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Exclusive: two-year pregnancy

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Prepare yourself for the long haul, and fo a huge belly Happiest moment of your life ? / Or not... Country: Spain Brand: WWF Year: 2009 Agency: Vitruvio Leo Burnett (Madrid) More commercials : http://www.youtube.com/CulturePub .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries, please mail to culturepub@wizdeo.com
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Text Comments (127)
Inkling boi (2 months ago)
Beautiful belly at 1:17, 1:21, 1:28, 1:37 and 1:57.😃😃
Inkling boi (4 months ago)
Wow that stomach at1:28 😊
Inkling boi (4 months ago)
I 💓 love this video! Keep up for good work.😃😃😃😃
Inkling boi (2 months ago)
1:22 her Belly looks beautiful 😁,and at 1:17
Inkling boi (4 months ago)
Photo shopped when her Belly looks bigger. But I still like the video😄
Inkling boi (4 months ago)
No way that this is possible. But I still like the video 😊
Nerissa Lund (1 year ago)
Du fuck
Tegan Muldoon (1 year ago)
See people get pregnant bey having sex, with you chother okkk people
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
I am masturbate to huge pregnant women belly sexy as fuck
Matias Torres (1 year ago)
este pazna embarazada
enator71 (1 year ago)
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
Dill weed (1 year ago)
.: W A T ? :.
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Yes! Yea dumbass! ヽ(⸟ ͜ʖ⸟)ノ
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Are you sure?
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Yo fellas! I really find the most intense music in the existence!
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Well shut the fuck up 7 minute me!
Dill weed (1 year ago)
What's that past me? You're a dumbass? Well no shit!
hayleelyah (2 years ago)
a normal person would've just had a fucking c-section
BlackSheep (2 years ago)
Annoying Little Fucktard lol your name
TeamDawson 64 (2 years ago)
uh the woman baby's not coming out
Emma Hogle (2 years ago)
That's a huge belly she must have been put on bed rest.
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
Emma Hogle agreed
Jermaine Allen Mercado (2 years ago)
that's a big belly
Elvis Wong (10 months ago)
That does look sexy
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
Sexy pregnant women
NISHANT BHATT (2 years ago)
KBGamer (2 years ago)
denniselliott27 (2 years ago)
Obviously, it's meant to convey the message that the kid doesn't want to be born in a world that's polluted so they're staying inside their mother.
Ange Leone (3 years ago)
No lo entendi, I don't understand
TK Entertainment (3 years ago)
I think that's a tumour
김근영_와이씨 트와이스 누나 (3 years ago)
what the ***k
shelby YouTube (3 years ago)
Dafauq is this WAT THE F*CK IS THIS!?
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Yikes! Your English is not good, let i help.
Waterlilly 21 (3 years ago)
heya kareem (3 years ago)
wow what is this
Костя Акулич (3 years ago)
а начале живот был как при обычной беременности а через два года живот вырос как при многоплодной беременности а то значит у неё по виду десять детей в животе у они не развились это значет что у неё навсегда
Waterlilly 21 (3 years ago)
Gæhę łœtœijœy
Костя Акулич (3 years ago)
а радить ни как а можно было сделать шов кесерево сичение
Костя Акулич (3 years ago)
у неё живот как при многоплодной беременности
Костя Акулич (3 years ago)
она как два года беременная
TheeChosunWun (3 years ago)
Dafuq is this
Napoleon FAGemite (3 years ago)
her belly is so sexy
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
Napoleonfagemite agreed
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
What about big fat women do u like
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Yes and no
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
Do u like big fat women and do u have Facebook
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Isabella McIntosh (4 years ago)
Sooo big
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
Dennis Haulkham I know what you mean 😉
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
So sexy
Ashley Ayscue (4 years ago)
She would probably just get a c-section instead of pushing it out.
William Tsang (4 years ago)
what does it mean. I don't understand
Inkling boi (5 months ago)
William Tsang idk
boomy toons (10 months ago)
It means try to make the world a better place to live in if you're going to have a kid
Elvis Wong (1 year ago)
Me too
Nur Said (1 year ago)
William Tsang KUASEL
Razeena Vally (1 year ago)
me too !!!!!!
Richard Farsang (5 years ago)
...with a damn immigrant...
Michael Oh (5 years ago)
This just isn't logical. A two-year-old child doesn't grow this big- about half the size of her belly, actually. If the makers of the advertisement wanted to emphasize the time, then they ought to have just upgraded her from two years to seven. I can envision a seven-year-old child curled up in the fetel position there, at least.
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
I want to have sex with huge pregnant women belly so so so fuck sexy
Bionicleman 64 (4 years ago)
I think this commercial is to give out the message for protecting the wild life and endangered animals like white tigers and pandas. so the pregnancy in the commercial is like 2 years so that people are capturing animals into fur coats so that the child can never be welcomed into the world because he or she can't see the world where there is no wild life to look at the zoo. unless the zoo takes care of their animals the proper way.
Michael Oh (5 years ago)
Agreed, as long as no lasting harm is done to anyone concerned.
