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The Largest Aircraft Carrier in The World (full video)

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Daegan Keithley (17 hours ago)
Did the guy explaining how they tried to solve the landing issue just voice crack?😂
Brian Tega (17 hours ago)
I was on the CV-64 Connie and it these things are floating cities
Daegan Keithley (17 hours ago)
America likes it big... Guess that explains our president😂
Ovaid Wani (18 hours ago)
Why she why not he. Confused
Ryan Watterson (20 hours ago)
i should have joined the navy
Devon Freeman (1 day ago)
Why does every video about US and UK military equipment always end up with a pointless argument in the comments. This isnt the revolutionary war or the war of 1812. We are fucking allies.
Truly1Tom (1 day ago)
@ 8:51 min Until the US Navy came up with the Electromagnetic rail launch system which is on the Ford Class design for launching it's fighters, the Nimitz Class proprietary steam catapult design was one of the US Navy's most highly classified (code word Top Secret) and closely guarded secrets. And to this very day nobody's quite been able to perfect a reverse engineered copy of it! Think of this, it is 60+ y.o. technology! And no matter what there's always a newer modification with both old and new technology, it's always being refined. What you stole today won't matter tomorrow because it's an engineering conundrum which is to say that it's always a "work-in-progress."
akm saifullah (1 day ago)
update the video the gerald r ford is the largest
Bradley Greenwood (1 day ago)
Is it still the largest?
MarcellusTheGreen (1 day ago)
Well I'm going to miss the CVAN-65 (later the CVN-65) U.S.S. Enterprise.   I ate dinner aboard that vessel back in 1968 or 1969 when I was at Norfolk, Virginia .... and I'm glad to say our Sailors eat very well.
1%RetroThomas Isintheleftwing (2 days ago)
I liked the old guys Quirky
Robert Garcia (2 days ago)
The USA military has what it has. The other countries have what they have. So? Besides does the world really know what the USA has up it's sleeve? No. Sometimes I think the USA lets other countries STEAL , so they can go crazy building it, by that time, the USA already considers it obsolete and has scarier shit ready to go.Hahaha One day, a tractor beam to land planes.
vindicari (3 days ago)
America, the biggest warmonger on the planet, biggest industry, weapons manufacture. biggest exports, weapons. sell to anyone regardless of politics or human rights. There are more people in American prisons than the rest of the world combined. (google it) once upon a time America was the dream to aspire to, now it is the most hated nation on earth.
Line-ah Blue (3 days ago)
20 years per fill up
Ian Prinzing (4 days ago)
21:40 5"/38 Rapid fire
Elemntus X (5 days ago)
Dustin Stevens (5 days ago)
Gerald R Ford*
wow bro jones (5 days ago)
What about CWIS on the carriers
Allen Saunders (5 days ago)
Peace and nonviolence whats that
gowd sake (9 days ago)
Lovely targets !
Matthew Van Winkle (9 days ago)
26:45 did he just say Winkle?
_Unknown_Wolf_ (9 days ago)
Langley meet your baby brother! Langley: the hell!?
Cypher (10 days ago)
"The Nimitz remains the biggest, until someone makes a bigger one." The someone is America.
Hetzer 2000 gaming (10 days ago)
there is the USS Jerrold R Ford which has a newer launch system electrical launch and stop system with nuclear power.
bitch ass (10 days ago)
the big mac air dropplers
bitch ass (10 days ago)
the big mac air drop
bitch ass (10 days ago)
It'd be a shame if a plane crash and burned into it Then later exploding Making the cruise explode as well With all the other planes on it too then exploding and the people too
bitch ass (10 days ago)
It'd be a shame if a torpedo hit it
rechitsapivo (11 days ago)
And they happily use this or another one of these things on any small country that dares to take a path of independent development. Seriously, the North Korean guy would be out of his mind to part with his nukes. That's the only thing keeping him alive. American military only fights battles it thinks it can easily win. In both major wars of the 20th century, the US stayed "neutral" all the while cashing in by selling supplies. US was heavily involved with Germany before the WW2, Chase bank kept exchanging German currency until about Battle of Stalingrad, when Russia (USSR) definitively showed that Nazi forces can be beat. Exxon kept fueling Nazi submarines out of Panama as of 1942. Then, when the outcome of that war was all but decided, and USSR already expelled Nazis from pretty much all its territory and was chasing them back to Germany, the US military lands in Normandy, just 10 months before the victory parade. Now they all claim their entry was "a turning point". What? The same happened in WW1. First, "neutral" supplier. Then, they'll fight a little bit and claim a major part in victory. All because they "supplied some trucks". Then, after WW2, they cashed in again on interest from loans to recovering countries.
Nathan Peterson (1 day ago)
What are you on about?
