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FS2004 - Dead Weight (Air Midwest Flight 5481)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Air Midwest Flight 5481, operating as US Airways Express Flight 5481, was a flight from Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport near the cities of Greenville, South Carolina and Spartanburg, South Carolina; on January 8, 2003 a Beechcraft 1900D operated by Air Midwest as US Airways Express (under a franchise agreement used for the route) stalled after take-off, crashed into a US Airways hangar and burst into flames 37 seconds after lift-off. Music: The Only Light Is Gone Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvwiGXWIx9o Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://www.instagram.com/joshandroma/ https://www.twitter.com/joshandroma
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Text Comments (510)
Jr Dejesus (21 hours ago)
Wasn't the captain's fault but along with shortcut repairs the plane was way to heavy
Naomi Curtis (1 day ago)
It difficult after awhile to understand cliques like: trial and error, we learn so much about preventing future tragedies, etc.
budi ramadyanto (2 days ago)
Jazzy operates Air Midwest flight 5481 but she's died after hitting the US Airways hangar that means "Wasted"
I Em Hoo I Iz (6 days ago)
Does it surprise anyone that Americans are slobs and that Supervisors can be morons?
XxMrRoachxX (7 days ago)
We're mostly fat fucks so please make sure that there is enough overhead. I'd call for 225 lbs average as I'm 260 and call myself fat!!! What is it nowadays? I would want to weigh my fat ass prior to the flight so I know I get home safe!!!
Sass Squash (7 days ago)
I'm sorry to the young viewers, and I'll probably get some hate here, but I don't trust 25 year old drivers in cars, and I don't think I want them to fly commercially. The captain had less than 2 years of flying time. I don't mind if she has a pilot's license, but I'd rather she wasn't hired until she has more experience. Her fault? Maybe not. But damn, that's young.
Luke Jaeger (8 days ago)
25-yr old Captain? Uhh... no thanks.
Joshua Lewis (10 days ago)
Human error ...human error... no thanks .. I'll drive
frank facts (11 days ago)
hey you stupid republican, trumpzi, libertarian scum sucking fuckwads - how's that reaganoid government deregulation thing working out for you. fuck you - who gives a shit what yall think
Michael Gopaul (16 days ago)
Why didn't the airline put a much more experienced mechanic along with the trainee mechanic work along and learn? Now an aircraft and lives have been lost due to that narrow minded view of saving on maintenance of the aircraft.Come on it's about saving lives and the airline's reputation is at stake here.
Recon3Y3z (17 days ago)
Wait, are Americans getting heavier? OHNOEZ!
Gary Mack (18 days ago)
Made that flight many times either from GSP to Douglas or Douglas to GSP, always a smooth trip but these people were not so lucky, may they all R.I.P.
Graham DeShaz (18 days ago)
Idiots and morons combined with free and short cuts. Not checking a newbies work should be criminal negligence. And the PIC barely had enough flight time to qualify for a FO seat, much less “Captain.” I’m glad this airline is out of business. It’s too bad, that the passengers and CAs had to pay with their lives for others’ mistakes.
john smith (18 days ago)
The real issue was that muricans are too FAT which literally killed all of them. Nex time a fatso steps on the plane i will be asking the pilot to do his maths right and calculate the REAL weight of the fatsoes around. Because of their lard, Air Midwest Flight 548 crashed down, which could not be corrected by the faulty elevators. TIME TO WIPE OUT THIS FAT SHAMING MOVEMENT. FAT KILLS YOU IDIOTS
Maxwell Velickovic (20 days ago)
Dis is sad. R.I.P on those who got killed on flight 5481.😔🙏🏻
kaweah01 (20 days ago)
These videos are simply the best.
Ohio Against The World (20 days ago)
so they're blaming it solely on the mechanic, but it sounded to me like they were simply saying the plane couldn't descend because of his faulty work. that doesn't completely explain why the plane messed up in the first place though, does it? not defending the mechanic just confused as to why the plane messed up in the first place, not what happened after it messed up.
Jason Nostro (22 days ago)
Fuck prop planes. I flew on them twice out of the hundreds of flights that I’ve had been on. They were very unstable they shake they wobble.
