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Text Comments (215)
Tan Gre (2 days ago)
6:40 is not in America
Rainer Sherwood (2 days ago)
Lol at 2:15 on. Tries to cross a solid white illegally when the lane ends in 400 yards so she could make everyone slow down for her when she needs to merge.
SilverlonewolfX (3 days ago)
Russia: Blyat! We have much road ragers. America: Hold My Beer!
ryan ashby (3 days ago)
If you're the cunt at 1:35. Fuck you, there is a special place in hell for you. I block cunts like you every day.. You're no better than the rest of us.. Also, YOU HIT HIM.
ffjsb (3 days ago)
1:40, succubus from hell. No sweetheart, YOU'RE the POS.
Majestic Gabe (4 days ago)
@ 10:10 she really didn't hit her car. If that jeep even slightly tapped her then the cheap bumper would have shattered into a million pieces
Monk of MGTOW (4 days ago)
Is he a fucking asshole, a fucking dick, or a fucking piece of shit? Make up your mind. Jeez.
Im Tylito (4 days ago)
She did jump on her car thats on her
Tony Haynes (5 days ago)
Guess the slapper at 7:48 thought that waving a gun around made her invincible. Nice to see her bluff called and she gets the shit knocked out of her.
Matthew McGinley (5 days ago)
2:39 anybody who pulls that self-righteous crap on me and intentionally blocks my progress will be the LAST time they ever do that. Punks.
Matthew McGinley (5 days ago)
Always skip the first 25 seconds, don't need the stupid intro.
The Law (5 days ago)
5:00 Because opening the door is for losers
pslgreg (5 days ago)
That whiny woman, one of the ones that makes a merge into a traffic jam, deserves a punch in her stupid mouth, and to have her keys taken away and thrown down a sewer. Rant over. 😁
yea bouy (6 days ago)
These idiots are the reason I carry EVERYWHERE!
Marcus Rösel (6 days ago)
Amerikanische schrumpfpenise im dicken truck und kastenköpfe in deutschen Autos. . Einfach herrlich
Eugene 75 (6 days ago)
funny. girl jumps solid white line to get around traffic.. truck doesn't like it so he jumps solid white line to block her. she goes up the shoulder, he blocks her and hits her car.. explain all this to the police. both morons!!!!!
Jerry Cole (7 days ago)
That dude at 4 minutes was roasting the hell out of that pasty man
marter87 (7 days ago)
Can I ask what is the deal with drivers speeding up in the lane you want to get into, but they don’t want to let you in... why?? And when you get behind them, they drive the slowest speed they can drive. Why can’t ppl just be courteous to others??
London Type R (7 days ago)
Dindu nuffins @0.44, 7.22 and 7.40
Sigh Clone (7 days ago)
carry daily and solve these problems..Do society a favor and kill stupid people!
Buck Minster (9 days ago)
To the woman that climbed out of the window: I hope you use a window the next time you exit a skyscraper.😂
Grahame .White (10 days ago)
As I see it Gracious Lady with Potty Mouth (wash it out with Bleach) you actually hit his truck. (2:35) "I got that on video" Right ! and it if replayed in Court would probably not go down well with the Judge, now would it !!!!
Mihai Biro (10 days ago)
More womane's are supidty and don't know drive they are bitch at stereeng
HamzahJR 11 (11 days ago)
This is America where you can tell that it is without civilization! punch of trash of all the scum of the earth is there!
salt life (11 days ago)
They shoot
barry davenport (12 days ago)
5:40 try getting in the right lane and not holding everyone up you fucking moron 👏 not suprised people are throwing shit at you... bet its a regular occurance for you 😂🖕
scvusa (12 days ago)
Love the deep sheet getting a ride on the back of the Charger. All involved were, shall we say, likely sub-par on the IQ scale...
Dora Stalkfleet (13 days ago)
These road ragers act like children having a temper tantrum. Unfortunately while driving a letal weapon. They don't realize how foolish they look. Grow up!
ADEMILY87 (13 days ago)
6:20 is that Big Jay Oakerson? Lol
J Ignatius (14 days ago)
Why did she climb out the window LOL?
Jarret Rucker (14 days ago)
1st Clip... "Lmao bitch...WE GONE"
Kevin Arthur (16 days ago)
I really hate people with New England accents.
ladyfootZ (16 days ago)
Stupid bitch "he's a fucking idiot" "I have that on video"....... bitch you can't go into a breakdown lane to pass. WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? WHAT DID THEY PUT IN YOUR METH?
