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How UPS Deliveries Actually Work

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Text Comments (3069)
Daniel Mitchell (30 days ago)
This is so true
The Guy (2 months ago)
Never forget when you're waiting for your package to arrive *THAT DAY!!!* and 17 UPS, 43 USPS, 32 FEDEX, AND 2 DHL Trucks stop on your block with nothing for you!
Doctor Reed (3 months ago)
STILL relevant in god damn 2019
Mister Mong (4 months ago)
Why don't they just call you? They have mobile phone numbers of their customers. In Russia every goddamn delivery guy calls your multiple times and you agree on a time that is good for both. In US it's big corporations that should eat their own shit.
2002altima (11 months ago)
That happened to me one time, But I got back in my car, drove around and caught him on the next street with the UPS sticky note, I was lucky 😆.... It was a big box from Amazon, it was a bundle of items I bought.
lacey saije (11 months ago)
You only get a note if it needs a signature. It's more work to leave a note otherwise and no point to it. Because then, It will just make the next day harder with even more packages from.the previous day. And also, people work, the majority of my day, people arent home to answer when I knock. We would never get anything delivered if every packaged needed to be handed to a person at every home.
JonatasAdoM (1 year ago)
It happened again! Seriously, why not just send it to a place and ask you to pick it up there? It wasn't even UPS, this might be a worldwide thing
Kasia Rosłon (1 year ago)
Any English native speaker can make subtitles for this video?
Fireborn Blu (1 year ago)
So by leaving no packaging behind they meant intentionaly not leaving you the package
Kenai Dog (1 year ago)
Mr_Jumbles (1 year ago)
Except they don't even carry the package
TheOGAgentnate (2 years ago)
So true
gokinsmen (2 years ago)
In all seriousness, I think UPS has screwed up about 70% of my deliveries in some way. The US Postal Service gets a lot of crap despite coming through 99.9% of the time. I honestly can't remember the last time they messed up any delivery of mine. UPS should be shut down and investigated for fraud.
the lotus child (2 years ago)
Where I live they leave it by the door
Casey Vee (2 years ago)
The crap in this video is about true. I am retired and home all except 2-4 hours per WEEK. Somehow they manage to attempt delivery during those hours, and YES, I have gotten "3rd notice" with the first note they left.
apollo jan abcede (2 years ago)
ups is suck....
Soie Flora (2 years ago)
Well would be more legit if they showed the UPS man throwing the packages at the door. I am so tired of the one doing that here. I was at the door about to open it up and bam I hear my package slamming against the door. Another time a box of candles come in completely shattered.
hanok reddy (2 years ago)
Maize The holographic corn (2 years ago)
I hope you're watching this, UPS, cause this is what u do, and now we know 😎
Fixit Mann (2 years ago)
Yeah that sounds about right for the big brown truck company in my area, except here, they leave no notice, they just leave the package unsecured to be stolen. EVERY DAMN PACKAGE should be signed for, even if the driver has to wait five whole minutes for each delivery, yes 48 packages a day, (excluding driving time) not the 150 they are supposed to be expected to deliver. HIRE MORE PEOPLE, make jobs for America! I've been LOOKING OUT THE window, and had drivers just drop stuff off, once it never made it to the porch but was dropped in the middle of the driveway! The guy didn't even come near our door. I was curious why this would even happen, wasn't expecting a delivery (but my wife was, she forgot to tell me.) SHE is always home, is the funny part, but pays no attention.  The house next door was empty, and a package was delivered, I saw it happen, they didn't even knock, just walked up and dropped it on the ground by the front of the house. Out of curiosity, I went over & found the package addressed to a former neighbor I had helped to move, and called her & took the package to her! The shipper had not received a change of address. MEDICAL supplies no less.
BeReal Bud (1 year ago)
Lol 45 deliveries a day... They make 75-100k a year delivering packages... UPS would go broke if their drivers only did 45 stops a day.
Erika In Indy (1 year ago)
No signature means the driver can release it. If you don't want the package left on your porch have it delivered to your job or require a signature.
