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Most Shocking Delivery Fails Caught On Tape 📦 AMAZON / FEDEX / UPS

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Most Shocking Delivery Fails Caught On Tape 📦 AMAZON / FEDEX / UPS ....SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE COMMUNITY...! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDy416t_xni5Wq6c1142SRA?sub_confirmation=1 We have a unique and different way of exploring the world, discovering their tendencies and some amazing curiosities. Our purpose is simply to inspire and motivate your day with a collection of amazing videos. We want you to always find in this channel an interesting or controversial topic to discuss with your friends. #WANAPEDIA #LikeABoss #AwesomePeople
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Text Comments (117)
ZERATUL 491 (10 days ago)
I ordered tire tubes two days prior to watching this, I know their tire tubes designed to take an impact, but I would still like some professionalism when they arrive. Also get professional training from the company, or dont work their at all. It's so unprofessional to drop or throw packages like that, especially if their fragile. By throwing the package, you very well could have destroyed a $2,000 camera lens, or a $1,500 pc graphics card. You don't know whats in the box or bag. So, carry it like its a baby, even though its not.
ShadowMistress4835 (20 days ago)
MCFan4924 (1 month ago)
This is why when I get phone or laptop from amazon, I make sure it's rugged.
Corinna Carlson (1 month ago)
How are some of these "fails"? Particularly the ones that gently toss the package at the front door, the ones that actually go to the front door.
PlaysFromTheBook (1 month ago)
I work for amazon. I always place things on the porch unless its feather weight then I kind of make sure it's under something or in the door. I had to learn the hard way. When you first start off its hectic. The problem is for our dispatch anyway that there are more packages to be delivered and we need more people. When Christmas struck man I couldn't even move in my van to find a package to deliver I had to get many rescues.the most I ever delivered was about 390 in a day.
RONALD SNEED (1 month ago)
same here and when you have over 160 stops even if you have 100 stops depending where you are at. you could be out there all night and when it gets dark and walk to a persons house they look at you like you are crazy here is point make less stops so the drivers don"t have to be out there all night !
Princess 2884 (1 month ago)
These people pure lazy if it was fragile and it broke and something I ordered I would be pissed 😤 😡
George J93 (17 days ago)
And guess who would care. Yep, nobody.
M R (1 month ago)
Serve them allí te Next meal un a restaurant like this. Flipping Coke,..oh sorry...🙃
Revvy Hyena (2 months ago)
People carelessly chucking boxes i hope you all lost your jobs.. A$$holes
George J93 (17 days ago)
No, they didn't. Not because they don't give a fuck, it's because the company doesn't give a fuck.
RECTAL Siphon (2 months ago)
Hahahaha i do this shit all the time but not the fragile shit... u have to when u got 250 stops
Sirous Vahabi (2 months ago)
You need to fix the title Or put at least one ups clip——>beside that I love your video
Demonchild84 (3 months ago)
These are no worse than what the package handlers do at every facility...
Demonchild84 (3 months ago)
If I get a shirt in a bag, I'm going to throw it...
Demonchild84 (3 months ago)
Don't bitch. You're the one who ordered something that came in 30 boxes. One of which weighs 150 pounds. And then you hide in your house while we knock on the door because we need a signature for your case of wine that your lazy ass couldn't pick up in town. We know you're in there, we see all the cars in your driveway. Funny you have money to order stupid shit but can't afford to properly mark your house and then call to complain that you didn't get your package...
Tim Legg (3 months ago)
I worked at walmart.. I know how every item you buy comes in on a trucks.....
Stan Smith (3 months ago)
I only use Amazon and I've never noticed any box throwing - I even ordered a 55 inch tv and was worried they would just toss it at my steps - my cameras just recorded the guy carefully handling the box the right way and gently put it on my porch and gave me a call to receive it. so far, i've had a good experience with amazon delivery people.
Corinna Carlson (1 month ago)
There's always those lazy ones. Thankfully it's not too many.
Jessica Perez (2 months ago)
@carlos lol thanks, a lady always accepts a nice compliment. I’m glad to hear it!! @phazebeast115
PHAZEBEAST115 (2 months ago)
@Jessica Perez yeah amazon does a good job , keeping my packages safe from neighborhood theives , 👍
Carlos Torres (2 months ago)
@Jessica Perez damn you are 🔥.. Just wanted to poimt that out
Jessica Perez (2 months ago)
I’m an amazon delivery driver and I do my best to hide it from street view and I set down envelopes/boxes gently. Just depends on the person delivering that day.
