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The Largest Aircraft Carrier in The World (full video)

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Croatia Prepper (8 hours ago)
Hugh-Martin Roux Hughy (8 hours ago)
The narrator was puffing on a big Cuban cigar, drinking expensive Scotch and sitting in an oversize leather chair when he did the voice
Depcom (19 hours ago)
Enjoyed a nice tour of the Nimitz back in the 70's when it was docked in Pearl Harbor. Great food!
Roberto Gariando (1 day ago)
All nations must stop importing chinese products we must ban chinese products.and must not to buy chinese products.
Aiden D (1 day ago)
I’m proud to be in the navy
abderraouf bouchellig (1 day ago)
brahmous for your ass
Max Senecal (1 day ago)
Soon they should make the HeliCarrier
Leigh Park (1 day ago)
Super glue teeth together then commence voice over.
NimbleNeh (1 day ago)
Gerald R ford, is the new biggest
john john (2 days ago)
UK when will they stop.?
Andy Jones (2 days ago)
The comment section is full yanks screaming 'MURICA!' and 'FREEDOM', Brits getting butthurt, and I'm just here getting unreasonably pissed off at how he pronounced 'decades' at 13:21...
Jaminator (2 days ago)
Neat, now we have 100,000 tons to go capture us some *OIL.*
Knut Bjelland (3 days ago)
14:51 Deez nuts
Dance Fever (3 days ago)
Us brits played a big part in the development of the aircraft carrier LOL
darthclone7 (3 days ago)
i want to know when theyre going to relese Helicarriers
Random projects USA (4 days ago)
Now second biggest
RaJuR reaL deeP kooL (4 days ago)
U.S.S Constellation was that work yo!!! 3 Cruises in 3 years on that jwan....WesPaks ?..79-80, 81,82. Bars!!! Philly Representing.
jarin1100 (4 days ago)
wer hats erfunden? de amis oder de europäer??
Coffee & Tech (4 days ago)
@yesfunnyyes I think you mean chick-fil-a
abaddon oVo willo stamp (4 days ago)
i want to join the navy
Zha Zha Binks (4 days ago)
America first, use American measurements. Go John Kelly
mad lad123 (5 days ago)
Beaten by a small swedish gotland class
William Lanza (5 days ago)
Would you like to lear more about physics?
William Lanza (5 days ago)
Its all about physics.
hand some guy (5 days ago)
What wins: the world's strongest navy Or: one sneaky boi
leonard (6 days ago)
The catapult officer sounds like chipmunks mixtape lol ✌✌
Michael Lilly (6 days ago)
I rode the the Nimitz for three cruises and rode it from Norfolk to Everett.
It’s Łucus!!! (6 days ago)
That voice crack lol 11:58
Les Faust (6 days ago)
Welp I'm a lil more nervous about the neculer subs ,than I am of the aircraft carrier getting shyeeet done. ...both awesome ships....but let's get realistic here
Van's Videos (6 days ago)
How has the US not saved the enterprise yet
mindyschocolate (6 days ago)
The Nimitz is actually old now. New carriers have been built since. They need to redo this for the USS Ford.
SURFACES for Mural Visionaries (6 days ago)
On the Nimitz their is no best pilot when theyre all the best in the first place and the airforce. Flying a MultiMillion dollar F-whatever at high speeds and land them on a ship is still mind boggling even after watching this video. When it comes to work and perfection, there can be ZERO mistakes when it comes to this. Let your guard down for a second and you can be dead before you even saw death coming.
Vex T (7 days ago)
Bigger is the only evolution for aircraft carriers, nothing else is satisfactory!
John Johnson (7 days ago)
Boy she is a work of art, i luv her because she the best!!! ☝🇺🇸
ahmednur ali (7 days ago)
This documentery video is my favorite video I used to watch it since it made almost!
