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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5

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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ My second channel! https://goo.gl/w0WJkB CREDIT 2 Wheels 1 Compass https://youtu.be/4FBYVvnrS8U Orlando Dashcam https://youtu.be/uc3ocwm29mU Louisiana Dashcam https://youtu.be/bbOG3i28jRs https://youtu.be/GKUcyar3870 Best car crashes and road rage from around the world. On this channel you will find compilations on different themes: bad drivers, car crashes,road rage, close call, instant karma, and many other compilations. All pleasant viewing! Fresh compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your dashcam videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com VK: https://vk.com/club78812535 G +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117141528068534842716/posts Ok: http://ok.ru/group/53321223766246 Twitter: https://twitter.com/evgeniyas7 Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU6YHm4n75I INSTANT KARMA - INSTANT JUSTICE (Road version) #11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gZwZSXBCIY ROAD RAGE COMPILATION 2016 / CRAZY ROAD RAGE FIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPsb7hFSKAE **************************************************************** Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for CRITISISM, EDUCATIONAL and JOURNALISTIC purposes.
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Text Comments (1103)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage (1 year ago)
*Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!* *Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!*
Nicole Grant (6 months ago)
CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage we will thank you and people are crazy sometimes and we don't know what is going on in there personal lives you know
Jack Thomas (9 months ago)
dont use a video of police being terrorized by a bunch of idiots. they serve for us. that clip makes it look like you dont care about our police
Brian Smith (1 year ago)
CAR CRASH TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage
Mike Emmons (1 year ago)
I really hope you recovered from the stroke you were having when you posted that comment.
qing qing (1 year ago)
CAR CRASH TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage try.
sermecanic (22 hours ago)
Marc Hord (4 days ago)
Shoot them all fucking trash !
Curtis Hamlett (4 days ago)
Criminals who run from police endanger us all. They are just STUPID. PERIOD.
Keya B (5 days ago)
9:59 through 11:06 is what pisses me off! Now how did the officer fear for his life but not shoot the man and he clearly had a weapon but when minorities are unarmed they get shot!! Really?! Now won't you look at that 😒
Q*bert (5 days ago)
The cop should of shot a tire out right when he saw the guy re-enter his car. They probably should make handing your keys over a first protocol when being pulled over too. This could stop a lot of in the heat of the moment flee situations.
RNRENTPROMO (2 days ago)
Cops aren't James bond and they use spikes to rip the tire. Cops are trained to shoot to kill and not shoot to wound. If he tried to shoot the tire. It would be a possibility it could've bounced off the tire (if shot wrong) and fly somewhere else.
Q*bert (5 days ago)
5:50 "I'm calling your mom" LMAO!
snake in the grass (6 days ago)
5:55 You got a big Mouth kid
It's all ogre now This is my swamp (7 days ago)
Scary world we live in people. Everyone make sure you get dash cam. Dont be cheap. You get what you pay for.
imran T (8 days ago)
At 4:40 looks like guy put wrong fuel in car could be diesel instead of patrol
Alexander Nowicke (9 days ago)
Black lives don't matter
Jarno Eenkhoorn (10 days ago)
1:48 they are like a bunch of monkeys lmao. this is why they get shot.
Boii Villa (11 days ago)
This Fucking idiot asshole who is annoying the old man is an evil moron...try it on me...you got bullet on your face.
loveloses (13 days ago)
the white guy at the end would have been killed in 1 second if he wasn't white
Skante Warrior (14 days ago)
*"stalking"* what a lame...
Jeanette Callahan (16 days ago)
703 your a little boy.
ShyGreenBean (17 days ago)
what kind of idiot pulls a gun on a cop ? especially when he got pulled over for speeding
Chicago Ray (18 days ago)
The guy filming the older man was pissing me off. Nothing more pathetic than holding up a phone and antagonizing somebody like that. I don't know what happened prior, all I see is an obviously younger guy taunting an angry old man. Young guy was a bitch.
B T (18 days ago)
12:12 Oh, nice. Need for Speed Most Wanted and Grand Theft Auto IRL
Jai Norman (19 days ago)
He pop trunk open then drove off lol
Matthew Hatton (21 days ago)
At 1350 some people just make things worse and need to shut up and walk the other way
d fobroy (22 days ago)
punk ass bitch trying to piss off the old man needs an ass kicking
Joost Brouwer (27 days ago)
that last idiot really had a death wish
Skinner31 (1 month ago)
Why didn’t he just shoot that guy he pulled a weapon cop had every reason to shoot
MIGHTYMOTIVE 1982 (1 month ago)
il cln 4u bahahahahhaahahahahahahahaha, asshead baby boomers
YOUTUBE PURGE (1 month ago)
So many f bombs with that cop lol
True Highlander (1 month ago)
I noticed a lot of clips from LiveLeak were used here. Did you contact them for permission because usually they don't allow for it is why I'm asking.