Abi Kumar (2 years ago)
Is my UPS the only one that leaves packages at the door? But probably because I live in a city where the latest crime was an elderly lady speeding
dtiydr (2 years ago)
3 attempts? No you wonder where the package have gone since you havent got it after a week when it should have come after 2 days. You contact UPS and they had tried 3 times to deliver and also put a note on the door. No notes and you had been home all the times they allegedly been there.
Rumelia (2 years ago)
Bert Macklin, UPS.
Hamzah Kattan (3 years ago)
Just had this happen to me... but I was there! The whole time! Adding insult to injury, this was expedited and the regular shipping would've been here already.
Sand Theb (3 years ago)
I love it when I miss needed overnight deliveries... and the next business day is after a 3 day weekend.
Let's Play PC (3 years ago)
One time I was waiting for a package every day and I left the house for only an hour each day at different times And I always came home and saw that dreadful slip
RobotGoggles (3 years ago)
We are dealing with individuals with skills far greater than that of mortal man.
Nino (3 years ago)
It would be funny, if it wasn't so true! :D
Epicurus One (3 years ago)
Undelivered Parcel Service
Epicurus One (3 years ago)
Undelivered Parcel Service
gothicanimegirl44 (3 years ago)
I always love when they see you have dogs then just leave the box on the ground for the dogs to destroy this happened to my prom dress and a months worth of my sisters contatacts
gothicanimegirl44 (3 years ago)
northnomad they aren't monsters they are dogs and dogs do what they do it's no longer an issue though
northnomad (3 years ago)
You have some nasty ass dogs; best you choose signature required or keep those monsters indoors.
erikiuxas (3 years ago)
I work at customer service of UPS call centre. I can confirm every second of this. :D
Bose-Einstein (3 years ago)
Good old College Humor.
Adelgal (3 years ago)
At least its not like some of the others that just leave the package there
Georgina Toland (3 years ago)
And now they don't even attempt a redelivery. If you're not home, your package goes straight to a nearby UPS Store. But of course you can't get it right away; you have to wait an *additional* day for the franchise UPS store to scan it into their system. Their customer service told me that if I wanted a redelivery I would have to create a MyUPS profile. I looked at the small print of that "service" and basically it was "we have your info, we can do whatever the hell we want with it, we can change the terms of this agreement whenever we like, and if you have an issue with that it goes into arbitration." Customer Service rep just kept repeating that this was more convenient. "Yes. CONVENIENT FOR *YOU.* NOT *ME.*" #FuckUPS I am looking forward to the self-driving Amazon trucks that will put them out of business.
Owens Corning (3 years ago)
Yeah sorry to break it to you but that's never going to happen. The union has a tight choke hold on UPS and UPS has agreements with amazon.
Racer X (3 years ago)
Makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't the driver wanna go back another day to hear you say "I was only gone 5 minutes", "I ran in to use the restroom for two minutes", or "I was outside ALL day!!"
Daniel Lee (3 years ago)
wtf? package delivering in the US is shit
KevinKayotic (3 years ago)
I've had many a package and many a front door. None have been stolen. We have an option to tell the post office any packages must be signed for or left in a special location other than the front door.
Daniel Lee (3 years ago)
@KevinKayotic I've seen actual footages, i don't know why they leave your package at the front door unattended, someone could steal it
KevinKayotic (3 years ago)
Yup because this isn't an internet sketch it's actual footage of a real delivery...
notafraid06 (3 years ago)
All you haters will be glad to know you can now track where your package is in real time., just rolled it out.
Dean Daniel (3 years ago)
hahahahahahahahahah fuck man this is gold
Jixs 203 (3 years ago)
Dak (3 years ago)
I didn't even leave home and I apparently missed my package
q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅm̷͍̅ k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅ (10 months ago)
I wasn't expecting a package and i still missed it.
DGGamingUniverse313 (3 years ago)
yes i think thats exactly how it works
PretzelBunny (3 years ago)
I showed this to my dad who works at UPS. he burst out laughing
Eric Burns (2 months ago)
Yes us UPS Retirees love it. Brown Brotherhood approved! LMAO!
TheDankLord (7 months ago)
@hi there when in doubt, fire the worker and get a new one, rinse and repeat every few months, ez
hi there (1 year ago)
@TRT Underpaid. Under pressure. Under quota. Under time limit. Underappreciated.