Tony C (23 days ago)
Despite the efforts of the brave pilots they couldn't overcome two American staples: 1. Obese passengers and all the crap they pack. 2. A lazy union mechanic that didn't bother to have the work of the newer mechanic double checked.
bobo1959er (24 days ago)
bs to cover for the waman pilot
moonlighter6 (25 days ago)
May sound strange, but a combination of multiple events and complacence destined this plane to fail. I've sensed that about planes before and refused to fly them but "I" choose what I fly.
InabilityToBeBrief (25 days ago)
I’ll ride a bike before I get on a regional plane.
Billiam Sanders (26 days ago)
I thought all baggage from all flights was weighed ??
Ted Kier (28 days ago)
No sense rechecking tension ? hey? waste of time! "see ya at the gate!" thank you for downloading this,sir!
artgoat (30 days ago)
The airports could install roll-over load cells that would give pilots the actual loaded weight of the aircraft. This is well within our technical ability, especially for puddle-jumpers and GA.
ronald reagan (1 month ago)
very interesting video but what also kills is the fucking lettering that these asses are unable to correct. impossible to read at times
Mirko Badrov (1 month ago)
06:31 Look at the upper left side of the memorial... Same last names,a family...Damn!
Rick Shawn (1 month ago)
Trump says he weighs only a svelte 245 lbs... bwahahaha does anyone believe that hippo?
Rick Shawn (1 month ago)
These things will only get more common as marijuana use is legalized(not related to this video but I wonder if the technicians use it), it stays in your blood for a while and i can only imagine people toking at work, and the resulting shoddy work... God help us all.
Antonio Perales (1 month ago)
I served in US Army Aviation and was crewchief on a polished alclad mid-sixties twin Beech in Alaska, which looking back was a walk in the park. It was the commanding generals ship, but mostly used for training flights. I only did first echelon work. So I am shocked that the maintenance shop did not require that the repaired item be signed off by a qualified inspector. The mechanic apparently had no idea how dangerous it was simply "tightening up" the cables rather than assuring of the correct cable tension. I wonder if he had access to a tensiometer at all.
Dan Winkler (1 month ago)
that's tragic. you'll never get me on anything smaller than a dash-8...there must have been some fat sonza-biches On that flight, to make matters worse.
Devon Scribe (1 month ago)
when i overpack
Ulle Bishope (1 month ago)
We're guinea pigs
USA THE GREAT (1 month ago)
25 year old chick flying the plane? No thanks!
monkeybutttt1 (1 month ago)
Just install scales in the ground like truckers use. Every plane just taxi over it on the way to the runway. Bam!!!! Actual weight.
Niklas Enblom (1 month ago)
Talk about playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives!!
JeopardyTempest (1 month ago)
I wonder... would scales (perhaps at entrance points to runways?!) offer an extra level of check without extreme expense?
Nathaniel Lionheart (1 month ago)
Is exactly weight balance as critical for a large plane, say like a 747 or modern huge ewuivalent?
novola1972 (1 month ago)
Allec thank you
Lost InTranslation (1 month ago)
I wish I had a $ for every time FAA knew shortcuts were being done on training or maintenance and did nothing about it. I'd be rich. If you want to a cool feature, do TACA flight 110 which due to a fantastic job by the pilot made an emergency landing on a levee near New Orleans
Jorge Callico (1 month ago)
Not mentioned was the pilot's lack of experience. Women tend to leapfrog over more qualified pilots due to political correctness. Basically? She turned to baby goop and blew it. A more experienced pilot would have let down the landing gear due to the equilibrium loss from pulling it up. That and a real man commanding the aircraft wouldn't have crawled up into a ball in cowardice. I can site many examples of women in emergency related jobs falling apart at the seams. Resulting in numerous deaths. 9/11 a perfect example. As all female EMT's turned into scared rabbits. While their fellow male heroes died. The old saying, "Never send a boy to do a man's job" Applies doubly to feminist hiring policy. When the sh-t hits the fan? Women consistently fall apart.
