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Tesla Model X tows plane, breaks record

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The Tesla Model X teamed up with Australian airline Qantas to break the Guinness World Record for electric towing by pulling a 287,000 pound Boeing Dreamliner.
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Text Comments (381)
Darren Robinson (8 hours ago)
Jesus people , Tesla can't do one thing without criticism, just like I have made this comment and will recieve criticism from someone.
kingofatlantistv (10 hours ago)
That’s some power
Fernando Alonso (14 hours ago)
The ugliest car on the road right now the shitty model x, if this man can do it any car can pull a plane you bunch of elon musk cock suckers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDeWqGyCYNI
Avon Barksdale (15 hours ago)
5500lbs is nothing this plane must’ve weighed 100000+
biocybernaut (16 hours ago)
Shortly before its motors melted and its battery blew up.
Kooler Marimoto (16 hours ago)
If ure a true petrolhead Tesla must be hated
B dog Playz (18 hours ago)
Pfffff engines was probably on
btdragon37mm (18 hours ago)
Wow, nothing special about it
Miles Addington Vlogs (22 hours ago)
I guess they don’t need the tow things to pull a plane ✈️, they just need a Tesla.
QuestionablePlays- FFB and More! (1 day ago)
PumaKorn 439 (1 day ago)
Tesla S with 1000 PS ;)
MERRIT 2 (1 day ago)
Cars 1 in a nutshell
Jose (1 day ago)
I want to see a Tesla plane
MrHungarianHammer (1 day ago)
Petrol powered vehicles have done this for decades... Nothing impressive.
Vögel Watcher (1 day ago)
Tesla Model X? thought it was called battery on wheels
/A\utism (1 day ago)
Richard † (1 day ago)
In the future, there will be teslas replacing every pushback tugs worldwide....
Spartan (1 day ago)
Only usefull thing that tesla can do
Mr. Krabbs (1 day ago)
how did the rear bumper not come off lmao
ZeldaACFan17 (1 day ago)
I don’t like electric cars that much because I like to hear the sound of powerful engines that actually make you feel like you are driving something fast.
04smallmj (1 day ago)
But can it stop the train in GTA5?
Mark Wojciak (1 day ago)
Look up old chevy towing wood
Game Brothers (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/WmM-635RR6o what about Touareg?
TVGamer36 (2 days ago)
Like no other cheap car can do this.
Rishav Srivastav (2 days ago)
In India A car name Hexa is there who tows everything, just everything and you can also see in youtube that Hexa towing Airbus
Marvin Kitfox (2 days ago)
The power and torque is no problem at all. The only real problem is maintaining traction, so that torque can actually be applied for something more than wheelspin. . A strongman (human) can pull an airline twice the weight of this one, at 416,000 pound. And i absolutely guarantee you a Tesla can out-pull a strongman.
DJ Bahaa (2 days ago)
The Toyota tundra’s did that a long time ago
Tupac Amaru Shakur (2 days ago)
This is technically an interview with Tesla. Qantas: Okay pull me this plane... Tesla: Okay "Pulls" Qantas: You're hired.
Stavinair Caeruleum (3 days ago)
That's....alot of torque....
Jack (3 days ago)
Wow that means my model x can pull a plane?,and can it pull a train XD
ThePurpleGuy 123 (3 days ago)
Well I guess qantas doesn't need an engine anymore cause you got a Tesla that does 2-3 mph all I'm saying goodluck going to who knows what
Tyson Kennedy (3 days ago)
Well yeah, the tow rating is only for on road towing. So like a 6.7 Fords is 12,500 it’s safe to drive on the road towing that much but it’s capable of more
Fr e sh avaca do (3 days ago)
hehe try with a emirates airbus a380
Sytro YT (3 days ago)
lol is this gonna be a regualar use?
CrypticConference (3 days ago)
Take that Ford F-150, “built tough”.
Jeron Playz (3 days ago)
Why don't they just use Tesla Model X's to taxi planes?
ZeusTheGod (3 days ago)
The airports need new tugs now. Maybe Tesla tugs?
but can you do this (3 days ago)
Car did not fly. disliked.
frank (3 days ago)
That is a beautiful plane
Doge Boy (3 days ago)
I can tow a boing 747 in my toureg v10
Saketh Kanumuri (3 days ago)
That isn’t shit, the Touareg did that like ten years ago and the new one would annihilate the model x.
