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Tesla Model X tows plane, breaks record

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The Tesla Model X teamed up with Australian airline Qantas to break the Guinness World Record for electric towing by pulling a 287,000 pound Boeing Dreamliner.
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Text Comments (388)
Hey its jethro _. Jethro (2 months ago)
Will the model X Fly
arts gorana (4 months ago)
ฬєรlєץ renan TM (6 months ago)
in the final show a 737 in the take off , try with the maximum tesla speed X maximum 737 speed SAHUASHUAS
Dr. Raj Gaurav Singh (8 months ago)
Tata hexa also did this
Global Trip Reports (8 months ago)
How is this news and politics
Nicholas Fornaro (9 months ago)
When you are late to your flight and won't let the plane leave
Doğukan Bulut (9 months ago)
Çüşş amk
Phil mcZapp (9 months ago)
The VW Touareg already did this with a 747 back in 2006 so I'm not impressed
Admiral Medjay (9 months ago)
Emree (9 months ago)
Bunu VolksWagen yapmıştı zaten :)
Toyota Altezza (9 months ago)
casually taking your 787-8 out for a drive with your tesla
Sulaiman AlKadi (9 months ago)
A year ago Porsche used the Cayenne Diesel S to pull a Airbus A380, so Tesla don't get to excited.
Controversial Canine (9 months ago)
any car can do that
Sam from non of your business (9 months ago)
After so many years (>10 years) we finally saw a machine that can could compete against the touareg. Nice try but 10 years ago the Touareg did this, try imagine what it can do now 10 years later. but nice try! PS: how is this even record breaking?! smh
Joe 2001 (9 months ago)
A VW towed a larger plane, and a Ford F150 Stopped a military aircraft, so im not impressed.
Trades46 (9 months ago)
I love how ironic this is as Elon Musk just proclaimed "Tesla does not do marketing" and "mass media is funded by oil companies" to criticize Tesla when they go and pull shit off like this. The man is not only a crook in terms of Wall Street & reservation holders, but also a pathological liar.
Samuy Wardell (9 months ago)
It’s because it has an electric motor, motors have a lot of talk. Not that impressive if I’m honest
Mohamed Elsharkawy (9 months ago)
I can do that with my Chevy Silverado.
MisterLifter (9 months ago)
A Chevy truck pulled a plane back in the 70’s
M. Sami (9 months ago)
No thanks. If i wanna tow planes Just get me f250.
gaat jeniksaan (9 months ago)
why does a company as famous as cnn not upload at 1080?
Jomari Apa (9 months ago)
A VW Touareg once towed a 747. That's more impressive. Well i'd be impressed if that Model X towed an A380.
N1k32h (9 months ago)
Hulk buster taking form
KitCat CandyPony (9 months ago)
Near empty tank with no passangers on board except 2 captins on board, impressive but now let's fill that baby up with fuel and passangers see if it can haul it then cause that's what the small trucks that pull the air planes do haul it loaded (idk what there called sorry)
YoutubeHub (9 months ago)
So the other day, my private jet broke down and had to land right on the highway. I took my Model X and easily brought my jet back to the hangar. Best purchase ever.
MasterChef 117 (9 months ago)
And after the thousand feet it ran out of battery XD!!!!!!
Rick Meijer (9 months ago)
Good, look at VW and let’s do the same #cringe
Tomas Betancourt (9 months ago)
Must have been some awkward silence while towing
DDG- FANS (9 months ago)
A Range Rover can do that too lmaooo
Hanif Mohammed (9 months ago)
Tesla is ruling Electric cars are revolutionized by tesla
DJ_ PlayzStuff (9 months ago)
Do that with auto pilot
Judge Judith Sheindlin (9 months ago)
Lil Panadol (9 months ago)
Next step, Tesla pulls an Airbus A380
Darren Robinson (9 months ago)
Jesus people , Tesla can't do one thing without criticism, just like I have made this comment and will recieve criticism from someone.
kingofatlantistv (9 months ago)
That’s some power
Fernando Alonso (9 months ago)
The ugliest car on the road right now the shitty model x, if this man can do it any car can pull a plane you bunch of elon musk cock suckers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDeWqGyCYNI
Jeffrey Geoff Jefferson (9 months ago)
5500lbs is nothing this plane must’ve weighed 100000+
biocybernaut (9 months ago)
Shortly before its motors melted and its battery blew up.
Kooler Marimoto (9 months ago)
If ure a true petrolhead Tesla must be hated
B dog Playz (9 months ago)
Pfffff engines was probably on
btdragon37mm (9 months ago)
Wow, nothing special about it
Miles Addington Vlogs (9 months ago)
I guess they don’t need the tow things to pull a plane ✈️, they just need a Tesla.
L I G H T N I N G (9 months ago)
MERRIT 2 (9 months ago)
Cars 1 in a nutshell
Jose (9 months ago)
I want to see a Tesla plane
MrHungarianHammer (9 months ago)
Petrol powered vehicles have done this for decades... Nothing impressive.
Mike_99 (9 months ago)
Tesla Model X? thought it was called battery on wheels
/A\utism (9 months ago)
BaiKO (9 months ago)
In the future, there will be teslas replacing every pushback tugs worldwide....
Spartan (9 months ago)
Only usefull thing that tesla can do
Mr. Krabbs (9 months ago)
how did the rear bumper not come off lmao
ZeldaACFan17 (9 months ago)
I don’t like electric cars that much because I like to hear the sound of powerful engines that actually make you feel like you are driving something fast.