Debi Congram (3 days ago)
Agree on all counts, Mr. Callico.
bushpilot2001 (2 months ago)
OMG!!! What a inexperienced flight crew! WTF? No excuse .
bushpilot2001 (2 months ago)
Knew it! Critical overweight and out of balance. caused by pilot error , no matter the airline policy. Pilot's know better when they have experience, this flight crew did not. I have flown twin Beech's for 40 yrs., incl the 1900.
MrsTruthTeller (2 months ago)
Can you do the flight that killed the American singer Aaliyah?
RedneckSpaceMan (2 months ago)
The pilots were just kids.
WeWereYoungandCrazy (2 months ago)
I have seen a very nice, detailed, and well written documentary of this accident. A list of what-ifs were presented. What if the pilots had returned the landing gear to the down position? Was just one of many. Very sad story.
Aznguy .mp2 (2 months ago)
Did you do the 1988 airbus 320 crash?
Judaism (2 months ago)
Allah wakbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr praise be to the moon god Allah WAKBAR
gaston jaillet (3 months ago)
US citizens are getting fatter and fatter... see what it can cause.
museack (2 months ago)
Fuck you foreign trash. Foreigners are the fattest pigs in the world. Just take a look.
Mickey (3 months ago)
Never ever ride double prop airplane !
Karson Williams (3 months ago)
Maybe newer airplanes could calculate the weight by pressure on the landing gear. 🤔
Kyle Booth (3 months ago)
Not overweight...
Haramis Kalfar (3 months ago)
Here you have it what everybody sees: The average American is too fat - deadly fat.
museack (2 months ago)
Spoken by a fat foreigner.
Deemz (3 months ago)
Make ga 152
jodysin7 (3 months ago)
Could have rolled off the lift vector. Look up AARP. American airline advanced aircraft recovery if your every flying in this situation.
Piyush InfoUna (3 months ago)
R. I. P to the people who were killed and to that wonderful aircraft.
OBOYZ (3 months ago)
If I was a pilot I would use as much runway as possible no matter how much weight is on my plane . Won’t hurt the plane and their won’t be any chance of stalling
Jim Talor (3 months ago)
As a former military maintenance tech on the aviation side, it just saddens me that these "sillyvilians" working on commercial aircraft can perform such shabby work, thinking that planes are like cars and you can just can pull over the side and change whatever. How many of these videos shows maintenance related instances causing death and destruction??, way too many!! Here in this example anytime a flight control/engine change or adjustment is performed IAW applicable manuals, a ground turn/Functional checkflight is performed (without passengers) once the crew comes back and signed off aircraft as "safe for flight", then the plane can resume normal operations. Unbelievable that such short cuts driven by "time=$$$" are done disregarding the consequences and shattered lives left behind...
Sean Liver (3 months ago)
Sarah Khan (3 months ago)
Why everyone has to be dead 😭😭😰😰
museack (3 months ago)
Well, lets see you get in a plane & nose dive into the ground & see if you survive.
Ron Rhoades (3 months ago)
one has to wonder how many crashes ,how many lost lives does it take before the FAA is made to do the job it was created to do
Clark Gable (3 months ago)
hate to have that on my resume let alone my conscious ...
novemberain (3 months ago)
Lose weight people!!
museack (2 months ago)
Not the real problem here, fool. FAA rule revision & airline maintenance incompetence was/is.
the_punnisher (3 months ago)
Sigh. A bureaucracies fail + a preflight fail. Sloppy and high tensioned cables should have been checked out, especially when the fix was pencil-whipped like this one. Using paying public as QA works for Gates but not on vehicles with paying customers. In auto racing, each wheel gets a weight check. As a GA pilot, I NEVER TRUST ANYONE and check things myself. Knowing your cg shifts and total weight is critical. If that check is not made, NATURE WILL SUCCEED IN KILLING YOU! You start getting sloppy and Nature will catch up with you.
MajorLeague (3 months ago)
Oh. Children fly these? Noted.
museack (2 months ago)
Wonder if the left will say that Pres. Trump separated that kid from the parents?