TRT (3 years ago)
Is this how they train them to deliver? Same thing happens to me. Why do they do this. I don't get it.
notafraid06 (3 years ago)
315 people are ups drivers. And as one: A fellow driver showed me this video for the first time today. Pretty funny. Im sure this feels like this happens all the time to you, and im sure it sometimes does to an extent. I always ring or knock for a required signature, start filling out the first form (what we write on your package, thats what she said). Then i ring again before filling out the note i put on your door. Believe me, we dont want your package sitting on our car another day; one more stop while youre at work unable to sign. If you know youre not gonna be home you can call to have your package held for pick up (obv not feasible in a lot of conditions). The sender paid extra for a signature, and we must obtain it. Oh and your dog probably sucks XD Just watched the video again, it couldnt be more backwards. You want your package, so do i! be home for your signature required stupid knickknack made in china amazon bullshit. GAHD!
Kylo Ren (1 month ago)
@notafraid06 Oh really? Because you sound like a complete idiot to me...😂 that's why you drive at UPS Loser!!!
notafraid06 (3 years ago)
+Dean Daniel you should definitely be able to have it held for pickup. Call and ask for a same day will call. The driver will get a message to pull the package and the end of the day then you pick it up with valid id. Make sure to call first. At my center they do after hour pickup from like 730 to 830 or something like that.
Dean Daniel (3 years ago)
Yeah obviously it's the system in place that's stupid as fuck and a huge inconvenience to a person. I almost never get any packages and just want this to go smooth and I can't even go pick it up because they won't change any info... Hahahhaha. Beyond stupid. Oh well I hope they at least pay everyone fairly
notafraid06 (3 years ago)
Oh and I'm far from an idiot.
JonatasMonte (3 years ago)
forest leopard (3 years ago)
+JonatasMonte  me too! today as matter o fact  im gonna have it sent to a pick up station...
Ra'iss (3 years ago)
FedEx, UPS... go to the fucking store for god sake!
ObsidianParis (3 years ago)
+MaxeriousGaming She actually did !
Hans Zarkov (3 years ago)
I gave up on residential UPS deliveries. I finally signed up at UPS for deliveries to the nearest UPS pickup location. I'd rather deal with the inconvenience of driving a few miles to get my stuff than the frustration of missed deliveries.
JonatasMonte (3 years ago)
+Hans Zarkov Same here but where I live they tax you for actually going to their pickup location to take the delivery... How is it more expensive for them to have you go to their pickup location rather than waiting for them to use fuel and manpower to deliver your package?
tyler alger (4 years ago)
All you have to do is leave a note lol.
Deon Denis (5 months ago)
Whats the note for?
Kristhor (4 years ago)
I'm waiting for a UPS package.... I'm a bit nervous
ObsidianParis (1 month ago)
At the time you did, it probably has already been returned :)
Mohamed Dahcheh (4 years ago)
My ups package will come tomorrow. Do u guys know what time they come to ur house after a weekend
Darkeese Latifah (4 years ago)
UPS doesn't do this where I live. Where I live it's FedEx that pulls this horseshit.
Hotaru Shidosha (6 months ago)
Absolutely. I've never had any problems with UPS at all. Always FedEX. I swear they hire ninjas
Ben Godfrey (3 years ago)
+Ham Same here in Greenville, SC! UPS & USPS will deliver and ACTUALLY knock every time. The FedEx guy just drives by, doesn't knock, and leaves one of those aggravating orange door tags. Grrr!
Mohamed Dahcheh (4 years ago)
MrRyushinn (4 years ago)
fuck UPS.
steamfans (4 years ago)
What has brown done for you?
Jake Stoneking (4 years ago)
Unfun fact: If you report that your packages were stolen from your home/porch/stoop/waterfall entrance to a secret bat cave multiple times, you will be put on a list that requires a signature for everything, every time. The official reason is for customer satisfaction, but the actual reason is that it costs UPS/FedEx/USPS money to have to file for replacement products, and they don't like spending their money on your stuff. Lesson? Use a PO Box or an Amazon Lockbox.
