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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5

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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ My second channel! https://goo.gl/w0WJkB CREDIT 2 Wheels 1 Compass https://youtu.be/4FBYVvnrS8U Orlando Dashcam https://youtu.be/uc3ocwm29mU Louisiana Dashcam https://youtu.be/bbOG3i28jRs https://youtu.be/GKUcyar3870 Best car crashes and road rage from around the world. On this channel you will find compilations on different themes: bad drivers, car crashes,road rage, close call, instant karma, and many other compilations. All pleasant viewing! Fresh compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your dashcam videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com VK: https://vk.com/club78812535 G +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117141528068534842716/posts Ok: http://ok.ru/group/53321223766246 Twitter: https://twitter.com/evgeniyas7 Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU6YHm4n75I INSTANT KARMA - INSTANT JUSTICE (Road version) #11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gZwZSXBCIY ROAD RAGE COMPILATION 2016 / CRAZY ROAD RAGE FIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPsb7hFSKAE **************************************************************** Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for CRITISISM, EDUCATIONAL and JOURNALISTIC purposes.
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Text Comments (1202)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (2 years ago)
*Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!* *Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!*
Nicole Grant (8 months ago)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage we will thank you and people are crazy sometimes and we don't know what is going on in there personal lives you know
Jack Thomas (11 months ago)
dont use a video of police being terrorized by a bunch of idiots. they serve for us. that clip makes it look like you dont care about our police
Brian Smith (1 year ago)
CAR CRASH TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage
Mike Emmons (1 year ago)
I really hope you recovered from the stroke you were having when you posted that comment.
qing qing (1 year ago)
CAR CRASH TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage try.
Psychotic Bob (1 day ago)
That last guy sure chose a strange way to go home.
Iggy Noring-u (5 days ago)
3:31 Let's see... a car horn, people screaming, different kinds of vehicles... I am processing the rest of the subliminal images in my third dream later tonight... Why was that clip even included?
Derrick Hensley (7 days ago)
I can't say that I'm the biggest cop fan out there, but this crap of talking trash slinging insults refusing orders and especially this stupidity of attacking cop cars. It is that supposed to do it has no point. Plus you agitate that man in there enough he's going to either going to nail the gas and mash the guts out of two or three morons or if the crowd gets big enough and making a threat that dude in there is going to open fire indiscriminately and people are going wind up dead no good reason.
William Bramhall (7 days ago)
CC TUBE, TAPE minutes @ 7:21, IS The reasons for road rage. That boy "needs" his smart mouth punched a few times.
Ginger Supreme (8 days ago)
Damn. I was hoping that cop would get shot.
Les Grady (8 days ago)
white asshole an dumb azz niggas
Jannah (8 days ago)
Yeah, I'd like to know what happened to that cop in the suv too. Someone please tell me why it takes so many cops/cars to stop one vehicle they are chasing? And why do they always seem to leave just enough room for the vehicles to escape?! Lol
foppo leeuwerke (8 days ago)
You idiot filming the man who has lost it.Your smirky laugh you deserve a good beating you trouble maker.I would have hit you hard.
Todd Lofton (9 days ago)
What's up with the monkeys at 3:30?
A GOOGLE USER (9 days ago)
2:50 I would have put MONEY on it that idiot was on a motorcycle.
sparhopper (9 days ago)
3:25 _Animals_
Michael (10 days ago)
Shut the fuck up you dumb bitch, he doesn't need to put his gun away. If someone gets out of their car and approaches you like they are gonna attack you, you better have your fucking gun out.
Jeremy Hoffecker (10 days ago)
Brandishing a firearm is 🚫
John Slocum (11 days ago)
13:53 dude with cam is complete asshole. I would happily take and mace him, then take a piss on him while he is writhing on the ground
Iron Man (11 days ago)
That guy said he tried to ram him haha. Why would he try to get a vehicle that would have stopped his entire escape attempt??? Cops be adding extras on it.
AngeliqueKaga (15 days ago)
So is this gunner ready to kill someone, and then go to jail forever?
Jmiller74848 Miller (16 days ago)
I'd back in that red car lol
Angel King (17 days ago)
I get a laugh out of all these "you're going on YouTube" threats. Who gives a shit. People have gotten very desensitize to that now and it's not really considered a threat.
STEVEN HEARRELL (18 days ago)
Don't bait disturbed people. Be a defensive person, just as you are a defensive driver.
my town the world (18 days ago)
So sad that most of the vids were recorded by assholes.
Lucas Rabun (19 days ago)
All these idiot loud mouthed women need to be left at home.
they are out there WE KNOW (19 days ago)
Everybody watching this knows that cop lied he didn’t pull the gun on him because if he did he would’ve shot the motherfucker everybody knows that fucking lying ass pig
Tino Detres (23 days ago)
Fucking some bikers feel so . entitled by the shit they do. I've come across two of them that will not dare come across my path again. I don't waste time barking, just bite
Scott Nyob (24 days ago)
3:35 ...this is why the police need fully automatic weapons...and immunity.
Tommy Kawston (24 days ago)
Nice the white man has a weapon runs and still lives. For those people that asked why people of color hate cops well this is why. Taken in to custody thats nice.