Stephen Travis (3 months ago)
Flight control problems are every pilots nightmare! This is yet another good example of why you should do your job correctly, like your family's life depended on it (or, like your boss was watching.) About 150,000 people die every day, and I'm sure many, if not most, of those 150,000 were not expecting to die.  Heart attacks, massive strokes, aneurysms, plane, train, and automobile crashes, violence, risky behaviors, animal and insect bites and stings, suicide attacks-- all of these ways can unexpectedly end your life in an instant. So now you're dead, then what?  All the world's religions believe in one of the following after-death experiences: 1. Oblivion in a sea of cosmic nothingness, without any conciousness, forever. 2. Reincarnation as either something better or worse than you were, until you have qualified for eternal one-ness with the ultimate reality. 3.  If you haven't worked hard enough and/or done enough good to either, qualify for, or, become worthy enough, to enter Paradise, then you'll have to go to a place where you can continue working until you do qualify and are worthy. 4.  Everyone goes to Paradise because God loves everyone and is good. 5.  Immediately (from your perspective) after death, you stand before your Holy and Perfect Creator God and are judged by His Perfect and Righteous Standard; His Perfect  Law of Love, summarized by Jesus of Nazareth, by these two questions: "Did you love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and, did you love your neighbor as yourself?" There are basically only two types of answers.  The first is: "No, I haven't.  But look at all the good I did do [list of good works], that has got to count for something, right?  Besides, I'm not really that bad a person, and your so good, you'll forgive me, right?  I really am sorry..." Those who answer this way will be judged guilty because they still have to pay for their crimes and crimes against God all carry an eternal, life-sentence, in a terrible place called "Hell"; a place that feels like "eternal fire" and that is probably because those in "Hell" are separated from the God, who is the Source of everything good and pleasurable.  And no just judge, human or otherwise, will let you go simply because you are sorry, or did lots of good.  When you break the law, you have to pay the penalty. The other answer is, "No, I did not, because I could not. But Jesus could and did, and He promised me that I would get what He deserves (dwelling with the Source of everything good and pleasurable in Paradise forever), because He already got what I deserve (suffering, misery, and death on a Roman cross.)  You opened my eyes to my sin problem and I have really tried to love you and my neighbor as best I can, but I have often failed, as you know.  I deserve Death and Hell for sure, if it weren't for Jesus and what He has done for me...."  Those who answer like this will be judged innocent.  Why?  The law has been satisfied by Jesus.  Your crimes have been paid for by Jesus.  How?  God came to Earth and was born as a man, Jesus of Nazareth. Being both fully God and fully human, He kept God's Law of Love perfectly, for you. He then was willing tortured and killed by Roman crucifixion, in your place. You broke God's law, but Jesus paid your fine-- you are like the Jewish slave camp prisoners during WWII that were purchased by Herr Schindler so they could be freed from being transfered to a NAZI death camp. A judge doesn't care how or who paid your fine, so long as it's been paid. Only this last, after-death experience has any objective, falsifiable evidence.  Proof comes via the best attested, and best preserved, ancient documentation know to man (the four "gospels", which are eyewitness accounts or the testimonies of close associates to the eyewitnesses). God became man in order to rescue you, because He originally made you to dwell with Him in Paradise forever. Salvation is God's free gift to you-- you cannot earn it.  Ask God to "red-pill" you so you can understand your sin problem, then, get baptised, and trust your only Savior: Jesus the Christ.  Trust Him like you would trust a parachute-- and just believing a parachute will save you from a fall is not enough-- you have to put it on in order for it to save you.  Christ lived, for you.  Christ suffered and died, for you. Christ ascended, for you.  Christ will come again, for YOU!  Trust comes through hearing God's Word, so try reading "John", and then "Romans", for starters. Then, see if the evidence is reasonable yourself at: http://knowwhatyoubelieve.com/believe/evidence/)
Bobby Paluga (4 months ago)
I remember this one well, completely avoidable, sloppy work kills, weight limits are serious.Can you imagine the guilt the workers and supervisors carry for the rest of their lives for signing off on this flight. In the case of the Alaska Air DC-9 that went down in the Santa Maria Islands off LA, you know that you and your fellow managers, came up with the policy to check off greasing the elevator jackscrew, but you didn't take time to inspect it through a plate in the horizontal stabilizer. They always had gobs of grease on the screw and you have a backup of aircraft, management says have to get out of the shop right now. I'll skip checking this one and put it on the flight line. Only this "one" had a jackscrew as dry as the Sahara, the threads are stripped, and the "stop" bolt at the bottom of the jackscrew is coming off.