CeCe Kitty (4 years ago)
I've been at UPS since 1999 and driving since 2004. If the shipper requires a signature we have to get one. You get 3 attempts. But most packages we are able to leave by the door because they don't require a signature. The skit was funny because he waited till she left to go up to the door. The 3 separate knocks were suppose to be the 3 attempts at the delivery. Made me laugh!
Mohamed Dahcheh (4 years ago)
I have a question. I ordered my new phone from tmobile and u know tmobile uses ups. I wanted to know if u leave it at the door or I have to sign it.
Lockedoutofaccount (4 years ago)
with the recent 4 rottor engine issue that one guy had with ups doesn't surprise me
C.APWAP (4 years ago)
I litterly just show up with my package on my doorstep and never had a package stolen...
Dean Daniel (3 years ago)
+123corey Thats fucking stupid... I play russian roulette and i havent lost yet....
Fariha Khan (4 years ago)
freakin ups. i ordered mtg sleeves WHICH I NEEDED 2 WEEKS AGO, and apparently it was sent to me -_-
The One With 460 subs (4 years ago)
Does anyone think she looks like that girl from Goodwill Hunting? I'm very descriptive, I know -.-
Robin Francis (4 years ago)
+TheMightyWill Yeah!! They get lot of great actors in their skits!!
Kai Hicks (4 years ago)
I thought the same thing except for its all done by dropping the package from a high altitude drone onto my doorstep and then they have some kind of retrieval system because i'm not home. this would explain why everything arrives broken. I guess you learn something new every day.
Elliot W (4 years ago)
HEY! Please don't blame the drivers for this stuff! THEY aren't the ones who want to do this! Its the CORPORATE people ABOVE THEM who cause this. And after all, I think most people would be pretty desperate to do their job if they worked as a UPS driver. One of the only delivery service with NO AIR CONDITIONING for its drivers! Read (and sign) this to understand. https://www.change.org/p/united-parcel-service-require-ups-to-provide-air-conditioning-to-delivery-drivers
Spencer Bates (4 years ago)
Huh funny I guess UPS works differently in America. In Canada I am pretty sure they have like no actual holding facilities and never take the package with them when you are not home they just leave it on your doorstep every time most of the time they ring the doorbell and by the time I get to the door the truck is gone and the package is on the doorstep lol. I suppose their is a downside to them just leaving the packages all around town but I have yet to have anything stolen and the truck drops off the packages at the same time of day which is about an hour or so before I get off work so its great.
some unfathomably moist, saucy, creamy, crispy, succulent flakes of perfectly aged cheese (4 years ago)
@Bullboy 13 Interesting
Spencer Bates (4 years ago)
@some unfathomably moist, saucy, creamy, crispy, succulent flakes of perfectly aged cheese Well UPS delivered my PS4 and they just left it on the doorstep I live in Barrie btw and the only UPS facility anywhere near my town is The UPS Store which is only good for sending stuff with the store doesn't has like massive warehouse like say Purolater or Canada Post. So I think thats just the way they roll at least in some parts of the Canada where they cant store shipments anywhere local.
some unfathomably moist, saucy, creamy, crispy, succulent flakes of perfectly aged cheese (4 years ago)
I think it only works like this if you have an expensive package. This happened to my dad when he got his new phone and nobody was home. He had to go get it when he got home from work.
Zoltanne (4 years ago)
That's because you live in Canada.
some unfathomably moist, saucy, creamy, crispy, succulent flakes of perfectly aged cheese (4 years ago)
that's how it works where I live in America too
Mr Andy (4 years ago)
At least this guy knocked lol.
q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅm̷͍̅ k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅ (10 months ago)
who's lol ?
