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How bad was 2019 for Aviation?

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Join the Mentour Aviation crew in the FREE app 📲 https://www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ Merry Christmas and Happy new year my friends. And let’s hope that 2020 will ve a much better year than 2019. 2019 was a terrible year for Aviation in general with the grounding of the Boeing 737MAX, BREXIT, Civil unrest and the trade war between the US and China as the major culprits. The civil aviation sectors missed the projections with more than $10Bn and several major airlines went bankrupt. In today’s video I will explain all this and also give my predictions and hopes for 2020. Enjoy! Join my Patreon Crew and support the channel 👇🏻 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot Follow my life on Instagram 👇🏻 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot
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Amtrak 2523 (7 days ago)
I don’t trust flying on the 737 Max. I hope Boeing gets their act together.
CMDRFandragon (17 days ago)
2019 wasnt great and 2020 is starting off kinda badly, with Kobes chopper. 737 Abandoned to the MAX. NGs not being made? So airlines cant get spare parts? Sooo, as NGs get older and older they will start with more and more maintenance crashes due to lack of parts to fix it? Climate crisis is a crisis? Well, hasnt the whole 'climate' issue been a thing for like forever now? Were still not dead from carbon or w/e evironmental issues everyone cries about. Just treehuggers all butt blasted for no reason at all. Activists activising.......yes I know thats not a word, just a bunch of homeless bums who cant get a real job so they go out and cause trouble for everyone else.
Random Weaboo (20 days ago)
2020 is going to be even worse...
gojitmal1978 (24 days ago)
I don't feel bad when airlines close up shop. They added fuel surcharge when fuel got expensive...that never went away...f all airlines!
Sentinel Parks and Attractions (25 days ago)
Love the new outro
MattPK (1 month ago)
Hello Mentour Pilot, how are you doing? I hope you are having a FABULOUS DAY!! I have to say, that as soon as I see you begin a new podcast and you give your famous, "Hi everybody... , I hope you are doing absolutely fantastic ..." opening, I'm instantly happy and can't wait to see what you have in store for us! You don't disappoint! You have come a long way, we are excited to see where you will go, only vertical! Your hard work sure as hell paid off! I will, before I die, be a passenger of a jet you are commanding! It would be even better if you were to fly from Michigan (USA) to anywhere! It doesn't matter, I'll be on your aircraft! Thank you for your videos, they're awesome!
louis mystifika (1 month ago)
Do you think anti-missile could good idea to be on passenger airlines????
Chris (1 month ago)
I will be comming back from Cancun Mexico to London on Sunday Good start of 2020 for me
Lee Howling (1 month ago)
So has 2020 with Iran shooting down a passenger plane full of Iranians. Mr Mentour.... Do you ever worry about terrorism... Genuine question.
Vlad Tabacaru (1 month ago)
2020 did not start good at all with 737 Ukrainian plane :( How Iran can refuse to give the black box back to Boeing ? they are not americans, they are the manufacturer of the plane
Charles Mynhier (1 month ago)
Would like your opinion. Is it remotely possible that while fueling a 737, fuel could leak out and collect in the wings, then catch fire shortly after take-off ? Another question, when doing routine maintenance, are the Fuel lines messed with and could possible leak and cause a fire shortly after take-off ?
Itamar Eshet (1 month ago)
And...2020 just started with yet another crash of 737-800
Balkar Rana (1 month ago)
Not a good start to a 2020 with the Ukranian airline crash :(
Jennifer Langer (1 month ago)
Balkar Rana ugh. My daughter is half Ukrainian via her father.
Wayne's name (1 month ago)
737-800 plane crash in Iran
Alan Stiennon (1 month ago)
2020 beginning sucks
Chris Baete (1 month ago)
Great video - my one comment would be that Thomas cook went under due to their own poor management and not Brexit. Brexit may have been the icing on the cake but it cannot be blamed for it going under.
shadowtube111 (1 month ago)
And the 737-800 crash today in Ukraine will not help either😰
Gabriel P. (1 month ago)
This guy is only worried about the airline industry. Where is the accountability for 349 individual souls. Never a word. I'm definitely going to unsubscribe, and you should too if you can see beyond his bullshit.
imicca (1 month ago)
"flight shaming" is bullsh*t. These "activists" have teams and parents that fly around on private jets and just act WOKE.