Ted Kier (28 days ago)
bobby paluga the 'workers and supervisors ' for Alaska DC-9 ?that brought new meaning to the phrase "jackscrew" every time they picked up their beefy checks for slipshod work? or that one disjointed yoo-hoo in maintanance?.."pitches uncontrollably up and down?-sounds good! see ya' at the gate!" how the hell had that dude survived labor cutbacks? up to that point? like an un-funny Gomer.
George Hunter (4 months ago)
The plane tookoff with a tailheavy shifted center of gravity. Cutting back on engine power after topping out from a forced nose high climb was the biggest mistake the pilot made. Cut the engine after a nose high stalled manoeuver near the ground. Should have throttled up and flown out by power aided by the dive to clear the ground...would have been still been tail heavy, but at least there is a chance to recover.
TedBronson1918 (4 months ago)
All too often it is shoddy maintenance practices and "shortcuts" that cause these accidents. Not only should maintenance crews be trained, they should have to pass qualification tests every year. If I had to do that as a soldier, they should have to do it because so many innocent lives are at stake - and the test should be hard. How the hell can a pilot succeed when they stack the chips against them with incompetence ? FAA and NTSB need to be more involved than just analyzing the accidents.
Dave Davis (4 months ago)
Weight and balance is important. Under the “Maximum Weight” isn’t the only factor.
david owens (4 months ago)
The FAA is almost as useless as congress. They talk a great game of 'public safety'. But it's really about accommodating commercial airline profits. Surprise, surprise........
moorfan1 (4 months ago)
Yet again the common thread that runs through MANY of these accidents is that the FAA is a worthless POS organization, that routinely ignores NTSB safety recommendations because of general governmental incompetence and a "too cozy" relationship "serving" the airline industry.
GroomLeader (4 months ago)
Geez, what sloppy procedures. it always takes some kind of tragedy before they get off their backsides, and fix it. Instead instead of actual weight limits, using a guessed average weight amount? Weight limits that were set in 1936? Having a maintenance worker who had never worked on a Beechcraft? DUMB, DUMB, and DUMB.
Eagle1 (4 months ago)
They all be daaaaaaaaaad!! 😨😨😨
VTPSTTU (4 months ago)
If the difference between an adult and a child is changing the permissible weight, they're cutting things too closely. I know that air flight requires smaller safety factors than bridge and building design just to get planes into the air. Even so, there should be a safety factor. If they really believed that they needed to do the calculation, they should have checked more carefully. If the calculations were coming that close that often, the airline should have removed a few seats from the back of the plane. For a supervisor to skip a check on a trainee mechanic's work is beyond comprehension.
Roy Kliffen (4 months ago)
Amazing that airliners do not have an electronic check on take-of weight and position of COG. It shouldn't be difficult to have load-measuring devices on the landing struts and with that input calculate both variables.
Emin Muradov (4 months ago)
I work at the operations side at dus airport and the planes DH4 and 8 use 17kg per bag and 85kg for every person. It's not optimal because a flight let's say to Nuremberg has much lesser and lighter bags (they use ballast) than a flight to FCO which a lot of bags, much heavier. The calculation is erratic and could lead to these situations. Every company should use actual figures.
travbrack (4 months ago)
Could an unusual attitide recovery procedure have worked in this case?
Allec Joshua Ibay (4 months ago)
If everyone could have made their way to the front, such as the case of Delta 1080, then maybe.
Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad (4 months ago)
ROFL!! I like the simulator’s engine start of the Beech 1900. A Pratt engine starting.....with requisite propeller spin, and sound effects of a Continental piston engine. Where do these “full of shit” know nothing software game designers get their info from??
TruthSeeker (4 months ago)
When everyone is at fault except the pilots and the passengers, yet they are the ones to pay the price.
museack (3 months ago)
Did you not view the video? Pilot miscalculated the weight & it was over 500# overweight.