XxThe Masked GamerXx (3 months ago)
so is this why iphone and other companies are obsessed with making their products or phones drop proof and impact proof?
Ken Thomas (3 months ago)
If you'll notice, NONE OF THESE WERE UPS. The whole video was actually Amazon and FedEx delivery drivers.
RONALD SNEED (1 month ago)
like they said before ups can take them back to the station Amazon workers can't just saying .
Jason Brown (3 months ago)
All I can say is lazy 😠😡
fiftyIceStates (4 months ago)
A well packaged item should be able to handle a drop from the chest down. A throw .. well that's an entirely different story.
gary 132 (4 months ago)
that could be your delivery who is ordering mac book off amazon xD
juan Aguilar (4 months ago)
Do people really want every driver to set the box on a soft pillow ..i get some of these drivers are careless af..but some aren't bad and if some customers want that shit on doorstep how about providing a damn access code if needed
Jackson 83 (28 days ago)
"Do people really want every driver to set the box on a soft pillow" Are you fucking serious? Nobody is expecting that, they just expect that their delivery driver walk an extra 6 feet to put a package down rather than just throwing it. Is walking an extra few feet to avoid throwing a package really that much to ask?
SenmiMsS (4 months ago)
Is it not common in USA to tell them at what hour u wanna ur package delivered so u will be home to pick it up? Why does america must be always bad at such a simple things?
SenmiMsS (3 months ago)
Am i insultin your country, by sharing my opinion? Damn americans have no chill.
Brandon Manley (4 months ago)
No, because there are hundreds of other people that have packages that day. And don't insult my country, asshole
Dream Beaver 41 (4 months ago)
The person on the bike got instant karma
media hero (4 months ago)
Indian delivery Men/women is better than this
John Versoza (4 months ago)
Lazy customer do not want to go to big retail store like Walmart store or Target store and people just stay home and ordered online to delivery to home. Normal people are Lazy to go shopping at Walmart store. Disabled people and Elderly cannot walk to store when they on the permanent wheelchair or no limb like arm and leg and feet are okay to order online shopping for food and drink and items.
PHAZEBEAST115 (2 months ago)
@Jennifer exactly , plus it sometimes more cheaper then real stores
Jennifer (3 months ago)
Some people don't own vehicles. And some items online are not available at the stores.
SCRATCHING FOR CASH (5 months ago)
Maybe if they hired people under 700 Lbs this wouldn’t be a problem
Cas jade (1 month ago)
LOL chill
Sparky Corrigan (3 months ago)
SCRATCHING FOR CASH (5 months ago)
Not 1 person fired
Cas jade (1 month ago)
Nah they probably quit
SCRATCHING FOR CASH (3 months ago)
Eric Delaghetto <—I definitely know that.
Eric Delaghetto (3 months ago)
Cableguy818 you don’t know that
SCRATCHING FOR CASH (5 months ago)
I wonder if they handle their babies like thay
RONALD SNEED (25 days ago)
speak english!
Ohhh wow they doing durability test
BaDaBoom (5 months ago)
lots of dindunutthins
Grimmjow Girl (5 months ago)
What the f... why are those people so fing mean... the guy whit the ps4...my heart literally stopped!! Here the drivers must call to see if your home, then deliver the package in hand, they aren't allowed to just throw it at the door and leave it there!
Victory Archive (5 months ago)
im speechless after watching that ive worked for amazon for 2 years and that ....i have never seen that at least not in scotland we knock on the door and wait and be social
Kelley Alexander (2 months ago)
used to be that way here, too. so impersonal anymore...everything is.
Sparky Corrigan (3 months ago)
Yeah it makes me wonder why america is so laid back, from what i can see, they don't get anymore packages than we do and yet we have to hand the package to the customer personally where as they just throw it on the floor and leave.