YouTube Lover (1 month ago)
I sincerely hope the son of a bitch running from the police for no good reaszon was killed and is now dead...he won’t be missed by anyone!
Kyle Theune (1 month ago)
At 3:50. They should be happy they didn't get shot for a cop fearing their life
Skreft Lamont (1 month ago)
That last dumbass needed a lead diet.
Dole Bandit (1 month ago)
61 In a 55 Is why that bold fuck stopped him ? And on a barren wide road, What a cunt
Yard Sale Dale (1 month ago)
2:24 let her out so she can talk to the goon in a motherly manner.
Matthew Azpilicueta (1 month ago)
shout out to the losers at 3:23
ronnie LAMEHORSE (1 month ago)
02chevyguy (1 month ago)
5:25 Is that ho wearing orthopedic shoes?
Me'kai Morris (1 month ago)
Why did the officer drop his taser??
Rob Murdock (1 month ago)
On the last clip you can feel the anger swelling in the cop.
Kevin Karvoski (2 months ago)
Now if that cop threw shots y’all would be playing victim
tundratomo (2 months ago)
I love this video. What a stupid ass at the end.
Emilio Escaladas (2 months ago)
I love how young dudes love getting tough with guys much older than them
Wandile Tembe (2 months ago)
If the guy in the end was black, he was dead
S. SESTRIC (2 months ago)
White southerners are savages.
Keith Angus (2 months ago)
Real tough or brave to taunts someone while filming them at 8:00. Total pussy ass move
Kevin Richter (2 months ago)
Wow, Americans are so stupid!
Robbie D (2 months ago)
Honestly, if I saw all those people attacking a police officer, I'd mow them down with my car. It would be totally justified. Hillary voters doing what they do.
BrolyTheLengendary Super Saiyan (16 days ago)
For the 2 black couples scene. I can bet the stupid one is the one recording. The black couple was not being violent or rude. Just because you are the one recording doesn’t mean you are the victim. People record when they are wrong so they can look like they are right.
Ralf Risberg (2 months ago)
The last clip , how many cops does it take for One traffic stop ? In Sweden 2 and in the US att least 6 😂 pussies i say !
LogicSword3675 (2 months ago)
3:30: Typical.
Kathy Clancy-Barcus (2 months ago)
Use your turn signal you fucking racist.
Evelyn Mackenzie (2 months ago)
Lol the tazer dragging along the road is funny. Because the other end was stuck in the guy still lol
Puter (2 months ago)
2:24 - Dog butt. Ha! Nice camera skillz.
Davel Foote (2 months ago)
RE: 2:28, what in the hell is with the cammer??? All the issue seemed to be was they were asking the cammer to use his indicator & he goes off on a stupid racist tirade??? Putting this on YouTube showed what a jackass the cammer truly is.
Marlienium (2 months ago)
congratulations, destroying a cop car you dumb asses pay for.
The Ferryman (2 months ago)
10:00 - A simple speeding violation turning into a life and death situation....why? Because every moron in the US can get a gun...
Clifford Jones (2 months ago)
Dum ass white bitch you no tha were all illegal immigrants Mexican racist trash children that's a fact that's y I voted for trump he needs to deport legal immigrants children that's a fact berth right do not a apply to illegal immigrants children that's a fact berth right do not a apply to children of illegal immigrants that's a fact deport all illegal immigrants and illegal born children that's a fact back to Mexico that's a fact
Henry McNeil (3 months ago)
wtf was that first clip
CaMoTiMe (3 months ago)
Run that fat fuck over
Ryan Cunningham (3 months ago)
2:27 I can't believe how racist that guy is, he doesn't want to admit that he didn't use his turning indicator so tries to find someone else to blame it on.
Opal Goon (3 months ago)
1:20 ahhhh love that song
Thomas D (3 months ago)
At 3:35 there lucky I wasn’t the cop in the car. I would have been unloading clips into them and then watch as their families identify them
Route 166 (3 months ago)
That asshole messing with the old guy was hiding behind his camera.. old guy was smart enough not to hit him.. he'd be in jail and the asshole knew that.. I'd put money on the old guy..