NewHampshireBoy (5 months ago)
I am glad we have the NTSB as they seem to always be forced to pressure the FAA to do the right thing as it seems the FAA are f' ing up everytime you turn sideways. As my English friends would say, "tossers."
frank facts (11 days ago)
well, that's what yalls frenzied mission to deregulate government has done/will do - we happy now. insult to injury - now you got trump. shit'll be dropping from friendly skies like dead ducks fasho
ll Kasper ll (5 months ago)
Fat people and laziness caused this incident. How very American...
ChibiGingi (5 months ago)
Not meaning any disrespect to the captain here, but saying that a passenger being a child should negate the extra weight added from the heavy luggage is sort of like thinking that drinking a diet coke instead of regular coke will make your downing of 5 doublestacked hamburgers a healthy alternative. Just... no, it really doesn't work like that? Edit: Not to say they deserved the fate they got. RIP, of course. But that logic in thinking just leaves me scratching my head...
ChibiGingi (5 months ago)
Eds7570 Okay, when it’s explained to me like that, I understand her line of thinking now. Thanks for taking the time to do so. Having watched a lot of these kind of videos and documentaries, it feels like poor maintenance is a running trend in these kinds of disasters and that wasn’t something this pilot, or any, could anticipate. It’s rough...
Eds7570 (5 months ago)
Her thinking from what I understand is that since the baggage handlers were concerned about overloading the plane by mentioning the extra heavy bags, the extra heavy bags + weight of 1 child will = roughly the weight of 1 average weighted adult passenger. The pilots were using average weight calculations given to them by the airline, not actual weights. Which were 175 lbs per adult plus 20 lbs per piece of luggage. Even if you calculate the weight of the 2 extra heavy bags as being around 75 lbs each, plus the weight of a 12 year old girl say being around 70 lbs, you get 220 lbs - 175 lbs so that is an extra 45 lbs not calculated for which wouldn't make a difference. She was a very good pilot and knew what she was doing. Both pilots weren't at fault, but it was a pretty sad accident, knowing it could've been easily prevented by proper maintenance.
Scott McLennan (5 months ago)
Sad how many times on this channel we hear that the NTSB found that some recommended measure was never implemented by the FAA and that this led to a crash.
Eds7570 (5 months ago)
The plane may have been recoverable if the pilot(s) allowed the aircraft to go fully inverted after it pitched over 127 degrees, then pulled gently back on the yoke, full movement of the elevator in this position may have arrested the descent, and then roll it back right side up and lowering the gear at the same time. Lowering the gear immediately after takeoff may have also saved the plane, shifting the CG back more to normal. The pilots had less than 1 minute to think all this through during a chaotic maneuver they didn't have control over, before the plane crashed. It would've taken an exceptional pilot well versed in this aircraft and experienced in aerobatics to recover it, if even that was possible. Both pilots were not in any way though at fault here. RIP to passengers and crew.
BlackIsBeautiful (5 months ago)
How are the mechanics and their supervisors not in jail for manslaughter. Wtf man smh
Chump Johnson (5 months ago)
The supervisor should have been prosecuted. I can only imagine the guilt the mechanic feels knowing it was his work that caused the accident.
Flight Channel (5 months ago)
I really like the idea of using actual weights on the calculation for the MTOW but how do you want to figure it? Put up a scale in front of the check-in counter? I mean, for the bags it's clear but as far as I know public discussions about people being weighed before flight have always been dismissed as "discriminating" so far, altho it would save lives.
Eds7570 (5 months ago)
No need to weigh the passengers, although this is really the most accurate way to do it, but it's time consuming and of course, people will likely resent it. All the airlines had to do was update their average weight from 175 lbs to 195 lbs. This was a sorely needed update since Americans have gotten more heavy down through the decades. The pilots were only using the info given to them at the time. The major factor in this crash was due to faulty elevator controls, if the elevators would've been working properly, the plane could've been saved even though the plane was overweight.
Rory Bray (5 months ago)
I'm tired of hearing about sloppy maintenance work getting people killed
DeepSouthernTX (5 months ago)
Do you guys feel unconfortable trusting a 25 and 27 year old pilots? They may have good training and enough hours but at least one of them should have more flying hours.
