today re routed to access point. Called in and demanded they re deliver to my requested delivery address.
Keanu Marrero (5 months ago)
I'm never buying expensive stuff anymore fuck them all Amazon ft eBay fuckin wish too
Keanu Marrero (5 months ago)
There fuckin stupid they just hire anybody these days
JOKES APART (6 months ago)
It is Horrible! i am expecting my first lens since on the 5th March. I skipped work and have been sitting here waiting for my lens. Only for this night when i phoned them at 7pm. they LIED to me that there was a delivery attempt at 2pm. The UPS guy are bloody liars! all of them including their customer care.
786476387536 (6 months ago)
exact same thing has happened to me for two days now. takes the piss
DRAGONRID3R (6 months ago)
Yeah here I am my package has been close enough to be delivered and it has made no forward progress in the past 15 hours
Katy E (7 months ago)
I had the same problem today but with USPS, I was at home all day and I was getting updates on the location of my delivery, they said it was 5 minutes away and I was outside waiting for it. They didn't come by my house or even in my neighborhood and then I got an email saying they "Attempted delivery" but that i wasn't home, they also said they left a note about how I wasn't there but that also wasn't true!
Rob K (8 months ago)
BTW UPS customer service is located in the Philippines. Let's all stop buying any product that is manufactured in the Philippines. That would make all these CSR's think twice about lying for UPS. Complete boycott on items from the Philippines.
Rob K (8 months ago)
UPS did the same thing to me. Scheduled delivery was Friday the 12th. Got the same "Customer not available for delivery" BS. I had a camera on my door the entire day. They never attempted a delivery. I called the bogus number: 800-742-5877 . CS representative said, that driver would be back to try again later friday evening. LOAD OF CRAP. They never came so I called Saturday morning the 13th of January and got the old song and dance. She told me, "your item is loaded on the truck and is out for delivery" Bull Sh*T. I sat at home waiting for my package from EBAY to arrive. No show once again. I was also told by two customer service reps that the person in charge of the Portland deliveries would be calling me (per my request) and of course that is just another one of the Bull Sh*t lies. I will never buy from another seller on Ebay if the listing says that the ship UPS. Just a line of Sh*T
Rob K (8 months ago)
This is the 6th package they lied about.
scotty3861 (8 months ago)
They did this 3 times to me
bogdan mateita (9 months ago)
I am having the same problem with a 300£ parcel ...DPD Text me (I was not home) Just lost a hole day waiting in door to have a delivery man lie about knocking on the door , shame on DPD and I will claim compensation ....online ordering is risky .
Ashermc23 (9 months ago)
It sat in destination scan from 7 am till 8 o’clock pm and then went to transit finally, that was the day it was supposed to be delivered and still hasn’t came and it’s been sitting in transit, really can’t trust these people
flashdawnX (9 months ago)
They told me they attempted to deliver it, I was literally outside waiting for it, no note was left, nothing.
Elf Warrior101 (10 months ago)
Yodel claimed they tried to deliver 3 times and that they left a card each time, no card was left and no one tried to knock on the door or ring the bell,they just lie through their teeth and claim that becaue i wasn't at home to take the package,i now have to collect from their depot,i am certain that they were too lazy to drive the mile to my house.II have head from so many people that it's quite common for companies like Yodel to lie about attempting to deliver when they haven't ,then they hve the cheek to act like it's the customer's fault.
Chantal Flanders (10 months ago)
Ups lied about attempting to deliver my package. I was sitting by my front door stalking my package and heard no knock. Called them and told them what happened and then he drove passed me, honked and kept on driving and said they delivered my package. I called and now there's an investigation to find my package. I'm so pissed
scotty3861 (8 months ago)
They tried this 3 times with me now
The01t (11 months ago)
You should do a rant about police, cps, uk judges, they need a good bollocking.
TheWheatisHeat96 (11 months ago)
I remember a month ago I ordered a new battery for my laptop and when they delivered it, they delivered the wrong battery and so I shipped it back and I had to wait another 6 days before I got what I actually ordered.
scotty3861 (11 months ago)
they dont care
World Coming Down 5778 (11 months ago)
I used to purchase vintage electronics off eBay, but the box would arrive crushed. Brand new, never used, vintage car radio, smashed like they jumped up and down on it. UPS, USPS, Fed-X, you never know which Monkey will crush the package.
VHSandStoryUploader89 (11 months ago)
What is it with mail companies and being unreliable? Is that the new hip thing?
Copacetic (11 months ago)
The trains ran on time under Fascism, supposedly. Go for it!
Number Eight (11 months ago)
They ALL do it, it's how their drivers meet their SLAs (Service level agreements) they keep the items in the back of the van and claim they attempted delivery. In terms of misleading and miss selling it's worse than the banks, it's straight out company approved lying.
actnowone (11 months ago)
(UPS) Useless Postage Service 😂😂😂
UPS (11 months ago)
I'm truly sorry that this happened. We would like to address this with the local facility. Please email these details, tracking number, and your contact phone to help@ups.com; for assistance. Thank you. ^EL
scotty3861 (11 months ago)
JOHN Smith (11 months ago)
Yet isn't it interesting that the council tax or TV licence demand always seems to get delivered. :)
james knight (11 months ago)
JOHN Smith yes very good point any bill or anything capitalism companies etc want paying they soon get in touch What kind of country as well are we in when we are still forced to have to have a TV licence just to keep BBC going that many don't even want or watch lol even those not working and poor etc they force tomake have TV licence it's mediaval and they even will put people in prison for it
JOHN Smith (11 months ago)
Haven't found one delivery company yet that hasn't pulled this trick,they need to pay more and get their staff more motivated.
Number Eight (11 months ago)
JOHN Smith - It's not about motivating their staff it's about unrealistic expectations on how many parcels they are expected to deliver in a day so they resort to lying with 'attempted deliveries'.
scotty3861 (11 months ago)
yeah sheer laziness, and i had to walk 2 miles to pick it up. disgusted
D.B. RACKSTRAW D.B. RACKSTRAW (11 months ago)
i get that all the time from those horses ass's !
james knight (11 months ago)
I think that the demand popularity to go back into the shops will start probably happening soon or more as also when ordering online you find if items do turn up there often faulty not working right or wrong colour or brake etc I like idea of going in myself more now to reputable stores like for example John Lewis and trying products and then buying in store and if you get fobbed of or treated like crap in store it gives you the opportunity to complain or not buy or demand to see top people There always more enthusiastic usually as well to sell when you walk in than when they don't have to even see you online and they already have someone's money that's when crap seems to begin as they don't seem to care even delivery services not bothered and unreliable these days
D.B. RACKSTRAW D.B. RACKSTRAW (11 months ago)
+scotty3861 👍
scotty3861 (11 months ago)
they need to up their game
ZCorp Alpha (11 months ago)