HowSci (4 years ago)
I think they just drop your package in front of your door.
crazywolftwo2 (4 years ago)
lol I work for a catalog company where when I track a customers package.... lets just say this would explain a lot! lol soooooo funny Thank you College Humor
Robin Redbreast (4 years ago)
This video is soooooooooooooo true.
someone667 (4 years ago)
This video is actually false.... they actually leave the frickin package on your doorstep if you don't answer here in california.  I got lucky, but I had 2k worth of parts delivered to my home (about 10 different packages) and each time they were delivered I was not home ( I work from 4 am to 12 pm)...  The boxes say fragile and everything and they just frickin leave it on the doorstep for anyone to take. I would be overjoyed if they left me a note to simply pick it up :\
Jei Caldwell (4 years ago)
@someone667 Not true, I currently live in Inglewood and they don't leave packages, though I wish they would. I was a bit rude earlier, but the assumptions people make sometimes strikes me as rude. I have lived up and down California, and the USPS doesn't seem to follow one general rule about when to leave packages. It might depend on the delivery person and how they follow their office's rules. I spoke to one, and he only delivers small packages that fit in the  available mailbox or large packages if the doorway is concealed or somebody is home. It is different(not the same across the board annywhere) and it's not really a fair assumption when there is a whole youtube video and lots of people agreeing with it that don't correspond with your view. It's just really weird when people claim a video isn't true just because they haven't encountered something in their lives that other people have. They then make blanket statements about things outside of their experience. That strikes me as very rude, and very wrong.
someone667 (4 years ago)
@Jei Caldwell Well, this is how it is in kern and the LA counties across the board.  So basically southern CA postal services leave packages at doorsteps unless the service to ordered the items from provides a special option to request a pick up.. which usually costs extra from my experience.   I will admit I have no idea how any county on the northern end tends to be with ups/fed ex drop offs, but I can't imagine it would be much different :\  I think it is a fair assumption to make if you ask me.
Jei Caldwell (4 years ago)
@someone667 Happened to me several times. I live in California. You shouldn't make claims for the whole state; doesn't make you look too bright.
MMID303 (4 years ago)
One time I was waiting all day for a package. The UPS guy drove slowly by my house like 4 times! Then I had to leave to go to work (3rd shift). Just minutes after I left the house, my dad called and told me I just missed the UPS guy by seconds! He did deliver it, but I had to wait until I got home.
Neptune (4 years ago)
Hah. I have that problem with usps. I sware sometimes they don't even knock.
ABP - Digital Artist (4 years ago)
They will beg you to take the package if there was a brokerage fee to pay though...
Kapek (4 years ago)
I had a window open.. these guys threw my new monitor into my house. Idiots. Its broken.
johntheo95 (4 years ago)
that laugh at the end is epic :D
Steven Tyler (2 years ago)
Stein Schneider (4 years ago)
flames1000000 (5 years ago)
LMAO! Although I do hate it when I miss a delivery. XD
OneMeanArtist (5 years ago)
What they left out was that the USPS handles most of the actual shipping for the UPS.  Once UPS receives your mail, they take it to the USPS for shipping.  When it arrives at your local USPS station, the UPS picks it up there and delivers it... and charges you extra for the phony service, of course.  Lazy fucking douche con artists, imo.  Just go to the Post Office, cut out the middle-man/crooks, and save yourself the extra unnecessary money.
OneMeanArtist (4 years ago)
@GrexTheCrabasitor   Then you know nothing.  Both surepost and straight up UPS parcels gets left with the USPS every.fucking.day.
GrexTheCrabasitor (4 years ago)
+OneMeanArtist im sure is was surepost, no fucking way something that doesn't have a usps tracking number would be left at a post office.
OneMeanArtist (4 years ago)
@Andrew Randolph Bullshit.  I work for the USPS and I handle their crap every fucking day. Also... thanks for validating what I said earlier.  Your entire paragraph negates your first sentence by the way.  Moron.
Andrew Randolph (4 years ago)
@OneMeanArtist USPS does not handle any UPS shipping for UPS packages. The only types of shipments that are given to the post office by UPS are Sure Post packages. This is the similar to FedEx smart post. Sure Post shipments still move within the UPS network to get to the final destination and are only handed over to USPS for delivery. UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, and Ground packages are not touched by the USPS and are only shipped with UPS.
Evil Antonio (4 years ago)
Amen, the rates on UPS are outrageous, USPS any day of the week.