Chooky Robert (13 days ago)
Singaporean diplomat Ong Keng Yong,Who is this dog? S'pore should act fairly ,however no claim at all.
samuel delgado (14 days ago)
Jag jbg Johnny B Goode adventures in Truckee
steven herrold (14 days ago)
i love history but old fashion technology is N O T!!! sexy to me what i ilke is the the new looking forward 5 or 10 years what are they coming up with now in high tec 100 years might as well be 1000 years its science fiction to me
Peter (14 days ago)
Still no subtitles.........
Peter (14 days ago)
You would think to cut down power use they could at least come up with design to counter the drag caused by the stupid blunt bows causing all that power loss!
William Tower (14 days ago)
Well, the thing that catapulted planes is called" the football " that's legit navy terminology, I was on the uss George Washington, ( cvn 73) once considered the largest until the Bush and so on, but anyone who says carriers rock- you haven't been on one, trust me, they barely do in the worst shit- theyll rock, usually at sea qualls on purpose, we had nuclear power, and the ship barely moved, but could turn on a dime if need be.
Talorc MacAllan (16 days ago)
The UKs aircraft carriers are the way to go these old nuclear hunks are dead......dated crap
Johnny Lauer (16 days ago)
I have Been on the uss midway it is now on display in California
Jarvis Cockup (16 days ago)
How many of her components were made in China?
Jerry Bongar (17 days ago)
It is the USS GERALD R. FORD CVN78 now as the U.S. Navy Supercarrier
gavin .c duk (17 days ago)
It's Gerald r Ford now
Anlushac11 (17 days ago)
Seriously? no mention of HMS Argus? HMS Hermes? IJN Hosho?
Woad_Brah (17 days ago)
We'd be better off just building many destroyers
Limitless (17 days ago)
S Sama (17 days ago)
Cfrom16,000 tons to 99,000 tons today. Amazing progress. God bless the United States of America 🇺🇸 👨🏾‍✈️
J. Morris (18 days ago)
Narrated by Thurston Howell III...
David O'D (18 days ago)
I was on the USS Enterprise back in the mid-60's and thought that was big!
Memory Wav boy (20 days ago)
I have been on the uss hornet for boy scouts
james R. (20 days ago)
Your tax dollars at work. Now if we only had decent funding for education, a future proofed retirement system, guaranteed health care for all, the funding to repair our crumbling infrastructure, the national debt retired, what a wonder world that would be.
SpudsTheBinky (22 days ago)
I love all the Americans in the comments saying "I love America"... The aircraft carrier is a technology taken from the British and any country could build a massive carrier if they wanted to waste tax payer money. All it takes to sink a carrier is 1 sub as demonstrated in 2005 and the bigger the ship, the bigger the target ;)
Nathan Peterson (21 days ago)
+SpudsTheBinky > *_"The aircraft carrier is a technology taken from the British and any country could build a massive carrier if they wanted to waste tax payer money."_* Technology taken from the British how? The carrier is an internationally developed technology. First with the U.S. catapult launched aircraft from Armored Cruisers, the British with the first proper aircraft carrier, the Japanese with the first carrier built from the ground up as a carrier, the French with various methods of catapulting aircraft and propelling the ship. Canada and the U.K. with different materials, and so on. What nonsense are you on about?
Nivedita Muthumani (22 days ago)
Did you know the USS Thedore Roosevelt has a starbucks?
Nivedita Muthumani (22 days ago)
Anyone seeing this in 2018 when this info is wrong
patrooool707 (22 days ago)
Best intro
Rusty Wallace (22 days ago)
You don't have to be able to swim in the Navy... They ain't turning around for nobody.
Truth Matters (22 days ago)
The same stupidity existed in the Japanese military. They created the world largest battleship Yamato saying, "It's simply impossible to sink.", but it sunk in Midway. Titanic was one of the ships the media said: "it's not sinkable,". The larger the scrap metal is, easier to sink.
IronFist Games (23 days ago)
tip for the government* i am a fish enthusiast, gouramis are slow water moving fish, yet they have thick, slim bodies, and they rotate their fins, take this into consideration, a dramatically curved belly, long produting fins that are flexiable and capable , they move through slow water, but are quick in an instance
HoundDogMech (24 days ago)
Final Countdown: Nimitz goes back in time to Dec 6th 1941
Pickle Dick (24 days ago)
44:24 Noah: hold my beer
zygmunt zielinski (24 days ago)
stan broniszewski (24 days ago)
When you get Europeans to describe stuff like this, it becomes boring extremely fast. I mean really.... How many ordinary, everyday Americans figure anything out watching such videos with the announcer making descriptions using the metric system?