ZRH Aviation (3 days ago)
Das einzig schöne is das flugzeug
karlispaghetti (3 days ago)
whats the 0-60 time
Colin Vos (3 days ago)
of course can it pull that weight, when its up to speed its really easy to keep it rolling, the only difficult part is, getting it to move. And still, even a 60 HP Citroen C1 can pull a plane, it just takes more time
Robin TM (4 days ago)
*Low battery*
caleb holley (4 days ago)
Yeah no shit it would. The electric batteries have the same torque values as a diesel engine.
Reza Aditya (5 days ago)
Well.. a VW Toareg can tow a Boeing 747
cheap rates promote business here (5 days ago)
This car is getting way too much credit considering its battery operated. Something that requires a charge to use that energy to move. Double handling. Pointless. Too many idiots with too much money not to see its pointless.
kolyra (5 days ago)
Bjørn, you're late.
Mr Winkler (5 days ago)
I bet the battery is shot and so are the moters
asmr zeitgeist (5 days ago)
new plane pullers of the future
Bader Albader (5 days ago)
porsche is coming
ShibeAscend (5 days ago)
Tesla should try to make a pushback tug lmao
ShibeAscend (5 days ago)
I saw this on Tesla's Instagram! They posted this!
OceanBlue (5 days ago)
Ford 150 Raptor can tow this easily as can the Chevrolet Silverado LTZ.
Kirk Claybrook (5 days ago)
What does "287,000 pound" mean? Is that how much it cost?
Sam Babjak - SVD (5 days ago)
Well no, last year Porsche managed more. A380 is much heavier than the CFRP B 787 https://www.motor1.com/news/144096/porsche-cayenne-pulls-airbus-a380/
Joshua N (5 days ago)
Tesla”Beast”Model X
Terrell Time (5 days ago)
Elon Musk smiles as he sits in the corner. Yeah I did that he said. He did.
Alan Daniel (5 days ago)
Yeah try driving coast to coast, Fuck tesla a giant fucking fail,shove it 🤣
Chris John Michael (5 days ago)
Two beautiful American machines.
Samir Khan (5 days ago)
Wow. Love this pure future
GAA MEEES (5 days ago)
Who thought in the first was car and planes toys, come here
ARSHAD BAIG (5 days ago)
Tesla employees are truly committed to their work of making a stylish, sturdy eco-friendly car. No matter how much complaints or negative comments they receive, this company will always deliver its best.
TheCakeBaker2000 (1 day ago)
ur ass ain't safe I really hope your joking
ur ass ain't safe (2 days ago)
ARSHAD BAIG a person could pull that plane 😐
Kii Wii (6 days ago)
This is all Marketing. My old Dacia 1300 could pull that Boing, and i saw a man that pulled one too with his teeth
That one (6 days ago)
Then why is it's max braked towing capacity not 3500kg in europe? I smell bullshit. It is allowed to max move ~2100kg
Zero Tolerance (6 days ago)
yawn. any vehicle with enough torque can do that. Heck even those small electric warehouse forklifts can do that.
quantum being (6 days ago)
Now would be the best time to use the pick me up feature....
Abigail Sockeye (6 days ago)
My F-450 can do that a lot better.
Adam R (6 days ago)
Note: plane made out of card board box 😁
arvinder singh (6 days ago)
Go Elon go.
Harshdeep Raghuwanshi (6 days ago)
jim bob (6 days ago)
The truth is a small sedan like Honda Civic can do that..
yourfast07 (6 days ago)
That might be a record for electric vehicles, because Porsche Cayenne is holding the world record at 628,000 pounds.
BlueFireJack (6 days ago)
Lmao the Germans already did this with their Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg.
Sydney Hustler (6 days ago)
Very smart viral advertising by Qantas and Tesla!
James Lim (6 days ago)
Qantas is shit
Hope thesky (6 days ago)
My toyota prius can do the same . My toyota can climb on the tree and valleys of the death too
ShibeAscend (5 days ago)
I'm sure about that. Fucking dumbass, as if that's true.
TruCkADDiCtiOn (6 days ago)
No one used it as a daily driver after that to see if damage affected long term performance. Saw a video of a little Dodge pick up towing a 4800 square foot trailer home, so I'm not impressed with this here, cool, but not impressed.
Ahmad Abdallah (6 days ago)
My friend Larry the midget can do this as well, let's post him on YouTube
Nono Nana (6 days ago)
A man with a balls, can tow that airplane.
SaintNick289 (6 days ago)
Impressive...but that was NOT 1000 feet of runway, that’s called an apron/ramp.
dingle (6 days ago)
At least they called it a taxi way instead of tarmac.