Vess (1 month ago)
A small number of uneducated morons given a platform to raise their voice.
imicca (1 month ago)
Mentour Pilot hoping for better 2020 2020: Welcome to world war 3
Tim Kirkland (1 month ago)
I love your videos! I've learned so much about the 737, and the procedures to handle certain situations. When I buy my 737 for private use, will you pilot it for me??
Paul S (1 month ago)
Hello Captain, whose names are written outside of the cockpit on the sides of the nose? I can't find anything online about it.
Michael Richards (1 month ago)
Can you foresee a situation in future when a computer is given command over a life and death situation?
Stunning Time lapses (1 month ago)
The real question now, I’m a high school senior and I’m goin to Embry Riddle this fall to become a pilot. Do I continue down this path?
Ali Baba (1 month ago)
To appease the environment conscious people, aircraft manufacturers can make more and more efficient aircraft, develop biofuel technology and more.
Khaled El-Khawas (1 month ago)
While I understand why people thinking 2019 is bad year for aviation, I think the opposite. The bad year for aviation was the year the B737 Max got certified to fly. It was the year the checks and quality control system has failed big time. 2019 was the year that paid the price but it should be remembered that it was the year where we start to regain the confidence of the public. No one is above questioning, no one is above the law, we are not infallible. It is time to correct the wrongs that has been building up for the last decade in Boeing, FAA and the aviation authorities relying heavily on manufacturers to certify their own planes. It is for the long haul sighted, a good year. Let's make it right. Let's show the public we can make it right. Happy promising new year everyone.
B B (1 month ago)
ADS-B recently became mandatory by the FAA January 1,2020..It would be nice to see a video explaining what is ADS-B...how it works and the effect of ADS-B on aviation today and the future?
Rilum Osmanaj (1 month ago)
Hi everybody!👋 Hello Hi Mentour Pilot!👋 Peace
Karl P (1 month ago)
Bad for Boeing, good for everyone else.
Sylvia Sanchez (1 month ago)
There is a good movie on Crackle.
Luis Aguilar (1 month ago)
Heli City (1 month ago)
Good summary of 2019 but quite wrong for 2020. Let me correct Mentour on his predictions: 1. The Boeing 737 MAX will not and never return to flight. I guarantee it. Smart operators already account for it, making adjustments in schedules and get rid of their stock. 2. The economic engine of the world is CHINA. It is not the U.S., certainly not EU. Focus on what China does or not do to make strategic plans. More and more countries are shifting focus away from U.S., de-couple from it. 3. Aviation is highly sensitive to oil prices. So who will be be boss of oil? If you say Saudi you are already half wrong. The boss of oil/gas is Russia. It is, unlike Saudi and other petro states, absolutely independent of the U.S. in all respects. It does not have a petrodollar. But it has some something more powerful, longer lasting - it controls a substantial supply of oil/gas to Europe and China WITHOUT using the dollar. And that my friend is big power. 4. By the end of 2020 two brand new mid-range aircraft will be certified to enter service in early 2021. China's Comac C919 and Russia's MC-21. They DON'T have MCAS! They are superb modern designs. Also, watch for Airbus expand A320 family productions after Boeing announced MAX cancellation. It is getting new factories ready but won't announce without Boeing officially pull the MAX. These will fill a gap in a world without this American Kamikaze coffin flying around.
bijibijmak (1 month ago)
How do remote airports or countries with limited access get fuel for passenger planes?
bijibijmak (1 month ago)
Resorts Man makes sense! Thanks
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
@bijibijmak The pilot in command is responsible for his aircraft. It is his responsibility to check the availability of fuel for the intended route. Airports just have to comply with some standards depending on their classification, etc. Of course, airlines have agreements with airports so commercial pilots don't have to care for that so much because they have their airline support team.
bijibijmak (1 month ago)
Resorts Man so the country with the airport is responsible for also refining or sourcing the jet fuel?
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
If the airports can operate then they are probably also able to get there fuel, that's simple. ;-) Some airports don't have fuel and the airplanes must have enough fuel to get there and back.
