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What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla's Model 3

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Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.
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Atlas (14 minutes ago)
"Best batteries" "best engines" "best longevity in the world". Enough said.
Dave Patel (1 hour ago)
Neo did e im lol
The Truth (1 hour ago)
Here we go! GM's smearing campaign!! SMH They took $700 million dollars from Americans to keep people working and less than 10 years later, they announce they are not going to make cars anymore?? They should be forced to give the $700 million dollars back now!
Fikret Oz (5 hours ago)
Mr. Dinosaur, can you please check Chevy cars? I returned one as a lemon last year. And heard dozens of lemon nightmares. I think Tesla are doing better job than almost any other American manufacturers.
Nitish Anand (5 hours ago)
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Marco Deo (5 hours ago)
The Tesla entry level car priced at 35,000 USD really cost 50,000. Pretty bad when I can buy the same size Toyota for 18,000. Tesla claims to be larger than GM, yet they have negative earnings for 3 consecutive years. Each year earnings have gotten progressively worse.
orange70383 (6 hours ago)
Nothing screams soy boy like an electric car
orange70383 (6 hours ago)
Tesla junk, the T logo is styled to symbolize baphomet, look it up it's all satanic.
Sid Thaker (6 hours ago)
Tearing down a Model 3 must be fun and proves what a well made vehicle this is! If anyone is thinking of ordering a Tesla use my referral link to get 6 to 9 months FREE supercharging http://ts.la/siddharth3086
Roger Strom (6 hours ago)
Turn The Music Down Shit For Brains!
T G (7 hours ago)
In Detroit they’ve built the same fcking car for the last 50 years, inside their cars have the same buttons and same design from 50 years ago. Do this idiots really judging some other car companies that are better then what they produce in Detroit???
Bradley Wilkinson (8 hours ago)
"Tore apart Tesla's Model 3" Proceeds to show a Model S...
riley vandervlist (9 hours ago)
I wanna take the electrics and put it in a caged mini 🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🏻 and race rocket ships for fun ha
Reuben Rodgers (10 hours ago)
Neodidium? And hellback? Pfft some engineers are but hurt that someone made a better car than they could even speak ....
Jeff Kunkler (10 hours ago)
He does make some good points... However I still think Tesla is going to do just fine.
Jeff Kunkler (10 hours ago)
you lost me at "the body is too stiff"
dreadpiratedoc (11 hours ago)
I love the idea of electric cars moving the fuel combustion from individual inefficient engines to large efficient power plants. but we will need a way for these new non-fuel burning vehicles to pay the road tax. Fueled vehicles pay for upkeep and construction of roads with a simple and elegant tax plan. Pay more fuel tax for more road use. This does not work for electric vehicles that buy no fuel. A weighted mileage tax will be needed for electric vehicles inevitably. I can hear the screams now.
Artur S. (11 hours ago)
Because of guys like Munro we get shitty cars which spend more time in the service than on the road. Cheap, cost-optimized shit already bmw, mercedes branded. I stopped buying everything but Toyota. These guys sort of keep up the quality level. Now after this vid Tesla seems definitely worth a closer look
David James (21 hours ago)
Elon Musk is a genius people are just trying to supress success
YouTubin (1 day ago)
Viva Tesla! Die oil clunkers!
eLJaybud (1 day ago)
But the Tesla business model is like the inkjet printer business model isn't it?
Barney Potter (1 day ago)
He couldn't hold a candle to Tesla and what Tesla does .he's playing Monday morning quarterback
Barney Potter (1 day ago)
Tesla's not a prick ..that's all he's a people person these guys talking are money monguers the first thoughts from the first guy was cut 30 percent of the company .the fucking dick ass prick
thomas womack (1 day ago)
I have been hearing so much crap from both sides of the aisle...its beginning to sound too much like politics...by george it IS politics!!!! Anything that generates this much hype for this long has some substance to it...going back to politics...watergate, and of course the list goes on and on. All the noise makes me want one even more than ever, but not at the new vehicle price...screw that. I will wait 5 years and see what they go for then...and see if they are worth getting then...if affordable and worth having then, yeah I will get in line. Until then I will stand back and watch the fireworks.
Tina Einstein (1 day ago)
A battery.
tyau1234 (1 day ago)
Munro has been praising the Model 3. But Bloomberg is magnifying one very small issue he brought up.
moonlander03 (1 day ago)
f this noobs.. go Tesla..