Perfect Touch Auto Detailing (5 years ago)
I drive for UPS and don't find it all that amusing.. so many people don't understand our job and it's sad. when we leave a package at your porch, door, etc, it's called a driver release. unless you state upon ordering you require an adult signature, then we driver release it.. you may think it's "lazy", but consider this.. if we stopped and waited for every customer to sign, that's an average of about 4 - 6 minutes per stop.. we have up to 150 stops on our trucks, now do the math.. that would amount to about 10 lost hours per driver per day ( 4 minutes X 150 stops = 600 minutes , 60 minutes per hour, and there is your lost 10 hours per day).. if you order something and see us drive by your house, it means we haven't received it yet and it's not on our trucks, pretty simple. and no, we don't always knock or ring the bell.. if we see no vehicle or lights on , etc, why knock? I personally do, but it's not required. once we enter the package as delivered, it will show as fully delivered within a half hour on our tracking website, if you decide to track it online. if anyone thinks all of us are lazy, then I invite you to walk a day in our shoes.. 12 hour days and most days I don't even get to take a 10 minutes break.. that's right, 60 hours a week with no breaks.. we are encouraged to take them, but when we have such a huge work load, it's not possible.. so to those who judge us, I ask you this, how many of you can work those hours with our workload and not take a break all week? not too many I would assume
Kylo Ren (1 month ago)
@Elliot W You're also an idiot! 😂😂😂
Kylo Ren (1 month ago)
@Perfect Touch Auto Detailing lazy b**** get a real job loser!!!
Deon Denis (5 months ago)
@glen aldo Thank you for knocking
Sir 'Quellin Esquire IV (1 year ago)
*We don't care. Nobody cares.*
rand diamond (2 years ago)
...I know this is old but I couldn't resist. Maybe if you managed to deliver some of those packages successfully, you wouldn't have such a HUGE workload left...?
Thomas Hague (5 years ago)
This  exactly how ny amazon delivery kept happening
Joshua Gill (5 years ago)
funny buy this has never happened to me. they just leave it at the door, you dont need to be there to receive it
dojomojomofo (4 years ago)
+Joshua “Josh” Gill They've only done that here with computers and firearm parts. Anything that ISN'T marked to sign for delivery, they leave a slip and make me pick up.
someone667 (4 years ago)
@Joshua Gill That is worse than them hightailing it out, because anyone and their mother could simply steal the package and you would be none the wiser.
Ryan Wigglesworth (5 years ago)
back when college humor wasnt making commercials :S
Etienne Cote (5 years ago)
they lost my package numerous times, returned it to shipper, then shipped, returned it to shipper then shipped it again. after that, the idiot working the counter at the pickup station told me that the package wasn't there when it was right under his desk. UPS how i love you...
ricardomercado10 (5 years ago)
this happened to me yesterday, i was home all day for them to deliver something to my house, around 6:15 pm i had to go to school, when i come back there is a note at my door saying nobody was home
Kylo Ren (1 month ago)
Well that's just your own dumbass fault 6:15 is not the end of the UPS delivery schedule!!! And what's worse you knew that! And you still took a chance and guess what you blew it a******!!!😂😂😂
Antonio Hastie (5 years ago)
Is that Minnie Driver?
A* (5 years ago)
This is so true. At least I haven't had that problem with DHL. 
Sashy Jolly (5 years ago)
There was this UPS delivery guy and HE WAS SOOO HOTT!!! I don't care if he's lazy or not BUT HE IS SO HOT THO!!
Sashy Jolly (4 years ago)
hmmm... i liek it lololol
TdotSoul (4 years ago)
@Jessica Hull J Mac was trolling you hard and you fell for it, so don't give him the satisfaction.
Sashy Jolly (4 years ago)
@roguedogx To be honest, you'll be surprise how many hot guys are found in each and every profession. HmmhmmMhm... I can think most of them! LOL **wink**
roguedogx (4 years ago)
@Sophia Cryzik trust me when I say this, it is very hard not to stay in shape when doing that job. when your job is literally "you have three hours to move 3200 boxes", the gym just seems unnecessary.
Guy Sitting (4 years ago)
@Jessica Hull You dont get what being a guy is like do you, blindly throwing your misandry like a racist throws slurs.
ForeverEpicness (5 years ago)
I havent had this happen with UPS, but i had a real hassle with fedex a couple times.  Nothing deliberate, just their policies made the delivery REALLY inconvenient.
S.A.M. (5 years ago)
FINALLY a mildly amusing CH video!