BasketBalla21 (16 days ago)
That redhead low-key got out of the car like a super model 😂
taylor sheldon (17 days ago)
Why do bikers break peoples mirrors then run away like cowards? Oh ya because their cowards
JPdriftz33 (4 days ago)
4500lbs car vs 500lbs bike wow i wonder why they get mad when retards swerve into them and dont use their mirrors
Jerry Cole (7 days ago)
Bike vs car? Who wins? Yeah if I'm on a bike I'm hitting and getting the fuck out the way, I'm about to lose my life lmao
CaptGalletto (7 days ago)
Cause most are pussies
Big Rob Videos (14 days ago)
taylor sheldon Not being a coward. If the person swerve into them almost hitting them and acting like they don't see them, they won't be needing it.
John Porter (17 days ago)
Love them feisty Red Heads ;)
Nunya Goddamnbusiness (18 days ago)
@2:10 the bitch crossed a double white line to get ahead of everyone else. She got what she deserved.
businessnik (18 days ago)
Redheads always be crazy.
Ivadinuff Shudupyabitch (19 days ago)
"People...can't we all jus get along ?" America "NO!"
half N' half (19 days ago)
That why I'm getting a truck with bull bars and a fast motorcycle
michael mceneaney (19 days ago)
9:05 wow that’s where Kodak got transportings melody
David Levy (20 days ago)
1:40 to 2:40... What a stupid chick, using the on ramp as her short cut and then tries to go down the emergency lane. cow Good on that double cab for stopping her
Doggfan (20 days ago)
My minds playing tricks on me..lol
Eli Christman (20 days ago)
Ever since watching South Park, I'd love the opportunity to call a bitch "Muff Cabbage" like the Jersey chick in the last clip.
Rig O'Mortis (20 days ago)
Ghetto Boys @ 8:22 lol
beth98362 R (20 days ago)
What's wrong with people....there universally stupid, rude and selfish....that's what's wrong with people!
DHH (20 days ago)
People are getting more violent and crazy on the whole with each passing day. We never used to have this many self entitled cunts who are aggressive and confrontational.
Bryan Liguori (21 days ago)
Talk about a fiery redhead!
cool nights (21 days ago)
Man you folks at CC Tube crack me up with your videos another great one thanks and keep'em coming LMAO
Dave Chivell gardner (21 days ago)
sure are a lot of people with anger management problems driving lethal weapons
Dave Chivell gardner (21 days ago)
6:55 shoulda just driven until his shoes caught fire lol
Umbro Gaming (21 days ago)
Gta 5 in real life
FalconXE302 (21 days ago)
4:51... Do all rednecks not understand their cars have doors...?
FalconXE302 (21 days ago)
AT 1:45 the woman is the asshole... she obviously has never heard of the word patience.
S. Garr (22 days ago)
What's the deal with that annoying (1XBET) intro?
Veggie Shells (22 days ago)
When being the bigger person goes along way
Adrià A. (22 days ago)
1:40 - The camera driver was an idiot. The pickup driver was blocking her from illegaly filtering. That woman didn't realize what was going on even she thought she was right....
The Afterhours (18 days ago)
It’s amazing how she says “because he doesn’t want ME to pass”. Like it’s only about her. The traffic wouldn’t be as backed up if people didn’t fuckin do that. When they’re stopped they act like children. Everyone just wait your turn and traffic will run faster. Nope, too many assholes.
Marissa Hanson (19 days ago)
i laughed when she goes "i have that on video" literally she was going to pass him on the shoulder...
Carlos Ferrer (22 days ago)
1:48 entitled wench got what she deserved.
Tony 109 (22 days ago)
Red head in the Cobalt is TRrraaaaaasshHH
Tony 109 (22 days ago)
What kind of dipshit puts his own window up and tries to stop it with his hand?
Seattle Scofflaws (22 days ago)
7:00 was funny when the guy filming said whutdafukman
Fierce Leader (22 days ago)
This guys fuckin an asshole. Lol
Chris Tesch (22 days ago)
The woman recording the video with the Toyota pickup cutting her off was the bitch. She wanted to slam past 5 cars to gain 10 seconds on traffic. Fuckers like that piss everyone off
Seattle Scofflaws (22 days ago)
1:37 the lady recording broke the law by crossing the gore point then complains about the driver of the trick. They broke the law too but she acts like she's in the right. Unbelievable.
Grahame .White (10 days ago)
Yea Right "but she recorded it on video" Potty Mouth and all. She will see and hear when played back what a stupid piece of S@@t (I don't swear online) she was acting like. Amazed she had the audacity to post the clip. Assume after 2 seconds of fame ! Well she got it "I'm Famous on YouTube "I've had 69,000 views - Pathetic.