Wonko Sane (24 days ago)
@2:19...uh, open fire? This is why you have the weapon in your vehicle, which I applaud. Always have a weapon. Know how to use it. Always be ready to use it.
Dj Corlett (25 days ago)
Then I see the people attacking the police car. WHY??
Dj Corlett (25 days ago)
I am so sick of white people acting all high and mighty. Why does it always have to be a black and white thing. Jesus we all live on this planet can’t we just learn to live with one another. Yes I am a white man and I am tired of us always fighting over our skin color.
Captain Thunderbuns (25 days ago)
5:52 - 8-32. Lucky old guy wasn’t packing. Seemed quite douchey to keep baiting him. But would run away from him. Jagoff!!
hoosieraussis1 (26 days ago)
Race baiting starts at 2:28. That didn't take long. She's talking about his indicator, and his response is that she doesn't like white folks? Then he says he's going to show their interaction representing her ENTIRE RACE on Youtube. We all know these road rage interactions NEVER happen between 2 white people (see the rest of the video). Good ole USofA!
Anita Lea (28 days ago)
That guy was stupid who ran on the police. He won’t be going home for a while.
B D (30 days ago)
4TheRecord (1 month ago)
At least he indicated when changing lanes.
Marny Nottenkamper (1 month ago)
Did the hoodlums get off on kicking in the Police Car? Wonder who those guys call when they need help? Obviously not the Police... Losers
Adam Teves (1 month ago)
The kid is picking on the old guy. Luck I wasn't around I would beat that young kids ass I have old people cut me off daily and I get pissed but what can the old people do. Nothing just move on.
David Thomas (1 month ago)
Don't people just understand that ignoring these makes it easier. The only way I would anything like this is if I felt my life and property were in danger.
MillerMeteor74 (1 month ago)
Wow! Good stuff. Last summer I had a guy tailgating me while doing 50 in a 50 zone (on a 4-lane). Then when he had the chance he passed me. As soon as his back bumper was just ahead of my front bumper, he made a right turn, across in front of me. I don't know how I didn't hit him! I was wishing I had a dashcam then!
steven herrold (1 month ago)
illegal lane change 4:27 makes me wish i was a cop in traffic that driver would get a $250.00 ticket . if i had my way kids in highschool should have to take a course in how to respond to the police before they can get there driver licence way to many idiots on the road
steven herrold (1 month ago)
what if we could count all the people who died in car crashes going to the beginning of the automobile and then there's DRUNK DRIVERS if i could ask a drunk when he is sober did that seem like a good idea at time to drive drunk i never understood the appeal of the want to drink since i never started when people would ask me to party with them i just gave some excuse i was told i was square and ok so i'm not into your party scene but at least i'm sober
MU'MIN 215 (1 month ago)
That's right fuck the police
Nomadic Medic (1 month ago)
"I just wanna go home." Dude you are about to go home via a urn if you pull that type of stupid.
Darlan Morais (1 month ago)
The dog is the only racional been.
Bruce Morris (1 month ago)
If the guy gets in his car to run from cop why can’t the cop shoot his car tires or the car engine if he is not going to shoot the guy.
John Sears (1 month ago)
The guy at the end if he was black he would have been shot right then and there about 16 times.
Sen H (1 month ago)
3:30 seriously? Wtf? No respect. That’s just fking sad.
VeXeR ShObOx (1 month ago)
Cammer at 5:50 should get his teeth knocked the fuck out.
Clifford Jones (1 month ago)
You are full of shit and stupid one day you are going to blast that a fact
Clifford Jones (1 month ago)
Just go to show you how stupid some bitchs are
Joost Brouwer (1 month ago)
that last one should be appointed to moron first class
James Osborne (1 month ago)
I just have to ask what may be a very stupid question but do any of these people, the ones that have dashcams or cameras turn the video over to the LEOs?
Amber D (1 month ago)
That cop should have ran them all over
Texas Hunter (1 month ago)
Tristan needs to get her new wife or girlfriend! She's telling him not to defend himself! WTF?
Sam Warren (1 month ago)
Tristin Stahhhhpp!!!!
Dat Boii (1 month ago)
1:05 I'm surprised nobody helped that guy being harassed by that braindead couple, so many people only care about money and their cheap grocery shit. God fuck all these Americans.
Kevin Harris (1 month ago)
I wish that the police would be more proactive before high speed pursuits even begin. Think about it, they are allowing the perpetrator to gain possession of a deadly weapon that weighs in excess of 5-6 thousand pounds. They are letting these people lose for all the drivers on the road. My suggestion is that when someone gets back into the vehicle in which you have removed him or her from then that is time for lethal force. Remember what it says on the side of their cars “to protect and serve”.
money is freedom (1 month ago)
Watching from England. No wonder you left. Your animals. I am glad we got rid of you.
sermecanic (1 month ago)
Marc Hord (2 months ago)
Shoot them all fucking trash !
Curtis Hamlett (2 months ago)
Criminals who run from police endanger us all. They are just STUPID. PERIOD.