Jon Kelley (5 years ago)
A belly doesn't grow that big, but I would like to rub one that big.
TITANbn (5 years ago)
It certainly can stay in the womb a little longer without consequences but more than 2 weeks can be deadly because baby grows and as it grows the umbilical cord cant sustain its oxygen/carbon dioxide emission and it can cause intoxication of a baby and possibly poison mothers blood to the limit where normal childbirth can become fatal for both of them simply by being too weak to recuperate properly afterwards My grammar isnt perfect too,Im from Bosnia so English is my third language actually ;)
Inkling boi (4 months ago)
It's photo shopped 😉
Jackassik (5 years ago)
Yeah, I heard a story about an rather elderly woman who found out that she was pregnant for 15 (or so) years. She found out because it tampered with her health at that time. But as you said, living baby wouldn't be able to survive long inside of womb. But still, it can expand to a little more time, 9 months isn't the absolute limit of lifespan inside a woman. [btw, don't mention my grammar, I'm not a native speaker]
TITANbn (5 years ago)
It is actually possible if a fetus dies than the body calcifies it and it stays in the organism indefinitely if there is no any medical intervention. There where cases of years long "PREGNANCIES" that where discovered only because the calcified fetus started to degrade the health of an host organism. But it is impossible that a live baby stays in a womb more than 9 months.
meliante2 (5 years ago)
Yes, I guess she would feel a lot if the baby came out after growing so huge.
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
meliante2 true. 😃
andcalber (5 years ago)
that`s a tumore .
roosa korkka (5 years ago)
Really ? >:D
leadfoot driver (5 years ago)
Link Knight (6 years ago)
now they can make a new version. but instead of all this environmental crap, make it not come out coz of the eurozone crisis. like the baby doesn't want to come out coz there's no chance of getting a job and bankruptcies are the only things making news and everyones broke.
BTNMNKI (6 years ago)
meliante2 (6 years ago)
I hope she can't, because if the baby came out there would be nothing left for imagination and I love misteries.
meliante2 (6 years ago)
It is fake, this video is an advertisement. The baby doesn't come out of her belly because the world was too bad, so the baby refused to live there and stayed in its mother's belly.
meliante2 (6 years ago)
This reminds me of Sheldon, a character from the cartoon "Garfield and Friends", in the segment "U.S. Acres": he was a chick who refused to fully hatch because he thought the outside world to be too bad a place to live in, so remained inside his egg with only his legs popped out so he could walk.
Helen Banuelos (6 years ago)
It means the baby did not want t o live in pollution
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
Helen Banuelos your right 😳
Nikki Minach (6 years ago)
Idk what this commercial means
Dill weed (1 year ago)
Well hello me. It's been a while.
El Jay Dee (6 years ago)
these means the child don't want to go out not until there was pollution all over the world....
Nicki Hazelett (6 years ago)
I meant the girl with the blonde hair with the VERY BIG HUGE pregnant belly in this commercial
Nicki Hazelett (6 years ago)
I DO get what this commercial is saying. I DO REALLY understand the this commercial is saying. What it meas.
Nicki Hazelett (6 years ago)
That girl in this commercial has one VERY BIG HUGE pregnant belly I wish I could have. She has one VERY BIG HUGE pregnant belly REALLY sticking out showing. Walking around everywhere she goes with her VERY BIG HUGE pregnant belly trying to living her everyday life. If that was me in her place, with her VERY BIG HUGE pregnant belly sticking out REALLY showing, I would feel like her.
Dennis Haulkham (1 year ago)
Pregnant women turn me on
Laura Chase (6 years ago)
You guys are dumb, this commercial has a wonderful message. It is not boring you are just too ignorant to understand its beauty.
Siti Nurliyana (6 years ago)
max conran (6 years ago)
wow that must of hurt on the way out!!
Phat Mum (6 years ago)
lol whaaat the fuck
Tisha leong (6 years ago)
Oh my two year pregnancy!!!
Inkling boi (6 months ago)
Tisha leong I know right
ElectroporationCS (6 years ago)
I get it but wierd
mobatheseeker (6 years ago)
ofc man its just the idea that the world is so rotten the baby doesnt want to come to live it , get the picture?
Bryan Newman (6 years ago)
is this fake.
merissaiscool13 (6 years ago)
Its not about the baby not wanting to come out its about the world begging terrible so it can't come out der :)
Rebecca (6 years ago)
cant she do an operation and take the baby out?
pancholom (7 years ago)
Brilliant piece of advertasing. Unfortunately, they forgot a sad fact that: world din't get to this point exactly because of how smart the public is ...
maxine wildhaber (7 years ago)
what a bore!!!
Dill weed (1 year ago)
maxine wildhaber well i don't knore!
toxicsnake (7 years ago)
@MegaCreativekid This, they should've tried to make it more interesting, great idea, bad execution.
Jackassik (7 years ago)
@tashtan1 Baby apparently knew that world is ugly and cruel place and didn't want to get out. Therefore "Make this a world worth living in" slogan. And no, that's biologically impossible.