Big Rob Videos (14 days ago)
Seattle Scofflaws Was it really worth it trying to stop her though. She crossed a line. So fucking what? It's not trying trying to stop someone and almost getting into an accident.
PuckettJp2 (22 days ago)
Why does this make me sad when I watch it?
Lawd Elpus (23 days ago)
Dude why didn't you just drop in behind her instead of causing a crash
Cro Magnon (23 days ago)
@8:30 Thug listening to geto boys "whut the fuck are yew doin bro" Gets threatened by a thug in a minivan waving a tennis racket I'm dying
william settle (23 days ago)
Drive thru clip, That gun sure did the trick, didn't it? Is that your kids cap gun? Should have reloaded some caps in it.
SUPPLEX Time (24 days ago)
5:56 the sky tho
Gerard Depardieu (24 days ago)
White trash!
Aristeo Juarez III (24 days ago)
Old videos. Repost
Peaches (24 days ago)
Great selection 👏👍
robinaxeman (24 days ago)
If some grabs the side of my car they better be able to run at 60mph because that would make me fear for my life and do what it takes to escape.
Piglet (24 days ago)
Road rage doesn't happen in canada
Mobscene (24 days ago)
The motorbike one happened here in Edmonton I believe :p
paul mart (24 days ago)
I thought he was going to play the game
Greg Bowlan (24 days ago)
The gal at 10:30 looks like she could eat peanuts out of a Coke bottle with those teeth
Dutil41 (25 days ago)
old vids
James Livingston (25 days ago)
Thank you for posting this video! I enjoyed it...
Lyle Waller (25 days ago)
Why is dumbshit behavior so often accompanied by dumbshit "music"?
Lyle Waller (25 days ago)
Remember: In a "Democracy"©®, one can do what one wants. So, keep voting for it.
Crypto Trojan (25 days ago)
07:53 Player two has entered the battle.
Matthew Andrews (25 days ago)
omg 5:00 is that debbie from shameless
Alton 666 (25 days ago)
Old fucking videos
José Correia (25 days ago)
1:52 well done. He has my respect
Damon R (25 days ago)
5:00 what?!
David Stratton (25 days ago)
@ 5:00 - - Awwwwwwww wasn't that special . . . . That car gave birth to a bouncing baby bitch.
Phil Menzies (25 days ago)
Like most of your vids. This is a pretty crappy submission. Maybe its just because their yanks and canucks. But really not a good compilation.
kentonyte (25 days ago)
5:10 is it Debbie Gallagher? :D
kentonyte (21 days ago)
Tony 109 yeah after second look just red hair and ultra white skin. And agressivity
Tony 109 (22 days ago)
kentonyte Looks nothing like her
Алексей Хороший (25 days ago)
Их надо взорвать.
Алексей Хороший (25 days ago)
Olegs Mironovs. Тебя буду
Olegs Mironovs (25 days ago)
Алексей Хороший мамку свою выеби утырок
Алексей Хороший (25 days ago)
Olegs Mironovs А тебя выебать!
Olegs Mironovs (25 days ago)
Алексей Хороший ты собака сутулая, посмотри что в твоей россеюшке творится на дорогах. У вас долбоклювов в двадцать раз больше. Взорви свой мозг лучше, зомбированый ты мудень
Jonh Doe (25 days ago)
REAL QUESTION? At 2:25 who would be at fault? I'm thinking 50/50 but i really dont know
_halfrunner_ (23 days ago)
Even though she's driving like a bitch, it's not the truck's job to play police, he caused the collision, not her. Everything leading up to it might result in 50/50 I'm not sure, but the collision on its own was caused by the truck.
SMoto (25 days ago)
Old but gold.
Douglas Vitrano (25 days ago)
4:35 Just blow it off and keep going. No need to swear like a jackass.
War Star (25 days ago)
Всевидящее Око (25 days ago)
америка скоро разрушится
Olegs Mironovs (25 days ago)
Всевидящее Око бляяяя:) такую хуйню сморозить это надо быть особенным идиотом.
crazy bastrd (25 days ago)
Who is the piece of shit? As you try to lane cut in front of everyone and even drive in the breakdown lane to pass? You selfish entitled cunt..
Brian Seas (25 days ago)
Most of these clips are repeats. #ripoff
Brian Seas (25 days ago)
3:50 - Warning: Pastie #SoyBoy driving
Brian Seas (25 days ago)
1:07 - Fries come with that Blue Whale?
Galaxy Wolf Girl (25 days ago)
This made me really angry xD
Electrocus (25 days ago)
Were those gun shots at 9:17?