Ben James (1 month ago)
So many British companies are claiming Brexit is responsible for years of mismanagement and poor performance...
LZ129 Brazil (1 month ago)
For aviation in 2019, you summed it up very well. For BOEING, a disaster setting up a domino effect that will affect the entire industry for years to come.
LZ129 Brazil (1 month ago)
Resorts Man , I agree, very good point, definitely part of the equation for maximizing future airline market efficiency.
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
I think Boeing is not the cause but the result of the situation in the aviation industry. Because the conditions are not fair. Airlines with state support and supply of cheap oil are the only ones to make good profit. Others are just low cost that barely survive. That's why there was so big demand for 737 Max among them, to have a cheap aircraft with lower fuel consumption, although it is technically obsolete. The future development of aviation should reduce this dependency on oil price thanks to new propulsion technologies.
DJ k (1 month ago)
Does this guy a captain for TUI (past name) Thompson.
Anwesha Basu (1 month ago)
Hey have you actually been the pilot for the FRA-BRE route or the BRE-MUC route on more than one occasion? Your voice resembles that of the captain's announcement so much! 😅
William Smith (1 month ago)
I hope in the coming years we can have planes without pilots, they tend to be the actual cause of plane crashes, the quicker we get rid of them the better.
Crack The Sky Fan (1 month ago)
2 MAX 8's in 6 months, entire fleet grounded and now production line halted.... I would have to go with IT SUCKED !!!
Andrew Jones (1 month ago)
Someone's had a haircut.
summer joy (1 month ago)
true. who has money to travell these days??? Most ppl struggle to pay bills etc. Im living in London and cant afford holidays.
Youngx_ Beaxts (1 month ago)
i have found out you were a captian for Ryanair and was had a very good seniority level. Are you still doing the training for the type rating programme?
machine doctor (1 month ago)
Hi Petter can you talk about a 380's thrust reversers? Why do they have only two?
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
I think that A380 is overall more modern design so it does not rely so much on thrust reversers as for example Boeing 747. The spoilers and brakes are good enough to stop the aircraft and save the weight and complexity of thrust reversers. And also the wingspan of almost 80 meters means that at some runways the outer engines might be near the edge of the runway where they could suck in dirt when in reverse mode. And it is also because of safety, because in-flight activation of reverse thrust is deadly and so even if it happens due to some error the outer two engines without reverse can still stabilize and safely land the aircraft. The engineers didn't want to risk such an accident with possibly up to 853 dead people, which would mean end of the A380 program, for sure. The flying public would be horrified to see such an accident and nobody would ever get on such a huge plane anymore.
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
Also important event in 2019 was the announcement of the Airbus A380 end of production. Together with the 737 Max scandal I think the year 2019 will be regarded as the end of classical jet era that started with the de Havilland Comet in the 50's of the 20th century which was also a misconception. The idea of making bigger and more efficient jet engines and airplanes has simply reached its limits. From the 2020 the evolution of aviation will probably go two ways. One way will be the development of smaller hybrid or fully electrical airplanes for short to medium range travel. And the second way will be the development of airplanes-spaceships capable of making space-hops at cosmic speeds to reach any place in the world within few hours. Because politically it is also no more acceptable to make long haul flights within the atmosphere so the solution is to go beyond. That will solve the Flygskam issue. I hope people will not abandon flying as Greta Thunberg suggests, because aviation is one of the biggest civilization achievements of the mankind. Thank you Mentour Pilot for your great videos, Happy New Year 2020 and a lot of happy flight hours without an emergency.
Colin Tan (1 month ago)
One man's poison is another's meat.
paulgilpin (1 month ago)
from a north american perspective, 2019 general aviation has been a terrible year. too many accident investigations. too many fatalities. the KLFT crash has nothing to do with flight shaming and everything to do with flight safety. commercially, worldwide, the 737max got all the headlines, but there were accidents in russia that just pile on to the flight safety and incidents reports. i hope in 2020 people decide to stop flying inside a ping-pong ball. wait until the weather clears. oh, and happy new year to all!
Anthony Kernich (1 month ago)
It wasn't 1985 or 1996
samtoo2010 (1 month ago)
Question to Mentour Pilot: there is a myth that in a flight, Pilot would put newspapers to the entire front windshield to block the strong sunlight. Is that true?
