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BelgianMuscle (6 years ago)
awesome vid!
wildeyednorthernboy (6 years ago)
tertessa (6 years ago)
Very Nice...
SILVERHORSE347 (6 years ago)
I did not mean to sound short, I guess I was pissed they did not have the letter in the box. You folks enjoy your evening and hope all is well with Doc's
vwdarrin (6 years ago)
we werent meaning that you were gonna make one a few people offered to make one its all good we love it either way...we just didnt know who it was by your real name......lol its awesome and thanks again flag is already in the box
TheWreckingYard (6 years ago)
Nicely done flag box
jevchance (6 years ago)
Wow Hollee looks a lot like Andrea. Good stuff Darrin.
The Shade Tree Fix-it Man (6 years ago)
Very nice box and a wonderful keepsake inside. Blessings, George
Brad Lobregt (6 years ago)
Very nice. Neat to see the dogs watching everything that is going on. Those dogs are great. Take care.... Stay tuned for Andrea in Victoria's Secrets PJays......... Just kiddin....... Brad
SwPiotrek (6 years ago)
It's good to have family :) Make note on this glass-case about who give it to you. It will be cool to recall many years later.
Mustie1 (6 years ago)
that was great,and your dogs listemn as well as ours, thanks for sharing,,
ceedell (6 years ago)
Very nice
guitarrelic (6 years ago)
Nice video and nice gift from the mysterious man. Regards, Brad.
19charger74 (6 years ago)
Thats a great gesture for that guy to provide you with a flag case
timsbeetle (6 years ago)
Great late night delivery
satajet883 (6 years ago)
That is really cool.
vwdarrin (6 years ago)
thats the whole idea of the group
Velvethamma (6 years ago)
Flag has a permanent home now!
tomduncan1970 (6 years ago)
That is so awesome of him!! Even though I sit back in the shadows.... don't really post any videos... I am SO proud to be part of a group of people like you guys!
fatstercat (6 years ago)
fatstercat (6 years ago)
cool like you say time to build a mantle I smell a hans carpentry vid series
SILVERHORSE347 (6 years ago)
The UPS-STORE wrapped it, I did not.I guess they did not have time for my note. I never said I was going to make one. Your welcome.
ZIGgassedUP (6 years ago)
That was nice of him.
danelectro68 (6 years ago)
Very cool that is, I wish we were as patriotic over here. I think we're scared though!!
265chevy (6 years ago)
man that was cool
Thisoldcar (6 years ago)
Ok guys we established the fact that you need that mantel for the fireplace almost a year ago but you have been ignoring it. Time to stop dribbleing the ball and get a shot set up here. Get me a picture of the fireplace wall and then the measurements that are tite to the fireplace, width, height of the floor to the top where the wood work starts, and depth from wall to face of the stone work. I need the very max measurements that the wood work can be and not interfere with anything else/
Timetotinker (6 years ago)
awesome box......tony
cigarcaptain (6 years ago)
I was scared she might shank you Darrin ,hahahaha
JohnCarey1963Jag (6 years ago)
Nice - special feelings for the soldier who sent the flag and Dennis who sent the box.
Scott Best (6 years ago)
Ha Ha, Andrea mentioned the "holiday" I notice myself keep using American words like trunk & hood then saying boot & bonnet like I'm some kind of interpreter!! Ha ha, love watching your vids, you have a lovely family, really hope you get a handle on your health. Here's another fan from "over the pond" ;-) Cheers
SP392 (6 years ago)
Feels like you're part of the family watching all these videos lol.
Robert Gwinn (6 years ago)
Wtg Dennis.....very nice man
cheftush (6 years ago)
Very Nice Darrin. Great Job Dennis!
ncautoman57 (6 years ago)