Ballistik Remastered (7 days ago)
Imagine seeing a songolian pirate with one of these bad boys
Ryan Dutton (8 days ago)
The biggest Air carrier now is the H.M.S Elizabeth God save our queen ❤️❤️
Ryan Dutton (5 days ago)
ottocb22 I’m sorry I meant in England the HMS Queen Elizabeth is the third biggest
ottocb22 (6 days ago)
Ryan Dutton Now where did you hear that lie? Not true at all.
walt2840 (8 days ago)
Living conditions aboard USS Ford CVN78 https://youtu.be/hBc9d_oOVMo
Pet Who (9 days ago)
How many ships have men built... and claimed that they were invincible or unsinkable? Are modern US "super" Aircraft Carriers any better? I think not.
moviemaker2011z (9 days ago)
i like how the british guy tried to make it like britain had the only solution to our problem. "it needed british ingenuity" you guys built a flat boat! thats it! you basically said what if we had a giant table that could float with maybe a few guns on the sides? we could have easily figured that out in a millisecond.
soumodeep mondal (10 days ago)
excellent description
Sanjay Chavan (10 days ago)
संता की टांगें नीली पड़ गईं. डॉक्टर – “जहर है …. काटनी पड़ेंगीं !” टांगें काटकर नकली लगा दी गईं. दो दिन बाद नकली टांगें भी नीली पड़ गईं. . डॉक्टर – “अब बीमारी समझ में आई….. जीन्स रंग छोड़ती है …. !” 😂😂😂😂 डॉक्टर आरक्षण कोटे का था..
Alexander Mc D (11 days ago)
Out of date technology. Only going to be used against Iran and other underdeveloped poor countries. Surface to surface missiles and air to surface developments have made them redundant. Just as the air carriers made battleships redundant.
Brad Miller (10 days ago)
Which is why they were used in every theatre in WW2, and why in the Gulf War they were constantly in operation. A $500,000 missile that can be jammed or spoofed vs a $15,000 shell that hits, period. Cost efficiency!
paul bowman (11 days ago)
easy target
Neet man (12 days ago)
This guy talks a 5 words per minute
jake palanga (12 days ago)
Starbucks also ...2500 active
jake palanga (12 days ago)
We have a gym, Burger King also
jake palanga (12 days ago)
There is a mc Donald on the aircraft carrier
AryaTGB /AryaTheGoldenBlox (12 days ago)
14:53 that actually looks fun
Timothy Avery (12 days ago)
Nimitz class...
The West Michigan Farmer (12 days ago)
I’m gonna be that guy ..... the ship they keep showing in cut scenes it not even the Nimitz it’s the Carl Vinson .... still Nimitz class but come on lol
Daniel Young (12 days ago)
Matthew Tavatgis (12 days ago)
Pulleys multiplied the force.... to make the cable faster... anyone know where I can get some magic energy pulleys?
Scott Johnstone (13 days ago)
What happens to that "nuts and bolts" board, when explosions are shaking the ship!? I know the idea is to destroy the threat before it poses a threat, but when a real war breaks out, they going to be fucked!
Scott Johnstone (10 days ago)
+Brad Miller Well that's what I said isn't it, if you read closely - I pointed out the idea is to not allow the enemy to get within range of their weapons capabilities. In fact, the idea is to destroy the targets before they are even aware of their presence, I fully understand this. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the "enemies" (Russia, China, Iran) also have been known to, on occasion, utilise technology themselves, and granted, the US and her NATO allies on the face of it have access to much more effective technology and equipment, my guess would be that in fact, these countries will have developed either technology to beat our defensives - or the tactics. No matter how much faith we have in our toys, history has taught us that war never goes as planned - and nothing is beyond reach when a people's are sufficiently motivated to succeed. If the aircraft carriers can withstand or repel attacks from the air, then they will only have to contend with ship killing missiles, and nearly undetectable submarines. The best bet, in my humble opinion is not to fight! At least, to stop our western "leaders" from attacking! After all, NATO is certainly the aggressor and has been at least since the 90's and the collapse of the Soviet Union, but actually has been for much longer than that. Good day sir.
Brad Miller (10 days ago)
The explosions of enemy ships and planes over the horizon?
Henry Colean (13 days ago)
Woah they made top gun a real thing
Huggable Games (13 days ago)
Looks like you just cut a peace of an airport
1956janos (13 days ago)
A great documentary and something only the Americans can do. It is however striking to note that when ingenuity comes to play regarding ship design the British are still on the top of the list. Just think of the lipstick/mirror/torch example.
The animation Dump (14 days ago)
Happy seeing that this is where tax money goes.