DontGiveACramp (1 month ago)
This year is a sad year between the 737 max stuff and the American super 80s retiring
Graeme Cocard (1 month ago)
I enjoy your videos immensely, but your dogs are much more fun to watch. Happy New year from Australia.
Ministerio Jehova es Salvacion (1 month ago)
A question are you really fly a plane In real life
bobby cv64 (1 month ago)
PETTER, you are 100% correct AVIATION 2019 sucked, however, ECONOMICALLY in the USA, TRUMP WAS THE GREATEST, the USA did great in 2019. I know some of your audience didn't want to hear the TRUTH. BUT THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. Anyone disagree, please contact me: Bobby Estey 757.846.4352
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
Maybe USA did economically so well because it was the last country to impose a ban on 737 Max claiming that it is a perfectly safe airplane? ;-) Trump really puts economic interests first but at what cost?
Christopher Robert (1 month ago)
Just buy a BMW 320d and drive through europe with 2 tanks full of fuel.
freddy ferrillo (1 month ago)
I will never go on a 737 max. It's too late! Boeing ruined the reputation of that plane. I don't care what lies they tell me. I don't believe them.
The Hawaii Files Channel (1 month ago)
Environmental extremism make our lives less convenient and more expensive. It has been repeated time and time again. Sad to hear that it is impacting the aviation industry.
Resorts Man (1 month ago)
The environmental extremists usually don't have a solution, they just want to make money on populism because they are usually not capable of doing a serious job like an engineer. Sailing like Greta Thunberg is definitely not a solution for mass transport. And not travelling is also no solution. Freedom of travel is an important human achievement that should not be taken away by some leftists. But classical jet fuel engines are at the end of their technical possibilities. The airlines go bankrupt because they don't have access to cheap oil like those Middle East state owned companies and thus cannot compete with them. Hybrid engines, electrical engines and long haul space-hop aircrafts are the technological solution for the future.
Jack's Channel (1 month ago)
If I want to be a pilot, what school should I go, and What do I need to learn?
Mike Zerker (1 month ago)
Happy New Year!!
fleipeg (1 month ago)
Thoroughly enjoy your channel, however, one thing you failed to mention in your 2019 recap is the ongoing issue Pratt & Whitney is having with their PW1100 geared turbofan which is impacting operators of the A320neo.
ecoRfan (1 month ago)
It might be the worst aviation year of the decade. Politics, environment, and of course the MAX disaster. This is the year that brought Boeing to the edge of bankruptcy, where people stopped flying with environmental concerns, and the trade war and political conflicts attacked aviation from multiple angles. If you’re Airbus though it might be the greatest.
Natalie Greaves (1 month ago)
It seems like Brexit has been delayed to 31st February! I'm hoping it'll be delayed until at least after my flight training is completed because I'm looking at course in Germany, but I live in the UK.
Zombie (1 month ago)
The poster behind you looks like it's staring at you over your shoulder. 🤣
Radoslav kefilev (1 month ago)
Bad for Boeing, not so bad for Airbus
Blame Yourself (1 month ago)
Flight Shaming!!! 2,4 percent CO2 comes from the aerospace business!!! Some people are truly stupid and politicians abuse this for their own benefit. Perhaps people supporting flight shaming should stop breathing. That would save the environment with at least 2,4 percent per year!
Manvik Goyal (1 month ago)
Simple It was Good for airbus and bad for boeing
fgfgfgf drtduud (1 month ago)
They can be re-purposed as cargo planes until people trust them again. I would launch rockets from them with small satellites.
Kobby Houston (1 month ago)
hi my name is kobby i just subscribe into mentour it is really fascinating to me building my future aspiration as an airline pilot this year has been awesome i have been granted admission into a flight school through the motivation i get from mentour. i strongly believe that by next year i would begin my pilot training journey..thanks for your inspirations captain God bless you
Ray Changed (1 month ago)
Brexit was meant to happen on the 29/3/2019. Then a bunch of anti-democratic tried to stop it. They lost in the end. No more supporting the corrupt EU and its unelected cronies. Good luck to the rest of Europe breaking free from the EU scam.
Ray Changed (1 month ago)
All the best in 2020.