Eds7570 (5 months ago)
I wouldn't, the Captain, Katie Leslie was a pretty good pilot with over 1800 hrs, her co-pilot, Jonathan Gibbs, had over 700 hrs, as stated in the video. So one of them did have more hours. Being younger too, your reflexes are faster than say, an older pilot in his 40s, and 50s. While they didn't have the experience of a seasoned commercial pilot flying for a major airline, say with 5000 or more hours, I believe their training and experience more than compensated for flying a Beech multi-engine turboprop aircraft. This accident boiled down to poor maintenance causing the elevators to not work properly. The pilots were given outdated standard weights for each passengers, allowing the plane to be overloaded without both pilot(s) knowing this, also mentioned in the video. Even if both pilots were somehow aware their plane was overloaded to an extent, the Capt didn't think it was cause for alarm. Since it turned out to be a problem after all, the faulty elevators didn't allow the pilot(s) to correct the high angle nose up attitude, causing the plane to stall and crash. Sad and tragic to say the least.
Kimmy Middleton (2 months ago)
SamH (5 months ago)
how was the elevator issue not spotted on previous flights? Do pilots not use enough elevator in a normal flight to detect it?
Sara Beth Williams (5 months ago)
Two factors here, the elevator may have been working properly, and I'm guessing those flights weren't overloaded.
Depcom (5 months ago)
The mechanic, his supervisor, and the head of the FAA should have been stuffed into the wheel wells of a C-141 full of paratroopers, flown over Hell and Purgatory drop zone at Fort Bragg, and dropped out of the wheel wells as the paratroopers are exiting the plane. If they land on top of an inflated parachute and make it safely to the ground, they will be allowed to go free. If not, then gory gory what a helluva way to die!
Zoomer30 (5 months ago)
I saw that everything was fine until they raised the gear, which threw the CG of the plane "out of envelope". Should have quickly lowered the gear again (hindsight ia 20/20).
Sara Beth Williams (5 months ago)
Yeah, that may have helped, but would it have made a difference? It looks like the CG being thrown off like that took them by surprise, and must've happened pretty fast. Whether lowering the landing gear back down by the time the airplane's CG was "out of the envelope" may have been too late due to the malfunctioning elevator and the extra 550 lbs in the back. It really looks like this flight was doomed from the get go.
boobam (5 months ago)
175lbs per american adult? hahahahaha not in the land of wouldn’t you like fries with that
Digitalbumpin (5 months ago)
I never fly and will never fly. A bunch of incompetent greedy people run the airlines AND the NTSB who is the worst of them all. They never make changes until forced to my by crashes. None of these people ever go to jail for knowingly putting people in danger. It's all A JOKE.
nanak botak 1141 (6 months ago)
Rip headphones
Brad .M (6 months ago)
Jeebus, drive time from Charlotte to Greer is 90 minutes or so. It probably takes longer than that to drive to the airport, park, walk to the check-in, go through security, walk to gate, wait to board, board, and taxi. I get it, some school kids were on a trip and they can't drive but this wasn't a charter. It was a regular flight. Why was this even a flight? I think the pilot being told by the ground crew, who handles a lot of bags, that a few were really heavy should have triggered a re-evaluation. She was young and confident, I am old and cautious. There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots. Maintenance is to blame too but the captain is responsible for their aircraft.
Brad .M (5 months ago)
Good point about the connection.
Sara Beth Williams (5 months ago)
Some people didn't want to drive, and connecting passengers from major flights or other flights so they can get to their destination. It comes down to providing a service for profit. Just a business.
Jennifer Davis (6 months ago)
it is usair
Jeffrey Crace (6 months ago)
I don't mean to trivialize these tragic events but I am wondering... What if the pilots had had more time and asked all of the passengers to gather around the front of the plane (I know this is totally unrealistic because they would never ask the passengers to unbuckle their seatbelts)? Would that have helped? Also, in a low-altitude stall, wouldn't you try to increase power?
Sara Beth Williams (5 months ago)
My guess is it would because it would've shifted the weight of the plane's center of gravity forward and brought the nose down, but because they were still at a low altitude, it wouldn't have mattered. No time to do this anyway.
lelandjr2 (6 months ago)
Carelessness; what a stupid reason for death.