Trevor L (14 days ago)
I want one
julio velez (14 days ago)
My first aircraft carrier!! I was part of the oldest and the boldest VFA-14 Tophatter!! This is so cool!!
Davorin Jurišić (15 days ago)
I still want to see EMALS in real action (a replacement for steam catapults)
Phantom Forces (15 days ago)
Phantom Forces (15 days ago)
#reboot the suit
Phantom Forces (15 days ago)
Carl T (15 days ago)
The U.S.S. "sitting duck" is a better name. Go up against a formidable navy and air force, it will be at the bottom of the ocean.
Larry Yeager (16 days ago)
Incredible Development - Thanks USN!
goodwitwood (8 days ago)
What a super cool ship. Too bad it is irrelevant. Take note of missile technology. These floating fortresses can be sunken by a single missile launched from China. This world ain’t WW2. I mean setriously , Shit don't work that way no-more.
Brad Miller (8 days ago)
Ah! Now I understand! Your philosophy is "the US makes a hammer to pound nails. Your nasty little country uses it to pound heads. So it is the fault of the inventor, not the abuser, that the invention gets abused. Oh, and Henry Ford was a complete asshole. He figured out to the N-th degree how hard he could work his employees before they collapsed. He did NOT pay them enough to buy the product they were making. Management got paid that. I studied the Robber Barons for one entire term in college, and wanted to wash my eyeballs after reading about them every session.
goodwitwood (8 days ago)
Yah great Henry Ford production technology was shipped overseas so Corporations that don’t want to abide by his philosophy of “pay your workers enough that they can afford to buy the products that they produce” can make the young slaves produce products they will never obtain. Ca Ching …super money for the shareholders..
Brad Miller (8 days ago)
Thin skin, much? Many countries have invented many things. Some have even developed them. But for sheer preponderance of production, the US stands alone. Partly through size (more people means more ideas, more money means more products) but mostly because of a system that encouraged ideas, and new ways of production.
goodwitwood (8 days ago)
Stolen Really? So you're assuming that missile tech is exclusive to the mighty USA and if some other country figures it out it must have been stolen. Seriously?
Brad Miller (10 days ago)
First, you're assuming that the Chinese have stolen the tech to make a guidance package that can HIT a ship at sea ...
fatboydoom (16 days ago)
sonic speed bombs will sink that mother fucker 20 mins tops
Kevin Smith (17 days ago)
Pirate 39
clusterguard (17 days ago)
you now know we can get your super-carrier with a Kockums (swedish) tiny 30 man diesel-electric sub :P
Mumbi Mumba (17 days ago)
America is really the best Army in the world
C T (18 days ago)
7:29 she wearing makeup? im not hating I just didn't think girls would want sex appeal on a ship with 98% men.
Marcus Maxentius Aurelius (18 days ago)
The West is the best!
Just Killing Time (19 days ago)
My grandfather served on a U.S. Navy fuel tanker in WWII. He told me stories of being aboard the CV's while refueling was underway. I was young and I don't remember much, but I do remember him telling me that to him, an aircraft carrier (during WWII) was like a floating city complete with all the comforts of home. I'll never forget that. Thank you for serving, naval veterans!
Ronald Silva (19 days ago)
Santos Dumont é o pai da aviação
Apocalypse (19 days ago)
Fascinating documentary: Thank You!
Edd Willis (19 days ago)
Btw we aka Britain launched an aircraft of a battleship first and built the first aircraft carrier... oh and Britannia will always rule the waves 🖕🖕🖕 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Clifton Hall (18 days ago)
Don't laugh about the decline of the Brits, we are allowing it to happen to us, here in the US. From the destruction of Confederate monuments to the destruction of the family, to the shaming of the US for supposed wrongs, by a bunch of SJWs in the media. You laugh at the Brits but your country is being destroyed right before your eyes. I think its all a Marxist plot, and the Chosen are behind it!!!!
What’s his face you know that guy (18 days ago)
Clifton Hall way so pissed off? What’s going on?
Clifton Hall (18 days ago)
Thank God they have install an edit function, I did not realize I made so many mistakes. That's what I get when I type pissed off. Now a days I am always pissed off. Thanks for the reply. If you want to watch something interesting look at Vladimir Jaffe's video. Talk about dealing with useful idiots.