Elizabethann Ferrario (1 month ago)
Hi petter yes living in the uk I generally fly from Manchester to London with BA , but now for as I am feeling better as my cause to fly , as I have been very sick and the comfort and speed it’s been more important however it’s become far more expensive so now we either drive or take the train , sadly as I love to fly . But surly I am not the only one !
Nigel cockburn (1 month ago)
Update: "737 MAX it's NOT just the MCAS its the throtles to ". This is the full title of Greg's video made in a hotel room a couple of days ago. on the MCAS saga. I have just discovered that the Youtube search engine doesnt find it now. I have a copy of his video and it contains bad evidence against Boeing so possibly the corruption is stronger than I thought?
Nigel cockburn (1 month ago)
Hello Mentor. Only person in the world (at last) talking real sense about the Boeing problems, copy & paste this title - 737 MAX it's NOT just the MCAS Well done Mentor - I always thumb up for you - but your way behind and far to laid-back about the Boeing company. I dont have a problem with the aircraft nor the honest conscientious skilled employees, the problem is the systemic and relentless corporate corruption that has been going on for decades. The corruption to my knowledge, goes back to the MK 1 Chinook to MK II upgrade (i.e. the removal of mechanical navigation & flight instruments to be replaced with computed sensor data & screens and I have no reason to believe thats when the corruption started. Just like 99% of brit MPs, the Boeing management have no idea how to stop lieing and that bad management appears to be affecting the entire company. 2 AoA sensors available but having engineers deliberately degrade the well designed system and remove the ability to use them both all the time and to use them alternately with respect to ongoing flights is insane and to do it just to legally avoid putting a new paragraph in a training manual is tantermount to manslaughter. Not using the AoA sensor data in a differential mode and related to the other sensors data (gyro etc) is not a criminal oversight, it is criminal wrecklessness. Blaming the pilots was normal because they cant defend themselves. Blaming the AoA sensors was just another pass the buck attempt destined to eventual failure as I said a year ago. Now there are more and more corruption documents emerging and thats no surprise. The bad Boeing management has even tainted the formerly prestigious spacecraft section of the company. I only speak with technical knowledge and knowlege of Chinook corruptions so I will very much look forward to your professional views on the throtle malfunctions detailed in the above video. Thank you from Nigel.
Chris Carse (1 month ago)
Question. Can you tell the difference between a auto land and that of a pilots control? Always wondered if there was anything different between then when you actually touch the runway
Petur Martin Johannesen (1 month ago)
What is the host's opinion on the pollution issue related to the aviation buissness?
Aus1 (1 month ago)
Brexit is a Positive as UK has freedom to trade outside the EU better for friends like Australia. Slowing trade with China should be NO trade with China till they get their CCP human rights fixed. Tax on Co2 is just a trogan horse for a socialistic tax. If they really wanted to fix Co2 they would target China, but no as they are hypocrites.
Xyz Abc (1 month ago)
Goodbye Jet Airways😭😭
Lidia Están (1 month ago)
That is a Dreamliner, not a MAX...
Cobra John (1 month ago)
2019 aviation bad news is not that significant. Look back over the last 40 years. The reason it looks bad now is because of the mass media coverage. In history, many "incidences" were not considered big enough news to air or print . :-(
A man with a biGHeart (1 month ago)
*2019 has exposed the disgusting criminal side of boeing and and revealed the true colors of the faa, airbus maybe next, and how do you know you'll be here to do the 2020 year summary?*
A man with a biGHeart (1 month ago)
Oh really 😂 poor innocent boeing executives, they knew nothing about their faulty design nor about their history with gambling with lives over profits.
Shin Ping Tio (1 month ago)
You probably don't know what you're talking about
Shin Ping Tio (1 month ago)
Boeing didn't intentionally want to kill hundreds of people, and the FAA didn't as well. What ya talking about?
Jack Day (1 month ago)
I can't help thinking the political left has everything to do with why the 737max is not yet flying..
Emmet Ray (1 month ago)
What did he call the environmentalists, fleascum? Not sure I'm spelling it right.
Gary Allen (1 month ago)
Wow Thomas Cook went freakin belly up man, that's a real shame!! Boeing should pay them too....
Moneymyke357 (1 month ago)
Small planes are dropping out of the sky left & right.
