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Most Shocking Delivery Fails Caught On Tape 📦 AMAZON / FEDEX / UPS

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Most Shocking Delivery Fails Caught On Tape 📦 AMAZON / FEDEX / UPS ....SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE COMMUNITY...! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDy416t_xni5Wq6c1142SRA?sub_confirmation=1 We have a unique and different way of exploring the world, discovering their tendencies and some amazing curiosities. Our purpose is simply to inspire and motivate your day with a collection of amazing videos. We want you to always find in this channel an interesting or controversial topic to discuss with your friends. #WANAPEDIA #LikeABoss #AwesomePeople
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Text Comments (36)
media hero (3 days ago)
Indian delivery Men/women is better than this
John Versoza (16 days ago)
Lazy customer do not want to go to big retail store like Walmart store or Target store and people just stay home and ordered online to delivery to home. Normal people are Lazy to go shopping at Walmart store. Disabled people and Elderly cannot walk to store when they on the permanent wheelchair or no limb like arm and leg and feet are okay to order online shopping for food and drink and items.
Cableguy818 (23 days ago)
Maybe if they hired people under 700 Lbs this wouldn’t be a problem
Cableguy818 (23 days ago)
Not 1 person fired
Cableguy818 (23 days ago)
I wonder if they handle their babies like thay
BEST SOUNDTRACKS (23 days ago)
Ohhh wow they doing durability test
BaDaBoom (1 month ago)
lots of dindunutthins
Grimmjow Girl (1 month ago)
What the f... why are those people so fing mean... the guy whit the ps4...my heart literally stopped!! Here the drivers must call to see if your home, then deliver the package in hand, they aren't allowed to just throw it at the door and leave it there!
Victory Archive (1 month ago)
im speechless after watching that ive worked for amazon for 2 years and that ....i have never seen that at least not in scotland we knock on the door and wait and be social
Nikolai Brandenhoff (1 month ago)
So many of these “real” packages look like they’re just full of air
jj b (16 hours ago)
ImaTrueRager tru tht ive been working there for almost a months , nad MOST of the time its more of the packaging than whats inside
ImaTrueRager (2 days ago)
Most small packages from Amazon are 90% air. Used to deliver for them
Christopher Affronti (1 month ago)
So is anyone training these Amazon cats or nah?
Josh Haney (1 month ago)
I work for FedEx ground. The flipping of boxes is a real thing if you order something heavier than the human delivering it its kind of hard to do anything but flip it to its destination. We are not all given handtrucks, they are a luxury item.
King Plop (1 month ago)
How many people here cauee you work for amazon?!
Stephen Beasley (18 days ago)
Ricky k (18 days ago)
@Stephen Beasley whats the standard pay?
Stephen Beasley (18 days ago)
I’m in Cali. Was doing around 300 packages 180+ stops.
Ricky k (18 days ago)
@Antonio Armenta sounds about right.. 160-180 stops 225 packages
Antonio Armenta (18 days ago)
Ricky k how many stops and packages? Ive been averaging around 160 stops and 250+ packages 7 hours done.
Colt 45 (1 month ago)
Not 1 UPS driver in that video!
Red 1 (6 days ago)
I'm UPS 633 and I don't Throw pkgs because I'm not a dirtbag Amazon driver!
Colt 45 (23 days ago)
Cableguy818 i work for them as a driver, we are trained not to
Cableguy818 (23 days ago)
Don’t kid yourself buddy, they do it too
Antonio Armenta (1 month ago)
Colt 45 thats because they take it back to the station
Hamilton Sullivan (2 months ago)
They suck all of them!!!!
Penny Budget (2 months ago)
Just uploaded a video of my ups driver playing basketball with my package... check it out.
Weston LL (3 months ago)
Why would you order a toilet on the internet instead of going to the store you lazy fuck.
mikedehoogh black flag race photos (3 months ago)
These people plain just don't wanne work is all. I suspect a great number of millenials among them.
Alta Stewart (1 month ago)
Half the fools in this video are in their 40’s 😂
mikedehoogh black flag race photos (1 month ago)
@Elaine Warren-Heburn i work for UPS. I bust my ASS all over the place. Oh, and i'm 52.
Elaine Warren-Heburn (1 month ago)
mikedehoogh black flag race photos my son delivers for Amazon.. they WORK hard!
Al Mol (4 months ago)
The future was this. Enjoy.
Jason Paulette (6 months ago)
This is funny watch UPS guy https://youtu.be/mPz6QZt7ON4