What’s his face you know that guy (19 days ago)
Clifton Hall YOUR*****
「Pandalicious」 (20 days ago)
This comment section is cringy af xD
Baassbooster (20 days ago)
You morons are already in backtracking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4LejOtYiyw
Marco DM (20 days ago)
"this British invention was so good that in 1955 the Americans immediately appropriated it" APPROPRIATED it???? Jeeez, you guys sound so petty and butt hurt. Your descent into oblivion goes even faster with such whiny comments. Didn't you appropriated the edison bulb or the Franklyn lightning rod?
blackscotydog (20 days ago)
f@#king metric system.
Devil (20 days ago)
The largest submarine target in the world. An aircraft carrier and its surrounding anti-submarine defenses are no match for a small stealth sub.
NVVV0 (12 days ago)
If you're talking about small diesel subs, most are too slow and dont have the range to catch a carrier. They're designed for coastal defense, not open water missions.
Robert Shackleferd (15 days ago)
On the other hand Russia has a stealth missile that can fly right up to it before its too late.
Robert Shackleferd (15 days ago)
Submarines are easily detectable with new technology.
Trevor Bowring (21 days ago)
Hello from England
sam tay (21 days ago)
A giant coffin for 6000 souls. A tiny Swedish submarine sunk her many times over during Wargame. Proven, tested and sunk.
Croatia Prepper (8 hours ago)
John Peake (1 day ago)
John Dickson you don’t need to sink then just make them unable to use ! That is the name of the game , most times they are far away from home so having them unable to land or have aircraft take off makes them unless in the water ! That is game over she’s on her way home !
Gabriel Barboza (1 day ago)
They did that with out a carrier task force..they dont travel alone ..
NoImGaara (1 day ago)
Well a carrier would be escorted by multiple destroyers with anti-submarine weapons and detection.
John Dickson (2 days ago)
Just cause they hit it with a torpedo does not mean its gonna sink. A carrier is made to take on water in an attack, and most subs can fire only 4 torpedoes at a time and by that time the destroyers and submarines will find them. Also the sub was diesel and couldnt even make it home in it's own power cause it ran out of fuel
dockenzig vaporizen (21 days ago)
this is much better to watch than CNN...
Paul Robinson (21 days ago)
Complete waste of money.....
Brad Miller (10 days ago)
Jealous because you can't come up with a better idea?
Pito Javier (21 days ago)
15:23 best sentence ever
young roller (21 days ago)
17:21 is that dinosaur?
Derek Keogh (22 days ago)
yeah!! fuck babies needing medical help !! lets fool the Americans and cash in
Derek Keogh (22 days ago)
children needing operations to stay alive and old people dieing in droves way taa! go!!!! billions on something ya dont fucking need wooohoooo!! yup yup!! we are are free nation???? lol,,,,,,,,,,,the best example of pissing on democracy ever
MICHAEL boyd (22 days ago)
Nathan (22 days ago)
"Size doesn't matter"
Jeff Tilghman (22 days ago)
WTF? Why are you reporting using the metric system? Americans don't use or know the useless metric system. Why can't you, at the very least, give the Imperial conversions?
grindupBaker (18 days ago)
A ship like that is almost 2 furlongs long and has a capacity of 44,000,000 firkins.
Jajie Razi (22 days ago)
The best
TJRiss (22 days ago)
Pure American Power!!!!! Amazing!!! Go USA!!!!! God Bless America!!!
John Doe (22 days ago)
a really big target easily defeated
Bleach g4m3z (23 days ago)
I was watching gta 5 fort zancodo and this came up it was interesting
Алексей Степанов (23 days ago)
One Russian Zircon rocket is a guaranteed death for any US aircraft carrier! Zircon costs 200 thousand dollars, one US aircraft carrier 9-12 billion dollars. Think !!!!
Digital Fear (16 days ago)
American aircraft carriers have still been used to effectively control the worlds oceans for the past 8 decades. Also if one gets destroyed then nuclear war is a likely outcome. So think about that. You can't attack them if you wanted to. Unless you're insane.
US Military System (23 days ago)
wow amazing