Mel Cohen (1 day ago)
Video is dominated by thumpy loud music. !!!!! Have to strain to follow the dialogue
Leo Plotter (1 day ago)
I think it's the attitude like you assholes below that really give Tesla a bad name - including the fires ! I'd rather have a 75 Volkswagen Beetle
See Nigh - Drummer (1 day ago)
Hi! you can go suck a big cock Bloomberg
Ron Angel (1 day ago)
Apart from the annoying background music (this is not a pop video) there is something not generally known which is the highest guarded secret in the USA and British navy, is electric motor design.  This may not seem much at first but a torpedo’s range and the speed of a frigate/submarine  is governed by electric motors with torpedoes the longer a battery of the same size and power can drive a motor the greater the range so that it can hit the enemy from further away than they can strike back with similar torpedoes. This is similar technology to which I think  Telsa motors are based on  it seems so greater speed more power less battery consumption for same size!  Frigates/submarine  can go faster with same hull design and less power. But of course don’t tell anyone.
Marcus Christensen (1 day ago)
nedodidium magnets lmao
Normieal (1 day ago)
Wow those electric motors are so light. The age of the internal combustion engine is coming to an end.
itacs ltd (2 days ago)
tons of A batteries joined together is the greatest discovery...are you kidding me? weight difference with conventional motor is 1 kilo - are you kidding me again? Bloomberg, very poor, very. But Tesla is even poorer. Shame on you both.
Gary wood (1 day ago)
Electirc cars have the same issue and passenger planes. The power system can't be so vast that most the payload is Fuel to pull the weight. One example is the Wind Turbine farms. Most are over 20 miles away from the end users where the voltage drop is about 30%. So , if you have 100 Wind Turbines it take 30 of them to power the electriciy 20 miles. The wealthy white lebral progressive types want GREEN enegy but not produced near their Condo or mansions by ugly Turbines .
Abinico Arts (2 days ago)
Having zillions of tiny batteries make up the battery pack is stupid. One failure could potentially knock out the whole thing - probability of failure is high in that type of system.
Gary wood (1 day ago)
One day this car will be in a video that mocks the past and how stupid people were to build electric car power systems like this and huge Wind Turbines that have a massive Carbon Footprint to build that was 20 times what it reduced once in use.
Martin Privat (2 days ago)
"Body too stiff". I stopped there. No need to continue.
DinoRaptor101 (2 days ago)
A very interrsting peek at the Model 3 engine, this is very close to Nikolas rotary tech, I'm not familiar with hellback effect and would wonder how this contributes to the energy to motion output delta.
Tautvydas Bukauskas (2 days ago)
If all of these statements are true, then I am glad that teslas can make much improvement in the future :)...
II. Gyula (2 days ago)
Vén fasz
John Holzhey (2 days ago)
Body is too stiff? Really? Race cars are built stiff for better handling. A flexi chassis can't be controlled well, and has a tendency to break from the flexing.
Peter Jones (3 hours ago)
That was as far as I got before I looked at comments and found this. Guess guy was 'old school' Detroit from the days when fix or repair daily was normal?
Chris Chong (2 days ago)
2:49 Snoopy
Mr. Pritchard (2 days ago)
GM sucks and Bloomberg is being paid by them. This is the third or fourth story I've seen about Tesla from them this week alone.
Tes Tos (2 days ago)
Well any company will have growing pains and designs will be improve as a standard operating procedure, anything can be produced cheaper but at what cost? labor? are you going to replace people with robots? improve design, manufacturing, cut corners, are we going to make investors happy, are we going to find the middle ground where quality and profits meet?
Jason Lawson (2 days ago)
Their big complaint is the fact that the body design is costly to build and that is getting into profit. That is what is so rare about Elon, he work's for his customer and not so much the profit, and I personally think that that is priceless.
Daniel J (2 days ago)
I'm a very science minded person, I see the big picture. I honestly do not think electric cars are the future. There's just too many negatives, batteries mfr/disposal/weight (not green), limited range, recharging (power grid overloads) are you going to take that car through the mountains? Back roads? Cross country? Cabin heat in cold climates? A/C in hot climates? Probably not.
Benjamin Buljevic (2 days ago)
too stiff? is he on weed?
treerexaudi Official (16 hours ago)
Benjamin Buljevic (2 days ago)
+Martin Privat holy shit its on a different level When you typed wtf is too stiff i thought you didnt know what that even meant
Martin Privat (2 days ago)
+Benjamin Buljevic LOL If you cannot understand that I was agreeing with you then really who is stupid?