Idk_HowtouseObcXD Weird stuff and others (24 days ago)
When I started watching this I thought that was USS Midway but then nvm
Kevin Charles Puyat (24 days ago)
Wow..lots of trial and error to make a perfect super aircraft carrier. GOD BLESS AMERICA FROM PHILIPPINES
Johnny B (24 days ago)
Aircraft Carriers are obsolete. One or two hits from a modern anti-ship missile will reduce it to a nuclear disaster.
Juny google liu (25 days ago)
Juny google liu (25 days ago)
Juny google liu (25 days ago)
Emilio Manalo Garcia (25 days ago)
The Largest Aircraft Carrier in The World (full video)
Maurizio Candido (27 days ago)
sulle portaerei si caca che è una meraviglia. C'è uno strumento che ti risucchia la merda dal buco del culo. Cachi certi vidozzi di merda che nei cessi normali non riusciresti mai a cacare.
Allan Ashby (27 days ago)
"She owes her success to centuries of design and innovation." Unfortunately, those centuries ended in the 1960's. Just as carrier aircraft doomed big gun battleships to destruction long before their guns were in range, modern hypersonic anti-ship missiles -- at 1% of the cost -- will sink a Nimitz- or Ford-class carrier long before it can get to within the striking range of its aircraft. Against modern anti-ship missile defenses, these multi-billion-dollar mistakes might as well be paddlewheel steamers.
Nathan Peterson (21 days ago)
+Allan Ashby > *_"modern hypersonic anti-ship missiles..."_* Typically, while the unit cost of one of the missiles you refer to would be at that price range. Actually, much less. But when considering the guidance and target illuminating systems, the number of missiles per setup, it gets expensive very quickly. And is not a assured way to get results.
Al Hodge (27 days ago)
Its an American ship...it does not cruise at kilometers per hour... it cruises at knots or miles per hour...
Nathan Peterson (21 days ago)
+Al Hodge It's internationally recognized that knots (nautical miles per hour ) by the I.H.O., I.S.O. and I.E.E.E. is a standard measurement of speed in maritime, meteorological, and geological purposes. To some extent it has expanded into aviation setting as well. Nautical miles and its derivative- knots while not S.I. (i.e. metric-system ) is a different measure to miles and miles per hour entirely. Unlike kilometers or miles it accounts for the curvature of the earth.
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
My grandparents worked on the uss enterprise, no joke.
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
So stupid, you hacks... that's a Chinese carrier! or was built in china for Ghana?
redalakhdari1 (29 days ago)
L Arabie Saoudite qui paye les charges de nimitz lors de son déplacement ou mission.
Red Shield (29 days ago)
This is why the usa has homeless people in all their cities, no national healthcare plan, no student debt relief, no infrastructure spending, and tent cities all over California! Empires blow all of their money on military!
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
Im American and but I totally agree though.
ItsFullofSTARs (27 days ago)
oh btw i'm on your side, hahahah. stupid sheep taxpayers. Pentagon rules the world and that their deep-state bunch of hypocrite billionaires right?
Red Shield (29 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs hahaha! You are going down the road every Empire before you has gone down! Do they teach history in the USA?
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
stfu you fukin snowflake! tell dad you WILL pay him back soon...
CladifiedGaming (1 month ago)
a bigger carrier was made, the USS Gerald R Ford
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
How come that you don’t realize how old this video is, it’s not new.
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
i carry something bigger you faggot
Nuclear Inc. (1 month ago)
Is Midway bigger than Enterprise?
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs lol. How come you reply to every comment
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
Well only when scotty gives it more power!
Jody Dunlap (1 month ago)
To bad it doesn't protect black and brown American's against domestic terrorists and police
nacho libre (1 month ago)
The nimitz class is outdated.
Incognito ONE (1 month ago)
Isn't the ronald reagan the biggest now?
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
Ronald did carry a big stick!
Bartosz Szczykowski (1 month ago)
Hold it he said no aircraft SHOULD get close enough to drop a bomb on it but what if an aircraft manages to get close enough to drop a bomb
edwin m p (1 month ago)
Well good luck China are you not still afraid of AMERICA with all her Armada coming to South China Sea you can't see it dummy open your small eyes .
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
and add to this that it carries 125 chuck norris clones
Dina Dennis (1 month ago)
Awesome video very informational.
Gecko (1 month ago)
my tax contribute 1 small screw to the Nimitz.
brandt dietrick (1 month ago)
Oh the British did eeeeverything. They are sooooo intelligent and more distinguished than annnnybody. Really then why are you morons getting raped and murdered by the infestation of Muslims. And if you are so smart why can the US kick your loser asses so bad you wouldn’t know what hit you? Hmmm
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs wow!
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
the inbred brits never got raped by a terrorist they didn't finally like! god damn stop fucking your sisters on that island you dumb fucks. at least Scotland brought hookers over to bred with!