Keya B (2 months ago)
9:59 through 11:06 is what pisses me off! Now how did the officer fear for his life but not shoot the man and he clearly had a weapon but when minorities are unarmed they get shot!! Really?! Now won't you look at that 😒
Keya B (1 month ago)
+Dan The Man I didn't disrespect you. You stated your opinion and you stated yours. Grow up keyboard thug lol the typical hiding. Who are you the KKK? 😂😂😂
Dan The Man (1 month ago)
+Keya B doesnt mean we cant try dumbfuck. Ok dumbfuck?
Keya B (1 month ago)
+Dan The Man smh It will never happen duh
Dan The Man (1 month ago)
Because... We're trying to get there population down duh
Q*bert (2 months ago)
The cop should of shot a tire out right when he saw the guy re-enter his car. They probably should make handing your keys over a first protocol when being pulled over too. This could stop a lot of in the heat of the moment flee situations.
RNRENTPROMO (2 months ago)
Cops aren't James bond and they use spikes to rip the tire. Cops are trained to shoot to kill and not shoot to wound. If he tried to shoot the tire. It would be a possibility it could've bounced off the tire (if shot wrong) and fly somewhere else.
Q*bert (2 months ago)
5:50 "I'm calling your mom" LMAO!
snake in the grass (2 months ago)
5:55 You got a big Mouth kid
It's all ogre now This is my swamp (2 months ago)
Scary world we live in people. Everyone make sure you get dash cam. Dont be cheap. You get what you pay for.
imran T (2 months ago)
At 4:40 looks like guy put wrong fuel in car could be diesel instead of patrol
Alexander Nowicke (2 months ago)
Black lives don't matter
Jarno Eenkhoorn (2 months ago)
1:48 they are like a bunch of monkeys lmao. this is why they get shot.
Boii Villa (2 months ago)
This Fucking idiot asshole who is annoying the old man is an evil moron...try it on me...you got bullet on your face.
loveloses (2 months ago)
the white guy at the end would have been killed in 1 second if he wasn't white
Skante Warrior (2 months ago)
*"stalking"* what a lame...
Jeanette Callahan (2 months ago)
703 your a little boy.
ShyGreenBean (2 months ago)
what kind of idiot pulls a gun on a cop ? especially when he got pulled over for speeding
Chicago Ray (2 months ago)
The guy filming the older man was pissing me off. Nothing more pathetic than holding up a phone and antagonizing somebody like that. I don't know what happened prior, all I see is an obviously younger guy taunting an angry old man. Young guy was a bitch.
B T (2 months ago)
12:12 Oh, nice. Need for Speed Most Wanted and Grand Theft Auto IRL
Jai Norman (2 months ago)
He pop trunk open then drove off lol
Matthew Hatton (2 months ago)
At 1350 some people just make things worse and need to shut up and walk the other way
d fobroy (2 months ago)
punk ass bitch trying to piss off the old man needs an ass kicking
Joost Brouwer (2 months ago)
that last idiot really had a death wish
Skinner31 (2 months ago)
Why didn’t he just shoot that guy he pulled a weapon cop had every reason to shoot
MIGHTYMOTIVE 1982 (3 months ago)
il cln 4u bahahahahhaahahahahahahahaha, asshead baby boomers
YOUTUBE PURGE (3 months ago)
So many f bombs with that cop lol
True Highlander (3 months ago)
I noticed a lot of clips from LiveLeak were used here. Did you contact them for permission because usually they don't allow for it is why I'm asking.
YouTube Lover (3 months ago)
I sincerely hope the son of a bitch running from the police for no good reaszon was killed and is now dead...he won’t be missed by anyone!
Kyle Theune (3 months ago)
At 3:50. They should be happy they didn't get shot for a cop fearing their life
Skreft Lamont (3 months ago)
That last dumbass needed a lead diet.
Dole Bandit (3 months ago)
61 In a 55 Is why that bold fuck stopped him ? And on a barren wide road, What a cunt
Yard Sale Dale (3 months ago)
2:24 let her out so she can talk to the goon in a motherly manner.
Matthew Azpilicueta (3 months ago)
shout out to the losers at 3:23
ronnie LAMEHORSE (3 months ago)
02chevyguy (3 months ago)
5:25 Is that ho wearing orthopedic shoes?
Skid Marks (10 days ago)
Yes. They alow her to stay on the corner longer to earn more.
Me'kai Morris (3 months ago)
Why did the officer drop his taser??
Rob Murdock (3 months ago)
On the last clip you can feel the anger swelling in the cop.
Kevin Karvoski (3 months ago)
Now if that cop threw shots y’all would be playing victim
tundratomo (3 months ago)
I love this video. What a stupid ass at the end.
Emilio Escaladas (4 months ago)
I love how young dudes love getting tough with guys much older than them
Wandile Tembe (4 months ago)
If the guy in the end was black, he was dead
S. SESTRIC (4 months ago)
White southerners are savages.
Knight2035 (20 days ago)
and blacks and hispanics are very good people too right dumbass
Keith Angus (4 months ago)
Real tough or brave to taunts someone while filming them at 8:00. Total pussy ass move
Kevin Richter (4 months ago)
Wow, Americans are so stupid!