Josh Akana (5 years ago)
Ordered a game off amazon, I saw the UPS guy drive past my house everyday after ordering it. It took five days to show up even though I even saw the guy staring at my house. Amazon needs to get drones in service soon!
CubicAero (4 years ago)
And hacking is totally as easy as in Watch_Dogs, totally.
S.A.M. (5 years ago)
Yes. I totally won't learn how to wirelessly hack all the drones and steal everyone's stuff so that it never reaches them. Totally.
lizardkingno2 (5 years ago)
Best CH video in my opinion
Senior Batman (5 years ago)
So accurate it hurts
Locke Cole (5 years ago)
Every time!
Shawn Millat (5 years ago)
I am also experienced with UPS. The UPS delivery guy left my packets to some unknown persons at the gate two times when I was still available at my room. They just bell the door one time and left. It seems like they are in so hurry and don't have enough time or don't want to talk with the customer.  
Aicela S (4 years ago)
It's the average of the time studies UPS does every few years. Yes it is true that one stop may take longer than another, but by the end of the day .... All stops average out to be about 3 mins. long. Therefore they use that 3 mins as a gauge go of measurement. Warehouse to delivery area is used in the drive time study for drivers. every delivery area has different drive time stats.
Nope Nope Nope (5 years ago)
@Aicela S How does 3 minutes include drive time? In my hometown it takes about 45 minutes to get from the warehouse to my old town. And even in town, it could take more than 3 minutes to get from one house to another depending on the addresses.
Aicela S (5 years ago)
Delivery drivers don't have time to do nothing, but work.  On average a delivery driver has 3 minutes total, to deliver a stop.  The 3 mins. start when you leave the previous stop.  Soooo ... that 3 minutes includes drive time, locating the address, getting the package(s) out of the back of the truck, walk time to the stop, delivering the package and walking back to the truck and turning the key in the ignition.  Three minute clock starts again!!!
studinthemaking (5 years ago)
So true.
Zed Streams (5 years ago)
I hate it when amazon sends my packages with UPS. The fuckers never deliver them.
Dickson Butts (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who has their packages left on their front porch? I never have this problem.
Papo Pagan (5 years ago)
Or you can rename it USPS.  I watched once as my mailman just left a tried to deliver note in my mailbox.  Here in my area postal workers barely get out of their trucks.  I ran downstairs and confronted the prick.  It was the first time he ever said hello to me too.  I'm glad he was replaced by a nice carrier.
Azure Toroto's Gaming (5 years ago)
It actually depends on who's delivering your package. One time on Christmas, one of my sister's packages just got delivered and it was for one of her friends, but the one who delivered the package was rather kind and told me to enjoy my Christmas. Also it was a elderly lady, I hope she enjoyed her Christmas, I thought Ups had holiday for all of their employees, but I guess some prefer to deliver on holidays.  
gumdamsniper (5 years ago)
Huh, this is how my mailwoman is. With letters...
Linus Gustafsson (5 years ago)
I'm having my first experience with UPS and it is starting out like something like this. Since it is an apartment complex with mailboxes inside, I haven't even seen a yellow note. Yet I was interested and looked at the tracking and saw they actually registered that they had informed me about leaving a note. To make things better they requested me to change the address for them to drop it off, and that is not allowed by the sender. Going to enjoy Monday sitting home missing my salary for a potential visit from UPS.
Arkangel_09 (5 years ago)
So fucking true, he didn't even knock and was placing the paper on it! It's a coincidence that I opened the door at the sametime... He was so confused that he just left... I took the paper that said I wasn't home and run after him hahaha fuck these lazy fucktards
Son0fHobs (5 years ago)
I'm not sure if it's awesome or sad that I realized I've already seen this entire playlist of 100+ college humor videos. 
Bliss (5 years ago)
Sadly this happened to me today with UPS... and its the 2nd time while i was home. Luckily i installed a CCTV in the front and she didnt knock or anything she just wrote that note and left.
The Guy (2 months ago)
Should've hunted that raggedy rat bitch down
Deon Denis (5 months ago)
It would be wonderful if their was package delivery trap, so that if they tried to leave without knocking on anything they would be trapped until you get to the door.