Dianne B (1 month ago)
Mentour Pilot, your thumbnail expressions are so cute.😉
Ron Gaul (1 month ago)
Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year.
JJ_ Tran07 (1 month ago)
it kinda sucked first the 737 max got grounded,Airbus announced that the a380 will reduce production
D. G. (1 month ago)
Someone needs to shut that Greta girl up and find out who's behind her, follow the money trail! She needs to read "The Climate Chronicles" by meteralogist Joe Bastardi that will debunk all her hysteria!
Nathan Deane (1 month ago)
I’m Scottish (not British) and I’m ashamed of how our government are acting
Michael Galle (1 month ago)
Have noticed an increase in Pilot applications at my company but we are not hiring as our aircraft are fully Crewed and Crews are happy with the flying responsibilities... I don't forsee any Pilot vacancies. Think the application increase is from Pilots looking for other than commercial positions. One Pilot expressed exasperation with company 'double speak' at stretching out maintenance due dates to the very last minute which was hours and minutes instead of 'next day' or some less concerning time frame. I am very lucky to have 'stellar' company relationships who rely on and respect Ground Crew concerns and advice. I wish that for every Crew. Thanks for your vids. Sorry I've been absent to watch many but always have appreciated knowing you'll be uploading regardless of my schedule. I have some enjoyable catching up to do. Thanks again.
Tore Wilhelmsen (1 month ago)
no heat on the planet for 10 000 years
DaOneJoel (1 month ago)
It's Greta's fault!
Emmet Ford (1 month ago)
People are not measured in amounts. Say rather, "the number of people."
De Vinois Mathieu (1 month ago)
being treated like a criminal, being forced to reduce cabin language in size and weight, having paying traps everywhere and uncertainty of having a trouble free flight doesn't help in general.
Steak Saignant (1 month ago)
I love aviation, but I think the world would be better off if less planes were flying
Steak Saignant (1 month ago)
@decafjava uh what's your point? Of course we should reduce car pollution (electric vehicle are becoming practical enough for daily use except long road trips) and obviously we should make the power grid greener as well with less coal plants. But planes are overused for small distances where trains would be infinitely better. In Europe when I see people take the plane for less than 1000km that's insane! Big cities are connected with high speed train, I went to Rotterdam from Paris in 3 hours! It's even faster than planes because going to the airport takes way more time than to a train station. I think China is developing high speed train as well but in other countries like the US the rail network is very underdeveloped
decafjava (1 month ago)
Yet cars produce a lot more pollution, and coal power plants even more...
Michael Brown (1 month ago)
The MCAS solution is ready but it seems Boeing is being used as a scapegoat by the FAA. There were nearly 39 million successful Commercial aircraft departures in 2018. More than 1/3 of them were Boeing aircraft. Many pilots believe the MAX crashes could have been avoided had the pilots been properly trained.  What’s the real story?
brian monkelban (1 month ago)
You did not mention the never ending bludgeoning of new fees driving people away! One airline wanted to charge an extra $600 just to guarantee that my 6 and 8 year old could sit with their family. Another wanted $150 so my young son and I could sit together on a 1 hour flight! I now either seek alternate transportation, the train or even driving if possible, or just not going anymore. This never ending nickle and diming us now almost doubles the fares, and has really caused me to lose interest in air travel.
stopatredlights (1 month ago)
Used to trust you until your stupid support of the 737 Max. Tell it to the families of the 300 plus killed. You destroyed years of watching and believing you until you showed your true self. So long. Thumbs down forever until you tell the truth.
tiestu (1 month ago)
Last time, I sit in an airliner, it was a DC6 .
Dan Frederiksen (1 month ago)
It has been bad for Boeing, but aviation as such seems fine. GA is still archaic but not worse than prior years. Some airlines struggling is nothing new. And I'm amazed that Ryan Air is able to stay in business with their prices. It defies all reason. The cost and inconvenience of getting to and from airports is much greater than the actual flight which is amazing.
Bernardo Paratore (1 month ago)
How bad was chemtrail spraying in 2019? what's the view from the skies?
Patten42 (1 month ago)
Is it then worth it to become a pilot with CPL in 2020 when you're over 30 years old?