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Dubai Expo 2020 Bid

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We need your vote. Our video has been shortlisted for the Dubai 2020 Expo. Please follow the link and click the blue 'thumbs up' button to make your vote count. Thank you!http://expo2020dubai.ae/en/be_part_of_it/entry/sultan_alshara
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Text Comments (85)
Maryam bosna (29 days ago)
i love both uae and turki..
Aishwarya Hari (3 months ago)
Nice Video! For more awesome places in Dubai Visit Indian Icon and Subscribe.
Самгат Жумабаев (9 months ago)
What call a music 00:05
MelinaS Sasha (9 months ago)
I adore Dubai and knew all along that they would win the EXPO 2020.I am so looking forward to it ! 💕
Medet Kuvantaev (10 months ago)
Dubai & Astana forever
Айдана Нурханова (10 months ago)
Marat 29 (1 year ago)
Dubai very good city 🖒🖒🖒
Chengjie Yao (2 years ago)
shanghai2010 NOT beijing!!!!!!
Hawa Bint Islam (2 years ago)
Ilove UAE ----------
Said Milad Hashemi (2 years ago)
What music is that, can someone tell me
King Egypt (3 years ago)
Egypt better than this shit.. Why you should go a country that you need ti spent more than 6000 or 10000 doller in a week for nothing? ? Go egypt and spent 1000 doller better and even better things if it's about the money
Antoine Tremblay (3 years ago)
Expo 2010 was in Shanghaï
marco reus (3 years ago)
Dubai é tão chto! um calor de matar.
GERMANLOVER7000 (4 years ago)
DUBAI...i think one of the richest city of this world.
Red Land Of Beautiful Marrakesh (4 years ago)
Dubai will not last forever because the oil is running out.
Red Land Of Beautiful Marrakesh (3 years ago)
*slow clap
Omar Al-Seddik (3 years ago)
Actually both of you are wrong.. Oil is making 59% of the total economy, and Dubai economic growth is too huge that it will sustain the oil lose. 50 years ago, oil made over 95% of the economy, but now, just 59%, in another 50 years, it would be a country that don't depend at oil as a main source of economy.
World Citizen (4 years ago)
Oil contributes only 6% of Dubai economy
типичный канал Elvin (4 years ago)
victor lf99 (4 years ago)
Dubai has become in the city of the future. The expo 2020 in Dubai, I am happy for them, congratulations!
ShaveIt (4 years ago)
Astana EXPO 2017!!!
TubeKZ (4 years ago)
Ahmed Al Falasy (4 years ago)
Add me in instgram ENG_A_E
fluffy lion (4 years ago)
great vid
Eman Abdulla (4 years ago)
We are and always will be number 1 . DUBAI the Extraordinary
Essamshaker Shaker (4 years ago)
I love DUBAI
Essamshaker Shaker (4 years ago)
I love DUBAI
mariam mohammed (4 years ago)
We Are With DUBAI EXPO 2020
YUNUS REAZ (4 years ago)
Justice innocent (4 years ago)
God bless Dubai
Самгат Жумабаев (9 months ago)
What call a music
Vuyirthamizhukke Thamizhan (4 years ago)
Asif zen (4 years ago)
Congratulation  Dubai  (united arab emirate )   U.A.E  Deserve  for  Expo 2020
بَشٌأَرً أٌلٌشٌرٌعِهَ بُنّيِ صٌخًرً (4 years ago)
شكرا لسمو الشيخ لنه عطانا عطله قبل الامتحان الاقتصاد هههههههههههه وناسه باجي اسبوع ونخلص دراسه 
Jimmy Lu (4 years ago)
what a shame!2010 is Shanghai not Beijing!
الاميرعبدالله محب (4 years ago)
Yongfu Zhang (4 years ago)
You've made a biiiiig mistake. In 2010 the Expo was held in Shanghai, but not Beijing.
Javier Concessco (4 years ago)
What about all those workers who will be working on building the infrastructure?
Dawood Said Masih (4 years ago)
good luck dubai
imtiazgmail1 (4 years ago)
Congratulations DUBAI Expo 2020..!!! Certainly good steps....