Jax Bravo (3 months ago)
3:30 bunch of fucking chimp ass dindus in their natural habitat
Ilja Barysev (3 months ago)
GLL_Player_X_ICE (3 months ago)
“Your race”????
notimeremains (3 months ago)
I wanna go home
sparkzzataolcom (3 months ago)
Cops can sure screw up ur day.
Nick Z (4 months ago)
3:45 REALLY wish he would have run all them monkeys over
*Sabina* (4 months ago)
wow what the hell to those persons going off at the motocyclist....... did you hear the convo... wtf did they go off at him?
Dylan Strang (4 months ago)
3:33 those people need to gain respect for the police, I hope the crash their car the the police don’t help them
Dylan Strang (4 months ago)
2:28 the guy is all like “I’m sorry you don’t like white people, do something stupid” like stfu he was probably switching lanes without blinkers and when these people tell him to use them he gets triggered
David Electronic (4 months ago)
@ 10:45 there was enough time for the cop to shoot either the perp or a tire, wasted opportunity.
richard wallace (4 months ago)
Lalalala B (4 months ago)
Then people say that officers are aggressive with people. Maybe this is why. The cop was nice at first, but then people wanna act stupid, act stupid then this is what you’ll get. Then you get shot
Eric Penner (4 months ago)
The guy goading the old man deserved to get the shit kicked out of him. What an irritating twat.
Josef Feuerer (4 months ago)
Why are so many policemen in the USA big assholes like in the last part of thus video ?????
branting65 (4 months ago)
Ohh that mean police threatening to shoot Dindu who just wanted to go home. That poor fella wasn't doing anything wrong. Just protecting his rights to wear a gun.
Joe Langley (4 months ago)
At 5:50 the moron filming is so scared and shaking he can't even hold his phone.
Rig O'Mortis (4 months ago)
@6:43 You sorry mutha fucka!
beth98362 R (4 months ago)
AND... Old man.... control yourself your suppose to be an adult!
beth98362 R (4 months ago)
What disgraceful punks...the dick tormenting the old man...your a childish disrespectful dick! Grow the fuck up!
beth98362 R (4 months ago)
Dick measuring contests!
Boo Boo Kitty Fuck (4 months ago)
3:11, Yeah the driver of the white car was being a dumb ass but should have just put it in park when the asshole lay down on his horn.
MOAK KAID (4 months ago)
So if that guy was black he'd be dead.
william dohn (4 months ago)
3:57 The entire crowd needs to be gunned down.
Asa Iwasa (4 months ago)
8:25 Ya, evidence of you being a total dick hole to the poor guy.
being nobody (4 months ago)
That young punk at 8;20 deserves to have his pebbles crushed. No reason to be taunting and antagonizing people like that. Make your point and move the fuck on.
Jmpmstrtex (4 months ago)
Would beat the funk outta the punk piece of SHIT FUCKIN with the old guy.
Rick (4 months ago)
That was one lying cop at the end. Said dude tried to ram his vehicle and it was the other way around. I hate lying cops
Kristin hillis (4 months ago)
Black people don’t have have no clue what their doing
Debra Mendosa (5 months ago)
Shoot em
Jeb! 2020 (5 months ago)
Man I don’t know how 5:51 started but man I feel mad for that old man he got grilled good!
B D (5 months ago)
IL CLN 4U lmao. Laughed so hard
Cold TV (5 months ago)
Damn gta 6 looks so realistic (last scene)
Karen J (5 months ago)
13:51 im calling your mom 😂😂
Derpster (5 months ago)
That last guy had "You're not you when you're hungry" moment.
Christopher Thorkon (5 months ago)
11:20 amazing what our men and women in uniform have to put up with. God bless them.
Tim (5 months ago)
Damn if I was a cop I'd be shooting the hell out of people.
MJCC fun&games (5 months ago)
Omgosh.. I'm going 6 over the limit.. let me grab my gun and run..lol. wtf..stupid!!!
tbird90sc (5 months ago)
Blacks are the most abnoxious racists. Black boy gets in some guys car window who has a gun, ooh well that's just not something you expected is it. Yeah he is allowed to have a gun in his car. I conceal carry, and in my car. You get up in my window it's not going to end well. So use your brain for once and think long and hard about acting like a douchebag, self righteous racist asshole.
Michael McKinnon (5 months ago)
There would have been bodies on the street if that were my police cruiser.