Benjamin Buljevic (2 days ago)
+Martin Privat oh youre just stupid hes talking about how stiff the chassis is, what he means is that car chassis naturally flex a little while youre driving, which you obviously dont want because it screws with your suspension geometry what i dont understand is why would you want your car to be less stiff?
Martin Privat (2 days ago)
I'm on weed and I stopped the video at that statement. WTF is too stiff?
because reasons (2 days ago)
Conclusion: Tesla rocks, you suck. So much you have no right to even debate it.
chris davies (2 days ago)
lexus will dominate electrical cars.
MrAkorazado (2 days ago)
they are getting desperate xD gj tesla
Steven Deary (2 days ago)
Why so much hate for the video? He said that Tesla battery and motor technology is vastly superior and cheaper than rivals but the chassis is too hard to mass produce. Elon himself has mirrored these words in the past.
Robert Kubrick (2 days ago)
We we're doing that with magnets in our small welding shop 36 years ago. It's not revolutionary.
Spooky Twat (2 days ago)
Background music is too LOUD relative to voices.
grumpygeologist (3 days ago)
music drowning out voice - not worth watching
XxlethalDJxX (3 days ago)
man this just shows me how pissed off the car cartel ( GM, FORD ETC) is at tesla.
Go. RC (3 days ago)
Tesla roadster got all this covered
Tim Sevey (3 days ago)
Have you priced a new Silverado asshole? How are they any different in price vs. Manufacturing? I'm a mechanic and I see it all. Be careful throwing rocks from your glass palace. Tesla GAVE Away their patents. When did GM, Ford, or Dodge do that post ww2?
Mark Holcombe (3 days ago)
Elon would have taken all this on and been mature about it.
Ifan Morgan (3 days ago)
“Ahead in all areas, except for one”...... goes on to slag off the Tesla for that one thing for the rest of the video......🤔🤔🤔
Paul van Druten (3 days ago)
Bullshit! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given the Tesla Model 3 sedan a five-star overall safety rating, the highest score the agency can give. https://youtu.be/thAnJ6AE0Hg
Mike Bolton (3 days ago)
Hmm... maybe the frame is built that way to deal with the electric torque?
Pauley Wallnutz (3 days ago)
GM is closing 5 plants and laying off 15,000 employees.....meanwhile China just ordered a fleet of 2000 TESLA semis', Elons Space X just successfully landed the Falcon 9 Heavy REUSEABLE rocket in the Pacific, and Musk's boring company just completed a one mile tunnel in Los Angeles within a year! So, let's knock PROGRESS!?!?
interstategar (3 days ago)
Seems an electric car is much less hassle since conventional motors are dominated by pollution control, and sensors galore. Eventually electric cars will replace gas and diesel powered vehicles in my opinion.
IRON60 BITCH (3 days ago)
Batteries a owned by Panasonic
Billy Joe (3 days ago)
Well, Tesla's not perfect but they still have the best electric vehicle in the world. Not Toyota, Not Ford. TESLA!
Robert Carter (3 days ago)
It's built for safety idiots. Reviewed by monkeys who could never create a successful company. Horseman reviewing a stagecoach. Munro it's a media whore trying to get press, and of course the monkeys in the press wouldn't know any better.
W P (3 days ago)
I hope Elon Musk sees this.
roy goodman (3 days ago)
Craig Packer (3 days ago)
do we need shitfully complex music running in the background, while we listen to a guy who has no vocal presentation skills?
Calander 2008 (3 days ago)
What an absolute hit piece.
Alex K (3 days ago)
Bolt! 🤦‍♂️
Dems s (3 days ago)
Why do y’all wanna expose the secret that makes them unique? You’re just exponentially stupid
A Casual Observer (3 days ago)
The electric pusscake mobile will never replace the 383 stroker that bellows its one note BUUHWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHH!!....nuff said.