04smallmj (9 months ago)
But can it stop the train in GTA5?
Mark Wojciak (9 months ago)
Look up old chevy towing wood
Game Brothers (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/WmM-635RR6o what about Touareg?
yes_Tom3 (9 months ago)
Like no other cheap car can do this.
Rishav Srivastav (9 months ago)
In India A car name Hexa is there who tows everything, just everything and you can also see in youtube that Hexa towing Airbus
Marvin Kitfox (9 months ago)
The power and torque is no problem at all. The only real problem is maintaining traction, so that torque can actually be applied for something more than wheelspin. . A strongman (human) can pull an airline twice the weight of this one, at 416,000 pound. And i absolutely guarantee you a Tesla can out-pull a strongman.
R3K9 (9 months ago)
Marvin Kitfox I doubt it....
DJ Bahaa (9 months ago)
The Toyota tundra’s did that a long time ago
Stavinair Caeruleum (9 months ago)
That's....alot of torque....
K-42R5 (9 months ago)
Wow that means my model x can pull a plane?,and can it pull a train XD
Lacion (9 months ago)
Well I guess qantas doesn't need an engine anymore cause you got a Tesla that does 2-3 mph all I'm saying goodluck going to who knows what
Tyson Kennedy (9 months ago)
Well yeah, the tow rating is only for on road towing. So like a 6.7 Fords is 12,500 it’s safe to drive on the road towing that much but it’s capable of more
ッSytro (9 months ago)
lol is this gonna be a regualar use?
CrypticConference (9 months ago)
Take that Ford F-150, “built tough”.
Jeron Playz (9 months ago)
Why don't they just use Tesla Model X's to taxi planes?
ISF Blaze (9 months ago)
The airports need new tugs now. Maybe Tesla tugs?
but can you do this (9 months ago)
Car did not fly. disliked.
frank (9 months ago)
That is a beautiful plane
A Doge (9 months ago)
I can tow a boing 747 in my toureg v10
Saketh Kanumuri (9 months ago)
That isn’t shit, the Touareg did that like ten years ago and the new one would annihilate the model x.
ZRH AVIATION AND MORE (9 months ago)
Das einzig schöne is das flugzeug
karlispaghetti (9 months ago)
whats the 0-60 time
Colin Vos (9 months ago)
of course can it pull that weight, when its up to speed its really easy to keep it rolling, the only difficult part is, getting it to move. And still, even a 60 HP Citroen C1 can pull a plane, it just takes more time
Robin TM (10 months ago)
*Low battery*
caleb holley (10 months ago)
Yeah no shit it would. The electric batteries have the same torque values as a diesel engine.
Reza Aditya (10 months ago)
Well.. a VW Toareg can tow a Boeing 747
Bitter Melon (10 months ago)
This car is getting way too much credit considering its battery operated. Something that requires a charge to use that energy to move. Double handling. Pointless. Too many idiots with too much money not to see its pointless.
kolyra (10 months ago)
Bjørn, you're late.
Mr Winkler (10 months ago)
I bet the battery is shot and so are the moters
oh yeah yeah (10 months ago)
new plane pullers of the future
Bader Albader (10 months ago)
porsche is coming
ShibeAscend (10 months ago)
Tesla should try to make a pushback tug lmao
ShibeAscend (10 months ago)
I saw this on Tesla's Instagram! They posted this!
OceanBlue (10 months ago)
Ford 150 Raptor can tow this easily as can the Chevrolet Silverado LTZ.
Kirk Claybrook (10 months ago)
What does "287,000 pound" mean? Is that how much it cost?
Sam Bab- SVD (10 months ago)
Well no, last year Porsche managed more. A380 is much heavier than the CFRP B 787 https://www.motor1.com/news/144096/porsche-cayenne-pulls-airbus-a380/
Joshua Rokuhiko (10 months ago)
Tesla”Beast”Model X
Terrell Time (10 months ago)
Elon Musk smiles as he sits in the corner. Yeah I did that he said. He did.
Alan Daniel (10 months ago)
Yeah try driving coast to coast, Fuck tesla a giant fucking fail,shove it 🤣
Chris John Michael (10 months ago)
Two beautiful American machines.
Samir Khan (10 months ago)
Wow. Love this pure future
No urZ (10 months ago)
Who thought in the first was car and planes toys, come here
ARSHAD BAIG (10 months ago)
Tesla employees are truly committed to their work of making a stylish, sturdy eco-friendly car. No matter how much complaints or negative comments they receive, this company will always deliver its best.
Tcb2000 (9 months ago)
ur ass ain't safe I really hope your joking
ur ass ain't safe (9 months ago)
ARSHAD BAIG a person could pull that plane 😐
Ki Ki (10 months ago)
This is all Marketing. My old Dacia 1300 could pull that Boing, and i saw a man that pulled one too with his teeth
That one (10 months ago)
Then why is it's max braked towing capacity not 3500kg in europe? I smell bullshit. It is allowed to max move ~2100kg
Zero Tolerance (10 months ago)
yawn. any vehicle with enough torque can do that. Heck even those small electric warehouse forklifts can do that.
quantum chicken (10 months ago)
Now would be the best time to use the pick me up feature....
Abigail Sockeye (10 months ago)
My F-450 can do that a lot better.
Adam R (10 months ago)
Note: plane made out of card board box 😁