Bionic (4 years ago)
Congratulations @DubaiExpo2020! Thanks all for viewing and liking our video to support Dubai's Bid!
isabelle lemaitre (4 years ago)
I will support dubai and will bring soon my work 
Lasith Senevirathna (4 years ago)
Congratulations Dubai !!!!!
sam ukrine (4 years ago)
مبرووووووووووووووووووووووك للعرب ومبروك دبي وكل الشكر لصاحب السمو رافع راس العرب الشيخ محمد بن راشد ال مكتوم
500302 (4 years ago)
The world expo was in shanghai not Beijin so please don't show the world that we are week in knowledge.
ieatroches95 (4 years ago)
It's actually spelled weak. The irony.
ronish s (4 years ago)
I love dubai.........
Vampire Bytes (4 years ago)
yay dubai won the expo 2020!!! i live there so i hope its gonna improve more and more forever! mabrook dubai
Nanda Reddy (4 years ago)
Dubai only deserves this EXPO 2020...good luck dubai
Omar Mohamed (4 years ago)
Dubai Dubai
Ahmed Buamim (4 years ago)
we all support dubai for the #dubaiexpo2020
gökhan solak (4 years ago)
MrDEvL100 (4 years ago)
Latifa Al amri (4 years ago)
Proud to be from this city ! Dubai is wining indeed .
oSNiPz iHmoOoD (4 years ago)
i will bid EXPO 2020 for Dubai 
Roy rony (4 years ago)
Mr. Sam (4 years ago)
News of Future: November 27, Paris. General Session of the International Exhibitions Bureau. Dubai (UAE) won the right to host the World Expo 2020. CONGRATULATIONS! Новости Будущего: 27 ноября, Париж. Генеральная сессия Международного бюро выставок. Дубай (ОАЭ) выиграл право принять Всемирную выставку ЭКСПО-2020. ПОЗДРАВЛЯЕМ!
bandhan patil (4 years ago)
Dubai will win
São Pauloooooo!!!!
Vitor Quaranta (4 years ago)
Chupa Dubai!
Miguel Ángel Muñoz Ledesma (4 years ago)
It's not Beijing 2010, it was Shanghai 2010...
Barbaros Uçar (4 years ago)
Izmir will be the winner!
wUae wEmirates (4 years ago)
Lucas Oliveira (4 years ago)
São Paulo
Nisar Muhammad (4 years ago)
We Love Dubai and support the Bid of EXPO 2020 for Dubai
TheGodHunter (4 years ago)
dubai laws are full of shit, i wanted to live there as a engineer but fuck it you are full of gobeshait
4Element (4 years ago)
istanbul 2020.
Himash Marcar (4 years ago)
Dubai shall win Vote for Dubai Bill Gates has voted for Dubai
Girlens Fernandes (4 years ago)
São Paulo
men143ify1 (4 years ago)
gogoogogogog my dream citY DUBAI 2 thumbs up..
basomis (4 years ago)
Douglas Jhonatan (4 years ago)
São Paulo
Time Square Watches And Accessories (4 years ago)
Dubai is the Future of Innovation. I say Yes to Dubai Expo 2020. You are always a winner ..Good Luck !!!!!
Luis Miguel Llorente (4 years ago)
Vote for São Paulo!
Sosahn Fernando (4 years ago)
i am living in dubai and i see many adds borders written expo 2020
emre tomruk (4 years ago)
dubai dont need no expo.. keep building tower till rich to the moon .. just leave this our city. hope IZMIR win it !
Nhock Robin (5 years ago)
Hijakk (5 years ago)
1:32 what the heck that boat
Fedor8991 (5 years ago)
very nise!!!
Taylah (5 years ago)
I'm doing the Expo 2020 Advertisement :D
Tarik Jaawani (5 years ago)
Dubai 2020
Madame Sabine Balve (5 years ago)
We support Dubai for the EXPO 2020
Loydy Adriano (5 years ago)
I support Dubai Expo 2020
1925Gultepeli (5 years ago)
EXPO 2020 Turkey/Izmir
Bionic (5 years ago)
Please follow the link in the description to vote! Thanks