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Mark Martin - #6 Valvoline Ford (1994)

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My 25th model is Mark Martin's 1994 Valvoline Ford Thunderbird. The kit is a Monogram Ford Thunderbird. Body is painted with Krylon Fusion White and Tamyia Blue. Chassis is Krylon Pewter Grey. Decals are by Slixx
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Noka 1111 (9 months ago)
bro you should post again u haven't posted in years
snappy452 (6 years ago)
My all-time favorite scheme for my all-time favorite driver. Nice touch with the CBS TV panel on the dash. Just make sure that if you have or ever do build the Todd Bodine #75 Factory Outlet Stores of America T-Bird, you keep it far away from this one, or it will inevitably send this car flying into a catch fence and destroy it.