Harry Lime (3 days ago)
Musk is doing this by himself. Basically. Hindsight is always 2020, you can always find someone to pick fly shit out of pepper. Honestly. I would not buy a Ford, and the fact that Ford mostly dropped cars from their model lineup proves that I’m not alone. But I would buy a Tesla. In fact, my wife and I have looked at them. We liked it. We just bought a Honda CRV in 2017, and we usually keep our cars about eight years. But , we have already discussed possibly getting a Tesla in 2019.. My only concern with the Tesla is, corrosion resistance. Here in western Pennsylvania, they salt the roads even if it’s going to snow, and not actually snowing.I have to look into whether or not I can use fluid film on a tesla to protect it from salt. Another issue I have with Tesla, why do they have to be so fast. If the electric motors are so powerful, why not make a smaller electric motor that would just have the car be as fast as a gasoline engine? Maybe the trips between charges could be much longer if they did that. the cars could be cheaper also.
Greg Yarbro (4 days ago)
1:15 Did he just say the body is too stiff?? How is that a bad thing?
TheGuyWhoWantsToGoToSpace (4 days ago)
At 4:07, did he say neodidlium? Is he giving us a hit he watches AvE's videos?
Hotel CharliHill (4 days ago)
they probably make the wheel well like that so no one but them could ever fix it after a fender bender :S
Timeless Tile (4 days ago)
3:45 "This is wicked fast" Lol , reverse engineering terminology made simple.
Krunoslav Rajakovic (4 days ago)
I guess they found exactly what engineers put in it???
Niobium 23 (4 days ago)
You honestly think the big automakers are good at making a profit????? The big 3 hold more debt than they could pay back in 100 years. That clown critique-ing this car is an idiot with an agenda. Period. He doesn’t understand it and his company is not capable of building it. Period.
Azarius Maxwell (4 days ago)
I'm gonna stick with fossil fuel for as long as I can.
Layla Rao (4 days ago)
Buddhist (Anhänger des Dalai Lama) (5 days ago)
Mercedes 430 GLE is better than any Tesla.
Rick Doty (5 days ago)
What manufacture paid him to cut down this car???Just like the big three destroyed Tucker, because his cars were far better than the big three!
ajediknight (5 days ago)
So the big boys are still running these faked attack ads against the new kid on the block.
RWBHere (5 days ago)
Wait. I suspect a very strong negative agenda here. This is a group in Detroit; the heart of the last Century's automobile industry, talking about Tesla; a company which is essentially 'the opposition'. At the beginning, they show the wrong vehicle. Not a good start. At the end they say it's a _2017 build._ Not a production vehicle, if it was a Model 3. So why should you think that people will trust anything else you say in this video? And how do you expect intelligent people to trust any of your other videos? I don't, so shall not be returning anytime soon. Goodbye.
tqrules01 (5 days ago)
the body is suppose to be very rigid and reinforced. A conventional car frame would not be able to handle the stress that a electric based vehicle creates when it takes off like it can....
Jason Sayen (5 days ago)
U guys at monroe r haters! Get real bro.
Science-is-Truth (5 days ago)
Neo DYD ium. Surely is should be Neo DYM ium
Malcolm Hughes (5 days ago)
How nice of tesla to employ people and not all robots.
Ken Randall (5 days ago)
So where is the transparency on this analysis - the reverse-engineering company is looking for clients to pay them for how 'smart' they are playing arm-chair quarterback?
M S. (5 days ago)
Makes me want a Tesla even more lol. What a pathetic attempt at bashing Tesla.
Mag Dump (5 days ago)
Meh. I'll stick with my Ford Pinto.
2gats69ing (5 days ago)
This asshole said Tesla needs to layoff 40% of their workers, what a dick.
Dominic dos Santos (5 days ago)
Oh Bloomberg, we all know you shorted the stock
Albatorwow (5 days ago)
Can't wait for an actual good car to come out of Detroit. They should be able, with all that knowledge they accumulated during their aumobiles-making years, and are currently displaying at calling another product "Bad".
Zippy TheChicken (5 days ago)
when you are talking about other manufacturers shaving cost of production through better engineering to get 2 to 5% increases and Tesla is wasting 30% because their engineers can't get it together? That is pretty sad.. their problem is they don't have decades of production to pull from so they don't understand a minute here a minute there is exponential in time to delivery and lost profit.
Patryk Superficial (5 days ago)
This old Guys are sooo oldschool... GM and Ford are dead like Nokia and Kodak! New times have arrived! Wake up Grandfather! 😂
Tom B (5 days ago)
Neodydium LOL
The Driver (5 days ago)
All these sjw liberals defending Tesla lol
DaChozenPoww (5 days ago)
So they did an surgery on a car?