Felix M (6 days ago)
Toureg tdi did this a decade ago.
Trey K (6 days ago)
Toyota Tundra pulled a NASA shuttle... Ford F-150 stopped an airplane upon landing... an airplane isn’t all that hard to pull.. go to an airport and check out the little lawnmower looking rigs pulling the planes around. Also, the Tesla was BARELY moving. Not that impressive.
Irham (6 days ago)
Vw touraeg have enough torque to tow 747
Qk9CWU5ib3x (6 days ago)
I know Tesla is going through some growing pain.. but this is pretty impressive. It's not easy setting up a new car company with unique design dna, setting up super charger infra, and bring this much enthusiasm to old and stale industry. Who said Americans engineering is dying?? The creative spirit is wild and booming. Go Tesla!!!! I would Seriouly consider model 3 in 2-3 years.
Oscar Berkmann (6 days ago)
Just a question of gearing and torque...
King Power (6 days ago)
Next development should focus on electric aircrafts
JM Z (6 days ago)
Light work for a volvo fh16 750
Tech Genez (6 days ago)
Congrats Your Video is featured on TechGenez.com
Jesper Danielsson (6 days ago)
wouldve been fun to see the battery meter
richard remi (6 days ago)
Sorry Tesla, VW did it first.
Tyson Kennedy (8 hours ago)
pretty sure someone went to jail for that shit lmao
me (8 hours ago)
alexdiezg they also don’t make as nearly vw does but both are good cars in my opinion and the recalls on the vw is basically because 😂they cheated emissions with software and someone probably got fired or mad at them and told on them
Tyson Kennedy (3 days ago)
alexdiezg bro not even vw, Audi too. Couple million were recalled collectively
Rip Curl 69 (3 days ago)
richard remi sorry vw, you've been out beaten!
alexdiezg (5 days ago)
ShibeAscend It did. Something to consider though is that Tesla is a young car company. Recalls are expected to happen. But why does a massive and old car company still have to make recalls? You would think that am old company would know by a lot is experience how to make great cars that shouldn't have to be recalled. Don't get me wrong too. I like both Tesla and VW. In fact my family owned a VW before we participated in a car crash and and it got totalled by the other car that crashed into ours. (Now owning a Volvo)
David Love (6 days ago)
Should have done a 0-60
Combat18KKKNazi4045 (6 days ago)
porsche cayenne pulled over twice that: 628 tonnes. http://www.worldrecordacademy.com/transport/heaviest_aircraft_pull_by_a_production_car_world_record_set_by_Porsche_217107.html
Edward Bristow (6 days ago)
Vw tourege towed a 747
OPSAT (6 days ago)
I don’t know what the point in all this is. Why can’t Tesla just focus on their production issues and not lose investors money? For every PR stunt they do, they take away money for fixing their production issues. Sigh....
Iwana Dai (1 hour ago)
Jibran Khalil um.... They attempted to beat the guineas book of world records.
EggyRepublic (4 days ago)
Sample Text you're right, it actually is a pretty nice way of advertising. Thinking about it, I wouldn't be even interested in Tesla if I saw some printed advertisements rather than an interesting stunt.
Sample Text (6 days ago)
Tesla pr stunts are far more cost effective and far more effective at promoting Tesla and Spacex overall than traditional advertising. The rocket had to be tested regardless and for the relativity small sacrifice of 1 car it turned an event that may of been just a small footnote in the news into a viral sensation resulting in free worldwide advertising for Tesla and Spacex. From an advertising perspective doing this was purely genius. This video is no different its extreme and it spikes peoples interests meaning they will share it to others willingly at no cost to Tesla other than borrowing a plane and a runway for a set which again cost peanuts relative to the amount of public interest it generates. Many company's pay billions to have the media, websites, etc forcefully advertise their uninteresting ads which people only tolerate but nobody cares about. So whats the relativity small cost of sacrificing a single car or borrowing a plane and a runway for that kind of free advertising and genuine public interest?
Jibran Khalil (6 days ago)
They are already doing 500 M3s a day now.
andreas starke (6 days ago)
so? whats the big deal, last year the Porsche Cayenne pulled an a380, which is 610,000 pounds empty.
Truxton (6 days ago)
Its to show that electric cars are able to do this stuff as well.
Augustas35 (6 days ago)
pls tow a plane full of fuel and passengers, tesla
marco gonzalez (6 days ago)
They must off used the worlds biggest cooling fans