Duke Nukem (4 months ago)
i work at amazon here in the us and i take the time to take care of the packages
Nikolai Brandenhoff (6 months ago)
So many of these “real” packages look like they’re just full of air
Sparky Corrigan (3 months ago)
@ImaTrueRager Yup, i agree. Delivered a pretty large box last week and the customers face was priceless, she told me there was only a record in it lol. Also delivered one today that wasn't packaged, a kids toy which was clearly a christmas present, had to phone the customer to make sure it was ok to deliver. Some day their 'algorithms' will be correct lol
jayjay B (4 months ago)
ImaTrueRager tru tht ive been working there for almost a months , nad MOST of the time its more of the packaging than whats inside
ImaTrueRager (4 months ago)
Most small packages from Amazon are 90% air. Used to deliver for them
Christopher Affronti (6 months ago)
So is anyone training these Amazon cats or nah?
Josh Haney (6 months ago)
I work for FedEx ground. The flipping of boxes is a real thing if you order something heavier than the human delivering it its kind of hard to do anything but flip it to its destination. We are not all given handtrucks, they are a luxury item.
hoomilouuu (1 month ago)
Mr ChichMagnett 👍
Mr ChichMagnett (1 month ago)
hoomilouuu I think what everyone is talking about of what to do if they don’t have a dally. 😂
hoomilouuu (1 month ago)
Use dally.
Sparky Corrigan (2 months ago)
@Mr ChichMagnett I work for Amazon, we just carry all our heqvy envelopes ourselves, it's a hard job :D
Mr ChichMagnett (2 months ago)
I work for UPS and we’re taught to see if the customer is willing to help. If not than we call the office and they’ll get a driver next to us to help. Not flip it down the driveway to the door.
King Plop (6 months ago)
How many people here cauee you work for amazon?!
Joe Ramirez (7 days ago)
@Caleb Zborovsky I worked for FedEx freight and saia for years bro. Not always fun but bitching and moaning doesn't change it. Hope you get out of there man or find a better way to approach it lol good luck
Caleb Zborovsky (8 days ago)
Joe Ramirez ok lol I could care less about what you have to say but have a good life my man 👍🏻
Joe Ramirez (8 days ago)
@Caleb Zborovsky not feeling bad when you can apply anywhere else bro. No one feels bad for an adult crying like a kid
Jory Linares (14 days ago)
Yup amazon prime 🤣
13 Rounds Of Boxing (20 days ago)
I work for DHL lol
OneNitePlays (6 months ago)
Not 1 UPS driver in that video!
RONALD SNEED (25 days ago)
@songbuff61 what?
songbuff61 (1 month ago)
No brakes on UPS trucks?
RONALD SNEED (1 month ago)
bro they get paid like 40 dollars a hour thats why you don't see them in the video
Sara Valestein (4 months ago)
@Brown Blood Amazon gets a bad rep because they have the worst screening process. Literally anyone gets hired lol.
Brown Blood (4 months ago)
I'm UPS 633 and I don't Throw pkgs because I'm not a dirtbag Amazon driver!
Hamilton Sullivan (6 months ago)
They suck all of them!!!!
Penny Budget (6 months ago)
Just uploaded a video of my ups driver playing basketball with my package... check it out.
Sparky Corrigan (3 months ago)
Sounds like he killed your dog lol. Fair play to UPS for responding, they don't seem to take any shit from their lazy drivers.
XxThe Masked GamerXx (3 months ago)
it wouldn't be bad if that package was an actual basketball
Weston LL (7 months ago)
Why would you order a toilet on the internet instead of going to the store you lazy fuck.
mikedehoogh black flag race photos (7 months ago)
These people plain just don't wanne work is all. I suspect a great number of millenials among them.
Eric Delaghetto (3 months ago)
Alta Stewart I was just going to say that 🤣🤣🤣 like are we watching the same video dimwit, he clearly has bad eyes lhh all these mtfs was from 34-49 and I’m shocked it was less of my people doing this shit 😂😂😂
Alta Stewart (5 months ago)
Half the fools in this video are in their 40’s 😂
mikedehoogh black flag race photos (5 months ago)
@Elaine Warren-Heburn i work for UPS. I bust my ASS all over the place. Oh, and i'm 52.
Elaine Warren-Heburn (6 months ago)
mikedehoogh black flag race photos my son delivers for Amazon.. they WORK hard!
Al Mol (8 months ago)
The future was this. Enjoy.
Jason Paulette (10 months ago)
This is funny watch UPS guy https://youtu.be/mPz6QZt7ON4