1957mrle (1 month ago)
Why they don’t use magnetic to stop the aircraft instead the cable?
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
That’s genius. Every thinks of that you know.
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
No shit right or maybe some sticky boards
misanthrophy666 o (1 month ago)
They are obsolet , too easy to destroy by scramjet Torpedos, or hypersonic missiles
misanthrophy666 o (5 days ago)
Jonathan Rangel yes sir
Jonathan Rangel (5 days ago)
misanthrophy666 o this comment is a perfect example why citizens aren’t allowed to interfere with the military
Samuel S-T (1 month ago)
isnt USS Gerald R. Ford the biggest carrier ever
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs why does everything have to relate to cocks bro?
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
ford had the smallest cock of any president, tho
catcat Sue (1 month ago)
She better runs n hide when she meets Chinese aircraft carrier. HA HA HA HA HA HA
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
yeah because those gooks can hack the microchips the made to run it!
Moha Abdull (1 month ago)
It s the 53th state of the US
Silvester alič (1 month ago)
nove proti ladijske rakete bodo poslale ameriške letalonosilke v staro železo
geoffrey roberts (1 month ago)
And not a mention of Glenn Hammond Curtiss! Google him.
Geoff Stewart (1 month ago)
Sometime around 1964 one of your smaller Aircraft Carriers came into Portsmouth Harbour in the UK and tied up in the Dockyards. It was one of the USA's smaller ones but still bigger than our biggest. They held an open day(s?) and for a 10 year old it was magnificent. The favourite thing I remember was going up and down on the aircraft lifts.
Global Career Network (1 month ago)
Wonderful! May God bless all of us.
Dennis Hagans (1 month ago)
Yes, but what happens when a call goes out to sink the Carriers? The Bismark was so famous Johnny Horton wrote "sink the Bismark" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1Ufc2hI4FM Bismark had a sister ship the Tirpitz they went after it as well and it did not survive either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8VZYbC8GUw if the enemy becomes very determined to go after the Carriers they are not going to launch a sloppy halfhearted attack they will send a storm of planes, missiles, torpedos, and if they are that determined to take out our Carriers they will resort to Nukes. we have placed way too much faith in electronics, a very very determined enemy wanting to crush our naval power would send almost everything they had to do so "Dec 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor" if Russian or China or both collaborating together wanted to take out our Carriers bad enough they are going to bring so much firepower to get the job done we will be on the receiving end of shock and awe.
Doomshop (1 month ago)
I'm laughing my ass off at all these eurofags in the comments
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
centuries of inbreeding does that!
Dalibor Zlatkovic (1 month ago)
Where is Gerald, how I see he will be target for testing... Good equipment you have
Dalibor Zlatkovic (1 month ago)
Nice targets 😉
Eric Hallforde (1 month ago)
Swedish diesel sub sinks 5 billion dollar US carrier with multiple torpedo hits lol watch?v=saCdvAp5cow
vortex lightning (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs uhhhhh
Eric Hallforde (28 days ago)
Hahahahahahaha you moron, Swiss people are from Switzerland, the sub was Swedish (from Sweden) you fucking idiot
ItsFullofSTARs (29 days ago)
fuck swiss gay fuks... those ass eating bastards. they gave up eating pusst 50 years ago in favor of anus hole.
Eric Hallforde (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahahaha, one DF-21 mach 10 missile and it is a 5 billion dollar artificial reef.....
ripp846 (1 month ago)
Those guys landing jets on carriers have my respect. It's no wonder those guys are all hot dogs. You've got to be a show off to do that sh!t.
Roy Sandoval (1 month ago)
The USS Ford may be the biggest in US Navy, but is still not proved to be the best as the USS Nimitz classes Carriers has proved time and time again, Haze Gray Underway, //Land Air Sea//**(Retired)**
Roy Sandoval (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs -Fair winds and following seas, wanbe no load, I've earned my place in history//Land Air Sea//U.S. Navy//**(Retired)**
ItsFullofSTARs (28 days ago)
lmao armchair bad ass's - lets agree that we both would lose! you lost when you had to brag! stfu
Roy Sandoval (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs *Let's party son, hand to hand, //Sea, Air and Land// U.S. Navy//**(Retired)**
ItsFullofSTARs (28 days ago)
Well without revealing my rank, i'll let a snowflake kick my ass as I love being slapped around a bit! But, typically we don't resort to bragging as you have. So again stfu and hope we don't have to Alpha Charlie'n your ass boy! Because I will charlie foxtrot all over your ass! Roger that?
Roy Sandoval (28 days ago)
ItsFullofSTARs * hey what, here my lips on the tip of my flight deck steel toes boot,//Land Air Sea//U.S. Navy//**(Retired)**