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Trump's possible new top economic adviser hates tariffs

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Larry Kudlow, President Trump's likely pick to run the National Economic Council, has been vocal in his criticism of tariffs.
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Text Comments (4)
golfito (5 days ago)
Yeah A cocaine abuser running the US economy
Dino Kross (9 days ago)
Larry Kudlow is from the same tribe as Cohn and essentially a (((GLOBALIST))).
Kyle Ruth (10 days ago)
Larry Kudlow is a supply side idiot. Demand creates jobs and economic growth, not supply. That's economics 101
T I (10 days ago)
yeah, right. They only hate this idea because Mexico product prices sold and imported in America price will increase. America must owe Mexico money...I support the idea of Mexico products price increase considering in the black community in the south florida, its more accessible to get than any other needed products on American shelves, Black American people may need. Lol.